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Four Times Shunsui Took Nanao to the Fourth Division and One Time He Did Not


The first time that Shunsui Kyoraku took Nanao Ise to the Fourth Division, she was still a little girl. She wasn't acting very much like a little girl though. Nanao had been injured in a fight with several older shinigami. A fight which she had won. Shunsui didn't know what had goaded the young girl into actually fighting, but whatever it was it must have been serious us. She was walked away from the fight with bruises and a couple of very bad gashes. Then she had promptly collapsed of exhaustion. Shunsui wasn't surprise. Nanao had used very advanced kidou for such a young shinigami.

He had been informed of the fight too late to stop, and when he arrived in order to break it up, Nanao was almost done. He was impressed by her skill, but he would have preferred that the littlest member of his division not be injured. Shunsui wanted to know very much what had caused this whole incident, but that would wait. First he needed to get Nanao taken care of. Thankfully, it only took Retsu a matter of minutes to deal with Nanao's wounds, and Nanao remained stoic throughout it as well as protested when Shunsui scooped her up in a hug afterwards. He was relieved she was all right though and insisted on carrying her back to the Eighth.


The second time Shunsui took Nanao to the Fourth, it was in the aftermath of a mission. It was a mission that Shunsui hadn't been on which was something he regretted when the team came staggering back to the Seireitei. He had been supporting Nanao within moments. She was the worst off of them. His petite little fifth seat might look like a fifteen year old, but she packed a hell of a punch. Everyone else was just exhausted, bruised, and limping. Nanao was bleeding. Shunsui didn't give her a chance to protest, sweeping her up in his arms and having her at the Fourth within moments.

As it turned out, her world was not all that bad. She would be on light duty for the next week or so, but other than that she would be fine. But Shunsui would never forget how terrified he had been when he saw the bloodstains on her clothes and skin. It really hadn't been until that moment that Shunsui had really realized how much Nanao had invaded his life. It also hadn't been clear until now just how powerful Nanao really was until now. In order to save her team, she had pulled off shikai. That made her the most viable candidate to be the new lieutenant for the Eighth Division. None of the others had really worked out, but somehow Shunsui rather thought that Nanao was perfectly suited to the job.


The third time Shunsui took his Nanao-chan to the Fourth, he blamed himself. She had collapsed from exhaustion in the office this afternoon, and really, he had only himself to blame. He knew that Nanao had been working herself harder than she should lately. She had been trying to get the division caught up with all the paperwork that had back logged while the Eighth had struggled to find a permanent lieutenant. And Shunsui had to admit that he hadn't exactly been helpful in that endeavor. Paperwork had never been one of his strong suits, and most of the time he ignored it. That was one of the main reasons why his lieutenants mainly dealt with it.

But he wasn't going to be able to do that anymore if it got Nanao hurt. Of course, under most circumstances, Nanao was quite good at getting him to do what she needed. Only this time she hadn't badgered him into doing the work. Shunsui didn't know why, but he would have to find out. He wasn't about to let this happen again. He'd known that Nanao was as important to him as Jyuu for years. He'd known he'd loved her for years. But he hadn't really realized that he was in love with her until she passed out in his arms. He was in love with Nanao Ise. Now he just had to figure out what to do about it.


The fourth time Shunsui took Nanao to the Fourth Division, Jyuushiro couldn't help noticing how far they had come. He had always been aware that his best friend and Nanao Ise had something special. That had been clear from the moment that Nanao came into Shunsui's life. However, getting the two of them to do something constructive about that relationship had always been a dilemma. But both the Winter War and some missions that went rather badly had gotten the two to the point where they had actually confessed to one another how they felt. Of course, some things never changed.

Such as Shunsui fussing over Nanao when it came to the slightest injury. The injury that she had received in a training session was nothing serious and, quite honestly, didn't even require a trip to the Fourth. One of the division members with medical training could have taken care of it. Hell, Shunsui could have taken care of it himself. Actually, that was what he was doing since the Fourth had been overwhelmed with patients from a mission gone bad just moments before Shunsui and Nanao had arrived her. Retsu had ordered Jyuu to keep the pair out of her hair. So Jyuushiro watched as Shunsui bandaged Nanao's burnt hand, and despite her eye rolls, there was affection in her expression as she let him. And she didn't protest the kiss pressed to her bandaged palm or her lips afterward either.


Shunsui was enjoying the sunshine. Nanao had kicked him out of the office, claiming he was driving her to distraction. He had decided to humor her, at least for a little while, and had set up camp under one of the cherry trees and decided to take a nap. It was a warm spring day, and there wasn't much that was better than spending it out of doors in the sunshine. Eventually, Nanao would relent and let him go back to napping on the couch in the office. Even if he would much prefer if she was the one napping. She worked herself too hard even given her limited duties right now, but Shunsui was really not interested in getting into that particular fight with her again right now.

He was rather surprised to be interrupted less than a half hour later by Jyuushiro. There was something almost mischievous in the man's smile as he looked down at him.

"Nanao wants you. She's at the Fourth."

Shunsui was on his feet immediately, frowning. "What is she doing at the Fourth?"

Jyuu's grin widened. "She's in labor. That tends to happen with pregnant women."

"Her due date isn't for another week."

Shunsui was at the Fourth within seconds, though he swore he could hear Jyuu's laughter ringing behind him. It did not take him long to locate his Nanao-chan once he had arrived though. He just followed the sound of the very loud cursing that really wasn't like her at all. Shunsui took his place at her side, and immediately his hand was engulfed in a very tight grip. Nanao simply glanced at him then clearly and calmly said, "I'm going to kill you."

He just squeezed her hand. "That's nice, Nanao-chan, but right now I think Retsu wants you to push."

It was five hours and three broken bones (Nanao had quite a grip at times) later that the ordeal was finally over with. Retsu gently set the blanket wrapped bundle in Nanao's arms.

"Congratulations, you two have a healthy baby boy."

Shunsui peered over his wife's shoulder to get a good look at their child. Besides being a little squishy and red (but all babies were like that at first), their son had a head of raven fuzz as well as Nanao's nose. His eyes opened a bit, and Shunsui caught a glimpse of grey eyes. Overall, he would say his son was perfect. Shunsui reached out a finger and gently ran it down the child's cheek. Nanao just smiled up at him, her eyes bright.

"So I know you two have a name picked out, even if you've refused to tell anyone else what it is. Besides, I'm expected to give everyone a full update in order to settle the pool on the kid." Jyuushiro grinned at them from his spot in the doorway. "What's my godson's name?"

Shunsui traded a look with Nanao before answering. "Tatsuyoshi Kyoraku."

Jyuu nodded. "Congratulations, you two. I'll go deal with the crowd and fend off visitors until you're ready. But just to warn you, there are a number of people out there waiting to see that baby of yours. And not just because he won them money."

Shaking his head, Shunsui just settled on the bed next to Nanao. He pressed a soft kiss to her temple and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, looking down at their son. Everything had been more than worth it.