Prince's of Tennis

Prince of Tennis does not belong to me and it never will any way here is the first chapter of my new story I don't know if I will be carrying this on but I can hopefully try I hope you enjoy.

Warning this will be M rated and yaoi Pairings with be as follows Ah Un pair, Perfect pair, Golden pair InuixKaidoh and more to come later on hope fully

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Chapter One

Double Edged Samurai's

Chapter One

Double Edged Samurai's

A young boy of about 13 walked with another bunch of kids round the same age "hey did you hear that the Echizen twins are coming to this school" one of the kids said "no really where did you hear that from" another one asked.

"The sports section apparently due to Ryoma Echizen's divorce from his wife his moving back here" "really I wonder if his kids are any good at tennis like he was" "only one way to find out get your dad to get them into the tennis team Kato".

The kid smiled "I will have to ask "oh come on Momoshiro Kato I am sure you can" Momoshiro Kato smiled "well if I must then I must".


"Okay gather round regulars" the coach of Seigaku called out he was a tall man with spiked up hair "hai" the members of the tennis club all stopped what they were doing "okay it's the beginning of the set and time for the regulars to be decided" he said "Coach Momoshiro" one of the guys that was with Kato asked.

Momoshiro Takeshi looked over at the young boy "yes" "is it true that the sons of Echizen Ryoma are coming here" Momo looked at him "I don't know" he said and turned to the others "now please behind me on the board are the line up for the next couple of days see who you will be with".


Kato swung the racket "Kato" Momo walked up "yes coach" Momo smiled "no need to call me coach when were alone" Kato smiled "yes dad" he said "what was your friend talking about?" he asked.

"Well we were talking before school and someone said they read it in the sports paper" he said Momo nodded "Ok" "you were friends with him wasn't you dad" he asked "who?" "Ryoma Echizen" Momo smiled.

"Best friends".


"Just stick your stuff in the washing Katsuya" a male voice called "sure" the black haired kid that was with Kato before took his jacket of "hey dad guess what I heard today from the chatter mouth Horio Jaden" "what?" "that Ryoma's Echizen's sons are joining Seigaku".

A tall black haired man with a bandana walked out of the room wiping his hand on a towel "where did you hear this again?" he asked Katsuya who was the spitting image of the man only younger looked at him.

"Horio Jaden said it was in the paper" the man known as Kaoru Kaidoh nodded "ok" he turned and walked back into the room he just came out of.

Katsuya watched him with a raised eyebrow.


"I'm home" Kato called and walked into the house Momo walked out of the kitchen "I've made burgers" "yum" they walked back into the room and sat at the kitchen table "so dad".

Momo looked at him "Yeah" he bit into one of the many burgers on his plate "you once told me that you and Ryoma Echizen were friends right" Momo nodded "I certainly did yes".

"We used to be both on the Seigaku tennis team as regulars we won the Kanto tournament and then the nationals what I am hoping you lot will" he told him.

Kato nodded "so you think he will come and see you" he asked him "no idea" "it would be well good. I mean I will be able to meet the pro Ryoma Echizen" Momo smiled.

"You never know" he bit into the burger again.


The bus came to a stopped just outside of Seigaku school three people stepped off two were twins one with a hat on his head and the other with out and the final person was an older version of them.

"We have to go to the principals" one of the twins said the one with no hat on the elder of the three nodded and they walked into the school.


"Swing 1, 2, 3," an older boy told all the younger class mates "1, 2, 3, pick up the pace Kuwamura" he said.

Momo stood with his arms folded watched the captain of the tennis team stood next to him "this is you and only you that can decide" he looked at the boy.

The captain nodded.

"Mada mada dane" Momo's eyes widened and looked up Ryoma Echizen the eldest from earlier stood with the twins "Echizen" Momo said "it's been a long time Momo-sempai" Ryoma said.

Momo grinned "it has hasn't it" he said "and there is no need for the Momo-sempai any more we are not at school" Momo smiled.

"Alright Momo" he said they stared at each other "um dad" the twin with the hat said "right could I have two application forms" Momo nodded.

"Kato" Momo called Kato walked up "hey dad, I mean coach" he smiled "could you take the Echizen twins for an application form please" he asked "sure this way guys" they all left "so twins huh! I heard" Momo said to him.

Ryoma nodded "twin boys 12 years old and tennis prodigies" he said "I would have no doubt" said Momo "they are your kids" "and Sakuno's and you know how crap she was" Momo laughed.

"Hey Katsuya" Yuu Kuwamura walked up to Katsuya Kaidoh "Yeah" "I haven't seen coach laugh like that before" he said "no your right neither have I" he said and they watched.

"Well you might as well stay the regulars are going to be picked" Ryoma nodded "let's see what the generation are like these days".


A couple of days later all the members stood in front of Momo, Ryoma and the captain of the team "okay well here is a list after much consideration the regulars that will be leading us the Kanto tournament".

Katsuya crossed his fingers with the rest of the boys on the team.

"The new captain is" there was silence "Momoshiro Kato" "yeees" Kato cheered and gave Katsuya a high five "just come up here for your regular uniforms" said the now ex captain Kato walked up and Momo handed him the packet with the clothes.

"Vice Captain is, Kaidoh Katsuya" Katsuya walked up silently and took it and then joined Momoshiro they gave each other another high five.

Ryoma leaned "your and Kaidoh's kid actually are friends" Momo smiled at him "crazy right" he smiled.

"Zero Arai" a tall blonde walked up and joined the rest "after much consideration as they have only just joined but they beat all embers that were with them Satoshi and Takuya Echizen" they walked "really?" hat head asked "yes

"Just one question" Kato asked and rubbed the back of his head "ok" hat head asked "which ones which?" everyone laughed "Mada" hat tipped it "I am Satoshi" and the other smiled "Takuya" "I am so glad that's cleared up" Katsuya shook his head.

"Okay now the other regulars Mori Yama, Keichi Shi" they joined the others.

"Kuwamura Yuu" the brown haired one walked up and took his uniform big smile on his face "and Tezuka Takumi" a brown haired one walked up he had glasses on.

"These are the new regulars, and good luck in the Kanto tournament".


The door opened and Yuu walked in he walked into the kitchen his mum was at the sink she turned her head "your….Yuu" she hugged him "your holding to tight" moaned Yuu "sorry, go get your father he wont be able to hide his excitement your in the regulars" she sighed "who's in the regulars".

Kuwamura Takashi walked in the room he had his chef whites on "dad I made it into the regulars" grinned Yuu.

"I am so proud of you" he hugged him and then let go "I knew you could do it following in your fathers footsteps, but I admit you are so much better than I ever was".

Yuu smiled "and we are going to win Kanto, hey where's Toshiko?" he left Takashi smiled "I know that smile" he sighed and kissed his wife "I am so proud so" he said "have you phoned your father?" "I must do that now".


"Takumi how did today go?" an older Fuji Syuusuke walked down the stairs "I am a regular" he said Fuji smiled "I knew you could and you had doubts" he shook his head "tell your father he's in the study" he said "ok" Takumi left Fuji still had the smile on his face.

Takumi knocked on the door "come in" said a stern voice he opened the door an older version of Tezuka Kunimitsu sat at the computer "how did it go?" he asked "I made it as a regular" said Takumi.

Tezuka nodded "not captain" he asked "no that went to Kato Momoshiro" Tezuka nodded "okay then you may leave" Takumi turned and walked to the door "and I am proud of you" Takumi smiled "arigato" he left.


"Inui" Kaidoh said Inui Sadaharu looked up from the paper he was grading "Katsuya should be here soon and we will find out if he made it as a regular" he said to him.

"I have no doubt I collected his and the rest of the teams data" Kaidoh gave him a blank look the sound of the front door "he's here" Kaidoh sat down the door opened Katsuya walked in they both looked at him "what?" He asked.

"Well" Inui asked Katsuya grinned "I am officially the regular and vice captain to Kato Momoshiro" Kaidoh nodded "well done Katsuya".

Katsuya looked at Inui "ah hum" he said "Inui" Kaidoh said Inui looked at Katsuya and smiled "well done son I am proud of you".

Katsuya smiled.


Momo pulled up to the side of the road "I'll see you at school tomorrow and get ready for our weekend ok" Kato looked "I really don't want to go home dad" he said "everything will be fine".

Kato sighed "I wish I lived with you and not mum and Kamio" he said Momo placed his arm round his son's shoulders "me to but this is the way the divorce went" Kato hugged him "bye dad" he got out and went into the house.

Momo sighed "I need a drink".


Momo placed the keys on the table near the door he looked at the boxes in the hall "I still have to unpack" he rubbed the back of his head there buzzer went off he sighed "who could that be at this time?" he walked and picked up the receiver "hello" it was a bit static "its Ryoma I bought take out" came his voice.

Momo pressed the button "come up and I am going to have to find out how you knew where I lived" he walked and opened the door and walked into the kitchen a rather small kitchen he opened the fridge door and took out to beers and left the room.

Momo sat on the sofa he took a gulp of the alcoholic liquid the door shut and Ryoma walked in he held a bag "hey" Momo looked at him "hey what did you bring?" "burgers and fried chicken it still your fav right?" he walked and sat opposite him "Yeah, here" Ryoma took the beer from him.

Ryoma bit into the burger he sighed "so back in Japan huh?" Momo said "Yeah back here" "are you here for good this time?" he asked him.

"As far as I knew Yeah the kids will be settled into school soon" he said and took a bit out of the burger that was in his other hand.

"So let me ask you this" Momo said "are the tabloid right about the breakup of your marriage?" "Which tabloid there a million reasons why we are getting divorced".

Mom shrugged "name one and maybe then I'll tell you" he told him "what about that you saw a prostitute?" he said to him Ryoma snorted "well that's complete crap I have only ever had sex with two people" Momo nodded.

"I know that is truth Sakuno and me" Momo's trailed off and he looked away Ryoma drunk "so what other tabloid?" he asked "you had a love child with another tennis star, you found her in bed with another woman or you found her in bed with another man and I think there was one where you were caught with a man and a woman".

Ryoma nodded "none of those are true" he told him they both nodded.

"The one I think really got me was the one where you and Kevin Smith were caught in a gay bar with a transsexual" Momo laughed "now that is defiantly wrong" he said.

"Oh please say that was made up" Ryoma drunk the last swallow of beer from the bottle "do you want another one?" Momo indicated the empty bottle in the tennis stars hand "Yeah go on then" he said and Momo left.

The Phone rung "do you want me to get that?" asked Ryoma "go on then" he called Ryoma leaned over "hello Momoshiro's place" he moved the phone from his as a loud voice came from the phone "Momo it's the phone for you" he called and held it out Momo walked in he handed him the bottle "for you" he took it "who?".

Momo put the phone to his ear "hello…An…what do you mean I never said anything to Kato….I am not trying to turn our son against you… you seem to be doing that your self if your going to shout I will not talk to you like this do you hear…..a guy that guy has a name and its Ryoma Echizen" he hung up.

Said guy looked at him "is everything ok?" he asked him Momo looked at him "I need more than 2 beers that's for sure".