Chapter Four
A Breathtaking Encounter

Alphonse had explored the entire campus and was very pleased. Their were three libraries and all the books contained information on absolutely everything involving every kind of Alchemy. He had checked several out already. He would be staying at the dormitories of the school. The rooms were small but Al didn't mind. There were vast staircases and hallways; so many that Alphonse found himself lost countless times. He started his classes tomorrow. He could then call himself a student.

He spent his last day free of classes meeting his teachers. He introduced himself to many students who were already in the process of learning. Some had been enrolled for years now. "The longer you stay, the more you learn." One student had told him. He thought the same but wasn't going to stay any longer than three years. He wanted to see Ed and Winry again eventually. It hurt him enough to think that he was going to miss their wedding.

Alphonse leapt down yet another staircase and through the hall. He looked down at the wooden flooring as he went on, thinking over his class schedules and their locations. He turned a corner and was startled by the force of running into someone. Books fell to the ground and Al immediately dropped down to gather them for whoever he had bumped into. Someone crouched down in front of him also gathering the books.
"Sorry." said a sweet voice.
"No no I'm sorry. It was my fault." Al apologized.

Neither had looked up from retrieving the books. Al looked up to give the books back and he came face to face with a very pretty girl. Her hair was the same color as his, dirty blonde, and her eyes were bright green. Her face was pale and her smile was welcoming and kind. She was adorable. Their noses touched and they shot up off the ground. They both stuttered and blushed.
"So-Sorry, I'm- I'm s-sorry!" Alphonse said.
"No no I'm sorry!"
They stood frozen then Al cleared his throat. He held out his hand.
"I'm Alphonse."
The girl smiled. "I'm Caroline." she took his hand and shook it gently. "Are you, new here?"
Al grinned. "Uh, Y-Yes. Um. I enrolled here this year. I've just come from Amestris and um…."
Caroline giggled. "Are you learning Alchehistry?" she asked.
"Uh, yea actually I am. How'd you know?" he answered surprised.
"Most people who come from Amestris come for that reason. I did."
"You're not from here?"
"No. I came to learn Alchehistry." she explained.
"Me too."
They said nothing. Alphonse choked up.
"I- uh- cough- uh."
Caroline squeezed the books she had in her arms.
"Have you started your classes yet?" she said.
"I start tomorrow."
"Where's your first class?"
Alphonse dug in his pocket for his folded schedule. He opened it up and ran a finger down.
"Room 208 building four in the east studies."
Caroline smiled. "Well I'll see you tomorrow then." Alphonse stared at her blankly. "I have the same class."
"Oh! Oh. That's- yea see you tomorrow then."
She giggled again. "Ok. Bye." she turned. "It was nice to meet you." she walked down away from him and down the hall. Alphonse sighed. He could barely breath. You idiot! he scolded himself. He liked her. He liked her a lot…..

The next morning, Alphonse arrived at his first class. The one that Caroline would be in. He entered the large classroom. Students were taking their seats. Al looked around. Were they assigned seats? Where was he supposed to sit? The professor came in and took a seat at his desk in the front of the audience. Alphonse walked through the aisles of chairs and spotted Caroline. She looked up from her book and smiled sweetly. She patted the chair next to her. Al took a seat beside her.
"Thank you." he said.
"No problem. I remember my first day…."
She told him about the daily routine. What they discussed in class and what the assignments usually were.
"Dr. Lukin, the professor makes us read a lot of chapters but doesn't assign as many papers as some of the other teachers do. Just pay close attention and you'll be fine."
"Thank you for all your help."
"Oh it's my pleasure! If you'd like I could show you more of the campus. I'm sure you haven't seen it all have you?" she said.
Alphonse stiffened. "Sure. That'd be great."
"Okay. Meet me after class and I'll give you my dorm number. I'm sure our rooms aren't too far apart considering we're majoring in the same Alchemy." she smiled.
"Now we have to be quiet. Class is starting."

The class lasted for at least three hours. It was very interesting but also exhausting. There would be no performing of Alchehistry in this particular class, only learning about the history and how it originated. Alphonse had six different classes. This was the first. The second class was on the transmutation circles. The third was about the skills you need to use it. The fourth was how to use it. The fifth, boundaries, laws, and consequences. The final class was learning the actual technique's.
Al was enthralled in his work and studies. He spent night and day on them. And as he carried on with them he and Caroline drew closer and closer together.

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