Disclaimer: I don't own Granted. I only wish to pay tribute to its awesomeness.

Author's Note: So, I got this lovely idea from Tatyana Witwicky's "Guidelines with Living With Robots". What did I do? Yes, I had to make my own. So sue me!

Okay don't. I really don't want that ^^;

Anyways, lets get started shall we?

Title: Guidelines With Liviing With A Granting Spirit

Summary: Just what does one do when they're around a Granting Spirit, their enemies or friends? Well, here are the guidelines to help set you up.




Rule #1: Do not, absolutely do not call him a Genie.

(He will feel offened, saying that he a Genie and a Granting Spirit is not the same thing)

(I learnt that the first time)

Rule #2: Don't swear around him

(Just don't)

(I know he's heard it quite a few times)

(It'll save you the embarrassment of explaining it to him)

Rule #3: Metal spoons/forks/knives have been taken from our kitchen.

(As he said before, it makes the food taste bad)

(I still can't tell the difference)

(I hate chopsticks)

Rule # 4: Whenever watching the 'Friday the 13th' movies, don't do 'Chu chu chu hah hah hah'

(Li will cling to you)

(He won't sleep)

(Neither will you)

(Heidi, I hate you)

Rule #5: Don't try to talk with a Chinese accent

(Li get's huffy and he hits hard)

(I couldn't help but feel horrible, yet amused, when he smacked Sam's upper arm)

(He still has a bruise)