Luth, I think I'm in love!

Summary: When a new girl moves into the house across the street from Zeke, he can't help but fall for her. Unfortunately, Zeke's not the only one and he must compete with Kojo, Ozzie and even Charlie Plunk, will he be able to win her over?

A/N: This is my first Zeke and Luther fic so I'm sorry if the character seem a little OOC to you.

Chapter 1: New Neighbours, New Crushes

Zeke and Luther were sitting outside Zeke's house after returning home from Ramps. They were discussing some move that Kojo had attempted and failed while laughing.

"The guy is suck a bus waxer," Luther chuckled. "I mean seriously, he's no where near as good as he thinks he is."

Zeke nodded in agreement and was about to speak when both boys were distracted by the two large moving vans and a silver SUV pulled that had arrived in front of the house across the street from where them.

"Who's that?" Luther asked curiously.

"Just the new neighbours, they will probably be boring old people like the old ones," Zeke rolled his eyes. "Which is just what we need, more cranky old people moaning at us for skateboaring in front of their house or whatever."

"Hey not all old people are mean and cranky!" Luther exclaimed defensively. "My Nana isn't cranky or mean! And she never moans at us for skateboarding."

"Yeah but most of the...woah!" Zeke stopped speaking when he saw a petite girl the same age as them get out of the SUV.

She had long brown hair that was tied in a high ponytail and wore high waisted denim shorts, a white tank top that has 'Dream,Catch Me' scrawled across the chest in black writing and a denim jacket with black platforms. She glanced over the boys and shot them a small smile before returning her attention to whatever her dad was saying as he was getting out of the car also.

Zeke couldn't take his eyes off of the girl. She was beautiful, like no other girl he'd ever seen. He stood up and Luther looked up at him curiously.

"Bro, what are you doing?" he asked confused.

"I think we should go see if they need help with their boxes and stuff," Zeke told his best friend who raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" Luther scoffed. "If they want help they'll ask for it and it's not like we know them. I think we should just stay here and hang out."

"Come on, Luth," Zeke told him in a slightly pleading voice. "We don't want to seem rude do we? Let's just go offer our assistance."

"Offer our assistance?" Luther repeated extremely confused. "What's up with you bro?"

"Nothing...I just want to help," Zeke lied going slightly pink and Luther jumped up from his chair and gasped while pointing accusingly at Zeke.

" like that girl!" he exclaimed smugly and Zeke went red.

"Wh-What girl?" Zeke blushed and Luther smirked widely knowing he was right.

"The girl who just got out the car, you were staring at her and now you want to go over and help so you can talk to her," Luther explained his theory to Zeke who shook his head.

"That's ridiculous Luther, come on let's just go help them," Zeke insisted and started to walk across the road. Luther followed while tooking smug at his victory. He loved teasing Zeke about girls, he always got so embarrassed over it and started denying it.

The two boys stopped behind the girl who had her back to them as she dug about in the van for a box. Luther smirked and tapped Zeke lightly before making a heart shape with his hands and Zeke glared at him. The girl turned around holding a large box that she seemed to be struggling with. She didn't appear to have heard Zeke and Luther approach her from behind as she let out a small shriek when she saw them.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you!" Zeke apologised quickly.

"It's ok you just startled me," the girl reassured him. "But you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that." It was then the boys recognised her accent as British. Luther chuckled to himself, first Olivia and now this girl, Zeke sure did have a thing for chicks from across the pond. "Can I help you boys with something?"

"! Actually we were here to see if you needed help," Zeke told her. "I'm Zeke Falcone, I live across the street and this is my best friend, Luther Waffles."

"Oh hi," the girl smiled again and Zeke grinned back. He couldn't help it, she had such a pretty smile. With perfect white teeth and the way her bright blue eyes sparkled as she smiled. "I'm Annabel Holmes. I'd shake your hand but as you can see, mine are kind of full at the moment."

"Annabel! What's going on?" her father's voice was heard as he came out of his new house.

"Hold on a second daddy," she called back sweetly. "Some of our new neighbours just offered to help us."

"Oh good, we could use an extra hand," Mr Holmes called. He seemed like a decent looking man but Zeke had a feeling he would be one of those overprotective dads who never thought any guy would be good enough for his daughter.

"Could one of you help me with this?" Annabel asked and Luther quickly took the box from her hands.

"Where should I put this?" he asked and had to quickly readjust his hands so not to drop the box as he was surprised at how heavy it actually was. It was a wonder how Annabel has held it so easily.

"Just leave it in the hall of the house. It's all my dad's stuff for his work," Annabel told him and Luther nodded as he struggled to get to the house with the heavy boxes.

"So what can I take?" Zeke asked her and Annabel turned to see two of the moving men struggling to lift up the couch that sat in the back of one of the vans.

"Could you help them with that?" she asked sweetly and Zeke nodded, quick to comply to her wishes. "Thanks, you guys are really nice to help like this." She grabbed another box and quickly walked off towards her house before Zeke could say anything else. He watched her strut off and smirked to himself. She was definetely something and he couldn't stop himself wanting to know her better.

"Hey kid!" one of the movers snapped him out of his thoughts and the skateboarder turned to look at the man. "You going to stand there drooling all day or are you going to help us?"

Zeke blushed furiously at being caught staring and quickly ran over to help the men carry the cream leather couch inside. As he carried it inside, he saw Annabel talking to her father about something. She turned around and shot him another one of her perfect smiles. Zeke felt his heart flutter as she did this. He pushed his brown hair out of his face and grinned back, his dimples 'dancing' as Grubner would say.

He stayed with Luther for ages, helping the Holmes family get everything sorted in their new house. It was getting dark when they were getting ready to leave.

"Thanks for helping guys," Mr Holmes told them truely grateful for everything they had done. "Annabel why don't you show the boys out?"

"Sure," Annabel nodded and walked the two up to the door. She opened it and as they were about to leave she stopped them and hugged Luther quickly. He returned it happily. "Thanks a lot you guys for helping us. We got it done so much quicker with your help."

She broke away from Luther and held her arms out to give Zeke a hug. She knew it was pretty forward since it was the first day they had met but after spending so long with them, furnishing her house she felt like she'd known them for ages. Zeke grinned nervously and hugged her back. He suddenly felt like he was on cloud nine and his sense of smell was overpowered by the sweet smell of her strawberry smelling shampoo. His heart began to race simply by hugging her. Why was he getting like this when he hadn't even known her for 24 hours.

Was it possible? Did he really like her like that?

Ok, so it wasn't a very good opening chapter but I just wanted to get Annabel introduced in the story and show how Zeke was instantly attracted to Annabel so I can really get into it.

So please tell me what you think :)