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There were many characteristics that could be found in both the earthbound human and the immortal Asgaardian.

Two legs.

Two arms.

Two eyes.

One mouth.

Hair. Skin. Internal organs.

Any random person, if asked to, would probably not be able to tell one from the other.

But there were just as many things separating the two beings, identifying them as separate and unique.

Humans maintained (for the most part) limited strength, stamina and endurance. Many Asgaardians excelled in their ability to fight and withstand injuries that would have killed any human. They were agile, lithe, but also tough.

Humans grew old, ill and brittle. Agaardians aged, but much more slowly. Their health and life-spans were the envy of the nine realms.

But of the differences between them, it was the Asgaardian's enhanced senses that would serve to torment (and bless) the mighty prince known as Thor upon his return to earth.

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