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As much as he hated to admit it, Thor the immortal was left sore from the sparring session he had emerged triumphant from earlier that day.

The gash on his left cheek, a remnant from the metal punch he'd received from Stark, was quickly healing together. The sting in his back from the repulsor nagged at him, making him shift uncomfortably in bed.

Arching his back, he allowed his muscles to stretch and then relax. The pain began to dull slightly.

Thor knew that within a few hours time, it would be gone completely.

It was growing pitch black in the room, the night deepening, making him close his eyes and consider much-needed sleep. His comrades had given him more than he had expected in way of a fight, and although he had emerged victorious, it was not without its consequences. He found himself to be surprisingly tired.

Perhaps it was just the comfort of the bed. Perhaps human luxury had spoiled him since his return.

No matter—tomorrow they were scheduled to depart, to begin their search for Bruce Banner, the man who was unknowingly terrorizing others in the form of the creature called Hulk.

Tomorrow, the Avengers would put their combined abilities to the first true test.

Clouds had gathered in the sky outside the hotel, blackening the moon and starlight, bringing more shadows into the room to lull him into slumber.

Thor faced the windows and stretched his back one more time before closing his eyes and letting the dream world begin to take him.

He did not hear the restless tossing and turning on the other side of the wall.

He did not hear the frustrated sigh and the pitter-patter of feet on the floor of the adjacent room.

He did not hear her open her door, walk down the hall, and come to stand in front of his.

And he most certainly did not hear her let herself into his room.

Thor was in such a comfortable state of sleep that he did not know Jane Foster was standing beside his bed until she touched him.

When his consciousness recognized the presence of the hand brushing down his face, he acted immediately. With no way of knowing who was in the room or why, Thor retaliated in the only way he knew how: Violence.

He was out of bed in an instant, hands wrapped around the wrists of the intruder, pushing the small body against the adjacent wall with a snarl. It was only when he heard her soft gasp, and smelled the familiar scent of water and cinnamon, that he knew he had overreacted- lashed out in a haze of defense.

Lashed out at Jane.

His vice-like grip on her wrists loosened.

But he did not let go.

"Jane! Forgive me; I did not know it was you. Are you hurt?" He had practically slammed her back into the wall—the loud thud had resounded in the room as loudly as the thunder rumbling outside the window.

Thunder? Another storm…

The small hands that were being held above her head flexed beneath his grasp.

"I…yeah, I'm fine. Sorry for barging in. I just…I honestly don't even know why I'm here. Couldn't….couldn't sleep." Her voice was small, meek; a whisper that assaulted his sensitive ears like the highest scream.

The building shuddered around them, and bright flashes lit the room, revealing to Thor the reality of the situation he had just placed them in.

He had Jane Foster pinned against the wall of his hotel room. She was not fighting to get away, not pushing him off of her. Her eyes were wide and dark and her chest was steadily heaving as if she were out of breath.

Her body trembled suddenly at the loud clap of thunder and Thor instinctively tightened his grip on her wrists once again.

Fire spilled into his veins.

She was only half-clothed.

A small, sleeveless grey top bearing the Shield insignia left little to his imagination. Thor allowed his eyes to flicker down. Her legs were completely bare. His jaw clenched and he bit back a growl.

He looked away suddenly, staring at the window into the raging storm.

It hit him then that it was possible the storms were not to blame for his lack of control. It was just as likely that he was to blame for them.

It did not matter. The rushing winds sending sheets of heavy rain against the glass outside did not matter. The frequent flashes of light darting across the sky and illuminating the world around them did not matter. The thunder that vibrated the room, the earth, and his very being did not matter.

What mattered was that Jane Foster has come into his room in the middle of the night, half-clothed, and was once again putting off the scent that had come so close to being his ultimate downfall in the meeting room just a day prior.

He felt his teeth grinding together.

She had not moved, was not speaking, but he knew exactly why she was there.

His eyes expanded in the dark and he pressed himself dangerously close to her face to look at her.

"Jane. You….should leave. Before I hurt you."

Thor frowned at her questioning gaze.

He did not intend to sound threatening, but….

He could not risk letting the night get out of hand this way. He could not risk letting himself get out of hand. With every second that ticked by his control slipped. He truly felt… barbaric.




Truly, Jane deserved better. Surely, she did not know what he could do to her in this moment.

Assuredly, she did not want this.

"You wouldn't hurt me, Thor. Why do you think you would?"

His nostrils flared then.

Damn woman, do not argue. Flee!

He released her hands.

"I am…not myself. I have felt very strange since I came back to earth, Jane. Unable to ignore even the slightest sensory stimulation that you-I feel… dangerous. You need to go." His voice was dark, deep, and he prayed she would heed his words and walk away.

But she did not move.

She did not speak.

She simply looked at him.

Her eyes narrowed; her lips quirked.

She did not fear him.

Normally, he certainly would not want her to. But tonight…he struggled to even think coherently. With every breath he heard being released from her mouth his composure crumbled further into nothingness.

She needed to fear him. Needed to leave.

But he knew-when she moved forward just enough to allow the cloth of her shirt to brush his bare chest-that she had no intention of doing so.

Her hands finally began to lower from their position above her head.

Her breath rushed hot into his face when she leaned in to brush her mouth across his jaw.

The lightest touch—and his fingers contracted furiously.


They flew forward again, and a dull thud broke the silence.

A hand had shot out to return Jane's own to their former immobility. Another pressed a flat palm against her abdomen, shoving her hard against the wall. He loomed, he smothered, his entire body twitching in a state of suspended chaos.

Thor marveled at her lack of unease.

Jane simply stared into him, a small smile gracing her features, her eyes half-lidded with her own degree of desire.

She was letting him struggle with his control, happy to contend with whatever consequences might come out of his internal battle.

He blinked, impressed and frustrated with her at the same time.

Surely she did not want it to be this way? Not the first time, not like this….

And yet she was making no argument with his actions.

She was effectively submitting to him. Considering it was Jane; brilliant, strong-willed, independent Jane Foster, it was not just impressive.

It was the most seductive thing she could have possibly done.

He found himself growling into her ear, a grin plastering itself onto his mouth at the sound of her gasp.

The storm was growing stronger. Thunder crashed now instead of rumbled.

Thor picked up on the sound of his hammer vibrating its impatience at him from beside the bed.

His lips brushed the soft tissue of Jane's ear and he suddenly felt the need to speak….to say it.

"Jane, you should know….that I think…. I may love you."

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak.

He pressed his lips to her own to keep her silent.

The hand on her stomach moved to run a stray finger under her shirt. She jerked at the sudden touch.

Thor met her eyes and bore into them.

"But I know, for certain, that I want you. I have given you the opportunity to leave. Now I don't think I can let you walk away. Do you trust that I will not hurt you?"

He heard her swallow hard and nod slightly.

He did not tell her that she was the only one in the room who could place that trust in him.

She did not struggle when he closed what little distance was left between them. His mouth slid against hers, and he heard the growl emitting from his own chest when her tongue flicked against one of his eye teeth.

The hand that had snaked under her shirt was running a line upward, and the soft skin of her belly clashed starkly against the battle-roughened calluses on his hands.

He grinned wolfishly when the muscles of her stomach tightened beneath his touch and her head leaned back to bump against the wall.

He released her hands then, content to let allow her just a bit more freedom, and was rewarded with a small fist in his hair, grasping at it as she directed his head against hers once again.

Amidst the ensuing lip lock, he felt the stray fingertips of her free hand trail down his torso, the sensation akin to flames licking at his skin.

Heat shot down into his gut, and farther still. He enjoyed her teasing…but did not intend to let it last long.

His body was far more impatient than his mind.

Jane breathed into his kiss then, the wandering hand moving closer to the edge of his sweatpants. If she dared touch him, he feared his reaction would be more pleasant to him than to her.

His eyes shot down to hers when her whisper caught his attention.

"Thor….bed?" Her gaze darted to the soft plush of sheets and pillows beside them.

Her hand brushed the front of his pants before pulling away as if realizing where it had just strayed.

He bit his bottom lip and reached for her hips suddenly.

"No. Here."

If Jane had any intention of protesting, he did not give her the chance. With a quick drag of one finger, the small soft cloth of her underwear was tangled around her feet and Thor could not help but dig his nails into the flesh of her bottom just to hear her mewl.

With the rapid flashes of lightning he could see her eyes staring at him wide, and saw in them the fear overcome and pushed away by excitement and need.

He was glad for such a reaction. Too much fear would have him backing down, offering apologies, and effectively putting an end to their experience.

And he certainly did not want that.

Not when he was this close to…

Her hands had done his work for him, pulling the drawstring on his sweatpants loose and shoving them off of his hips. He could not help but smirk at her.

Perhaps she was more impatient than even he.

Very well, my earthbound vixen.

His hands wrapped around the backs of her thighs to lift her from the floor.

Her legs were tight around his waist as he entered her with no warning and a sharp grunt.

The thunder quelled her shout and he knew that he had probably hurt her with his sudden intrusion. If his skin did not prickle so hotly, if his muscles were not coiling so tightly and his vision seeing red, he probably would have cared.

But as the warmth of Jane Foster gripped him in more ways than one, Thor was lost to his senses, his needs, and his instincts.

He was truly overwhelmed by them.

Soft pricks littered his back and he knew her nails were the culprits.

As he pushed up into her once, slowly, to make sure her pain was subsiding, he considered the fact that the feeling of her clawing at his skin was just as thrilling as the darkened gaze she sent his way.

She clenched around him and he jerked forward suddenly. Satisfied he had given her enough time to acclimate to his size (which, he did not want to gloat, but….he was an Asgaardian…), Thor tightened the grip on her bottom, leaned his head into the sweet-smelling skin of her neck, and drove into her like a man driven mad by lust.

She was small, and yet surprised him with her resilience as her hands gripped his shoulders and she used them to gain herself leverage. She moved to meet his thrusts, and his mind went numb with the sensations the new angle brought.

He was relieved that the storm had not died. With every meeting of their hips Jane's gasps grew louder, her mouth forming incoherent words with what sounded like his name mixed within them.

Fire was on his skin, and the sheen of sweat cumulating on them both had him smiling with pride as he lifted her higher and began pulling out farther to watch her reactions.

He was tormenting the poor woman, he knew, but he adored her so, and he needed her so, and his most basic instinct was to satisfy everything that his feelings entailed.

Never before had he wanted—needed—to have someone so completely, to conquer and devour with such ferocity that stemmed from such love. It was new to him, the concept of ravaging someone for more than just physical need. But he understood now that the fact that he loved her was what brought him to this edge.

And the fact that he knew she loved him back was what pushed him over it.

She was clenching around him much tighter now, the friction between them driving him to move faster, always faster, and the sounds of their bodies battling it out for first ecstasy melted his mind into its most basic and pathetically primal form.

He grunted again as his lips met the skin of her ear and he did not think before he bit down on the soft and pliable flesh of it.

His name was called in response and Thor grit his teeth as the air of his next breath slid between them in a hiss.


He heard himself say it, did not know why he had, and did not care if she had acknowledged it or not.

He was close. His body trembled with excitement and his entire body blazed with the realization of it.

He stopped suddenly. Heard Jane moan in shock and disappointment.

He pulled out of her just long enough to turn her around and shove her face against the wall. He was too wrapped up in the scorching pull of his own need to catch the lust-filled flash of teeth in her grin.

It took only a few more thrusts, hard, rigid and controlled, to send him bending his head to the back of her neck and driving his teeth into the skin of it as he convulsed into her. The growl that accompanied his climax was low. Her own voice pitched high for just a moment as she suddenly shuddered around him and clawed at the wall beneath her hands.

Thor pressed his own palm against the wall to steady them, his other arm wrapped tight around her waist to prevent her from sinking to the floor below.

Thunder continued to shake the windows, but the wind was less violent and the rains were letting up.

The haze of lust and pleasure that had literally been fogging his mind for the past week was finally starting to clear, and with that clarity Thor looked at the woman before him with new eyes.

His brow furrowed as he pulled out of her with a bitten groan and turned her to face him.

"Are you alright?"

His tightened chest relaxed when she nodded with a weary smile.

"Yeah, fine….you?"

He laughed then, tired but hearty, and backed them away from the wall to pull her on top of him as he fell onto the bed.

"Better, most assuredly. Jane….I know in the heat of passion one can be prone to say many things they may not mean. But know that what I said….I meant. I would not have allowed this night to happen at all otherwise."

Thor suspected that the exhausted woman looking sleepily down at him would have probably preferred to have this conversation in the morning, but his mouth was loose and his feelings on his tongue and he would not sleep himself until she knew without a doubt that he had not just used her for sex.

His lips quirked when she placed a brief kiss on his cheek.

"I know you meant it. And although I think we've got a lot more to learn about…us, I think….I'm sure I love you too. I wouldn't have snuck into your room like this otherwise."

He dug a nail into her side to make her squirm off of him. Pulling the blankets around them, Thor wrapped an arm securely around her frame and held her against him like a lifeline. The storm was ending as the thunder rumbled much softer from a distance.

"Tomorrow I will be leaving for the mission. But I give you my word, as before, that I will return to you. Do not doubt that, Jane."

His whisper was met with a nod and content but tired sound of acknowledgment.

Her breathing was deepening and he knew she was losing herself to sleep.

Settling into the pillows, stretching his still-stiff back once again, Thor decided he would reiterate his promise in the morning- just to ensure his mortal love had heard him.

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