Hey guys, this is my first ever yaoi and sex fic here, so feel free to tell me anything I can do better! I decided just to try it to see if I was any good at it. None of these characters are mine.

"I swear, I am going to kill Zack." The blonde cadet grumbled to himself as he clutched the reports he had tightly in his hands, almost crumbling them up in the process. Cloud sighed as he thought of how Zack had begun growing tired about him obsessing over his idol, Sephiroth, and decided to send him on a mission to hopefully get him closer to the godly being. Unfortunately for the timid cadet, Zack had made sure this mission would be mandatory, putting the blonde under the threat that if he did not complete it, he would spread pictures of him sleeping in the barracks while secretly holding a chocobo plushie close to him in his arms. The mission itself was delivering a few reports to the general that Zack had neglected to get to him on time, due to him never seeing him around the tower for the past few days.

He sighed to himself again as he glanced down at the reports to make sure they hadn't been damaged. He snorted. "As if they could get any worse."He thought to himself as he looked at the hurriedly-done handwriting that Zack had no doubt filled out at the last minute. He simply shrugged at his friend's carelessness before continuing on his way.

The tiny cadet trembled as he looked up at the door that appeared to be like the countless others in the tower, except for one key difference; what laid beyond the other side. Zack had already checked for Sephiroth in his office and since Shinra had not issued him any missions lately as far as he knew, the only other place left to check was his personal quarters, which is where Cloud currently found himself. He gulped audibly and glanced from side to side down the hallway before taking out a keycard Zack gave him to open the door and slid it through the card reader. The light on the side of the mechanism turned from red to green and the door slid to the side with a metallic hiss. Cloud gulped again and his shivering became even worse before he managed to work up the courage to enter the dwelling.

The first room upon entering was a small living room. His eyes roamed around at the walls painted black and fuzzy crimson carpeting before settling on the sparse furniture in the room: a black leather couch, a wooden table with a glass surface set in front of the couch, and a medium-sized TV. The blonde's curiosity got the best of him and he began to cautiously look at what little furniture there was, eager to see any trace of how his idol lived when he was away from public eyes. A soft, low groan from another room brought his attention away from nosing about the room. "Only one person has a voice like that."He thought to himself, face flushing a bit as he realized how easily he could distinguish his idol's voice. Partly because of curiosity, the rest due to the lightly pained tone in the groan, he headed off to the source of the noise.

He ended up in another small room, this time a kitchen. Whereas the living room was decorated with dark colors, this room was completely white and spotless except for the steel and chrome cooking utensils and appliances in it. The source of the sound that drew the teenager to the room was currently standing with his back to him in front of the sink, filling up a glass with water. Cloud warily approached Sephiroth, who appeared to be shivering lightly and was only wearing his signature pair of leather pants. As he got closer to him, he saw a slight sheen of sweat coating his back, drawing his eyes to the powerful muscles on his back as the silver-haired man threw his head back while gulping down the water. After he drank the contents, he slammed it down on the counter while cursing loudly, running a hand through his hair with his free hand.

Cloud flinched at the force Sephiroth managed to slam the glass on the counter without it actually breaking, unconsciously tightening his grip on the reports, making a crunching sound in the process.

The battle-hardened general immediately picked up on the noise and whirled around to face him. "Well, well," He began with a smirk on his face in his normal baritone voice, a light undertone of something unusual placed under his everyday tone. "Looks like a little cadet arrived just in time to help me."

"H-help, Sir?" Cloud inquired with his eyes downcast a bit respectively, figuring that Sephiroth would not notice him staring at his perfectly-toned chest muscles that had the same sheen as his back due to the sweat. His gaze eventually headed further downwards and he instantly widened his eyes and gulped audibly when he noticed the sizable bulge right under the general's waistband.

The silver-haired man just smirked at this and pounced on him, roughly slamming him against the wall behind him and holding him there by his shoulders. "Like what you see, Cadet?" A soft growl rumbled from his chest as he rocked his hips against the smaller male's.

"Y-yes." Cloud answered shakily in return. He could not believe his good luck! His idol, who he had been concealing rather intimate feelings for, even from Zack, was now doing things he only dreamed about! From the new position he was in, merely inches away from the mighty general, he could see a wild look glinting within his cat-like eyes, so he could probably assume what would happen next. The blonde just needed to know one thing before they began. "S-sir," He began with a stutter due to the slight fear he still held, "Why are you doing this?"

"This is a yearly thing that happens to my body." He explained hurriedly, eager to get to the good part. "Hojo explained it as being similar to animals' mating seasons. However, when I asked him why it was happening to me, he refused to answer. I swear it has something to do with that weird liquid they put in me during my monthly exams, though. Normally I just stay here for the week it lasts, but seeing as how such a..." He trailed off as he thought of the right words, his normally quick mind working slower than glue at the moment. He licked his lips as he said his choice of words. "succulent morsel like yourself decided to drop by, I decided not to suffer the rest of the week." He looked up and down his victim, from the unruly spiked hair to the Shinra-supplied boots, and noticed a small stack of papers in his hand. He ripped them from him and glanced over them quickly. "Ah, I suppose I should thank Zack for once after this." He mumbled as he carelessly tossed the papers behind him and instead attached his mouth to the shorter male's neck.

Cloud moaned softly as his idol sucked hard on various places on his neck, switching places as he deemed each section well-marked, occasionally leaving a light bite mark rather than a light red hickey. As he moved closer to mark along the sides of his neck, the blonde's cheeks flushed a beet red as he could feel a hard mass pressing against his stomach. "Uh, S-sir... w-what's that hard thing poking my stomach?" He managed to squeak out in embarrassment. Despite him knowing what sex was, education about how it actually happened was quite hard to find in the rural town of Nibelheim, thus he managed to get this far in his life without knowing anything about how it happened.

Sephiroth let out a booming laugh at this, whole frame shaking with his laughter. After he managed to regain his composure, he grinned like a wolf down at the cadet. "And it seems as though my delicious treat is also a virgin. I cannot believe that my luck is actually on my side for once. I was tiring of the foreplay anyway." He grabbed Cloud roughly by the shoulder, fingernails lightly digging in. "Come, and I'll show you exactly what it is." He purred out cryptically, practically dragging the frozen teen to his bedroom.

Cloud glanced around in awe at the bedroom. Unlike the other rooms, this one was quite large, but cozy nonetheless. The carpeting in this room was black and looked even softer than the one in the living room. The walls and silken sheets on the bed were black as night, though the pillows mounded against the headboard had deep red pillow cases around them. Next to the bed was a small nightstand with a lamp and alarm clock on the top. There was a dark oak dresser, which had Sephiroth's leather trenchcoat neatly folded on top of it, placed beside the walk-in closet, closed at the moment, which covered one wall. Another wall had a large mahogany bookshelf with reading material of nearly all conceivable subjects nestled in it. He noticed another door which he presumed led to the bathroom, but he could not think about it for too long as he was thrown onto the bed.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Sephiroth snapped at him as he simply laid still on the luxurious comforter. "Take off your clothes."

Cloud snapped his head up at the order and sat up to comply eagerly. He tried to make removing his army outfit as much of a show to his idol as possible, but he ended up performing the clumsiest strip show ever as he removed his boots and socks first, then worked his way from the neck down. He nervously unbuttoned his shirt, his shaking fingers not helping in the endeavor, and glanced around to see where he should put it after he had taken it off, nervous of screwing up now.

"Just throw it wherever." Sephiroth growled impatiently, clearly becoming more aroused despite Cloud's inexperience, as his eyes roamed hungrily across the slightly pale, not-yet well formed muscles on the younger man's chest and abdomen.

He obeyed, dropping the now-wrinkled shirt off the side of the bed. Next, he slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, kicking them off to rest by his shirt. He then took off his underwear and sat there, waiting for Sephiroth's next order while shivering slightly due to his body heat being lost.

The silver-haired man sat on the edge of the bed and eagerly peeled off his skin-tight pants. After taking off his underwear as well, momentarily ignoring Cloud's gasp of awe at his entire body being revealed, he dropped both of the articles of clothing on the floor, away from the cadet's. He then reached into the nightstand and took out a tube of lubricant. He growled softly in pleasure as he slathered the contents of the tube on his erect member, increasing in volume as he rubbed it in to make sure he was fully covered. As he was doing that, he drank in the sight of his soon-to-be mate. Overall, the boy seemed thin and scrawny, but he held the potential to improve his physique. His eyes went down to his crotch, covered in fuzzy blonde pubic hair and about half-erect. "Hmph. I'll fix that soon enough." He thought to himself with a mental smirk, figuring it was just being affected due to nervousness. As his gaze went up to the blonde's face, his mental smirk moved to his face when he noticed his eyes were glued to his groin. "Apparently he does like what he sees."He thought smugly to himself.

After he was done preparing himself, he tossed the tube away carelessly before he pounced on the smaller man, who let out a squeak of surprise as he was pressed against the mattress. He licked his lips subconsciously in anticipation as he rubbed his erection against the cadet's entrance, preparing him as much as he had patience to.

Cloud widened his eyes as he realized what exactly the older man was going to do. "T-there's no way this is going to work!" He thought with panic in his mind. "He's going to split me in half! He's just too damn big for this to wor-" His mental tirade was cut off and he screamed as pain flooded his body when Sephiroth sheathed himself completely within the smaller male in one thrust.

Sephiroth, on the other hand, moaned loudly in bliss. "Mmm, Gaia you're a tight one!" He exclaimed huskily as the blonde's inner muscles clamped down on his invading organ. After the initial burst of pleasure, he noticed his partner was in pain from the entry and began to attempt to rectify it by aiming for a particular spot with his hard thrusts into the body underneath him.

The younger male gasped loudly and dug his nails into the upper back of the man above him as he felt a sharp jolt of pleasure, overwhelming the pain. "T-that felt good..." He mumbled, slightly stunned, as he nuzzled into Sephiroth's neck.

He grinned at the blonde's response to the pleasure he received by him hitting his prostate and immediately hammered into the spot repeatedly, eager to see just what he would do when he was under the influence of more pleasure. At the same time, he lowered his own body, making it so that his stomach would rub against the smaller man's now-hard erection with every thrust.

Cloud moaned loudly, the sound of which being muffled by the skin of Sephiroth's neck, as he was assaulted by pleasure on two sides. He carefully reached his hands up to grip at the silver strands of hair above him, smiling at the silky feel of them, as well as wrapping his legs around the other man's thin waist. As the tingles of pleasure racing through his body began to overwhelm him, he buried his face into the older man's shoulder to muffle his moans even a little bit and smelled the scent of lilac. Sniffing a bit, he decided it was the hair that draped over his body like a silver curtain that carried the scent and enjoyed stroking it as much as he was enjoying the owner of it.

Sephiroth smirked at the childlike fascination his partner seemed to have with his hair. There have been many who he would not have minded chopping to pieces when they tried to touch his precious hair, however, he decided that the gentle ministrations that his little blonde was giving it wouldn't damage it, so he allowed it to continue, just as he continued thrusting into the sensitive bundle of nerves in him.

"S-sir..." He muttered softly between moans and gasps as he could feel heat beginning to coil up in his lower belly, "I feel kinda funny..."

The silver-haired man glanced up at his face to look for any sign of sickness before realizing he meant he was close to release. He wrapped one strong hand around the cadet's member and began pumping it roughly in time with his also rough thrusts.

Soon the pleasure was too much for the younger man and he cried out loudly as he released his seed and black spots appeared in his vision, covering both of their stomachs and chests with the sticky substance.

Sephiroth moaned again as the muscles around his member tightened around it. Knowing he was close to his own release, he sped up his pace. After a particularly brutal thrust, he bit deep into Cloud's shoulder with a low growl as he released his seed within the blond, coating his insides and making his stomach bulge out slightly due to the amount. He gave himself a moment to regain his composure before pulling out of the smaller body, taking out a bit of sperm and blood on his member as well. Upon seeing the blood, he reached into the nightstand to get a cure materia and used it on Cloud, watching the bright light stop the bleeding. He tossed the orb back in the drawer before snuggling up to the blond. "Sorry about that." He muttered drowsily, tucking his head under his chin. "Guess I don't know my own strength sometimes."

Cloud stroked the silver-haired man's head, content with running his fingers through the silky strands. "It's okay. That more than made up for the pain."

The older man let out a soft purr. "I must admit, you did quite well for your first time. In fact," He looked up to lock eyes with him, "I would not mind teaching you more to prepare you for next year, uh..." He trailed off as he remembered he never asked his name.

"Cloud Strife, Sir." He answered with a smile. "And I definitely wouldn't mind learning about it as long as you're the one teaching me."

"Then it's settled. And for Gaia's sake, we just had sex, I think we can afford a bit of familiarity by simply calling me Sephiroth here." He said as he tucked his face back against his warm neck.

"Okay, Sephiroth." He said, receiving a soft grunt in return as the other man drifted to sleep. He sighed happily as he snuggled closer to his idol. "I could get used to this." He whispered.