Well, here you guys are. I promised a surprise for little Cloudy here, but I never mentioned what it is, though I suspect it'll be just as surprising to you all as it is to him. ;)

Cloud awoke a few hours later to find, that for the second time, he could no longer see anything. He smiled as much as he could around the velvety piece of fabric placed in his mouth that was tied around his head, figuring Sephiroth had planned the surprise he spoke of for his sadistic pleasure just as much as he had for his own. Attempting to move his hands and feet, he found that they had been bound, just as he had expected, though his brow furrowed in confusion as he noticed they were encircled with rough rope that dug into his delicate skin rather than the fuzzy handcuffs the silver-haired man had used with him before. Also unlike before, the ropes did not seem tied to the bedposts, so he managed to wiggle himself into a sitting position, if only to relieve the pressure his body weight placed on his hands that had been bound together behind his back. He did notice that he was just as naked as he had been the last time, shaking his head to himself at Sephiroth's patience that could not even last long enough to remove his clothing in the heat of the moment.

His head turned towards the direction the door was when he heard it open and close, hearing a soft click afterwards to signify that it was locked. He smiled under the gag as he could hear the heavy, booted footfalls that traveled across the floor straight towards him, breathing in the deep, intoxicating scent of his lover's leather outfit as he drew near. He purred softly as he felt the leather-clad fingers pushing gently against his bare chest, silently ordering him to lay back down, which he eagerly obeyed. He then felt the hand lazily trace along his chest, not following any particular pattern as it drifted from muscle to muscle. After it seemed content with the feel of his body, it moved upwards while still keeping contact with the skin beneath it. It gently cupped his chin and caressed it lightly, gently pressing the fingertips into the soft flesh on the underside of his chin. It then followed his jaw line to the back of his head, where it untied the fabric muffling his mouth and let it fall to the bed, itself dropping down to a side of his body as the other hand joined it in pressing the owner's body weight against the bed. Before both hands had been placed on the bed, he could hear a sound like fabric rustling almost silently and wondered to himself what it could be. He could feel leather-clad legs nestling themselves between his own as the man above him leaned down closer to him, clearly leaning down for a kiss. He raised himself up to meet him halfway, eager to taste the addicting flavor of his silver-haired lover. He frowned against the lips and tongue that immediately invaded his mouth as Sephiroth seemed to taste different than he normally did. Instead of the clean taste that he could only describe as being like Sephiroth, he tasted sweetness, saltiness, and above all, the flavor of apples among his lover's saliva. He quickly pulled away from the plundering tongue and turned his head from side to side to attempt to dislodge the blindfold. "S-Seph, w-why do you taste weird?" He stammered lightly. He felt those searching fingers reach back up to his head and untie the blindfold. The sight that greeted him made him freeze completely and his blood run cold.

"Boo." Genesis Rhapsodos said softly to the now-terrified little blonde he had trapped on his bed.

"G-G-Genesis..." Cloud stuttered at him, barely able to remember his name due to the fear smothering his mind as he buried himself as deep into the crimson pillows and sheets as he could get. He tried to keep his mind off why the canopy of the same shade was drawn around the bed, obscuring both of them from the outside world, no doubt the sound he heard earlier.

"You remember my name. I'm flattered." The redhead purred softly as he caressed the other man's cheek.

The cadet immediately flinched away from the unwanted contact. "Why are you doing this and where's Sephiroth?" He yelled up at him, gaining courage in the thought of what his lover would do to the other man when he figured out what had happened.

"Let's start with the one that has the shortest answer first." The older man said as he teasingly poked his nose. "The ice prince that you seem to love so much is still preoccupied with work, so he'll never get back to his home, then figure out I was the one who took you in time to save you." His tone suddenly changed from gloating to a soft, almost hurt tone, steadily decreasing in volume until Cloud had to strain to hear the last of the next sentence. "As for why, well, has he told you anything of his life before he met you?"

Cloud shook his head, slightly confused and scared about the redhead's sudden change in mood, but eagerly wanting to hear more about Sephiroth at the same time.

"Well, as you probably well know, you are not Sephiroth's first lover." Genesis explained, his suspicions of Cloud's knowledge being confirmed as a deep blush spread across his cheeks, no doubt imagining the depraved sexual acts he has already performed with the silver-haired man. "I do not know whether I was his first or not, but I was the one he had before you came along and captured his heart." He muttered softly with a bitter tone to his voice.

"Wait... so you mean he gave you up for me?" The blonde asked softly in awe, unable to believe that Sephiroth would give up this beautiful, if temperamental, person for a lowly trooper of his stature.

The redhead pondered over the younger man's quiet words. He had briefly considered that maybe Sephiroth had indeed forsaken him for this scrawny little teenager below him, but had never seriously thought it was the case... until now that is. His eyebrows suddenly snapped together in anger as he bared his teeth in a feral snarl. "That's precisely what happened!" He decided in the spur of the moment, roaring down at the now-cowering blonde. "He left me just so he could screw a young little thing like you! Hell, you were probably seeing him even before I saw you in his home! You two were just plotting the right time to crush my heart!" He accused, bunching the sheets up in his hands to prevent himself from seriously maiming or killing the terrified man beneath him. Afterall, his plan would be ruined if he were to die.

Cloud flinched at how sudden his captor had gotten angry and tried to squirm as far away from him as he could. "I-I swear I didn't do this to hurt you!" He pleaded up at him desperately, trembling at how mad the other man must be to get to that conclusion.

The older man merely snorted at the blonde trying to plead some sense into him. "You're nothing but a little liar." He began peeling off his leather outfit, starting by sliding off his gloves, as his voice turned to a quiet, menacing tone. "And do you know what I do to liars who steal my beloved boyfriend?"

The cadet simply shook his head as he attempted to escape from beneath him by rolling his body to either side, unfortunately, Genesis had moved his legs without him noticing so his knees were on either side of his hips, pinning him to the spot.

The redhead threw his trenchcoat off to a side before leaning down towards the smaller man's ear and whispering down into it. "I make it so that they can never enjoy their favorite part of my dearest one ever again." He hissed quietly, working on getting his pants off now.

After hearing this, Cloud doubled his efforts to get free, thrashing around violently to hopefully dislodge the redhead or loosen the ropes even slightly. Despite the man above him being easy on the eye with a body like a smaller, less muscled Sephiroth, he was not too keen on allowing him to plunder his body that he reserved only for the silver-haired man.

Genesis growled softly as he held him down with a hand on his shoulder. "Stop trying to fight it and just accept your punishment. You deserve every ounce that I'm going to give you." He snapped at him as he threw his pants in the same general direction that he did his trenchcoat. The hand that wasn't busy in holding the blonde down traveled down his body to his groin, where he experimentally rubbed at his entrance. "Ooo," He cooed softly in approval. "You're still tight even after Sephiroth's been pounding away into you all this time. And here I was thinking that you would be so loose that I would just slip out every time I pulled back." He shrugged to himself. "Oh well, more pleasure for me. Now then, enough chatter. Let us get to your punishment while we're still able to." He draped his body over the man beneath him, shifting himself for better penetration.

The blonde clenched his eyes shut tightly, not wanting to see as well as feel the rape that was about to take place. He could feel the tip of the member being placed against his entrance, then was removed as Genesis pulled his hips back, ready to thrust hard into the waiting warmth. He ground his teeth together as he waited for the searing pain of his entry, but it never came. Instead, he heard a sudden loud slam from somewhere nearby as well as a furious voice screaming "I know you have something to do with this Genesis, so come out here, you bastard!"

"Shit!" Genesis cursed as he hurriedly scrambled off the blonde and rushed to get a bright red robe to cover himself. "How the hell did he find out? He should still be at work!" He trailed off in his panicked conversation with himself, now having completely forgotten about Cloud as he paced back and forth in front of the bed, clearly not having a plan in case this happened. A sudden, hard knocking at his bedroom door made him snap his head up to look at it and he hurried to answer it before the powerful knocks made it fall off its hinges. "Ah, good day, Sephiroth." He said as calmly as he could through the small amount of space he had opened the door, just allowing his face to be seen as he blocked the room's contents from the furious silver-haired man.

"Cut the crap, you ass." Sephiroth replied bluntly, tightly clenching the hilt of his unsheathed Masamune as his lips were curled up into a snarl. "I know you have something to do with Cloud's disappearance, so talk. Now." He snapped at him in a commanding tone.

The redhead pulled out his best baffled expression as he warily kept an eye on the long sword. "Why Sephiroth, I have no idea what you're talking abou-"

"Sephiroth, is that you?" Cloud called from inside the room, causing Genesis to flounder about mid-sentence, terrified of how the silver-haired man would react.

The general easily forced the door open the rest of the way, shoving Genesis out of the way at the same time as he rushed to see how his lover was doing. A deep growl emanated from his chest as he saw the ropes binding him and his lack of clothing, putting two and two together from his ex-lover's lack of proper clothing. He drew the curtain around the bed back and pulled Cloud closer while he gently nuzzled him as he carefully cut his bindings with his sword, leaning down to lick at the angry red marks the ropes had burned into his skin. "Are you alright, Cloud?" He asked as he looked up at his face, genuine worry and concern etched into his features.

"Y-yeah. He just kissed me is all." The blonde muttered softly, not wanting to anger the already riled-up general even more by telling him what he had interrupted. He glanced back up to make sure it had not made him even madder before his eyes widened and he gasped. "Behind you!"

The silver-haired man expertly and easily blocked the blow from the rapier the redhead now wielded, pushing it away after he stopped it. "Genesis, are you angry with me?" He asked in a surprisingly calm tone under the circumstances.

"Of course I am, you smug son of a bitch!" He snapped in response, the hand holding his sword starting to tremble slightly, though he continued slashing at him, each attack being blocked. "You dumped me for that pathetic little thing right there!" He yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Cloud.

Sephiroth merely stared at him for a few moments before he burst out laughing. "Oh Genesis, I've already explained my reasons for breaking up with you several times and I'm sure Angeal has too." He sat down on the bed and patted next to him. "Come here, you clingy little thing, and I'll explain it to you one more time."

Genesis gnawed on his bottom lip for a short while before finally dropping his sword and plopping down next to Sephiroth, never able to resist his presence. He wrapped his arms around the other man tightly and breathed in the silver-haired man's clean scent mixing and intertwining with the stench of leather and the flower-scented shampoo he wore. "Mmm... I've forgotten how much I missed you."

The general lightly pushed him away with a hand on his forehead and an annoyed expression on his face. "Did you not just hear me? We are discussing why we broke up, not acting like lovers who haven't seen each other in years. In fact, that brings me to my first reason, you're just too clingy. For Gaia's sake, look at me, I can handle myself perfectly well if I get attacked and you coddle me as though I was an infant." He noticed Genesis was about to interrupt and placed a finger on his lips. "Ah ah ah. I'm not nearly done yet. You are so selfish that it has been ingrained into your body, shown when you always hog the sheets at night. You never shut up about that infernal Loveless, whether it be the play or poem. You are so horrible at cooking that I have to do it lest you set the kitchen on fire. And then there's the fact that you get very emotional and when you get very emotional, you become irrational. For Gaia's sake, you kidnapped my current lover and was going to rape him due to a mere misunderstanding had I not stepped in!"

The redhead buried his face into the firm chest that he hadn't touched in oh so long. "Well, I guess I'm a bit of a jerk." He snapped his head up to look directly into Sephiroth's eyes. "But if I'm a jerk, then so are you! You always insist on being on top in bed, you have the emotions of a block of ice even with me, and you always make me go through your sadistic fetishes without even once trying one of mine!" He yelled, poking him in the chest with every point he made.

"Well maybe if your fetishes didn't involve dressing me up in the most lacy, frilly, girly crap you can find at whatever perverted store you shop at, I would actually bother to try them sometime!" Sephiroth screamed back at him, prodding him in the forehead in return.

Genesis drew back from the taller man and made to pounce on him despite certainly not being able to win the brawl that would ensue, but found that a certain blonde cadet had wedged himself in his way.

At first, Cloud had been amused by the childish squabbling of the two men in front of him, but then sprung between the two of them when he realized that the argument would most likely eventually lead to a fight if not stopped. "Both of you, stop it!" He exclaimed, holding a hand up in front of each man's face. "Sephiroth, you called Genesis your friend before despite him being a jerk. Genesis, if you would just accept that Seph chose someone else and stop being jealous over it, I'm sure he wouldn't mind you being his friend too."

Both of the men stopped fighting and blinked in confusion at the teen in the middle of them before raising their heads to look at each other over the blonde spikes of hair. Sephiroth was the first to act after that, dropping Masamune to the ground. "Perhaps this little chocobo is right and we should reconcile our differences." The silver-haired man said thoughtfully, though Cloud could swear he saw the evil glint deep in his eyes that signified he had a wicked plan to try out. "Of course, our conversation should by held in private. Afterall, Cloud is an innocent party here, he has nothing to do with this mess."

Genesis watched him carefully, looking for any signs that said as soon as he had him alone, he would throttle him. Surprisingly, he could not find any other than that odd, yet all too familiar gleam in his emerald eyes that he got right before surprise sex, normally involving one or another of his twisted fetishes. Shrugging in shoulders in a 'Oh, what the hell' type way, he nodded in agreement, blushing immediately after when Sephiroth grabbed his hand and lead him into the bathroom to discuss their matters privately, leaving Cloud behind to lay back down awkwardly on the bed and wait for their return.

Cloud's head snapped back up from where he had been boring holes in the floor with his eyes as he heard the two other men open the door a few minutes later, gulping softly as he saw that they both had wicked smirks plastered across their faces. "So... um, did you two make up?" He asked nervously as he tried to keep his eyes on both of them while they each moved to a separate side of the bed.

"Of course we did." Sephiroth answered, crawling onto the bed towards Cloud.

"Well, verbally anyway." Genesis added, mimicking Sephiroth's movements. "Afterall, the best part of making up is not the conversation itself."

"It's the make up sex." The silver-haired man finished for him, leaning over the blonde to eagerly lock lips with his near equal.

The cadet widened his eyes at the two men going at it above him, their tongues dancing and intertwining with each other in a struggle of power as they tangled their fingers in each others' hair. His body surprised himself as it unconsciously reacted to the erotic scene happening just inches from him, making him blush deeply in embarrassment. Not wanting to interrupt the two men, he tried his best to keep quiet, but his own body betrayed him when he let out a soft whimper due to his growing need.

The redhead pulled away from the kiss first as he heard the sound coming from the man below them and glanced down at him, immediately noticing the boy's reaction to their kiss. "Well, well, well. It seems as though your little plaything no longer wants to be an innocent party here, Sephiroth." He told the general, placing a hand against the underside of Cloud's half-erect member and lifting it up for emphasis.

"There's certainly room for one more here. That is," Sephiroth raised his head to look up at Cloud's shy expression. "if you don't mind, of course."

The blonde blushed even deeper at the offer. "Y-you really mean it?" He asked timidly, glancing nervously at Genesis.

The silver-haired man nodded in confirmation. "And I promise that Genesis won't hurt you." He vowed, lightly running a hand through his soft golden spikes of hair. "Well," He lowered his head down to his ear. "not unless you want him to." He whispered huskily, winking teasingly down at him.

Cloud shivered lightly at the thought, both out of pleasure and fear. "Not at this point, maybe later though." He mumbled softly in reply.

The general nodded in understanding. "Just pleasure for this time then." He told Genesis, who nodded in agreement.

The redhead moved downwards and began giving the smaller man an expert foot massage, trying to make him connect his touch to pleasure instead of pain. "Hey, sorry about earlier, Cloud, was it?" He paused as he waited for Cloud's answer, which was a quick nod. "I guess I just haven't been in my right mind since the break up. All this stress from that and Shinra still snapping at me after I... ah... coincidentally happened to destroy a VR room after we broke up was really altering my thoughts. I've talked it over with Sephiroth and he said that as long as it's okay with you, I can join you two." He turned his head up to look at Cloud's expression as he pulled out his best abandoned puppy look, eyes wide and shimmering with crocodile tears with a pout drooping his lips. "How does that sound?"

Cloud laughed at Sephiroth who rolled his eyes and shook his head, murmuring 'Always in love with drama.' "I guess that's alright." He said, already convinced that the redhead would no longer try to harm him. He then turned his head to look at Sephiroth. "How come you let him come back to you? I thought all those flaws of his that you said earlier turned you off."

The silver-haired man nodded. "True, but I already have to deal with a few of those things." He smiled softly at Cloud's shocked gasp. "Yes, you too hog the sheets at night, though you may be able to cook basic things, I believe I am still better at it than you are, and you are extremely emotional compared to me, though I suppose most people are. As for the Loveless problem, absolutely nothing will ever make Genesis stop quoting that infernal creation. No matter who you are to him, a lover, friend, even a random person standing next to him on the elevator, he will not spare you by not telling you every single detail of the text." He rolled his eyes again as Genesis smirked at the last part.

"If those are reasons why you broke up with Genesis, how come you never complained about my actions before now?" Cloud inquired, looking up at him with shock written on his face.

Another rare smile graced Sephiroth's lips as he answered. "I suppose you reminded me of someone I sorely missed without realizing it." He explained, directing a soft, happy look at Genesis.

The redhead blushed lightly again under his gaze and playfully pushed at his shoulder. "And you're criticizing me for having a flare for the dramatic. Look at yourself! You sound like someone in a sappy romance flick!"

The general tightly wrapped an arm around the redhead, pulling him over the blonde and crushing him against his firm chest muscles, using his other hand to grip his chin so he could tilt his head upwards to look at his face. "Then how about we follow through with this little romantic movie till the end?" He asked teasingly, chuckling softly when Genesis began stripping him of his trenchcoat and pants as his answer, untying the robe around him in return. "Ever needy and lustful, huh, Genesis?"

"Oh, don't act so smug in that department. More than half the time, you're the one who initiates sex." Genesis complained in a slightly whiny tone as he successfully managed to slip his trenchcoat off his arms, head leaning forward to eagerly flick his tongue over an exposed nipple, drawing a lustful moan from the larger man. A smirk spread across his lips as his tone shifted from whiny to teasing. "Hey Cloudy," He called over to the blonde, deciding that he instantly liked the nickname he made up on the spot. "Wanna help me do something I always used to do to Seph here?"

Cloud nodded his head immediately after he saw Sephiroth's annoyed face, the silver-haired man obviously knowing what he was talking about. He crawled over to the redhead and awaited orders as he thought of how he would repay Sephiroth for not allowing him to lead during their last time together.

The redhead motioned for Cloud to sit down on the opposite side of their 'victim'. "Okay, just follow my lead on your side." He ordered before going back to twining his tongue around Sephiroth's nipple, the man himself letting out a loud growl after Cloud joined in.

"Genesis..." The silver-haired man hissed softly, a warning tone clearly being able to be heard by even Cloud as he tangled a strong hand in each of their hair. "You know full well what this does to me."

Genesis winked up at him, lightly biting down on the nub of flesh at the same time, the blonde on the other side reluctantly following in suit after a couple seconds of hesitation. "Of course I do, and that's precisely why I'm doing this." Another, softer, growl was the only warning the redhead got before he found himself shoved face-first into the bed, barely able to catch a golden blur with his eyes that signified that Cloud had been thrown down in the same fashion.

"Then I suppose I should I should take the bait you are so carelessly dangling in front of me." Sephiroth mumbled huskily, biting deep into Genesis's shoulder afterwards, releasing an undignified yelp from the man beneath him. He drew away from the wound and licked at the red liquid pooling from it, purring softly at his bloodlust being satisfied. After he made sure the bite mark had stopped bleeding, he released his two lovers and moved both of them into a position that made both of their eyes widen.

"Um, you sure about this, Seph?" Genesis inquired, shivering lightly at the feel of Sephiroth's hands running along his back.

"Yeah, what if I can't handle this?" Cloud asked timidly.

"Oh, please. Cloud, I've been fucking you long enough now that you should be able to take this, so stop with your lame excuses, both of you." Sephiroth snapped back at both of them, taking his place behind Genesis's rear. "Besides," He started with a sinful purr. "This is what you get for teasing me." With that done, he suddenly snapped his hips forward, burying his massive member into Genesis in one thrust, forcing the redhead into Cloud who was at the bottom of the pile through sheer momentum.

Cloud let out a loud, deep moan as he was penetrated by someone other than Sephiroth for the first time. Though Genesis was smaller than Sephiroth, he was still definitely larger than any average man and the silver-haired man more than made up for not filling him with the frenzied pace he set for all of them, causing the sound of flesh smacking against flesh to reverberate around the room.

Genesis, meanwhile, cried out in pain due to not having had sex in a while then suddenly finding someone as big as Sephiroth inside him. His previous experience with the man when he was lust-driven helped him adjust to it quickly though. Even with his experience, he found himself unable to break Sephiroth's grip on his hips to thrust into Cloud at his own pace, having to make due with rubbing harshly against the blonde's body with every rough thrust Sephiroth made into him.

Finding the act still too slow for his lust-crazed mind, Sephiroth reached one of his hands down to the bottom of the pile, grabbing a tight hold of Cloud's erection and jerked it roughly, eliciting a sweet moan of pleasure from him.

Unable to stand the sweet torment of being pounded into from behind and the crushing grip on his rock-hard cock for long, the cadet soon released his hot seed onto the red sheets, arching his back as a deep moan reverberated from his throat. His inner muscles clamped down on Genesis's hard member, triggering his release into him with a moan of his own in the process, causing him to slump tiredly down onto him. He felt the redhead's body, slick from the sweat coating all three of them, slide against his a few more times before it stopped and he heard a deep snarl come from Sephiroth, no doubt having gained his orgasm as well.

The silver-haired man rested against the top of the pile for a few moments, panting lightly as he regained his wits. Once he had recovered, he slid out of Genesis, gently rolling him off to a side and crawling in between him and the blonde. He draped an arm over his lovers' shoulder, smiling warmly as they snuggled closer to him, resting their heads on his firm chest muscles. He watched like a mother hen over her offspring as they both sleepily closed their eyes, his own eyelids drooping sleepily. Before he fell asleep as well, he muttered drowsily, "It seems as though all three of us received a particularly special surprise today."

Can we get a big ol' d'aww for the new little threesome here? Before you all ask for a sequel, I will be making a new fic that involves all three of them having their sexy little shenanigans, but I have no idea when I'll be getting around to it.