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NOTES: This work of fan fiction is based in the OAV continuity of
Tenchi Muyo and borrows some elements from Tenchi Universe such as Nagi,
the Yugami, and also borrows from Shin Tenchi Muyo to introuducing Yugi,
Sakuya, and Ryu-Ohki's mech form into the story. I have also introduced
some new characters and creations into the mix. I hope you enjoy the
series as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Episode Two: No Need for A Space Journey

Written by Michael "The-Zorch" Haney

Night fell upon the Masaki household and snow covered the ground.
Icicles hung from the sides of the house, and snow clung to the trees
like gosimer webs of some exotic spider. This pristine scene of
winter's beauty went unoticed by the residence o the Masaki home. They
went about their business quietly, there was an atmosphere of nervous-
ness in the home, and the usual jovial enviroment was not all that
comforting anymore.
It should have been a happier time, a more joyful time. Christmas
was coming, Tenchi married the two girls of his dreams, but Yosho's
words "So its decided, we go to Jurai" rang in their minds like the
toll of an ominous bell. That by itself was not what disturbed them so,
but it was the fact that Washu reported the source of their troubles
was on Jurai. Worse, yet, Washu, Azaka, and Kamadake could not
contact planet Jurai. Kiyone and Mihoshi could not find anything out
of what was going on from deep space communications or from the HQ of the
Galaxy Police. The GP was notified about the Darkness and the return of
Kagato. The Marshall, Mihoshi's uncle, informed them that he would
keep them posted on the situation.
Tenchi held his two wives tight to his side on the living room
couch while they watched the chaotic events of the outside world stream
across the television set. Dozens of cities lay in ruins, thousands are
counted among the dead, and the general environment of the world is
total chaos. The events following the near destruction of planet Earth
by the moon launched the planet into a major battle for sanity as the
people struggle to make sense of what just happened. Tenchi was upset
for what happened to his homeworld, and what the event will do to the
political environment on Earth. Aeka and Ryoko did their best to keep
him at ease, and their loving touch and the soothing presence of their
thoughts in his mind worked to keep him calm. He turned his head and
kissed both of them on the cheek as CNN-Japan showed a food riot taking
place in Moscow, Russia, and another scene showed thousands of people
storming the Forbidden City in China. Tokyo and several other cities in
Japan were in ruins but the people were taking the whole situation in
stride and helping each other get through it. The same could be said
of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Detroit where the
people were coming together in adversity to help each other. At least,
Tenchi thoght, there is still some hope for Earth. Sensing his thought,
Aeka and Ryoko cuddled a little closer to him, and Tenchi absently ran
his fingers through their soft hair.
"We sure made a real mess of things." Ryoko said layer her head on
Tenchi's shoulder.
"Don't blame yourself, it was those damn Darklings, and Kagato."
Tenchi said to her, hugging her tight.
"We have Yugi and Tsunami to thank for helping us save the world.
Without them there were be no Earth right now." Aeka commented.
"Your right about that, Princess." Ryoko said.
"We slept for four days because of it." Tenchi replied.
"That was the longest four days of my life. Do you know how hard
it was keeping twenty copies of myself and Ryoko from wringing each
other's necks over a Tenchi who knew nothing about them." Aeka said in
exasperation. They all laughted about the incident were twenty copies
of Ryoko and Aeka came through random dimensional portals created by
accident due to a rift in space that was altering the orbit of the
The three relaxed as best they could being washed over with
the emotion of love and affection they felt for each other through
the bond that joined them in mind, spirit, and marriage. Later
they excused themselves to bed. Tenchi helped his two wives
change out of their kimonos. There were no longer any nosebleeds
from Tenchi as he helped them. They kissed each other goodnight
and two the two girls on either side of Tenchi they all fell asleep.
Tenchi woke the next morning to see Aeka and Ryoko watching him
as he slept. They smiled at him in a loving way. He noticed how well
the two once bitter rivals for his affections were becoming such close
friends. The thought of how much they loved him to set aside their
differences made tears come to his eyes. The girls sensing this hugged
him close.
"We have a very emotional relationship here don't we?" he said.
"We certainly do, my Tenchi." Ryoko said.
"Yes, one forged out of love and understanding." Aeka finished.
"I love you two." Tenchi told them.
"We know, we love you too." Ryoko said.

Later that morning they ate breakfast that Sasami made for them.
Immediately after Tenchi organized them all for the work at hand. Washu
started working on some devices they would need, while the rest gathered
all the supplies and things they would need for their journey into space
to planet Jurai. A casual soft caress or kiss from Ryoko or Aeka helped
make the work easier on Tenchi as he and his Dad carried boxes of food
and other supplies onboard the Yugami with Kiyone and Mihoshi helping
out. Ryoko and Aeka helped fill the boxes and seal them up. Ryoko had
to pick Ryu-Ohki out of one box that Aeka was about to seal up, and then
she had to wrestle the cabbit to make her let go of the carrot she was
grasping as if her life depended on keeping it. This made them laugh
and it brightened the mood a bit.
Washu came out of her lab presenting a dimensional tunnel device
that would link the Yugami to her lab. Washu also used pseudo-space to
create a large living area for them in the cargobay. It was nothing
too extravegant, since they were not going to Jurai on a joyride, and
Washu did make sure that Tenchi, Aeka, and Ryoko had their own spacious
The night before they left for Jurai Sasami cocked on last meal
for them on Earth. They all toasted each other with a glass of saki
and they even let Sasami have a glass. Ryoko was the only one who
refused a glass and had some orange juice instead. They all understood
why since she was carrying Tenchi's child.
"Yuk! Is this the stuff you keep drinking Ryoko?" Sasami asked
after she tasted the saki.
"Its an aquired taste, hun." Ryoko said after sipping on her
"Not me." Sasami said and everyone had a good laugh.
Immediately there was a knock at the door and Tenchi went to see
who it was. The others watched expectantly not knowing what to expect
considering the situation going on in the world around them right now.
Tenchi opened the door and found a very tired looking Aeiko and Makoto
standing on the porch.
"Come in, you both look like you walked for miles." Tenchi said.
"We did. All the bullet trains are out, so we walked all the
way here." Makoto said as he helped Aeiko into the house. Aeiko was
limping on her left leg.
"What happened?" Aeka asked in concern.
"We got jumped by some looters." Makoto said after helping Aeiko
sit down. She kissed his cheek lovingly and he sat met to her and
held her hand.
"Tenchi, what the hell is going on?" Makoto asked.
"Long story. Lets just say what is going on now could have been
much worse, alot worse." Tenchi said.
"Oh, great, a major catastrophy takes place and we miss all the
action." Aeiko said.
"If you saw what we were up against you'd change your mind." Ryoko told them.
"Who are these two?" Washu asked.
"Friends of Tenshi's. Makoto lives outside of Tokyo, and Aeiko is
from space like us." Ryoko said. "We met at the festival a few weeks ago."
"Who was it Tenchi, who did this?" Aeiko asked him.
"Kagato, and some new allies he found. Very powerful allies."
Tenchi told her.
"I though you killed Kagato?" Makoto said in surprise.
"So did I." Tenchi said.
Ryoko teleport behind Tenchi and wrapped her arms around him. "If
anybody can kill that bastard again, its my Tenchi." she purred.
Aeiko looked out the windows of the living room and noticed the
running lights of some very large ship. It had been snowing very hard
outside and they did not see it as they walked up to the house.
"You guys are leaving Earth?" she asked.
"We're headed for Jurai. Everything point to it being the
source of what happened, and I fear the royal family is oblivious to it." Washu said.
"I only hope father and mother are alright." Sasami said. "And Mother Fonaho."
"I am not sure if this new enemy could conquer Jurai, but if what
Orrin told us was true they have a better chance at it than anybody
else." Washu added.
"I don't even want to think what would happen to the Galactic
Union if Jurai ever fell." Kiyone said.
"Yes, it would be catastrophic for the whole galaxy." Yosho said.
"Are you looking to join us, Makoto?" Tenchi asked.
"Aeiko showed me I have powers, but nowhere nearly as strong as
yours Tenchi. I wouldn't be much help to you." Makoto said.
"We could use somebody to look after the hosue for us." Noboyuki
"We could stay here?" Makoto asked.
"Sure, if you promise to watch over it for us." Tenchi said.
"Sure, we will. Thanks. We have no where else to go anyway."
Makoto said. "We dopn't even where my grandparents are anyway, our house was crushed
by a quake."
"Oh, I am sure they must be alright." Aeka said, concern and saddness in her
Later they said their goodbyes on the boarding ramp of the Yugami.
After everyone else went into the ship Tenchi walked up to his two
friends and whispered to them as he handed them a key to the floating onsen that
Ryoko created years ago.
"Don't do anything in there I wouldn't do." he told them with a wink and Aeiko
suddenly blushed furiously.

The two lovers watched in amazement as the red hulled Galaxy
Police ship lifted off and roared away out of sight. In the heavy
snowfall it did not take long for the ship to vanish. The ship shot
into Earth orbit as soon as it left the atmosphere. Tenchi held
Aeka and Ryoko close to him as they watched Earth receed from view.
The others stood with tears in their eyes, with exception of Yosho,
as they watched their home race away into the distance.
"Course set for Jurai, Tenchi." Kiyone said.
"Ok, lets go." he said pulling his wives closer to him.
With a flash of bright, white light the GP cruiser Yugami made
a jump into hyperspace.
Chapter One - The Bond of Family...

Emperor Asuza stood on a balcony on the outside of the great
royal palace of Jurai and looked up into the azure sky. His thoughts
went to his two daughters and one son who were living on a planet on
the other side the galaxy. He thought about Tenchi also, and was
beginning to wonder if he had made a mistake about the boy since he
first visited that primitive blue planet. In his hand he held one
of the latest reports from Galaxy Poilce Detective First Class Mihoshi.
The report detailed the events of the capture the past few years
since her last report after the defeat of Kagato. He read about the
incident with Dr. Clay and Zero. Mihoshi's reports were very detailed,
so he was reading a summarized version. It detailed how Zero was such
a good copy of Ryoko that she inherited her feelings of love for Tenchi
and it made her turn against her creator to protect him. Asuza laughed
at that and started to wonder what Tenchi was really like to have some-
one love him so strongly. The report went on to detail the long, drawn
out period of Tenchi's stay in Tokyo, his relationship with Sakuya, and
the encounter with Yugi that reunited all of them. The report finished
off with a notation that Tenchi had started dating Aeka and Ryoko on a
regular basis, but it ended there.
Fonaho came out into the warmth of the sunlight on the balcony and
put her arm around her husband. She read the same report and found it
all very amuzing.
"Aeka will not give up on Tenchi. She has too much of her father
in her." she said.
"Maybe I have misjudged that boy." Asuza said after a short
silence. "I do not know what I could have been thinking."
"Your finally admitting to it. I could have told you he was not
after your throne." Fonaho said.
"Yes, but I was angry then. Angry at Aeka for disobeying me,
angry at that idiot Seiryou making a fool out of me, and angry..."
he said but Fonaho cut him off with a kiss.
"Angry that you are the emperor of the most powerful empire in the
known universe and you can't even control your own daughter." she
finished for him.
"Damn, how do you do that?" he said hugging her close.
"Its the Shinto in me, husband. My father was a priest just like
Yosho is now." she said.
Misaki joined them a few moments later and Asuza drew her to his
side. She has a very worried look on her face.
"What is it, dear one?" he asked her.
"Asuza, I just learned that a massive explosion was detected in
the region near Earth. There were also some very strange spacial
readings also." Misaki said.
"An explosion. What kind of explosion?" the emperor asked.
"A very large one, perhaps a large starship." Misaki said.
"Did we get any messages form the Guardians?" Fonaho asked now
very concerned.
"All communication with our daughter's guardians has been cut
off." Misaki said on the verge of tears.
"They have a Galaxy Poice detective living with them. Lets
contact their headquarters and see if they heard anything." Asuza
The three of them went to the private communications room of the
royal family and Asuza keyed in the address for the GP Headquarters.
A woman in a GP uniform appeared on a holoscreen. She seemed almost
bored to tears in the job she was doing as a communications receptionist
but she suddenly jumped out of her seat when she saw who it was on the
line with her.
"This is Emperor Asuza of the planet Jurai. I need to speak with
one of your immediate supervisors about a matter of the uttmost
urgency." he said.
"Yes, your majesty. I have Marshal Tolas on for you." the woman
said nervously and the image of a tall man with green hair appeared in
her place.
"Emperor Asuza, I am honored, what is the nature of your call?"
Mashal Tolas asked.
"Have any reports from Detective Mihoshi been received as of
late?" he asked.
"Yes, jsut recently, sire. We received a disturbing report about
an attack against Earth. A new threat seems to have made its presence
known and it tried to destroy the planet." the marshal said.
"Great Tsunami!" Misaki cried.
"It appears from the report that the scientist Washu and an
unnamed prince thwarted the attack. I also have a reference here also
which says that the infomous A1 criminal Kagato has returned as well."
Marshal Tolas continued.
"Kagato! But, it can't be. Tenchi, I mean, he's dead." Asuza
said in shock.
"Appearantly he is back, and he has joined forces with the ones
who attacked Earth. We spoke with Detective Mihoshi and her new
partner Detective Kiyone." the marshal said.
"Anything about my two daughters?" the emperor asked.
"Oh, yes. She does explain in one part that the Princess Aeka is
now married to this Tenchi Masaki, and that the former Space Pirate
Ryoko is also married to him. The report mentions something called
the Great Bond." Marshal Tolas said with a confused face.
"They didn't." Fonaho said stifling a laugh.
"What!" Asuza shouted as he jumped to his feet.
"Oh, our little girl is married!" Misaki beamed.
"It clearly states in her report, sire. Tenchi Masaki, Princess
Aeka, and Ryoko married in a ceremony called the Great Bond several
weeks ago. I also appears that Ryoko is now pregnant with the child
of Tenchi Masaki." Marshal Tolas said.
"Did you hear that, we're going to have a great grand daughter
or grandson." Fonaho said hugging Misaki.
"The Great Bond, huh, so much for trying to find more suitors for
Aeka." Asuza said in a very defeated voice. "The Great Bond can only occur
if Tsunami approves of it."
"Come now husband, you know she would never settle for anyone else
but Yosho's grandson." Fonaho said.
"This is the most disturbing part of the report. We planned on
contacting you about this ourselves. I appears that planet Jurai was
the source of a neutreno beam that opened a quantum rift in Earth space.
That rift effected the orbit on the planet's single moon and alsmost
sent it crashing into the planet." the marshal said.
"Great Tsunami!" Misaki cried.
"What happened? How did it stop?" Asuza asked, but somehow he
already know the answer.
"It appears to have taken a combined effort between several individuals, but
Detective Mihoshi gives few details on who was involved." the Marshall said.
"Thank you, Marshall Tolas. That was very informative. At least
we know our children are safe." Asuza said to his wives.
"The report said that Jurai was the source of the attack. Who
would dare do such a thing?" Fonaho asked her husband.
Asuza looked very angry at that moment. He tapped a control and
the Marshal's face vanished. He looked at his two wives and through
their own link he could feel their concern.
"I sware I will find who did this and make them answer for it." he

Several thousand lightyears away the Yugami raced through the
stars. From the observation deck Tenchi watched the stars streak past
as the ship travelled several times the speed of light. He still
could not grasp the fact that he was now very far waway from Earth.
A touch at the back of his mind brought him out of revere and he looked
over at Aeka whose soft footsteps were almost too light for him to hear
over the low hum from the systems onboard the ship.
"Are you alright, Lord Tenchi?" she asked him, taking his arm.
"I guess keeping secrets from each other will be pretty hard now,
huh." he said smiling slightly.
"That is the point of the Great Bond. There are no more secrets."
Aeka said.
Tenchi took her into his arms and kissed her lovingly. It seemed
to last for several hours, their hands roving around each other's backs,
and soft touch of each other's lips made them not want to break the contact.
When they parted Aeka rest her head on his chest and Tenchi held her running
his fingers through her hair. Aeka's fingers ran along the curve of Tenchi's
back and it made memories of their first time return to her. Since that
day they had little time to be together or be intimate. Tenchi sensed
this through the link and he kissed her again, deeper, and held her closer to him.
They retreated to their private room that Washu had made for them
in pseudo-space. As the door closed they started to kiss each other
rapidly, their hands working at their close to loosen them. Aeka gave
out a soft moan as Tenchi's lips sent chills through her as he kissed
her down her neck. Soon, they made their way to the bed, leaving a
trail of cloths on the floor, and pulled the blankets over themselves.
The world around Tenchi and Aeka came back into focus. Aeka lay
on top of Tenchi panting, her body quiverying, and Tenchi's arms felt so
warm and comforting as he held her. Before long, after a short kiss,
they fell asleep in each others arms. Ryoko was in another part of the
ship helping Sasami in the galley. She stopped stiring the stew they
were making and a strange look came over her face. She staggered back
for a second before catching herself with her free hand.
"Are you ok Ryoko?" Sasami asked.
"Its nothing, Tenchi and your sister are being naughty that's
all." she said and smiled.
"You mean that when they...that you....oh dear." Sasami said and
her face turned blood red.
"No. I just get the emotional backwash that's all. Alot goes
through your mind when your...you know." Ryoko said.
"Oh, I though you felt it too." Sasami said, her blush still
in effect. Ryoko noticed that she was become more curious about such
things lately. Perhaps it was a side effect to her body coming into
young womanhood. The little princess was starting to show the first
signs of "The Change", or Juraian puberty.
"No. Now, you have plenty of time to think about those sorts of
things later. Lets get this stew done." She said.
"Ok. No! Ryu-Ohki, those carrots are for the stew!" Sasmai
yelled as the cabbit-girl tried to grasp a large one from a bowl.
Ryu-Ohki gave Sasami a very mornful look. "Miya. Hungry.
Carrot." she said.
"You'll have to wait with the rest of us." Sasami said in a very
scolding voice.
Ryu-Ohki scampered off to see what else she might be able to do to
pass the time. When Sasami turned back to the stove she found Ryoko was
looking at her on the verge of laughter.
"What?" Sasami asked.
"You, you look so funny when your angry." Ryoko said, and then she
couldn't contain her laughter anymore.
Sasami joined her in her laugh and they went back to working on
dinner. Noboyuki and Yosho in the next room were playing a game of
chess and heard everthing that was said. The two just smiled, happy to
have such a loving, caring family around them.

Ryoko later phased into the bedroom and lightly nudged Aeka and
Tenchi awake.
"Hey you two, warn me before you do that again. Your almost made
me fall into Sasami's dinner." she said with a wide grin.
"Uh, sorry about that, sweetie." Tenchi said kissing her softly.
Ryoko hugged him close before he climbed out of bed. "It'll be
my turn tonight, hmmm?" she purred.
Tenchi replied by placing a kiss on her neck, sending shivers
through her body.
"That's enough, lover boy." Aeka said jokingly as she started
picking up her clothes off the floor.
"Hey, can't I admire our husband's hot bod for a while." Ryoko
"Later, we'll make Sasami upset if we're late for dinner again."
the princess said.
"Your right, and we worked very hard on it." Ryoko said in a
very seductive voice.
"I'm sure you did. Lets go, I'm starved." Tenchi said. He
climbed out of the bed, Ryoko whistled a cat call at him as he got
dressed and both women tried to pinch his rear. Before they left their
room Tenchi kissed both of his wives and they went out to the dining room.

The dining room on the Yugami was built in the top observation
level. The family could watch the stars stream past as they ate their
dinners together. The dining room table was more traditional Low to
the floor design that most Japanese homes had for enteraining guests
with tea. A steaming hot crockery pot of stew that Sasami and Ryoko
made sat in the middle of the table. Every soft cousion seat had a
large bowl and Western style utensiles, as well as more traditional
chopsticks. They all stood around the table and bowed to each other.
Yosho said a short prayer over the food and then they all sat down.
Tenchi sat at the head of the table flanked by Aeka and Ryoko,
Yosho and Noboyuki sat at the other end. Sasami, Ryu-Ohki, and Washu
on the left side of the table, while Mihoshi and Kiyone sat on the
"Ryoko and I worked hard to make this. Its American style Beef
Stew. I hope you like it." Sasami said as she started filling their
"This is very good Sasami." Tenchi said.
"Ryoko did most of the work, I just supervised." Sasami said.
Tenchi leaned over and kissed Ryoko on the cheek. She blushed a
bit and that made Aeka chuckle some. The thought that Ryoko could
actually cook dinner without poisoning them all was funny to her.
"Hey!" Ryoko said looking at Aeka with a hurt expression.
"Sorry, old habit." Aeka said with a smile.
"This really is very good. Maybe you should let Sasami give
you more cooking lessons." Tenchi said.
"Since you really like it, I think I will. Would you mind
teaching me, Sasami?" Ryoko asked.
"Sure, your a very fast learner. Would you be interested in some
cooking lessons, Aeka?" Sasami asked.
"Well, I'd like to have the opportunity to cook for Lord Tenchi from
time to time, I think I will also." the princess said.
"Boy, it sure is good you two are getting along for once." Mihoshi
"They don't have anything to fight over anymore." Washu told her.
"Yes, I guess we have a new understand for one another. After
all we did relive each other's memories." Aeka said.
"It is good to see the family pulling together, especially now
in our current situation." Yosho said calmly.
"We agreed to go to Jurai, but what do we do when we get there?"
Kiyone asked.
"We may have to wait and see what is happening there first."
Washu said.
"We're flying in blind, you know that." Kiyone said looking at
"I thought we'd be used to that by now." Tenchi said as he
scratched the back of his head. Everybody face faultered.
"I guess its too late to turn back now. No use crying over
spilled milk and all." Noboyuki said.
"I already know what I'm going to do when I find Kagato." Tenchi
said, his voice was dripping with venom.
Ryoko put her arms around Tenchi and layed her head on his
shoulder. Since living through Ryoko's memories of her life under the
monster Kagato, Tenchi developed an uncharacteristic hatred for him. It
was worse, Ryoko knew, after they learned Kagato was still alive.
"I love you for wanting to avenge me, but don't get yourself
killed in the process." she pleaded.
Tenchi reached up and caressed her cheek lovingly at the same time
he took Aeka's hand and squeezed it lightly. "I promise I will never
leave either of you." he said.
"What if we meet more of those Darkling thingies?" Sasami asked.
"We have those modifications Prince Orrin gave Washu, right."
Noboyuki said.
"They won't be enough. The modifications to our current weapons
are enough to help us escape, but the Yugami will not survive a straight
on attack." Washu said calmly.
"Even Kryton couldn't stand up to them, and it was built using
that magical technology stuff." Mihoshi interjected. Washu and everyone else
were amazed at how the usually bubbled headed blonde somehow seemed to get the
"Etherealology. Orrin left me several lengthy files to help us
out, but Yugami would have to be rebuilt using it to be effective in a
fight." Washu said.
"That would take up time we do not have the luxury of having."
said Yosho.
"You hit it on the nose, Prince Yosho." Washu said smiling at him.
"Do you have any more information about that beam that came from
Jurai?" Aeka asked.
"Not much more. I'll learn more once we get to Jurai and we can
start to search for the source in that forest." Washu said.
"The forest you said it originated from is vast, one of the
largest regions of undeveloped land on all of Jurai." Aeka said.
"You can bet that they will probably be trying to get rid of the
evidence before we get there." Kiyone said after taking a spoonful of
stew. "Mmmmmm. This is good." Ryoko beamed her a smile.
"You might be right. We can hope that some residual particles
are left behind." Washu said. Eveyone gave her an uncomprehending stare but
she ignored it.
"We can also hope they haven't done anything with the Royal
Family." Tenchi said.
"I hope mommy and daddy are alright, do you think they're ok,
Tenchi?" Sasami asked.
"I think so, your father didn't strike me as the kind of person
to take anything lying down." Tenchi said.
Sasami was satisfied with that answer and they continued the rest of
their dinner in silence. Afterwards, Ryoko help Sasami clear the table
and clean the dishs. They all met again in the living room, a large
area twice the size of the one at the Masaki house, and they turned on
a Kareoke machine that Washu had made for them.
Ryoko started into a tune of Robert Miles' "One on One", to Tenchi her voice
was like a autumn breeze, and he drifted along with the words of the
song like the leaves do in the Fall. Afterwords, Aeka took the mic
and sang a beautiful Jurai love ballad that Tenchi had never heard
before. The song seemed to take him into another world. He was
floating on a sea of pure love holding Aeka in his arms. When the
song was done she kissed him for what seemed a millenium.
"Come up for air you two, its Sasami's turn." Ryoko said with
a laugh.
Sasami sang "I am a Pioneer" and received uproarious applause
when she was done. Mihoshi and Kiyone got up and sang "Ebony and Ivory"
together. They spent their whole afternoon like this for several hours
taking turns on the Kareoke machine until Sasami started to yawn and
drift off to sleep on the couch in Tenchi's lap.
"Poor dear, she's worn out." Aeka said.
"I'll carry her to bed." Tenchi said as he carefully picked up the
little princess in his arms. In her sleep Sasmai wrapper her arms
around his neck. Tenchi carried her to her and Ryu-Ohki's room and
layed her down. After tucking her into bed he kissed her on the fore-
head and than gave Ryu-Ohki a similar one since she was still in cabbit-
girl form.
When he closed the door Ryoko materialized behind him and wrapped
her arms around him.
"Aeka is helping Kiyone on the bridge, which means we have the room
to ourselves for awhile." Ryoko purred.
"Sounds nice." Tenchi said reaching back to run his finger through
Ryoko's hair.
Ryoko teleported them to their room and Tenchi turned down the
lights. He slowly started to untie the ribbons of Ryoko's kimono, and
Ryoko slowly opeed the front of his shirt and was kissing him down his
chest at the same time.
Ryoko put her arms around Tenchi, letting her body touch his, and
they kissed each other passionately.
"Sometimes I think all this is a dream. I keep expecting to wake
up and find Aeka at my throat again and you pushing me away." she
whispered into his ear.
"When I used to push you away, I secretly wanted to do this." he
said as he picked her up and carried to her to the bed.
Tenchi and Ryoko were in their own world. There was nothing
beyond the sensation of their bodies press together. Their hands
roved about probing each other's bodies, their libs met with sweet
kisses. Tenchi was kissing Ryoko down her neck as she wrapped her legs
around his waist. Just as their passion for each other was reaching a
fever pitch a loud tone came from the room's intercom.
The two lovers stopped, panting to catch their breath from the
exursion of love making as the intercom beeped again.
Ryoko reached over and slammed her fist down on the button.
"This had better be gond." she said as Tenchi softly kissed her
down one shoulder.
"Pleae forgive me for interrupting your private time, but I think
you and Tenchi better get up here to the bridge." came Aeka's voice with
an edge of fear in it. "I would have mentally contact you but you were blocking
me out."
Immediately, Tenchi and Ryoko let go of the wall they errected
around their minds and suddenly left the alarm that Aeka was feeling.
"We're on our way." Tenchi said as he leaped out of bed.

Ryoko phased back into her kimono while Tenchi threw on some
cloths. He didn't bother putting on any shoes and Ryoko teleported them
to the bridge. They appeared next to Aeka who hugged them both for
forgiveness, and then turned towards the main viewscreen of the Yugami.
A large fleet of strange spacecraft were advancing on the Yugami at
flank speed. The alien craft looked almost organic and crablike. Wahsu
was on the bridge also and she recognized them immediately.
"Darkling ships." she said.
"Damn." Kiyone spat.
"We can't take that many by ourselves." Washu said.
"When did you spot them?" Tenchi asked.
"Just now, but I am not sure if they noticed us or not."
Kiyone said.
The advancing ships indeed did not seem to notice the Yugami as
they streked past. Washu watched them nervously.
"They probably don't consider us much of a threat." Kiyone said
in relief.

Onboard the lead Darkling ship, the commander stood on the bridge
in humanoid form. He swore for a moment that he felt, sensed, Elo-Quin
magic a few moments ago. He looked at the various holographic screens
on the bridge and noticed a single ship. They had just passed it, but
its armaments were no match for theirs, and thus they did not consider
the ship a threat. He looked at their readings again and this time he
noticed the Ethereal signature they were giving off. That ship was the
source of his sensation.
Using a stolen access code form a Galaxy Police officer they had
embraced into the fold, the commander punched up the registrtion of the
ship. The information about the Yugami appeared on the screen and then
information about where it has been station recently appeared. The
commander's eyes went wide when he recognized the name of the planet it
waas stationed at...Earth. Images of Tenchi and the rest of the family
appeared on the screen with detailed information about them.
"Bring us about! I want that ship!" he ordered immediately.

"AHHHH!!! I think we spoke too soon!" Mihoshi screamed.
Sure enough, one of the ships broke from the group of vesels and
made straight for them.
"Mihoshi! We need a course, any course!" Kiyone cried as her
hands flew over the consoles
"Oh, I don't know. Where could we go, I'm so scared. Wah!"
Mihoshi shouted.
"Just give me a heading so we can get out of here!" Kiyone
Mihoshi's hands flew over the console in a manner that almost
made Washu jealous. Instantly a set of coordinates appeared on
Kiyone's screen. "About time! Hang on everybody we're going into
hyperspace!" she shouted as she slammed the engines into full
power. The Yugami shot into hyperspace again. Ryoko grabbed both
Tenchi and Aeka to keep them from flying across the bridge. On the
screen they could see the Darkling ship following them.
"They're following us, Kiyone!" Mihoshi cried.

The Darkling ship started opening fire on the Yugami. The ship
was rocked by several energy blasts that defected off of the modified
shields. Everyone was knocked off their feel who were standing. The
ship caught up with the Yugami but suddenly the automated guns on the
ship started to fire back using Washu's modifications. The beams
hit the Darkling ship doing some damage, but not enough to effect the
vessel adversely.
"We're going to get our clocks cleaned by that thing!" Kiyone
yelled as she grabbed her console to keep from being thrown across
the bridge.
"Take us out of hyperspace!" Ryoko shouted.
"What!" everyone else shouted.
"You heard, me! Take us out of hyperspace." she shouted.
Kiyone pulled back on the throatle and the Yugami dropped out of
hyperspace. The Darkling ship almost missed the move and dropped out
just past them. It was turning around to start firing at them again.
Ryoko powered up all her gems and phased into her battlesuite.
Tenchi and Aeka both sensed what she was about to do and they tried to
grab her before she teleported away.
"Oh, God! Please be careful Ryoko!" Tenchi yelled after her.
Aeka felt Tenchi's distress and she held him close to her. She did
her best to calm him down, but the thought of one of the two people
he loved most in his life risking their lives was distressing to him.
Ryoko teleported outside the Yugami and into open space. She
was the only member of the crew who couold survive exposure to the
vacumm of space itself. She summoned the power of the gems again to
their highest level and six bright Light Hawk Wings formed out of her
body. Ryoko took two of the wings into her hands and manifested two
Light Hawk Swords. Then, letting out a battlecry she streaked towards
the oncoming ship. Ryoko hit the front of the ship at full speed, her
light hawk swords cutting into the organic armor. She tore through the
rest of the ship, cutting a straight line through the interior of the
great ship. She emerged on the other side as several explosiions began
to go off under the armored hull. Large blisters formed in the tough
armor of the ship, but soon even this was not enough to hold back the
force of the blasts taking place inside. Ryoko teleported back to the
bridge of the Yugami as the Darkling ship errupted into a ball of
expanding gases.
"Oh my God." Kiyone said as she watched the ship go up in a
titanic blast. The shockwave rocked the Yugami slightly, but then
it was gone.
"Don't ever do that again!" Tenchi yelled at Ryoko as he grabbed
her into his arms.
"I'm sorry. It was sort of spur of the moment. I promise to
tell you next time." she said.
"You scared the shit out me." Tenchi said still holding her, but
holding her tighter.
Ryoko and Aeka felt Tenchi's relief that she was alright, but a
part of his fear they felt dealt with the fact that Ryoko now carried
his baby inside her. Aeka walked up and layed her head on Tenchi's
shoulder. He put his arm around her as well and drew both of his
wives into his embrace.
[We shouldn't have gone on this flight. We are over our heads.
That was one ship, what will we do if we fight a whole fleet.] he
said to them in his mind.
[Tenchi. I know your fear, and I tood was afraid because I would
have truely felt lost if Ryoko didn't return to us.] Aeka said.
[Is that true, Aeka?] Ryoko asked.
[Yes. I love you, your my best friend, my sister in marriage
with Lord Tenchi, and you carry his child.] Aeka replied.
"I'm sorry." Ryoko cried just then.
"Give us some warning first OK, and don't block such things from
us either." Tenchi said.
"Ok." Ryoko said resting her head on his chest.
"Its not too much of a far gone conclusion that the rest of those
Darkling ships will be after us." Kiyone said.
"Try to get us as far away from them as possible. We can't afford
to get into a fight with more than one of those things." Tenchi said.
"That will take us way out of our way." Kiyone said.
"Better that then get into a fire fight we are not equiped for."
Aeka told her.
Kiyone eased the throtle open on the Yugami's engines and sent the
ship into motion again. They traveled for several hours on a course that
took them as far away from the Darkling fleet as possible. Washu's sensors
detected that the other Darkling ships did indeed investigate the battle,
but the Yugami was long gone by then.

Kagato paced back and forth trying to figure out the latest news he received.
The Regis stood in her child form not far away watching his every move. The news
he received had been of the destruction of one of their ships, and it appeared to
have been done by a ship that was equiped with magical weaponry. He never heard
of such a ship, except for the Tsunami. It was when the data from the data
recorder of the destroyed ship was recovered that he knew who was responsible.
After they escaped the destruction of the Soja, which was a major setback but
not a total loss, they commandeered a large battlescruiser from the Galaxy Police.
Kagato had the ship retrofitted with Darkling technology and a few additions of his
own. He also had the databanks loaded with data he salvaged from the Soja the
first time it had been destroyed.p
"What do they hope to accomplish going into space?" he asked body in particular.
"They think they can stop us." the Regis said.
"They think wrong." Kagato said quickly.
The Regis replayed the video of Ryoko surrounded by the Wings of the Light
Hawk attacking the ship.
"This power is unlike anything I have seen before." she said.
"The Light Hawk Wings, the only thing they have that can stand up against
us and the boy Masaki and Ryoko are the only ones who can summon them, except for
any ship of Jurai and the starship Tsunami." he explained.
"Fascinating." the Regis said.
"They must be heading for Jurai." Kagato said in sudden realization. "Washu
must have discovered the beam."
"It is of no consequence, once they do reach Jurai it will be too late for them
to do anything." the Regis said. "Assuming they live to reach the planet."
Kagato stopped pacing and turned his attention to a starmap that was displayed
to show were the ship was destroyed.
"They are close to the Dead Zone." he said. "But would not be so foolish as
to venture there."
"What is this Dead Zone?" the Regis asked.
"A large region of space made spacially unstable due to the close proximity of
multiple blackholes." he said.
"Could they have ventured into such a place to avoid us?" the Regis asked.
"Perhaps, but its extremely dangerous." he told her.
"We shall see, dispatch a few ships to patrol around the region they will
most likely emerge from." she said.

After several hours Kiyone gave out a gasp and everyone was
brought out of their revere. They looked at the viewscreen of the Yugami
and before them was a ominous sight. The region of space ahead of them
was a massive nebula cloud with large energy discharges go off inside
it. The cloud was unmoing, its gargantuan movements inperceptable to
all but Washu's analytical eyes. The bright discharges of energy in
the nebula did light up the region of space the Yugami occupied for
brief moments of time.
"That is beautiful, what is it Washu?" Mihoshi asked.
"Its the Zeltori Nebula, or more accurately, its the leading edge of
the Dead Zone." Washu said.
"What's the Dead Zone?" Tenchi asked.
"Glad you asked Tenchi. On Earth they call a place like this the
Burmuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle. Its a region of space where the
fabric of reality is in constant quantum flux. Anything from timewarps
to dimensional rifts could form in there. Its a no mans land." Washu
"Its not totally unsafe. Pirates and smugglers used safe passages
through the Dead Zone for centuries. Kagato used to come here all the
time. I know this place like the back of my hand." Ryoko said.
"There is a safe way into the malestrom about half a light year
from here." Ryoko said as she looked over the star charts on Mihoshi's
"We can't go in there." Aeke said.
"Would you rather we be hunted down by those things, I'd rather
deal with the riff-raff we're liable to run into inside there than
those monsters again." Ryoko said.
"Ryoko's right, and the Dead Zone stretches for nearly one
hundred light years in the direction we need to go to get to Jurai."
Washu said.
Ryoko set the course on Mihoshi's console and Kiyone saw it
appear on hers. "I hope you know what the hell your doing, because I
don't." Kiyone said.
"Your a good pilot, and only the best ones dare to try and fly
the entry routes into the Dead Zone." Ryoko said.
Kiyone cracked her knuckles and put her hands to the consle. She
looked up at Tenchi who looked down at her with brotherly love and trust
in her abilitikes.
"You can do it. We can't fight our way through, so we might as
well sneak through." he said.
"Your a brave man, Tennchi." Kiyone said as she started working
the console.
The Yugami slowly started its approach towards the entrance to the
Dead Zone. Slowly Kiyone brought the ship around to where it could pass
through into the first leg of the trip into the interior of the
malestrom. As the ship broke the surface tnesioon of the heavy cloud
the ship shuttered slightly and then vanished into the thick gasses
of the nebula.
End of Chapter One...to be continued

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