The feeling of a cool breeze skimming the surface of her naked body woke Hinata from her deep sleep. She laid there for a moment, trying to figure out why she was awake. The room was cool, and though she was naked, all she had to do was pull up the cov-wait, she was naked! She never slept naked! Hinata attempted to sit up, and realized to her horror that she was bound to the bed, and blindfolded. She struggled against the bonds, but was unable to break them as they were infused with chakra.

Hinata laid back, conserving her energy, and forced herself to assess her physical state and her surroundings. The chakra bonds made her unable to activate her Byakugan, so she focused and gathered information from the rest of her senses. The bed beneath her was soft, it had a luxurious feel to it, almost like silk against her skin. The chakra bonds were silky as well, and didn't chafe her wrists and ankles unless she pulled against them. There was nothing covering her body, and she was tied to the bed with her hands bound together above her head. Each of her ankles were tied to bedposts spread apart, her lower body open and exposed.

Though she was trying not to panic, Hinata was having a hard time remaining calm. It was obvious that whoever had brought her here had done so with the intentions of doing something sexual to her. I don't want this, I'm still a virgin! I don't want my first time to be rape! She began struggling in panic, when she heard a door open and shut. Hinata immediately stopped struggling against the bonds, and held completely still as she listened for signs of her abductor.

She heard footsteps approach the bed, and stiffened when a hand reached out to caress her hair, pushing a strand back behind her ear. The fingers that touched her were long, slender, and slightly callused. They traveled down the curve of her cheek, and slowly traced the length of her neck. Hinata shied away from the fingers, and she heard a

soft masculine chuckle. She gasped when she felt his nose nuzzle against her ear.

The man didn't say a word to her; instead he reached out and placed his hands over her bound wrists, lightly caressing down her arms slowly, paying particular care to touch her sensitive inner elbows. A shudder ran over Hinata, and she was disgusted with herself when she realized that she enjoyed the touch. His hands lingered around her shoulders and neck, as he ran his thumbs tantalizingly along her racing pulse point. As his hands moved towards her breasts, Hinata let out a squeal of panic, and began struggling against the bonds again. Again he chuckled, and this time he spoke to her, whispering seductively in her ear.

"What's the matter? Are you scared of me, or scared that you will enjoy it?" He licked and then nibbled the lobe of her ear. Shivers of pleasure radiated down her body, and goose bumps raised up on her skin. She bit her lip to hold back a moan as he ran one finger down her chest, and carefully traced circles around the tip of her left breast. When it puckered up, he laughed sensuously and then trailed his finger over to her right nipple, circling it until it too puckered up.

His mouth soon followed the path of his finger, except instead of bypassing her nipple, he fastened his mouth over it and suckled gently. When Hinata involuntarily arched into his mouth, he started nipping, licking, and suckling strongly. Despite her best efforts to remain quiet, she moaned, and shoved more of her breast up to his mouth. He climbed up on top of her, and her pleasure turned to panic.

"Please stop!" She cried out. He didn't stop, just continued what he was doing, and reached up to cup her breasts, kneading them. When he showed no signs of going any further down, Hinata began to fall back under the lust that had her arching into his touch with breathy little moans.

"I can't stop- I have dreamed of this for too long. The sight of you under me, arching up in pleasure at my touch…if you only knew how badly I want you, you would have pity on me. You would open up those beautiful alabaster thighs of yours voluntarily, and welcome me in." He whispered, just loud enough for her to hear. She could feel him shift slowly down her body, his mouth following the rest of his body.

Hinata was lost in a haze of arousal. No man had ever touched her in such a manner before, and she had no resistance against his gentle caresses. If he had been rough, she would have been able to hold herself coldly and retreat into her own mind. Instead, his gentle touch encouraged her enjoy each new sensation, and everything feminine inside her responded to the need for her that was reflected in his words. He was worshipping her body, one lick, one kiss, one nibble at a time, and she had no defense against him.

As his mouth hovered over her most guarded treasure, he breathed in deeply, obviously enjoying the scent of her arousal. Embarrassed, Hinata tried to shut her legs, but the bonds holding tying her ankles to the posts prevented it. Almost reverently, he traced his hands from her ankles up to her wet womanhood. Hinata felt his tongue lick delicately at her clit, and she let out a full moan of pleasure even as she tried to wiggle away from him. He grabbed her hips in a tight grip, holding her still for his ministrations.

"Don't fight this, all I want to do is pleasure us both. Your pleasure is my pleasure." He told her huskily before returning to flick his tongue over her clit. Hinata tried to hold out against the waves of pleasure washing over her with each pass of his talented mouth, but it was no use. With a loud moan of surrender, she arched up as hard as she could. Her mysterious lover growled ferally, the vibrations coursing through the walls of her pussy, increasing the pressure that was building in her womb.

"So beautiful…I love the taste of you, the sight of you spread out for me. Only me Hinata- if I ever find out that another man has laid his hands on you, I'll kill you both!" He told her harshly, as he moved up and over her. She whimpered when she felt the smooth tip of his dick rub against her sensitive wet opening. As he entered her in one hard thrust, he claimed her lips, kissing her passionately. She moaned into his mouth, suspended between pleasure and pain as her body adjusted to the invasion of his. His lips left hers and he trailed hot kisses down her neck, and then down to her breast, where he latched onto a nipple and sucked hard.

"Oh god Neji! PLEASE!" She screamed out to him. Neji paused briefly, before letting go of her nipple with a pop.

"Please what, love? Please stop, or please fuck me?" He whispered coarsely in her ear and he sucked the lobe.

"Please don't stop!" She groaned out, panting harshly. When he heard her pleading, he ripped the blindfold off her eyes, and they starred at each other for a few seconds before he pulled out and thrust back into her. Hinata cried out in pleasure, throwing her head back into the pillows, and he groaned as her pussy muscles tightened around his throbbing cock. She was so wet that he had no problem sliding in and out of her, each thrust harder and deeper than the last.

He reached up and released the chakra bonds around her wrists, lacing his fingers in hers as he rose above her, his face full of a primitive lust. She gazed up at him, transfixed by his beauty until his pounding rhythm forced her eyes shut in ecstasy. She screamed out her pleasure as her womb tightened in waves of intense pleasure. Over and over again, he thrust into her, taking care to drive the head of his dick over her g-spot, and she bit his shoulder as yet another orgasm tore through her body.

The sharp bite mingled with the force of her clenching pussy muscles, pushed Neji into his own orgasm, and he threw his head back, as he frantically thrust into her, his cum shooting into her tight pussy in waves, filling her completely. He collapsed against her, his head in the crook of her neck, still buried deep inside her. Hinata wrapped her arms around him, stroking her fingers through his sweat-soaked hair. Several long minutes passed before he was able to summon the energy to slide out of her, and release the chakra bonds holding her ankles. He pulled her up against his side, and for the first time in a long time, they were both content as they drifted off to sleep in each others' arms.