"Neji, we need to talk before I can make any decisions." Hinata told him hesitantly. Neji rolled off of her and sat up facing her, his expression closing off from her.

"Please don't do that." She begged him with tears in her eyes.

"What are you talking about Hinata-sama?" He said coldly. The tears that trembled on her lashes fell down her face, as she wrapped her arms around herself and hunched down. Neji wanted to take her into his arms and comfort her, but he refused to show weakness. She was rejecting him and he would not help her feel okay about it.

"Don't give me a taste of my dreams and then turn around and treat me like you hate me!" She sobbed, turning away from him. He watched as she threw herself down against the pillows and cried in deep racking sobs. The barrier he was trying to erect back over his emotions crumbled at the sight of her pain. He laid down beside Hinata and pulled her back into his arms.

"Shhh, I'm sorry Hinata, I just thought you were rejecting me. Please sweetheart, stop crying!" Neji whispered to her desperately when she couldn't stop crying. They laid there for a while, him stroking her hair and murmuring words of comfort to her. Finally, she quieted and lay in his arms emotionally spent.

"So if you weren't rejecting me, why wouldn't you give me an answer?" Neji asked softly. Hinata turned in his arms and starred into his eyes. His breath hitched at the look of love shining there. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly. When he pulled back, there was an unspoken understanding between them. He loved her and she loved him, and they were both fully aware of the other's affections now. Hinata's expression turned to one of sadness, and Neji tightened his arms around her in denial of what he saw reflected in her gaze.

"Neji, we are not a pair of nameless shin obi. We are two important members of one of the most prestigious clans of all the Five Nations. Our marriage would throw of the balance of many things. It isn't a decision that we can make based off pure emotion. We have a duty to our family and our village." She told him reasonably. He started to pull away from her, but it was her turn to tighten her arms around him.

"Stop pushing me away when you don't like what I say! You-you-you asshole! You started this! I can't go back to pretending that I don't love you!" She shouted at him. They froze in place, both of them shocked by her outburst.

"Did you just call me an asshole?" Neji asked her incredulously. Hinata giggled nervously, but she held his gaze firmly.

"Yes I did." She confirmed. Neji's brows pulled together in a frown, but then Hinata gulped when she saw the mischievous glint come into his eyes. He pounced on her, tickling her until tears streamed down her cheeks, and her ribs were aching from laughing so hard. They ended up with him on his hands and knees above her. He starred down into her laughing face, and felt a wave of tenderness and love sweep through him so strongly he thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

Hinata, sensing the change in his mood, searched his eyes for a sign of what he was thinking. Unlike in the past, when he shielded most of his emotions from her, the love he was feeling was clear in his eyes. She reached up and pulled him down to her, kissing him with every ounce of love and longing she had been suppressing for years. Several minutes past, and when they parted, Neji was looking at her questioningly.

"When did you know?" He asked her.

"I think that I have loved you since the moment I saw you. It wasn't until we were fighting side by side in the last battle of the war that I discovered that you had replaced Naruto in my heart. When you took that katana for me, all I could think was, 'Not him!'. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my entire life was leave you with the medics and go back to the battle." Tears overflowed her eyes and spilled down her cheeks at the memory, and she traced the scar over his heart lovingly.

Neji tugged her hand up to his lips, and kissed each fingertip. He smiled down at her with a sweetness and devotion that she had not seen in his eyes since they were young children.

"I would give my life a thousand times over to keep you safe." He told her adoringly. He leaned down and kissed her chastely, then laid his forehead against hers. Time seemed to stop as they starred into each other's eyes searchingly. Hinata pushed at him, and he climbed off of her, sitting back on the bed. Hinata sat up and faced him, a serious look on her face. The sheet slithered down to her waist, and Neji's eyes darkened with lust as he took in the tempting sight of her pink tipped breasts. He started to come over to her, but she quickly pulled up the sheet with one hand, while holding up her other to fend him off.

"We have to talk first." She told him firmly, though her voice was a little breathy.

"Sweetheart, if you want to talk, you need to put your clothes back on." He told her ruefully. Without a word, Hinata rose and put on her clothes, which she found folded carefully on a table beside the bed. She sat back down and looked over at him. He had switched positions so that he was laying back against the pillows with his arms crossed behind his head. The sheet was pulled up carelessly, barely covering his crotch; she could see the lines of cut muscle that tapered down from his abdomen to his hipbones. Instantly, a deep blush formed over her face, and she felt her womb tighten. Neji smirked up at her, seeing the desire in her eyes.

He casually pulled on arm from behind his head, trailed it down over his chest, over his abdomen, and pushed the sheet down to cup his growing arousal. He stroked himself, all the while watching her with a lustful gaze. Hinata stopped breathing as she watched the motion of his hand, and she was transfixed by the sight of his elegant fingers wrapped around his long thick erection. When his back arched up slightly from the pleasure he was giving himself, she moaned and bit her lip.

"Are you positive we need to talk right now?" He asked her seductively in a husky voice. Unable to resist the temptation any longer, she crawled to him, smacked his hand away from his dick, taking him into her mouth and sucked strongly. Neji dug his hands into her hair, wrapping it around his fists, using it to guide her head into a faster rhythm. He fought the urge to thrust up with his hips while pushing her head down, his self-restraint pushed to the limit. She worked her tongue around him, sliding it around the rim of the head over and over again, and Neji could feel himself losing the battle. He used her hair to force her mouth off of him, and sat up, tearing her clothes off of her, and positioning her on her hands and knees.

Neji shoved her head down towards the bed, forcing her backside farther up in the air. He then yanked her legs farther apart, and bent down to lick up the moisture that was already gathering there. Hinata moans of pleasure where muffled, and he devoured her, licking voraciously before nibbling on her clit. Hinata stiffened, and then she screamed out his name as she reached her peak. He raised back up and slammed into her, letting out his own shout of pleasure as her muscles convulsed around him. Neji thrust into her a few times before he came as well, the tight gripe of her making him go quickly. He reached down and pinched her nipples as he gave one last thrust, and she screamed underneath him as she experienced another orgasm, this one sharper and more pleasurable than the first.

She collapsed, her legs giving out, and she laid under him quivering as aftershocks rocked her body. Neji fell back on the bed, and his hips thrust up helplessly as he rode out the waves of his own orgasm. After several minutes passed, Hinata started giggling, and Neji raised up wearily to look at her curiously.

"Somehow I think that we are always going to be making love first, and talking second." She gasped out as she giggled harder. Neji chuckled.

"I think you are correct." He told her with rueful amusement. They sobered up, and Neji crawled up to lay beside her, and helped her roll over so that they were facing each other. He pulled the sheet up over them, and looked at her seriously.

"I am more than the Hyuuga prodigy, and you are more than the heiress. We are human beings, not pawns, and I refuse to allow those bastards on the council to rule my life any longer. I will not pretend that I don't love you anymore. Can you really go back to the way things were before?" He asked her.

"No, I am yours, I will accept no other man. It's not that I don't want to be together, it's that's I think we should go about it a different way. Running away is only going to cause more problems. I think that we should go to Lady Tsunade, I know she will help us. She hates the Hyuuga council and Sasuke." Hinata told him firmly. Neji contemplated her words, and realized that her idea was better than what he had planned. He had formulated his plan based off of desperation, not logic. Though he couldn't say that he was regretting it too much at the moment.

"Very well, I agree that perhaps your plan has more merit than mine." He told her with mock arrogance.

"How very generous of you." She said with soft sarcasm. They broke down and grinned at each other tiredly.

"Let's rest for a few hours, and then we'll go talk to Lady Tsunade." Neji said as he rolled over, taking her with him so that he was on his back with her draped over him.

"Hmmm." Hinata mumbled her agreement, already half-asleep.

"I love you Hinata." He told her as sleep took him.

"Love you." Hinata replied as she drifted off.