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By Michael "The-Zorch" Haney


Once the most wanted criminal in the entire universe, Kagato was now the
man who held the planet of Jurai in the palm of his hand. He watched the video
recording of the Kryton departing from the palace. The alien spaceship from
another universe left several Darkling ships in ruins before it cloaked and
vanished from scene. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord of Jurai clenched his fists
in anger at failing to destroy Tenchi and capturing Princess Sasami who had
fully joined by Tsunami. He did deliver a fatal wound to the current Emperor of
Jurai, but that was only a brief setback for them. He knew that Tenchi was next
in line and would be appointed as ruler of the empire after Azusa died from the
Dark Energy poisoning. But even that was not assurance enough because of one
certain red headed genius who might find a way to cure the emperor.
The Darkling Regis arrived a short time after the battle at the palace and
brought with her thousands of her best troops to fortify the capital city.
Already tens of thousands of Jurai military forces were surrounding the capital
on all sides preparing for an assault, but it would be an assault they would
loose. With Washu and Orrin in the picture however, their chances to making it
to the palace would increase. Kagato knew of the base at the southern
continent. There were few secrets the Juraians could keep from him, except for
the secret of Tsunami and the power of Jurai that the royal family controlled.
"What are you thinking about?" the Regis asked as she walked around the
arena sized throne room. Kagato was seated in the throne of the emperor.
"Tenchi, Washu, and this Orrin character are the greatest threat against
us and I allowed them to escape." He replied.
"Don't be so hard on yourself. All is going just as I have planned." Said
the Regis. She turned and looked at him.
"I know where they may be headed." He told her.
"Good, you will be able to vindicate yourself then. At great expense of
energy I have brought a little piece of Prince Orrin's past here to help us."
Said the Regis.
Kagato looked at her in surprise and asked, "What exactly is this thing
you have brought?"
The Regis laughed girlishly and replied, "Give the coordinates for where
they are going and I will show you my dear Regent."

The Kryton was speeding along the ground towards the hidden base on the
southern most continent of Jurai. This place was a vast, unspoiled nature
preserve established by the royal family. A mineral crystal that formed in the
rocks of the mountains had the unique property of reflecting sensor sweeps, thus
it was the perfect place to build a secondary command center for planetary
defense. The need to build such a base came after Ryoko's attack on Jurai 700
years before. The mountaintops of the southern continent were just coming into
view on the observation deck where Tenchi, Aeka, Ryoko, Duncan, and Sasami met
with one another to talk.
"It looks so beautiful." Said Sasami.
"Too bad its going to become a staging ground for a war." Replied Tenchi.
"First we loose your father and Kiyone, and now the palace itself. I am
beginning to wonder if we can win this war." Aeka said.
Tenchi put his hands on Aeka's shoulders and shook her. "I don't want to
hear that kind of talk out of you, we can get through this." He told her.
Aeka blushed red. It was an old habit, and old habits die hard for some.
Only a few months ago the situation at the Masaki household had been the same as
always. Aeka and Ryoko still fought with one another for his heart, but in the
end they both succeeded in capturing it, and as a result Tenchi proposed a bold
move. On a cold night at the shrine, Aeka, Ryoko, and himself joined into a
bonding of the mind and sole. They became one with each other, capable of
feeling each others thoughts and emotions. The environment at the Masaki house
changed quickly, and life for the three was happy until the Darkness came and
turned their happy world upside down.
"Yeah, we'll rip these things a new one once we get to the base." Ryoko
"It won't be as simple as that, you know Washu said these things can
suppress our powers." Tenchi chided her.
"But we kicked their asses pretty good when they attacked the lab." Ryoko
"As I recall, Ryoko, we won that fight at the skin of our teeth, so to
speak." Said Aeka.
"Yeah, yeah. But we got to get back at them. They hurt your father the
emperor, they grabbed Tenchi's dad and Kiyone, and now they forced us to run
like cowards." Said Ryoko with her hands on her hips.
"We didn't have much of a choice seeing as we were being overrun by them."
Said Duncan. Duncan Kirasawa was an agent with the Secret Police of Jurai
investigating a terrorist movement against the royal family. Deep into the
investigation it was discovered the very chairman of the Secret Police was
providing the terrorist with funding. Zarlova, the chairman was captured and it
was discovered that a Brain Leech was controlling him. This is a piece of
living technology the Darklings employed. A link between the terrorists and the
Darklings mentioned in Mihoshi's latest report was made, but they had no idea
just how linked they were. The terrorist leader turned out to be Kagato himself
in disguise, and he led a successful attack on the palace. This attack resulted
in Tenchi and company fleeing for their lives. In the battle Kagato's sword
struck the Emperor of Jurai and poisoned his body with Dark Energy. The
radiation from it was destroying the DNA in his cells, and equipment in Washu's
lab was the only way to save his life. In the meantime he was kept in stasis in
the sickbay of the Kryton.
Duncan and Sasami knew one another for a long time. Duncan's father had
been the Captain of the Royal Guard, an order of knights who protected the royal
family. Duncan and Sasami were playmates when they were younger, but during the
time they were separated after Ryoko's attack their hearts still reached out for
one another. Centuries later they would meet again on Jurai and the innocent
crush they had on one another when they were children had turned into true love.
Now Sasami was joined with Tsunami and was stunningly beautiful beyond
description. Duncan was now the chairman of the Secret Police after Zarlova
resigned his commission due to immense guilt for what he did under the control
of the Darklings.
"He is right Ryoko." Said Tenchi.
Ryoko sat down next to Tenchi and Tenchi patted her on the knee. "We'll
get our chance to get them back for what they did to us, you'll see in time." He
told her.
Ryoko leaned her head onto his shoulder and sighed contentedly. "I'm
sorry, Tenchi." She said.
"It's alright, we're all frustrated by all of this." He told her.
"Frustrated isn't the word." Aeka added and Tenchi put his arm around her
waist and pulled her closer to him.

"Red Alert!" came Kryton's voice from an unseen speaker in the room.
Everyone was surprise and they all jumped up. The ship had spoken in a
very excited and alarmed tone. Kryton was, technically, a living entity
embodied inside a spaceship developed using technology from a race in Orrin
Quintarin's universe. Orrin had appeared with Kryton long ago when all of this
started on Earth. He explained about Ethereal Technology and how a race in his
universe called the Elo'Quin scientifically discovered the secret of magic.
Kryton was built using this technology, although he was now every different from
the time he was on Earth. After the battle with the Darkness on Earth, Orrin
had to fly into the spatial anomaly the Darklings were using to make the moon
fall towards the Earth. This would close the anomaly and prevent the moon from
crashing into the planet. This also meant that Orrin was no longer in this
universe, and he had become very intimately involved with Washu. After several
months, Tenchi and company had flown to Jurai in the Yagami, but were ambushed
and crashed. Just in the nick of time, Orrin returned to save the day, but
Washu discovered that Orrin experience hundreds of years due to the differences
in the physics of time in his universe. Orrin had married a girl from Earth and
had two children with her. He had a son name Darius, and a daughter named Yuko.
Washu like both of them very much. Orrin's wife died long ago during a great
war with the Darkness in that universe, and Orrin had to raise his children
alone. He never remarried or sought a wife although a number of suitors came
forward. Four hundred years later he felt Washu was in danger and came to save
her with his two teenaged children in tow. Washu and Orrin renewed their
relationship, and their brief parting actually made their love for one another
that much stronger.
"Red Alert! A large spacecraft is detected in orbit above the coordinates
of the base!" Kryton added.
"What's going on?" Tenchi yelled.

On the bridge of the Kryton, Orrin was looking at his console trying to
identify the ship Kryton detected. Darius was at his post at the navigations
and weapons station, Yuko on communications, and Washu was at the science
station, of course. Katsuhito, Tenchi's grandfather and brother to Aeka and
Sasami was the first to reach the bridge after the announcement. He had been
holding a prayer vigil over his father in the sickbay with Misaki and Fonaho.
"Get me an identification on that thing if you can, Kryton." Washu said.
"Working, Mistress Washu." Said Kryton.
"Son of a bitch, that thing is over a thousand miles wide." Said Darius
who was looking at the tactical data on the ship.
"I have an identification on the ship. The vessel is an Imperium ship
registered in the war book as the Xevius." Kryton reported.
"That can't be possible, the Xevius was destroyed." Said Orrin.
"That was never fully confirmed, sire." Kryton replied quickly.
"What the hell is it doing here, then?" asked Darius.
Washu looked over the full tactical list on the Xevius from the war book
database of ship configurations in Kryton's memory banks. She whistled as she
read each of the different weapon systems the giant vessel possessed. She came
upon one that took her by surprise.
"Oh my God! That thing has a Quantum Singularity Cannon!" she shouted.
"The historical record from the war with the Imperium shows the Xevius was
responsible for the destruction of fourteen Alliance worlds before the ship was
confront by the Alliance Defense Forces. The Xevius fell into a black hole
after the power reactor to its graviton propulsion unit was destroyed by Lord
Orrin." Said Kryton.
Washu rubbed her chin and watched a video clip of the massive ship falling
into the event horizon of a massive black hole. "It didn't break up." She said.
"What?" Orrin asked.
"It didn't break up, that is why its here. The Darklings probably found
it drifting after it passed through the black hole and emerged through a white
hole somewhere else in the universe." Said Washu.
"I don't give a damn how it got here, I give a damn whether or not that
thing's main weapon is operational or not." Said Orrin.
Warning alarms suddenly started going off all over the ship. "The Xevius
is targeting the mountain region of the base. I am detecting a power surge
within the ship." Said Kryton.
Washu gasped and started scanning the massive vessel. "It's the cannon,
its operational!" she shouted.
"We're getting the hell out of here!" Orrin shouted and he turned the
Tenchi and the others reached the bridge at that moment and looked at the
large holographic display showing the ship moving away from the mountains.
"Why are we moving away from the base?" Aeka asked.
"Because in a few minutes there isn't going to be any base." Orrin told
"What!?!" Aeka cried.
A smaller window appeared on the holographic display show the mountain
receding away from the ship. In the clouds overhead there was suddenly a
strange blue glow. It illuminated the clouds and they appeared to glowing from
the inside. Then, a pulse of energy rained down from the heavens and descended
into the mountains. This was followed by a blinding burst of white light, and
when the glare faded a massive shockwave of white-hot energy came rushing in all
directions. The shockwave was traveling so fast that it was threatening to
overtake the Kryton.
"Brace yourselves!" Orrin shouted and he through the throttle to full.
Kryton lurched forward at incredible speed but the shockwave was still
advancing on them. The ship was struck, consoles on the bridge started to blow
out, and the ship shock violently. Orrin struggled like he never struggled
before to regain control of the ship. By this time it was tossing and turning
in the rush of escaping energy from the impact point. Soon, the shockwave began
to loose strength and Orrin regained flight control. Kryton displayed multiple
system failures and hull breaches all over himself. His deflector shields took
the brunt of the blast, but it was too much for him to hold back completely.
"That really smacked you good, Kryton." Said Washu as she looked over the
damage display.
"I've been worse, believe me." The ship replied.
"Our weapons are out, sensors are at half power, and you can forget about
communications." Said Washu.
"My auto repair system is already working on the damage, but it will take
time." Said Kryton.
Tenchi was helping the others get back to their feet, and he asked, "What
about the base?"
"There is no base." Said Orrin in a flat tone.
Aeka gasped, "You mean there are no survivors."
"Not with a weapon of that magnitude." Washu replied.
Aeka buried her face into Tenchi chest and start to cry. Ryoko, feeling
Aeka immense sorry, reacted quite differently. "AHHH! Damn those sons of
bitches!" she shouted with clenched fists. Sparks were flying out from between
her gripped fingers.
Tenchi wrapped his arms around Aeka and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of
her sorrow. "They killed everyone, without a warning, without giving them a
chance to fight back." He said.
"Darklings show no honor in battle, Tenchi." Orrin told him.

Kagato marveled at the immense firepower of this new weapon. It surpassed
the power of the weaponry he had on the Soja. A sensor sweep of the target
point showed that there was nothing left of the mountain range where the base
was hidden. The massive tower of rock that housed the main parts of the base
simply wasn't there anymore. A gaping crater several hundred miles across
replaced it.
"Very impressive." He said.
"That was only at one fourth power." The Regis said.
Kagato stood up and walked towards the display screen. He looked at the
scene of destruction and asked, "Are you certain we also got Tenchi and the
others at the same time?"
"Impossible to determine. There is very little of the base left intact,
but anyone inside would have been instantly killed." Said the Regis.
"We should now demonstrate this power against the Juraian fleet. It has
been sitting at the edge of the solar system since we took the palace." Said
"I doubt that is their entire fleet, but only the ships that were in this
system when we arrived." The Regis replied.
Kagato turn to her. "That is true."
"There are those armies encamped outside of the capital. They are
preparing for a strike against us." Said the Regis.
Kagato just laughed. "Even if they did attack us it would be a futile
gesture on their part."
"Yes, let us not deprive our forces the fun of slaughtering the fools when
they do attack us." Said the Regis. The two laughed maniacally together and
turned to look at the obliterated base once again.

Orrin set the Kryton down in a vast forested area of the northern
continent. They had to give Kryton some time to regenerate from the damage he
took. At the same time, Washu connected her subspace lab to an unused utility
closet inside the ship. She and Yuko transferred the unconscious emperor from
the stasis chamber to the medical systems that would extract the dark energy
from his body. It would be a slow process since removing the energy too quickly
might be fatal. Aeka looked on as the machine started it work. It was a small
device that hovered over his body and slowly sweeps a beat fro his head to his
feet. With every pass of the beam a little bit of the dark energy was
Later that same day, a weak transmission from Admiral Shakar was detected.
Orrin amplified the communication and called everyone to the bridge.
"Thank Tsunami your all safe." Said Shakar.
"How did you survive the destruction of the base?" asked Fonaho.
"We were on route to the base when it happened. Our hover vehicle was
severely damaged by the shockwave, but we managed to get back to dry land before
it gave out on us." He replied.
"So, nobody from the base survived then." Said Tenchi.
"I'm afraid not. They didn't have the time to escape. But, I do have
good news. Our forces from other bases have surrounded the capital and are
preparing to make an offensive." Shakar told them.
"They can't do that. They'll never make it to the palace, I can tell you
that right now." Orrin warned him.
"What do you mean?" asked Shakar.
Orrin cleared his throat and said, "A couple of Darklings by themselves we
can handle, but thousands at once will obliterate those men without much
Shakar had a surprised and shocked look on his face. "They are that
"Yes." Orrin answered him.
Washu walked up to the video screen so the admiral could see here. "The
Darklings possess the ability to suppress magical energy. Many of the weapons
and defenses of the Jurai military use magic, and so they will be nearly
ineffective." She told him.
"Dear Tsunami." Shakar whispered.
Washu stuck a finger in the air and smiled widely. "However, you have one
asset on your side, the greatest scientific genius in the universe! I'm working
on a way to counteract this so we can fight them on more equal footing."
"How soon can you have something for us?" asked Shakar.
"It is hard to say, first I have to figure out how exactly they are doing
it, and then develop a counter for it." Answered Washu.
"Washu and I will both be working on this, so it should not take long."
Orrin added.
"Admiral, do we know what is happening in the capital city?" Aeka asked.
"Well, we know so far that a majority of the people have been captured and
placed in concentration camps just outside the city. These camps are heavily
guarded, and a few rescue attempts have been made but none were successful."
Said Shakar.
Tenchi ran his hand down his face. "Oh god, it's the holocaust all over
again." He said.
"Huh?" said Shakar.
"Its something that happened on Earth a long time ago. It is a dark part
of Terran history." Said Katsuhito.
"That is all I can offer you know in the form of information, Lady
Fonaho." Said Shakar.
"This will do, but you make certain our forces take no action until you
hear from us." Said Fonaho.
Shakar saluted to her and said, "Yes, my queen." Then, the image winked
"It doesn't look good, does it?" asked Ryoko.
"I'm afraid it doesn't." said Aeka.
Orrin turned around towards the others. ""The key to all of this is
Kagato and the Regis. Kill them and the rest will be easy pickings."
"They are in the palace aren't they, and we would have to fight out way
into the palace to reach them." Said Aeka.
"Very likely, yes." Orrin answered her.
"What do you mean by the rest will easy pickings?" asked Tenchi.
"Without the minds of the Regent and the Regis giving the other guidance
the Darklings will be disorganized and unable to function as a coherent group."
Orrin explained.
"To kill the serpent you cut off it head." Said Katsuhito.
Orrin nodded his head. "Exactly."
"You know, I know the inside of the palace pretty well. We could get a
small force inside past their defenses and take out Kagato and the Regis."
Duncan told them.
Every one turned to Duncan and then looked at each other. "You realize
that such a mission is very likely a suicide mission." Said Fonaho.
"He is right, there are secret tunnels underneath the city that lead to
the palace. They were built after Ryoko's attack to give us a means of escape
incase we need to get away from palace." Said Misaki.
"We also have the Xevius to worry about also, if you all remember." Said
"Hmm. We're going to have to scratch my idea of those small attack ships.
If we're going to do this we need to make a two-pronged attack." Said Washu.
"You mean attack the Xevius and the palace at the same time?" asked
Washu nodded her head. "The attack on the Xevius would act as a
distraction for our team that strikes the palace." Orrin added.
"We will need very special people for the attack on the palace." Said
"Count me in." said Tenchi.
Aeka looked at him with some apprehension in her face, but she stepped up
and added, "Me also."
"Where they go I go also." Said Ryoko.
"I will as well." Added Katsuhito.
"You'll need my help too." Said Orrin.
Darius stepped forward. "I'll fly the attack on the Xevius."
"I will go to the Tsunami and help you." Offered Sasami.
"It might all be futile without being able to stop them from suppressing
magical powers. If only I had a Darkling to study for a few hours." Said Washu.
"Like that would ever happen." Said Ryoko.

Kiyone woke to the sound of Yokonojo's voice calling her name. She sat up
in bed, which had been Mihoshi's when she used the ship to patrol the Sol
system. Noboyuki sat in the middle of the floor of the living quarters in what
looked like a trance. He did not move an inch and did not seem to be breathing
either. Kiyone wondered if he even needed to breath at all. On the bed next to
her slept the little Oscoda girl Chani.
Everything since the crash of the Yagami had been a nightmare for Kiyone.
She and Noboyuki were captured by the Darkness and she was thrown into the
general prisoner population on their command ship. It was there that she met
Chani's grandmother and witnessed the atrocities of the Darklings first hand.
When a means of escape presented itself she promised Chani's grandmother that
she would take the little girl with her. Kiyone kept that promise. Their
escape came at a cost though. That cost of Noboyuki's humanity.
Sometime during their captivity Tenchi's father was infected with a
Darkling broodling and turned into a ravenous monster like the rest of them.
Kiyone had been thrown to him as a gift from the Regis. She intended to
motivate him into killing Tenchi, but a force stronger than the Darkness
prevailed that day. That force was Love. Kiyone was surprised at just how
strong Noboyuki's feelings for her really were. They were strong enough for the
man to fight against the monster inside of him and regain control of his body
and mind. What surprised her even more was how much she really felt for him,
too. They decided to take things one day at a time and not to go to quickly
into anything they might regret. After a few days onboard the GP ship with him
Kiyone knew in her heart that this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of
her life with.
"Detective Kiyone." Came Yokonojo's voice from the cockpit.
"I'm coming." Kiyone replied. She climbed out of bed and ducked through
the hatch into the cockpit.
"We are approaching Jurai space, Detective Kiyone." Said Yokonojo. His
robotic head turned from Kiyone to a holographic navigational display.
"Set us a course for planet Jurai. There sooner we get there the sooner
we can warn them about the Darklings." Said Kiyone.
"Setting course now. I am not detecting normal background communication
traffic. Also, there is a large force of Juraian battleships sitting at the
edge of the solar system." Said Yokonojo.
Kiyone looked at the tactical display showing all of this. She noticed
that several unidentified ships were seen tracking through the solar system
around planet Jurai.
"I don't like the looks of this. Yokonojo, get me a communication link
with that Juraian fleet." Said Kiyone.
"Yes, ma'am." Said Yokonojo.

Captain Terrell of the Juraian battleship Mitsuho walked back and forth on
the bridge of his ship. It had been hours since the last communication with
Jurai. He and the rest of the fleet had been ordered here to the outer rim of
the solar system and were told not to engage the enemy. He took these orders
with a grain of salt. He did not agree with these orders, but he was loyal to
the royal family and obeyed them without question.
Terrell turned the tall, proud tree Mitsuho and patted her trunk softly.
He could sense through his link with her that the tree was very worried about
what happening on Jurai and wanted to act also. Then, the captain felt that
Mitsuho was detecting a small ship entering the system.
"Get me an identification on that ship." The captain ordered.
A bridge technician went to work immediately as his console and a display
of the Yokonojo appeared on a holographic display.
"Its registered as a Galaxy Police Patrol ship, designation name is
Yokonojo." Sand the technician.
"We are being hailed, sir." Said a technician at the communications
"On screen." Ordered the captain.
Kiyone's face appeared on the screen. "This is First Class Detective
Kiyone to any Juraian ship reading this transmission, please respond." She said.
"This is the Mitsuho, this system is under quarantine, Detective Kiyone."
Said Captain Terrell.
Kiyone had a shocked expression on her face. "What? What's going on?"
"Jurai has been invaded by a hostile alien force and it is unsafe for any
ships to reach planet Jurai." Said Terrell.
"Listen, Captain, we were traveling with Princess Aeka and her party to
Jurai when we were separated." Said Kiyone.
It was at that moment that Captain Terrell recognized the woman's man.
"You were reported missing and presumed dead, Detective."
Kiyone smiled and scratched the back of her head Tenchi style. "Believe
me, Captain, I'm amazed at the fact I made this far in one piece."
"Lady Aeka has reached planet Jurai, but that was before the invasion took
place." Said Terrell.
"Is there any way we can contact them?" asked Kiyone.
"Give us an hour, we'll do what we can." Terrell replied and the
connection closed.

It took nearly and hour for Kryton to regenerate his systems. Being an
inorganic life form had its advantages, and regeneration was one of them. The
gang was preparing to put their plans into action, but first Washu had to figure
out how the Darklings suppress magic. Without this their efforts to stop the
Darklings will end in defeat.
Aeka was on the bridge of the Kryton and looked out at the beautiful
countryside that lay out around them. They did not leave their landing site
after Kryton was repaired so they could concentrate on their attack strategy. A
beep signal came from the communication console.
"Miss Aeka, I am getting a weak signal from space." Said Kryton.
"Who could it be?" she asked.
"It is from the fleet, I presume." The ship replied.
"Can you patch it through?" Aeka asked sitting at the console, but unable
to make sense of the complicated controls.
"Certainly." Said Kryton.
A holographic display popped into existence with a fuzzy picture of the
interior of a Juraian battleship. A man in a Captain's uniform was on the
"Lady Aeka, this is the Mitsuho, please respond if you are getting this
transmission." The captain said.
"Yes, this is Princess Aeka. I am receiving." Aeka replied.
"Princess, there is someone here who is trying to get in contact with
you." Said the captain.
"Put them through" said Aeka.

In another part of the ship Duncan was hefting a large energy rifle in his
arms to get a feel for the weapon. It was an Alliance weapon from Orrin's
universe, and thus powered by ethereal energy. This meant that it could be used
against Darklings. There were also suits of high-tech armor that he was
examining also.
"The armor is ethereally strengthened. It is impervious to mundane
weapons and reduces damage taken form ethereal weaponry." Explained Orrin.
"I feel like I'm in a candy store." Said Duncan as he picked up what
looked like an energy sword.
"The grenades are really effective on Darklings." Darius explained and
picked up one to show to Duncan. The explosive was small, the size of a small
fruit. Pulling on the two hemispheres of it and twisting activated it.

"All hands to the bridge!" shouted Aeka's voice over the intercom.

Duncan looked at Orrin. "Now what?"

Everyone rushed to the bridge expecting a severe crisis, but when they saw
a fuzzy image of Kiyone on the main screen their hearts leaped for joy.
"Kiyone!" cried Mihoshi.
"We though you were a goner. Where have you been?" asked Ryoko.
"Were is my dad?" asked Tenchi.
"Are you alright?" asked Sasami.
"Where are you?" asked Orrin.
Kiyone put up her hands to silence them. "Not all at once, please."
Tenchi pushed through the throng and stood before the holographic screen.
"Kiyone, I'm glad to see your ok, but where is my father?" asked Tenchi.
"Well." She replied, and a young man appeared on the screen with her.
Tenchi gasped with shock. He recognized the face of the man almost immediately.
It was his father, but he hasn't looked like that for more than twenty years.
He appeared to be no more than seven teen years of age. It was like his face
from the old photo albums back home suddenly came to life.
"D-d-d-dad?" said Tenchi whom was too surprised to say more.
"Its me Tenchi." Said Noboyuki.
"But, how? You look so young." Said Tenchi.
"Tenchi, he's got one of those things in him." Said Kiyone.
Tenchi looked like he was about to pass out. He staggered backwards and
Ryoko caught him in her arms. Washu stepped forward and asked, "You mean he's
carrying a Darkling inside of him?"
Noboyuki nodded and told them, "I was a monster, a thing, but I fought
with all my might and I was able to take control over myself again."
Washu turned to Orrin and looked at him. "I've heard of it happening only
once before, it is possible it could happen again." He said.
"We'll never get an opportunity like this again." Said Washu.
Noboyuki scratched his head unable able to understand what Washu meant by
that. "We need you to get to Jurai as soon as possible." Said Washu.
"Captain Terrell won't let us enter the system." Said Kiyone.
Fonaho stepped forward and said, "Leave that to me."
"Oh, Kiyone I missed you so much." Sobbed Mihoshi. She was leaving a
large puddle of tears on the floor plates.
"There is also the problem of those Darkling ships, how do we get passed
them?" Kiyone asked.
Orrin thought for a moment and then said, "Leave that part to me, you just
get here as fast as possible."
"Alright, we're locked onto your coordinates now." Said Kiyone.

Fonaho contact Captain Terrell and after a brief conversation he kept
quiet as the Yokonojo soared off into the Juraian solar system. Meanwhile, back
on Jurai, Orrin left the ship and stood in the middle of a clearing in the
forest. Washu walked out with him.
"They are on their way, how are we going to help them?" asked Washu.
"Simple, I am going to run interference for her." Said Orrin.
"Shouldn't we take off then?" asked Washu.
"No, I said I was going to run interference." Orrin said. He turned and
pulled her into a kiss. When he released her he stepped back and a bright aura
surrounded his body. Suddenly, Orrin shot into the air with such speed that his
departure caused a sonic boom in the sky overhead. Washu watched in stunned
surprise as Orrin became a ball of glowing energy and streaked across the sky at
an incredible speed.
"What a man." She said.

Yokonojo was traveling at top speed through the solar system and rapidly
approaching Jurai. Kiyone watched as two Darkling ships peeled off from their
course and turned to intercept them. What she did not see was a small glowing
sphere is white-hot energy rushing through space at speeds that exceeded
Kryton's capacity. The Darklings ships were also within visual range of
Yokonojo. Orrin, however, reached one of the Darklings first. He turned at a
speed that was impossible for any star ship and plowed into his intended target.
With a force that was unmatched by anything know to the Darklings, Orrin rip
through the superstructure of the ship and emerged on the other side. Within
seconds and Darkling ship was tumbling and exploding from the inside. The
second ship tried to open fire on Orrin, but he was far too fast for them.
Also, their weapons would have had no effect at all if they did hit him. Orrin
brought up his hands and formed a ball of energy in front of him. When it was
just the right size he released its force and a white beam struck the other
Darkling ship. It hit the forward section and piece through to the rear. The
Darkling ship immediately became a fireball.
Half and hour later Kiyone was bringing Yokonojo down in the clearing next
to the Kryton. Orrin was flying beside her surrounded by his glowing aura. The
minute he landed Washu threw her arms around him and plant kisses all over his
"That is a nice welcome." Orrin said before he collapsed to the ground.
"Orrin!" Washu cried.
"He spent too much energy, he needs to rest." Said Yuko.
Katsuhito and Duncan rushed out to help Washu and Yuko get Orrin side the
ship. Tenchi, Aeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi rushed out to greet Kiyone.
"That's Yokonojo. Where did you find him?" asked Mihoshi.
"I think the Darklings salvaged him from the wreck of the Yagami." Kiyone
Tenchi walked up to his father. The two looked at each other nervously
for a moment, and then they grabbed each other into a tight embrace. "I missed
you dad." Said Tenchi.
"I missed you too, son." Said Noboyuki.
"Will that guy who helped us be alright?" asked Kiyone.
"That was Orrin, he came back." Said Ryoko.
"Orrin's back, wow! Well, a lot has happened since the crash I see." Said
"You have no idea." Aeka interjected.
Sasami ran out of the ship and ran towards them. She was huffing and
puffing from the exertion.
"Sasami, what's wrong?" asked Aeka.
"Sasami?" asked Kiyone with surprise.
"Darius said there are a lot of Darkling ships headed this way and we have
to take off now." Said Sasami.
"Dammit!" shouted Ryoko.
Everyone ran to the Kryton and rushed up his boarding ramp. As soon as
they were inside the ramp came up and Darius took them up. As they passed over
the Yokonojo, Kryton teleported the small patrol ship into one of his storage
bays. Darius skimmed the trees in and attempt to confuse the Darkling's
sensors. As soon as they reached the coast an idea came to his mind. Darius
sent the ship down towards the ocean surface and plunged the ship into the
water. He took Kryton down hundreds of feet until the light from the surface
was no longer visible.
"How long can we stay down here?" asked Fonaho.
"Kryton can withstand several hundred million tons of force to his outer
hull, so we can stay on the ocean floor indefinitely if we needed to." Darius
"Will being down here protect us from them any?" asked Fonaho.
"Just a little. Darkling ships can't dive down as deep as Kryton can, so
that gives us an edge." Replied Darius.
A haunting sound began to echo through the hull and into the inner parts
of the ship. It was like a song, it repeated over and over again with slight
variations in between. It was deep resonating sound, but it seemed soothing
"What is that?" asked Ryoko.
"A leviathan. They roam the oceans of Jurai like the whales on Earth,
what your hearing is their mating song." Said Washu.
"I hope it's not bigger than this ship." Said Tenchi.
"Kryton is just about the size of an adult leviathan." Washu explained.

A few hours later, Tenchi paced back and forth in front of the entrance to
Washu's lab, his father had been inside for an hour. He hoped that whatever she
was doing didn't hurt his father at all. He trusted Washu despite his own
experience with her in the past, but in every situation she had never harmed him
in any way. The Nurse Washu Incident still brought chills down his spine from
time to time, but that was the worst of his experiences in the depths of the
eccentric genius' lab.
The door opened the Washu stuck her head out. "Oh, good you're here.
Come in Tenchi." She said.
Tenchi followed her and went into the depths of the super high-tech
complex that was Washu's home away from home. It had not really changed much
from what he remembered, although he did notice some of the machines were still
damaged since the battle with the Darklings took place here. That time seemed
almost a million years ago.
Tenchi found his father attached to a device similar to the one Washu
usually strapped him into. The only difference where was his father wasn't
stripped out of his clothes. Tenchi didn't think that was really fair. He
always had to, or at least it was Washu who said he should.
"Ok, Tenchi, I want you to do something for me." Said Washu.
"Sure, what do you need?" asked Tenchi.
She walked over to Noboyuki and typed a few sequences into her holographic
laptop. "Ok, I want you to call on the Light Hawk Wings." She said.
The Light Hawk Wings had only appeared as a defensive reflex. He was
unable to call upon them anytime he wanted them, but after the encounter with
Yugi in her otherworldly palace he had developed the ability to call upon then
at will. With a moment of thought Tenchi called upon the three Wings of the
Light Hawk.
"Here you go." Said Tenchi.
"That's good, now stay right there." Said Washu. She typed some more into
her laptop. "Now, walked a few steps closer." She said.
Tenchi complied and stepped forward four steps until Washu raised her hand
for him to stop. Washu typed at her laptop some more and looked at the data
streaming across its screen.
"Generate the Light Hawk Sword and Armor." Said Washu. Tenchi complied
and formed both. He was garbed in the same robe-like suite of armor he wore
when he defeated Kagato on the Soja. In his hand he held the gleaming sword
that had sliced Kagato and ship in half.
"I have it! Now all I need to do is generate an opposing energy wave and
we can counteract a Darkling's ability to suppress magic!" Washu shouted.
"Does that mean I can get down from this thing now, Miss Washu?" asked
"Not yet, I still need you to generate that psi wave so I can find a way
to counter it." She replied.
"How long will this take?" Tenchi asked.
Washu was sitting on her floating cushion and typing rapidly at her
laptop. She seemed oblivious to everyone around her. Then, she tapped one key
and leaped with her fist in the air.
"Yes! We are in business!" she shouted.
A device that looked like a small tower materialized in their midst soon
after. Washu tapped a few buttons on its control panel and the device made a
low humming sound. She took out a device that looked like a tricorder from Star
Trek and passed it over Tenchi and the Light Hawk Sword.
"It's working! I did it, we can jam their power to suppress magic now!"
she shouted.
Tenchi was smiling from ear to ear. Not because he was happy for Washu,
he was, but that it meant that he would now be able to face Kagato and pay him
back for everything he had done to his family. "That's great, Washu."

Orrin was back on his feet and Washu scolded him over what he did and how
much it scared the hell out of her. They made up by making love in their
quarters for several hours. Later that night everyone met up in the galley to
enjoy one of Sasami's culinary masterpieces. Washu told everyone the good news
about the countering device.
"So this means we can make our move now." Said Duncan.
"First we need to place one of the devices on the north pole and one on
the south pole." Said Washu.
"Why is that?" Misaki asked.
"The devices generate a counter psi wave, but have a limited range.
Placing them in those locations amplifies the psi wave so it can reach far out
into space." Said Washu.
"How far out will it go?" Darius asked.
"Almost to the outer rim of the solar system." Washu replied.
Fonaho rubbed her hands together. "This means the fleet can engage the
"Well, we'll get an early start tomorrow morning planting the devices and
then we Jurai back." Duncan said.
Everyone raised their glasses and clicked them together. "Here, here!"
"It will be a day forever remembered in Juraian history." Aeka said.
Everyone nodded in agreement. After the meal they separated their own
ways to their cabins. In their cabin alone, Tenchi sat on the bed with Aeka and
Ryoko. It had been a while since they were able to be with one another alone
like this since they arrived on Jurai. Since then it had been a hectic time for
them. They did not make love, though they all three wanted to so much, but they
knew they had to get as much sleep as they could. Tomorrow was going to get a
very long day. Instead, the girls lay in Tenchi's arms and rested their heads
on his chest. In their dreams they met together, as they usually did due to the
link, and enjoyed each other's company. They dream of returning home to the
little house in Japan, the onsen that floated over the lake, and the happy life
they'd share together.


The battle to take back Jurai begins. However, the Darklings have a surprise in
store for Tenchi and company.