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By Michael "The-Zorch" Haney


Tenchi felt the unmistakable sensation of somebody's tongue in his ear.
He woke up and turned his head and was face to face with the beautiful crimson
eyes of Aeka. He had been expecting it to be Ryoko doing something so
suggestive to him. Noticing Ryoko was nowhere in the room, he reached out and
drew her to him. Aeka was completely nude under the covers.
"You trying to tell me something, Princess." He said.
An hour later the bed was a wreck with the pillows in different places
around the room, the sheets askew, and one of the night stands knocked over.
They started a shower together, which turned into more kissing, which turned
into making love for a second time that day. When they were in the shower the
maid staff came in and cleaned up the room.
Fonaho came to get them for breakfast in the main dining hall with the
rest of the family. The Queen of Jurai took them through the lavishly decorated
halls of the palace that for thousands of years had been the seat of power for
the greatest benevolent empire in the galaxy. The dining hall was one of the
grandest rooms in the massive building. It, like the rest of the palace, was in
the interior of a giant tree. Like all the trees on Jurai, it had intelligence.
Human intelligence. They were the sons and daughters of Tsunami, the Tree of
Light, who was now embodied in the breathtakingly beautiful form of Princess
Sasami. She sat in the dining room about to enjoy a meal that for the first
time in years she had not made herself. Tenchi and the others felt it was time
somebody pampered her for once.
"Here is to Tenchi, may your future be glorious." Azusa said in a toast
before the main part of breakfast was served.
"Yes, to Tenchi." Misaki, Empress of Jurai added.
With breakfast done it was back to work as work goes for the royal family.
Azusa and his two wives had to attend strategy meetings to discuss the
rebuilding of Jurai in the aftermath of the war. News services from all over
the galaxy wanted to interview Tenchi and the others about their involvement in
the conflict against the Darkness.
"When I saw that big ship explode it scared the shit out of me." Ryoko
said to the camera.
"Try being in the middle of it next time." Tenchi told her.
Soon after the battle was over it was confirmed that none of the Darkling
ships survived. So, Orrin's friends from another universe returned home with
many thanks from the Juraian fleet.
The final death toll was an astronomical number. Not only the deaths of
all those who were on the ships destroyed in the fight, but also those on the
planet itself. Jurai had suffered a massive blow but came out on the winning
side, barely. The job of picking up the pieces and rebuilding the devastation
was a logistical nightmare.

The troubles really started when Fonaho returned the next day from a
meeting with Arch Prelate Annias of the Holy Council. The minute she entered
the room everyone knew she wasn't in a good mood.
"They may have the votes to contest the appointment of Tenchi as heir
unless we can convince the council otherwise." She told them.
"What is this all about?" Aeka asked.
"Your old boyfriend Seiryu is unhappy about Tenchi being named heir so he
went and cried to the Holy Council about it." Said Ryoko.
"That embarrassment was not my boyfriend!" screamed Aeka.
"Be good you two." Tenchi told them.
"It might be a great deal more serious than that. Seiryu is claiming that
Azusa violated ancient holy ordinances when he declare Tenchi the winner of the
duel he had with Seiryu." Fonaho added.
Ryoko jumped up and said, "What! Hey, if that fop couldn't stand the
water he shouldn't have stood too close to the lake when Mihoshi is around!"
Tenchi pulled her back down into her seat while trying not to laugh out
loud. He could remember the day he was supposed to have a duel with the young
courier over the hand of Aeka, but it turned into a contest to see who could
survive one of Mihoshi's "landings". Tenchi won while Seiryu ended up being
washed into the lake.
"What does that mean?" Tenchi asked.
"Well, it means that your legitimacy as an heir to the throne is in real
danger. They can't do anything about your marriage to Aeka because you are
joined via the Great Bond. And seeing as only the Goddess Tsunami can break
that they will not likely try to end it." Fonaho said. She looked over at
Sasami who was now fully assimilated with Tsunami when she mentioned the
"So, this pink haired homo wants to be Emperor, huh?" Ryoko said in a
venomous tone. Fonaho shook her head, and Aeka stifled a laugh. "Actually they
are naming someone else who should be Emperor." Fonaho replied.
"Who?" asked Aeka.
"Denario." Fonaho told her. Aeka leaped to her feet with a look of rage
on her face. "That---that---that demented little shrimp of a man who tried to
look up my dress long ago!" she cried. She recalled the day she met Denario, a
small man who's ettchi attitude eclipsed even Noboyuki's. It was at a party
some time before Ryoko's attack. The man walked with an ornate cane that was
more for looks than for any real use. When she wasn't looking the man used the
end of it to lift up the back of her dress. What made it worse was the fact
that she had chosen to wear a skimpy, frilly pair of panties that day. In the
end he ended up with an imprint of Aeka's hand on his face, and a furious red
blush on hers. She was so embraced she couldn't show her face in the royal
courts for days without hearing people talk about the incident.
"He is highly respected by the branch families and holds a high position
in the Ministry of the Interior." Said Misaki.
"So, a pervert is a pervert. How could they possibly want a man like that
on the throne of Jurai?" Aeka asked.
"He's a pervert with connections, that's why." Tenchi said.
"Tenchi you must face these hooligans at the session of the Holy Council
tomorrow." Aeka said.
"There could be a way out of this. If the Holy Council agrees to let
Tenchi and Seiryu duel again." Said Fonaho.
"Excuse me, but do you remember what Tenchi did in a fight the other day?
Seiryu would be insane to fight him now." Ryoko told her.
"I'll have to go over the law books tonight, but I might be able to find
something we can use to stop this." Fonaho explained.
"In the meantime lets all get some rest. Tomorrow will be a very long
day." Said the Emperor.
They all turned in early, all except for Fonaho who went straight for the
palace library. She began to pour over ancient tombs, scrolls, and data
recordings looking for legal ammunition to assist Tenchi at the Holy Council
tomorrow. By morning she had gathered what she could and met the others as they
prepared to leave for the council hall.

The hall of the Holy Council of Jurai had miraculously survived the
fighting in the capital city. It was a massive and imposing structure made of
the same super-dense wood that most of the structures on Jurai were made from.
The hall was essentially an enormous dome with four towers on opposite sides of
one another. The towers were more for decoration than anything, but a few of
the councilmen had offices in them, and one was the living quarters for the Arch
Prelate himself. Arch Prelate Annias was an ancient man. He was older than
Azusa and had seen many generations of Emperors rule over Jurai in its past. He
attributed his extremely long life, long by Juraian terms, to good living and a
life devoted to Tsunami.
The dome housed the council chamber, a huge arena were the members of the
holy council sat in power over planet Jurai. Their power was second only to the
Emperor himself, but on occasion they have been know to supercede the commands
of the Emperor. The councilmen were the masters of the law, they knew the law
inside and out. It was their job to know the law and to know the scriptures of
Tsunami on which many of those laws were written.
A gallery for commoners was mounted high up in the council chamber, and
the royal family had a section that was closer to the councilmen themselves.
The floor, as it was called, was a small circular area at the bottom of the huge
chamber where people who came before the council spoke. Fonaho was there with
Tenchi, Aeka, and Ryoko. On the other side stood Seiryu with Denario, and one
other person.
"Who is that?" Ryoko asked looking at the person who stood with Seiryu and
"That is Lenox. He is from Seiryu's bloodline and he is a master of the
law. This will not be an easy fight." Fonaho warned them.
"We have confidence in your abilities, Fonaho." Aeka told her.
"Thank you."
The Arch Prelate took his seat and banged his gavel. This indicated the
council was starting its session. The councilmen all dressed in white priest
robes entered the chamber. There was absolute silence in the room as the
councilmen arrived. It was considered a sign of respect that you did not speak
until the councilmen were seated.
The gavel banged again after the councilmen took their seats.
"In this year of our Lady Tsunami, sixty three thousand, nine hundred and
three this session of the holy council is called to order." Announced the Arch
Prelate. He banged the gavel again, and Lenox approached the floor.
"We will begin our session by hearing the claims of the royal branch
family of Yolnaro. The grievance is filed under holy ordinance three five seven
two. The Yolnaro branch family claims that the Emperor of Jurai illegally
declared Prince Tenchi Masaki the winner of a duel with Seiryu Yolnaro. We will
begin hearing the evidence of this case." Arch Prelate Annias announced.
Lenox walked up to a podium where he could speak. In order that she may
make counter actions to what Lenox says, Fonaho walked up to an adjacent podium.
"Honored councilmen of the Holy Council. A great injustice had been
inflicted upon the people of Jurai and Yolnaro branch family by the actions of
Emperor Azusa Jurai. Five years prior the royal family went on a journey to the
planet Earth were Princess Aeka and Princess Sasami were in residence at the
home of Prince Yosho. There it was discovered that Prince Yosho had an heir by
the name of Tenchi Masaki. This man is in these chambers right now. During
that time, the Emperor of Jurai established under the holy laws of Jurai a duel
between Prince Tenchi Masaki and Seiryu Yolnaro for the hand of Princess Aeka
Jurai in marriage." Lenox stated. He waited for what he said to get around the
room before he continued.
"An interfering factor came during the beginning of the duel that resulted
in Seiryu being severely injured. The emperor then declared Prince Tenchi the
winner of the duel. But that is not all. The emperor also later made this same
person as his heir to the throne. Also, it has come to our attention that Lady
Aeka and Lord Tenchi are now married. This is totally unacceptable. Gentlemen
of the council, it is clear that Seiryu is the rightful winner of the duel. He
has declared that he no longer seeks the throne of Jurai but that Denario, a
respected and powerful man who is well versed in the politics of planet Jurai
should be the new heir. We implore the council to correct this terrible error
and give Jurai its rightful heir. Thank you."
Annias banged the gavel. "We will now hear in defense the Lady Fonaho,
Queen of Jurai." He said.
"Gentlemen of the Holy Council of Jurai. I am honored to speak before you
in defense of a man who is not only the rightful heir to the throne of Jurai,
but is the only one who is truly suited for the coveted position. Lord Tenchi
Masaki has been instrumental in stopping the most dangerous criminal in the
history of the galaxy and saving the lives of Princess Aeka and Sasami in the
process. In our most recent grievous events he has been instrumental in the
saving of our entire way of life from destruction. The only crime committed
here, honored councilmen, is the selfish actions of the Yolnaro branch family
which come at a time when our world is just a major catastrophe." Fonaho said.
She waited for moment and then continued. "Honored Lenox Yolnaro also contests
the marriage of Lord Tenchi Masaki and Lady Aeka Jurai under the word of the
law. But I contest this and ask it not be considered by this council by virtue
of provision six five one three."
"This is highly irregular to include a rebuttal in an opening statement
Lady Fonaho." Said the Arch Prelate.
"It is not stated in the law that it is now allowed." One of the
councilmen said.
"Provision six five one three pertains to the Great Bond." Said the Arch
"Yes, your excellency." Fonaho replied.
"Are you stating before this council that Lady Aeka and Lord Tenchi are
bound by the holy bonds of the Great Bond?" asked a councilman who was almost as
ancient as Annias.
"I am honored councilmen." She replied. A soft murmur went up through the
entire chamber. Seiryu walked up behind Lenox and seemed to whisper something
into his ear.
"The provisions of this ordinance requires that proof of the Great Bond be
presented." Said Lenox.
"What happens now?" Tenchi asked Aeka quietly.
"They will now bring the Holy Staff before us. It is said that those who
are in the Great Bond will glow when they touch it. The staff was made from the
branches of the Tree of Light." Aeka told him.
"What if they find out I am in the bond too? Some of the looks I'm
getting from people in here are as cold as ice." Ryoko asked in a whisper.
"We will deal with that if it becomes an issue." Said Aeka.
A group of guards soon arrived on the floor baring a large box. They sat
it down in front of the podium and stepped back. Annias himself came down from
this seat and walked slowly the large box. With hands knurled from old age, he
opened the top of the box and reached inside. He withdrew a branch of a tree
that despite being severed from the trunk still grew fresh green leaves and
blossoming flowers. The ancient Arch Prelate walked past the podiums and stood
before Tenchi.
"If you be in the holy Great Bond then let the light of Tsunami's blessing
shine upon you." Annias said. With one hand he reached out for Tenchi's left
hand and placed it on to the branch. Immediately a soft white aura began to
glow around Tenchi. The glow started to form around Aeka and the audience in
the chamber made awed sounds. However, when Ryoko began to glow there were low
murmurs in the chamber and the sounds of shuffling feet.
"The holy light of Tsunami shines upon thee. The Great Bond is true, for
it can only be formed with the blessing of our lady Tsunami." The Arch Prelate
Annias returned the branch to its protective case and walked back to his
seat with the rest of the councilmen. The four guards walked up and carried
their precious cargo back into the deep recesses of the council hall.
"The request to deny the contest of marriage between Lady Aeka and Lord
Tenchi is accepted by this council. Proof of the Great Bond has been given. It
cannot be contested under the law. To do so is a sacrilege." Annias announced.
"Thank you most wise and honored councilmen." Fonaho said. "I have no
further statements."
"Then this concludes the opening statements. The Witness and Rebuttal
segment of this session will now begin. Honor judicator of the law Lenox
Yolnaro will begin first followed by Lady Fonaho. During the rebuttal segment
the speaker, being Lenox in the stage, will be the only one allowed to address
the council. Lady Fonaho will be allowed to speak only when contesting
statements made by Lenox Yolnaro or quoting the word of the law." Annias

"Honored Council I call Seiryu Yolnaro as my first witness." Lenox said.
Seiryu shot Aeka a quick glance and received one of ice from the Princess.
Annias issued an oath to Seiryu that he swore to tell the truth to the
council or be subject to the punishment of the law. Seiryu agreed but looked
over at Lenox nervously before doing so.
"Seiryu Yolnaro, what occurred the day you and the Emperor of Jurai
arrived on the planet Earth?" Lenox asked.
"Princess Aeka and Princess Sasami refused to come home with him." Seiryu
"For what reason would the Princesses willfully disobey the Emperor of
Jurai?" Lenox asked.
"I actually have no idea. I don't know what Princess Aeka even saw in
that boy, and that dreadful house. It was horrible." Seiryu said.
"The Emperor then issued a challenge to Lord Tenchi to face you in a duel
for the hand of Lady Aeka?" asked Lenox.
"Objection! This issues has already been contested." Said Fonaho.
"You will refrain from this further conjecture." Said one of the
councilmen to Lenox. The judicator nodded to the council and continued.
"You were challenged to fight a duel, and did you actually fight Lord
Tenchi Masaki?" Lenox asked.
"No. We were about to but then there was this loud whoosh and a huge wall
of water suddenly hit me. Took hours to dry out my clothes. Do you know how
badly Altarian silk stains when it gets wet?" said Seiryu.
"So your saying there was no fight?" Lenox asked.
"Point of law. There is nothing in the law that states a duel must be a
fight." Said Fonaho.
"The law makes no distinction as to what constitutes a duel. This is
true." Said Annias.
"Therefore, Lord Tenchi and Seiryu did have a duel. I use historical
references here. I the past duels have been tests of strength, intelligence,
and on occasions they have been battles." Fonaho added.
"On what grounds do you claim a duel took place?" Lenox asked.
"Seiryu and Tenchi were on the pier together when Mihoshi's shuttle
crashed into the lake. While Seiryu was knocked off his feet by the water
Tenchi was unscathed. Since the law does not require a duel to be a battle it
is clear that a duel of strength and dexterity took place with Tenchi as the
victor." Said Fonaho.
"Damn, she's good." Whispered Ryoko.
"Fonaho was a judicator for the throne for many years before becoming the
Minister of Defense." Said Aeka.
"Gentlemen of the council this accident cannot possibly be conceived as an
actual duel." Said Lenox.
"Though the situation is sketchy at best, the law makes no distinction as
to what constitutes a duel. As to the point of law it was upheld." Said one of
the councilmen. "This councilman seconds this, a test of strength indeed took
place. Though the law does not specify what constitutes a duel, it does require
those who are in a duel be prepared for changes in the situation of the duel.
This was made so that no duel could be contested as being unfair." Said another.
Seiryu, Denario, and Lenox looked as if someone had suddenly shattered
their world to pieces. "There was no transgression of the law." Said Annias.
"As to the appointment of Lord Tenchi as heir to the throne the Emperor of
Jurai did transgress the law. The throne must go to the next heir in line and
that heir is Prince Yosho." Said a councilman.
Katsuhito stood up from where he was seated and said, "My renouncing of my
claim to the throne of Jurai is on record."
"You are not in order, Lord Yosho." Said Annias as he banged his gavel.
There were shocked murmurs in the chamber after Yosho's statement.
"Regardless, what he said is true. Lord Yosho has denounced his claim to
the throne and named Tenchi as his successor thus transferring the position of
First Prince of Jurai to him." Said Fonaho.
One of the councilmen had a data pad and passed it to Annias. "The
avocation of the position of First Princes to Lord Tenchi is in the royal
records. There has been no transgression of the holy law." Annias announced.
"Councilmen, Denario Yolnaro is a respected man in the Ministry of the
Interior. He has served the people of Jurai for many generations. He is well
versed in the law. Lord Tenchi was not born on Jurai and knows nothing of our
culture, our laws, our customs, or even of what it is to be a member of the
royal family of Jurai." Said Lenox.
"Advanced knowledge of these things are not a requirement of the heir to
the throne according to the holy scriptures." Said Fonaho.
"Your knowledge of the scriptures are clear, Lady Fonaho. You are
correct." Said Annias.
"It also says that the Holy Council has the final say concerning the heir
to the throne if a second party contests that he is not suited for the position.
That had been done here today." Said Lenox.
"I am well aware of the honored Denario Yolnaro's illustrious career in
the service of the Jurai people and his unparalleled knowledge of the law and
the scripture. These things alone do not make him a better heir to the throne.
While he had served the people for a very long time, Lord Tenchi has done much
more in the service of Jurai." Said Fonaho.
"Explain?" said Annias.
"Lord Tenchi defeated the dreaded A1 Class Criminal Kagato, thus avenging
the deaths of thousands of Juraians during the attack on Jurai 700 years ago."
She said.
"Objection. It was the Lady Ryoko who attacked Jurai." Lenox objected.
"Lady Ryoko at the time was a mindless slave of the criminal Kagato and
incapable of independent thought or action." Fonaho said to counter.
"The actions of Lady Ryoko have been erased by order of this council under
the holy ordinance concerning the statue of limitations." Said Annias.
"Most recently during our darkness hour Lord Tenchi confronted and
destroyed an evil that threatened to eradicate our people completely. If not
anything else, these things make Tenchi a proper heir to the throne of Jurai.
He place his life on the line for our people despite his having no knowledge of
our ways or culture or having other loyalty to Jurai other than his marriage to
Lady Aeka." Fonaho finished.
"The council will adjourn to discuss this matter in closed chambers. We
will call this session back to order when we have reached our decision." Said
Annias and he rapped the gavel three times to end the session.
Fonaho walked up to the royal trio. They looked at her and she said, "It
is totally in the hands of Holy Council now."
"You were wonderful out there." Said Aeka.
"Lenox should have known better than to tangle with the likes of me on
issues of law." Said Fonaho.

It took the Holy Council three hours to debate the issue in closed
chambers deep inside the council hall. When they called the session back to
order the entire chamber was packed to the brim with people. There were a fair
number of supports for Tenchi in the room since learning that it was he that
saved the planet from destruction.
"This session is called back to order." Annias announced the banged the
gavel to quiet the gallery.
"We the council have discussed this issue and we have found that Denario
Yolnaro has greater experience in service to the political infrastructure of the
Juraian Empire than Lord Tenchi." Said Annias.
Fonaho scowled at Lenox, Denario and Seiryu who were all smiling like
Cheshire cats at that moment.
"However, the actions of Lord Tenchi cannot be over looked and he is the
successor of Lord Yosho. Our concern is his lack of knowledge of our people,
culture, law and Holy Scriptures. We therefore have made this decision. His
majesty Emperor Azusa will not be leaving the throne anytime soon, thus we have
decided that Lord Tenchi will observe the ritual of the Khal'Ma." Said Annias.
Fonaho's face lit up with an extremely bright smile and hushed oaths could
be heard from Denario's side of the floor. "Thank you, honored councilmen. You
have chosen most wisely and fairly." She said while trying to contain her joy.
"As the law requires, the decisions of this council in these matters are
final and not subject to appeal. This session is adjourned." Annias announced
the rapped the gavel four times bring the session to an end.
"Its over, we won." Fonaho told the others.
"Want is the Khal'Ma?" Tenchi asked.
"It is a rarely used law. In the Khal'Ma the heir of the throne will live
off world for a period of years and undergo rigorous training and tutoring."
Fonaho explained.
"Does that mean we can go home?" asked Ryoko.
"Yes. And I will go with you as Tenchi's tutor of the Khal'Ma." Said
Fonaho. "Tenchi will be the next Emperor of Jurai."

The celebration at the palace was grander than the one following the great
battle. Hundreds of members from nearly all the branch families, except for
Yolnaro's, came to see the new heir to the throne. The celebration lasted well
into the night and in the morning there were some who were still partying away.
That night, Tenchi sat with Aeka and Ryoko at their own place of honor in
the great dining hall. Arch Prelate Annias sat with them and was placed with
how the council deliberations went. Fonaho sat next to the Arch Prelate and he
listen to her every word as they spoke about law and religion.
"I guess I'm going to have to start getting used to all of this." Said
"This is a dream I have had for so long, Tenchi. You as Emperor has been
a fantasy for me for so long." Aeka said with a huge happy smile.
"Not only will he have lots of power, but lots of dough too." Said Ryoko
with a similar smile.
"I wonder where Washu and Orrin have gone off to." Tenchi said.
Aeka took a sip of wine. "I'm not sure. I thought I was them a few
minutes ago talking with Father."
Tenchi looked around and saw his grandfather talking to a couple of young
girls who were probably hundreds of years younger than he was. Kiyone and his
father were seated with a few members of the Tolzani branch family talking up a
storm. Mihoshi and Darius were together looking into each other's eyes. Tenchi
would later learn that the two had previously decided to be just friends, but
since then their attraction for one another was too overwhelming and they
renewed their relationship. Yuko was seated with members of the Ministry of
Medicine talking shop.
"Hey! Any room for a couple of genius' here?" Washu asked as she and
Orrin approached the table.
"Washu, we wondered where you were." Said Tenchi.
"Tenchi, Washu and I have been talking, and we made a decision." Orrin
Tenchi took a sip of his drink and asked, "What is that?"
"When you become Emperor we want to be the official scientific advisors to
the court." Said Washu.
Aeka was shocked. "You mean you'll come with us when it is time for
Tenchi to assume the throne?"
"That's right. There is no guarantee that we got all the Darklings, so
you will need us in case they ever show up again." Washu said.
"After a huge blasts like that I don't see how any of them survived."
Ryoko said.
Washu looked over at Noboyuki who was seated with Kiyone in another part
of the room. She looked back at the others who had puzzled looks on their
faces. "I've talked to Noboyuki. The Regis seeded someone with a Regis
parasite, and Noboyuki says he did not feel its death when the hive ship
"You mean there is another Regis out there!" Ryoko shouted and jumped to
her feet.
"Yup. An old friend of your actually. So we have to be ever watchful
because they will come back." Orrin explained.
"An old friend, who would that be?" Ryoko asked.
"Does the name Sakura have any meaning to you?" asked Washu.
Tenchi, Aeka and Ryoko all gasped at once and shared worried looks and
thoughts. "She's out there somewhere, watching, waiting, plotting. We have to
be ready for not if they return, but when. Not only do they want revenge
against the Elo'Quin, but they also want revenge against Jurai. For now we have
some time to breath and rebuild, but one day they will be back and they will
want nothing less then the total extinction of the Juraian race." Orrin warned
A dark mood fell over those at the table, but a cheerful voice shattered
it. "There you are! This place is a paradise. I've never had so much fun in
my entire life." Said Agent Nagasaki who approached the table with a beautiful
young woman at his side.
"Glad you're enjoying yourself." Said Tenchi.
"Yea, but the CIA Director isn't going to believe any of this." Daniel
told him.
"Danny, I thought we were going to try and find a private room." The young
woman said in a sultry voice.
Daniel pulled her closer to him. "Uh, we gotta go. See you all later.
Bye!" The two immediately rushed off leaving the party at the table laughing

Ryo-Ohki hovered in mid air in her spaceship form over the royal
courtyard. An honor guard of several hundred Juraian troops stood in neat rows
on either side of the Cabbit ship. Azusa, Misaki, Annias, and Admiral Shakar
stood before those who were gathered to depart. A crowd of thousands of
commoners had also gathered to wish the heir and his family a safe journey.
"I sort of feel guilty leaving like this." Said Tenchi.
"As the current Emperor it is my duty to take the responsibility of
rebuilding Jurai. When you return it will be as if the war never happened. So
don't worry." Azusa told him.
"He won't have time to worry, he's going to very busy." Said Fonaho.
"I sort of really hate having to go, but I've got responsibilities back
home too." Said Daniel Nagasaki.
"Yea, we left Tokyo a real mess when we tried to fight that monster."
Washu said.
"Good bye mommy, daddy." Sasami said.
"Good bye Sasami. And Aeka you be good too." Misaki said on the verge of
Aeka made a rye face and then said in a cheerful childish voice. "I will
mommy, I promise."
"Ouch!" Ryoko shouted.
"What's wrong?" Tenchi asked.
"I felt this strange popping sensation in my stomach and it hurt a
Washu examined her for a moment and put her holographic laptop away. "We
need to get you home girl. You have had a prenatal check up in weeks." She
"You mean that feeling was the baby?" Ryoko asked in surprise.
"No. It's your stomach starting to stretch. You're going to really start
showing in the next couple of weeks." Washu explained.
"I hope it does give me stretch marks." Said Ryoko.
"Say, Daniel is there anyplace you want us to drop you off when we get
home?" Noboyuki asked.
"Oh, I'm not in any real hurry to get back. I think we've all been
rushing around enough for a while. Lets just take it slow and steady back
home." Daniel replied.
"I'm really starting to like this guy." Ryoko said.
The yellow glow of Ryo-Ohki's tractor beam covered them and they all
lifted into the air and vanished. Once they were inside the Cabbit ship cried
out a loud triumphant meow and soared into the Juraian sky.
Dear Journal,

It has been a really long and hard road but we are finally back home on
Earth. The war is over, thank god. Now we can get back to a normal life. Or,
as normal a life we you get around this place. I have no regrets for the past,
or any regrets for the future. In one short period of time our lives have
changed forever in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

After the battle was over we all arrived at the palace on Jurai. There
were thousands of people waiting for us to arrive. The cheers and applause was
deafening to our ears but we just smiled and waved to the throngs of adoring
people who will now live on because of our sacrifice. Our family ran to us with
open arms and greeted us back to the fold. It was a happy time of celebrations
and revelry. But like any party it must soon end, and you have start picking up
the pieces. In this case, much of the planet lay in ruins, and the capital city
was half destroyed. I would later learn that a lot more stray shots from the
Darkling fleet and the hive ship hit the planet than we thought. The death toll
was extremely high.

A great deal occurred before we were finally able to come home after so
long. On Earth, things were really different. Our family home was declared
diplomatic territory by the United Nations and great grandfather, that's Emperor
Azusa, appointed grandpa as ambassador to Earth. World leaders came from all
over to meet us including the first ever female president of the United States.
That was a real treat. She really adored Ryo-Ohki.
Oh, they were able to dig Kryton out of that crater in Tokyo and bring him
back to Washu's lab. He's back online and recovering quite nicely now. The
first word he said when he was reactivated was "Ouch."
In reparation for destroying Tokyo Tower, Orrin with my dad's help
designed and built a new tower. It is twice as tall, ten times stronger, and is
one of the hottest new tourist attractions in Japan according to World Travel
magazine. The impact on the Earth after "first contact" wasn't as bad as many
previously thought. There were no rioting in the streets, no huge mass suicides
(except among clergy and politicians), and the news shows had the highest
ratings in years. Ryoko, Aeka, and I were even invited to the Jerry Springer
Show, the Tonight Show, David Lettermen, and we were the subjects of a three-
hour CNN special. Ron Howard wants to make a movie based on us. Jett Li will
play me, Jennifer Love Hewett will play Aeka, that woman who played Mystique in
the Xmen movie will play Ryoko (good choice), Pamela Anderson will be Mihoshi
(no surprise there), Sigourney Weaver will be Kiyone, the Pepsi girl will play
Sasami, Pat Morita will play dad (don't ask), and Jackie Chan will play grandpa.
The role of Kagato will look like it might end up being Arnold Schwartzineger,
but was originally going to be the guy who played Dr. Smith in the Lost in Space
movie. Dr. Clay's role has been given to John Leguinzamo (according to Washu
there is not much difference between Spawn's Clown and the real Dr. Clay). Reba
McIntyre will play Washu in adult form, and some little girl who played in one
of the Annie plays last year will do her child-like form. Finally, Orrin was
the hardest one to cast. They finally settled on Brad Pitt because they were
starting to go over budget. Go figure.

Oh, did I tell you that Daniel Nagasaki got a promotion to Assistant
Director of the CIA. How do you like that?

The excitement settled down and we were finally able to enjoy a normal
life again back home. Dad was still his same old self, but Kiyone was generous
and let him keep a few of his Hentai tapes. Grandpa adapted pretty well to his
new role as ambassador after being a Shinto priest for 700 years. Kiyone quite
the Galaxy Police to stay by Dad's side, and Mihoshi was assigned as chief of
security for the Jurai Embassy. We built it right here next to the house. With
the most powerful entities in the universe living here we guessed nobody would
have the guts to come anywhere near this place to cause trouble.
Ryoko is starting to really show now. Sasami calls her a "beached whale"
whenever she sees her on the couch. Aeka though, I have to say I was surprised
by her a little. She can be subtle when she wants to be. I was sitting out on
the pier on the lake one day.

"Tenchi." She said to me.
"Yea." I said back.
She sat down next to me and let her bare feet dip into the cool water.
She looked at me with those loving eyes and I felt that same love wash over me
like cool water through our mental link.
"I just came from Washu's lab." She said in a sweet voice.
"Oh. What did you go to Washu's lab for?" I asked. Not expecting the
answer I would receive.
"A pregnancy test." She said and I ended up in the water.

Needless to say, Aeka will be due about six months after Ryoko. I
certainly hope Ryoko's twins (yes, you heard me right) have a shorter gestation
period than humans because she is impossible when she is pregnant. Let us just
say she gives a new meaning to the words "mood swing". Washu is busier
repairing the walls and ceiling after Ryoko's outbursts more than she is working
on her inventions.
Speaking of Washu, she and Orrin are still together and still as much in
love as ever. They spend most of their time in the lab, or the onsen. Yuko is
the official medical doctor of the embassy, and Darius and Mihoshi have gotten
back together again. Sasami and Duncan have a long distance relationship going
on. Those can be hard to maintain, but they said they would stick it out
because it shouldn't be too long before we all go back to Jurai for good. Yes,
I decided to take the throne, but only after Fonaho shows me the ropes first.
As for me, I was given an honorary diploma graduating me from high school
officially. It was a gift to me from the government of Japan for what we did to
save the Earth from being obliterated by the moon when it was falling towards
the planet. I missed so much school on our trip into space I would have had to
really work hard to make up for it, but they let it all slide. I thought about
going to college. But here is an interesting twist. I'm not sending letters to
the colleges; they are sending letters to me. Harvard, Yale, U of M, and MIT
are competing with one another for me. Fonaho says I really need to focus on my
political and historical studies of planet Jurai first before anything else, and
if I need anything more Washu has offered to tutor me. At least with Orrin
around I won't have to face Nurse Washu anymore.

Well, more has been going than I can type in here now. I'll leave the
more detailed stuff to the biography I'm writing. Time to head downstairs and
see what Sasami has for dinner. I'll see you tomorrow.

--Prince Tenchi Masaki.

A lone ship traversed the dark void of space. Inside a young man was
strapped to the deck with a strange mucus like substance that was as strong as
steel. He could not remember the events of the past few days or when he had
been captured. He looked around in the dark room and then heard footsteps
approach him.
He turned his head and saw a sight that shocked him. A woman with a body
that was more incredible than he had ever seen approached him. She was
completely naked. She walked up and sat down on his chest so he could get an
eye full of every aspect of her womanly attributes.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"My name is Sakura. You want this body don't you?" the woman said.
"Why am I strapped down?" the man asked.
The man saw a red glow in her eyes suddenly and he could sense something
about her. It frightens him and he tried to struggle away from her but the
mucus holding him was too strong.
"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you." The woman named Sakura
"What are you going to do to me?" the man asked in a frightened voice.
"I'm going to take you into a new world you never imagined existed." She
said and slid off his chest so her womanhood between her legs covered his mouth.
He struggled as best he could and then let out muffled screams as something
alien moved around inside his body, worming its way through his innards.
"But first you must be reborn."




Earth and planet Jurai have formed formal relations following the events that
took place in Earth orbit. Now, the Masaki home and shrine have been designated
Diplomatic Territory. All is peaceful, that is until Ryoko goes into labor