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10 LOOOOONG Years later

"Today is the last day you are going to teach me!" Shade yelled "YAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

"Now don't get in trouble, okay?" Aqua said

"You sound like you're my mom Aqua." Shade commented. Aqua rolled her eyes.

"Just don't get in trouble." Aqua said

"Fine…" Shade mumbled

"Okay, well I'm just watching you today."

"Yay!" Shade exclaimed and went to work as Aqua rolled her eyes again. After she was done they flew back to the Observatory.

In the Observatory…

"Hi guys!" Blaze cheered

"Hi!" They both sang in unison

"Aqua, how was your last day of training Shade?" Blaze asked

"It was great!" Aqua said

"Aqua." Shade said


"Can I have a cupcake?" Shade asked

"What?" Aqua said

"Can I?" Shade plead

"Fine…" Aqua mumbled and handed Shade a cupcake, with she ate happily

"Now, go to Apus and tell him so you can give your benovolesscence to the Great Tree Yggstral." Blaze said

"Okay!" Shade exclaimed and did so

"Yggstral is going to bloom with Fyggs soon." Blaze said

"I know, and I can't wait!" Aqua cheered

"Me too!" Blaze squealed

With Shade…

Shade went up to Apus and told him about it. She was sent to give the benovolesscence to Yggstral. When she did the tree started to glow brightly.

'Looks like it's going to bloom soon' Shade thought to herself as she ran down to meet Aqua and Blaze

With Aqua and Blaze…

"Hey I'm back!" Shade shouted

"And you want to go out again." Aqua stated

"You read my mind." Shade said as they went back down to the Mortal Realm

When they came back to the Observatory…

"I'll be waiting with the others, don't be late." Aqua said

"Okay." Shade said, and Aqua left.

Shade went up to Yggstral to find Blaze and others, including Aqua

"Give the benovolesscence to the tree." Blaze told Shade

Shade did what she was told and when she did the tree started glowing and Fyggs appeared. Everyone cheered. The Starflight Express started coming to them but then the ground started to shake and purple beams shot up in the air. One of the beams hit the Starflight Express, and it was destroyed. Well it's parts separated.

"Wh-What's happening?" Apus asked. He noticed that many of the celestrians were going to fall. He and the others tried to help them but some of them, including Aqua, Blaze, and Shade, fell into the protectorate, and landed in different places…


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