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The Battle of Hogwarts
Chapter 1

Her feet just barely touched the surface of the water as she stretched her toes as far as she possibly could. Her shoes had gone missing, yet again, and now she sat here on the pier, examining the horizon deep in thought. A sudden rustling sounded behind her, but she didn't turn until a dark, but pleasant voice spoke: "Luna, I found your shoes, they were lying a few yards away from Hagrid's Hut" Luna turned and smiled, "Thanks, Neville" She said, in her soft, bright voice, "I seem to have lost my Butterbeer cork necklace, so the nargles are all over me, stealing my things." Neville returned Luna's smile and sat down beside her.
"How's your dad?" He asked
"Oh, he's well. The Quibbler is doing well to," Luna answered absentmindedly.
"Good, good, 'n how are you?"
"Fine" She turned and laughed a little cute laughter. Like a little child laughing, Neville thought.

They sat a while in silence; Luna swinging her feet back and forth, while staring out on the black lake and Neville looking at her discreetly. The urge to touch her cheek and brush her hair away from her face was raging like a wild dragon inside his chest.
"What do you think of me, Neville?" Luna said promptly. Neville, slightly taken aback back by the question, looked down at her, wondering what she was expecting him to answer. "You, well, you are a really good friend. You are completely mental, but that's just, I mean, I love that. And you are one of the prettiest girls I know." Luna smiled and said "You are really handsome, and a good friend. I like your smile"

Neville's cheeks caught the deep red colour of embarrassment, and the right corner of his mouth drew up, making that little smile Luna loved. "We should get back to the castle," he said, his gaze glued upon his own hands. "Sorry if I embarrassed you, I just thought I should put it out there," She said, and rose to her feet. "No, it's not that, it's just, nobody has ever said anything like that to me before." Neville looked up at Luna, who was tying her shoelaces. Luna smiled, "I like to categorise you as my best friend, does that bother you?"
"No, not at all! You are my best friend too,"

They reached the castle just a streak of what seemed to be a dark storm flew in over their heads. "Oh no" Neville whispered, and he started running, in through the doors, with Luna following close up. They both knew what was happening and they both knew what they had to do. Luna sprinted as fast as her feet would let her up to the Rawenclaw common room. "He is here," she shouted, "You-Know-Who is here!" Caos and panic broke out, but Luna didn't have time to calm people down. She had to meet up with the rest of Dumbledores Army. But before she'd gotten too far, McGonagall's voice sounded, in the entire castle; "All students shall gather in the Great Hall, immediately." Luna turned around, now headed for the main hall.

"Luna!" Ginny shouted, waving her arm "Come here!" The entire Army was gathered in a corner, by itself. "We sneak out, as fast as we can!" Ginny said firmly. "The teachers allow the last years to fight, but there is no bloody way I'm going to sit here and listen to the battle!" A loud, agreeing mutter sounded from the gang and Luna smiled.
"Attention everyone," McGonagall was standing by the doors; her face was pale and more serious than Luna had ever seen it. "All the seventh graders who wish to fight for the castle, against the death eaters will be allowed to do so. The rest of you shall follow Mr. Filch down to the train. You are going home"

Everybody started moving at the same time, beaming for the door. "Meet me downstairs, those who will fight," Said Ginny as she, too, headed outside.

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