Title: Trust (Four's Company, Too)
Ptera Waters
Puck/Finn/Karofsky/Kurt – Fuckurtofsky!
drama, romance, smut, one-shot
explicit slash
All aired episodes (i.e. season 2)
Glee is not mine, at all
Summary: Puck instigated almost every step in this weird relationship they've got going on. So why does he feel so apart from everything and will his boys notice before he's gone?

"You're sure this is okay?" Finn whispered as Puck pulled his shirt over his head. "I mean, what if we get caught? What am I gonna tell my mom?"

"Tell your mom," Puck whispered back, "that you're sickeningly in love with me, dude. She'll go all misty-eyed and forget about the nakedness."

"But I…" Finn dithered, squirming as Puck took his shorts away. "I mean, do you love me, Puck?"

Puck laughed, "Fuck, no. I mean, I like you Finn. You're my best friend and I like fooling around with you. But we're fourteen, dude. I'm not gonna fall in love until I'm old. Like twenty-five."

"Sure," Finn nodded, gasping a little as Puck grabbed his dick and started stroking. "God, dude. That's really good."

Smirking, Puck leaned forward and kissed Finn, whispering against his lips, "I know."

"Kurt?" Finn asked one night when they were hanging out, waiting for their parents to get back from a movie.

"Yeah?" the boy asked, looking up from filing his nails.

Finn sighed, wondering if he could really say this out loud or not. "Like, our parents are probably going to move back in together soon, right?"

"Probably," Kurt agreed, setting down his nail file and giving Finn his full attention, chin resting on one of his hands. "Are you worried you'll have to share a room with me again?"

"Look, you know I'm sorry about freaking out back then," Finn started, "but you don't know why it was so difficult for me to have you around all the time."

"I know," Kurt scoffed. "You're afraid of my gayness. Don't worry, I won't confront you with it or anything."

"That's not," Finn huffed. "Look, I got angry because I'm not ... I'm not ready, Kurt. Not for everyone to know. Not for my mom to know. Not for Rachel to know."

Kurt raised one eyebrow and asked carefully, "Know what?"

"That I'm … you know," Finn insisted. "Or at least mostly."

"You're gay?" Kurt asked, suddenly sitting up straight in his chair.

"Mostly gay," Finn insisted. "Puck's the only one who knows. Or, he has a pretty good idea since we used to … before Quinn."

Kurt's jaw fell open as he processed before he wrapped his arms around himself and nodded, "I see. You like boys like Puck. That's fine. I'm glad you told me."

"Kurt," Finn sighed, moving to kneel in front of the boy and take his hands. "I know I was horrible to you, and it's because I was scared. And now I'm scared again. If you move in and you're there all the time, looking the way you do and smelling the way you do, I don't think I could help…"

Kurt's smile grew slowly until he turned his hands over to grip Finn's. Before Finn knew what was happening, kissing was happening and Finn finally felt like he was home. Then Kurt pushed back and asked, "What about Rachel?"

"Rachel's not really interested in me," Finn insisted. "She's interested in fame and glory, but I'm afraid if I break up with her, she'll know what's going on. She's a little psychic, you know."

Kurt laughed and pulled Finn close again. "We'll figure something out."

Puck was feeling pretty low during the summer after he and Quinn gave away their daughter. He ended up going to fight club as often as it was held, managing to keep the bruises and cuts away from his face, so his mother wouldn't find out. After a few weeks, Dave Karofsky started showing up, too.

"What's your deal, Karofsky?" Puck asked after the kid deliberately got the shit kicked out of him. "Why do this to yourself, man? I know you're better than this. We used to beat up nerds together."

"I deserve it," Karofsky grunted, sitting up and rubbing his face with one hand. "I shouldn't be like this."

"Like what?" Puck asked. "An asshole?"

"Gay!" Karofsky growled, his mouth falling open as he realized what he'd said. "I mean … If you ever tell anyone, I'll kill you."

Puck smirked, catching Karofsky's eyes and giving him a hard look, "I won't tell anyone, dude. But you gotta get rid of this self-hatred. There's nothing wrong with liking guys, no matter what your friends or your parents say about it."

Karofsky scoffed, asking, "What would you know about it, Puckerman? You're the biggest ladies' man in school."

"I'm also the biggest cock-slut in school," Puck whispered smirking when Karofsky looked up at him in disbelief. "Except maybe Brittany. Dude, you being gay is like, the best thing ever to happen to me, since my previous boy decided he was going to try to be straight. It's not easy finding guys on the down-low."

"What about that little fairy?" Karofsky asked. "Why aren't you tapping that ass if you're so hard up?"

"Because," Puck explained. "Kurt's a naïve prude and he's totally in love with Finn Hudson. It'd take years for me to get into his pants. I'm thinking you're probably the easier lay. Am I right?"

Dave pulled Puck into a rough, and a little bloody, kiss.

Finn held Puck back from football practice and said, "Dude. You're friends with Karofsky, right? Can't you get him to lay off Kurt? Things got really bad while you were gone. I think something even worse is going to happen."

"I tried, man," Puck insisted, "but he won't listen to me anymore."

"Kurt's really upset," Finn admitted. "And Burt almost killed Karofsky in the hallway the other day. Kurt can't deal with Karofsky and with the wedding and everything."

Puck looked Finn up and down before smirking, "You've got a lot of concern about Kurt, man. What, are you his girlfriend or something?"

"We're going to be step-brothers," Finn insisted, though he could feel himself blushing up a storm.

"And you're fucking!" Puck grinned, clapping Finn on the back. "Rachel won't put out, so you go for the step-bro. Nice, dude."

"It's not like that," Finn insisted. "And I've been looking for a reason to break up with Rachel. She's just so…"

"I think I can help with that," Puck nodded. "And I'll talk to Karofsky, man, but I can't promise anything. He's being more of a douche right now than normal. He seems more than a little obsessed with your boyfriend."

"Thanks, Puck," Finn nodded, leading the way back toward the locker room and hoping Kurt wouldn't be too mad about their friend finding out about them. As much as Finn didn't want to come out, Kurt didn't want anyone to know he was getting it on with a boy who was practically his brother. Finn smiled, though, when he thought about the song he was going to sing Kurt at the wedding. He'd be getting laid that night, for sure.

"Dude," Puck started, grabbing Karofsky and pulling him into Beiste's office. "What's this I hear about you going ape shit on Kurt? You know he's my boy."

"I'm sorry," Dave hissed. "I can't help it, man. I just get so mad when he walks around in his prissy little clothes with his prissy little nose in the air, acting like he's better than the rest of us."

Puck shook his head and said, "I know you want him, Dave, but you can't have him. You're mine."

"What if I don't want to be yours anymore, Noah?" Dave sneered, pushing one of Puck's shoulders in a challenge.

"You won't stop coming back for more," Puck told him, whispering roughly in Dave's ear. "Even if you'd like to pretend you want someone else, I know you're gonna keep coming back to me."

Dave sneered, saying, "Don't count on it."

When Puck got banished to a port-o-potty for a whole day, he figured maybe he shouldn't have pushed Karofsky so hard.

Dave didn't want to be what he was. He didn't want to humiliate and threaten Kurt or Puck. He especially didn't want to lose Puck, but the guy made him feel all sorts of things he wasn't ready to feel, made him do all sorts of things he wasn't ready to do. Except that he was ready. He needed it. He needed Puck back.

So, he got out on the field and danced with the rest of the team, feeling stupid for not putting on his zombie make-up. He grabbed Puck after the number and said softly in his ear, "I'm sorry, Noah. Could we…?"

Puck looked around before slowly coming to a decision. "Yeah, Dave. Yeah, we can. Just, don't be a douche to my friends anymore, alright?"

"Okay," Dave nodded, squeezing Puck's hand and then running off toward the rest of the team, jumping at Azimio as they celebrated their victory. The next morning he had a text from Puck, asking to meet at Puck's house that afternoon. Dave smiled and said, "Oh, nothing," when his mom asked him why he looked so happy.

"Finn," Kurt said softly as he pulled himself out of the taller boy's arms. "I don't think I want to do this anymore."

"Why?" Finn asked, pouting as Kurt moved away. "I love you, Kurt."

"And I love you," Kurt replied, a tear rolling down his cheek. "It's just … you're not out and I am. It shouldn't make a difference, but it does. Plus, everyone sees us as family. We could never be boyfriends in public, and I don't think I can stick with this if we don't have a future."

"But…" Finn protested. "I broke up with Rachel. I'll come out. I will."

"And it still won't work," Kurt shook his head. "I'm sorry."

Finn felt like his guts were going to implode as he frowned at Kurt, an awful idea coming to mind. "This is about Blaine, isn't it? You want to start seeing him, instead of me."

Kurt looked down and nodded. "Please don't hate me. I couldn't stand us not being close. I just don't think we have a healthy relationship Finn. I could have that with Blaine. If you came out, you could have that with someone else."

"Get out," Finn said, his voice low with sadness. "Just go, Kurt. I need some time before I can look at you."

"Okay," Kurt whispered, wiping away a tear and leaving Finn's room, closing the door behind him.

This was the heartbreak Finn had pretended to feel when he found out Rachel "cheated" on him with Puck. This was too hard.

It had been difficult acting like a normal person when Kurt brought Blaine to Rachel's party. It had been difficult brushing off Quinn's advances, because Finn knew it wouldn't do him any good in the long run.

Wondering if maybe he could talk to Puck for awhile, about everything, Finn went over to Puck's house the morning after the party, knowing Puck was usually in a pretty chill mood when he was hung over. Puck's mom's car was gone, so he just let himself into the house like he'd done on any number of occasions and went up the stairs.

What he found in Puck's room wasn't anything like what he expected.

Instead of Puck passed out on his stomach, in his clothes from the night before, the guy was naked on his back. And Karofsky of all people was moving over him, freezing and looking up when he noticed Finn standing there.

"What the fuck, Hudson!" Karofsky cried, getting up and pulling one of Puck's sheets around his waist.

Puck sighed and flopped back against his bed, muttering, "Finn, you cock block."

"Sorry!" Finn cried, throwing up his hands. "I didn't expect to find anyone here. And really? Karofsky?"

"He was rocking my world, douche," Puck sighed, sitting up and pulling on his boxers. "Can we talk about this some other time?"

"No!" Karofsky shouted, before lowering his voice and repeating, "No! I want your word that you won't tell anyone, Hudson! Give me your fucking word!"

"This is why you drove Kurt out of school?" Finn fumed, refusing to be intimidated by Karofsky's glare. "Because of you, he went off to his new school and his new boyfriend and I think it's only fair that I get some payback for all that! I lost my boyfriend because of you!"

"You…?" Karofsky asked, looking to Puck for confirmation and Puck nodded. "You and Kurt … were together?"

"Yes!" Finn cried. "But now he's living at his new school and sleeping with someone else and on the weekends I have to pretend I'm the loving brother I've always been. It's not fucking fair!"

"Boys!" Puck cut in, standing up and putting a hand on both Finn's and Dave's shoulders. "There's too much yelling and not enough fucking. It's not helping my hangover any. So yes, Finn likes cock and he's mad Kurt is gone. Yes, Karofsky likes cock and he's mad Kurt doesn't love him, even though he treated the guy like shit. I like cock and I'm not getting any at the moment. There's something wrong with this picture."

"What…" Karofksy asked, pulling his sheet tighter, but pulling his eyes away from Finn, "…what are you suggesting, Noah?"

A smile spread across Puck's face, his eyeteeth showing as he said, "I've always wanted a three-way. C'mon. It'll be fun. Finn won't have such blue balls and you're never this bitchy after you get laid, Dave. I promise, it'll be worth it."

What surprised Finn the most wasn't how quickly and easily he fell back into a physical relationship with Puck, it was how much chemistry he had with Dave. It was like an instant spark, all that history and drama melting together until all three of them were panting and satisfied.

"Yeah," Puck mused as he traced lines in the come on Finn's stomach, "I think this could work."

"Blaine Anderson, I hate you," Kurt cried into his phone, punching the button to hang up as he marched into the house. You'd think after that beautiful going-away song, Blaine would have been able to handle going to different schools, but no. Not long after Kurt had transferred back to McKinley, Jeff saw Blaine kissing some older boy at the mall. Kurt wouldn't have believed it if Jeff hadn't sent a picture of it happening. He was only hours away from asking Blaine to the prom when he got the text.

So mad he could practically feel the steam coming out of his ears, Kurt stomped up the stairs and knocked on Finn's door, hoping it wasn't too much to ask for a conversation. It probably was, wasn't it? Kurt had to knock a second time before Finn cleared his throat and called, "Yeah? Come in."

"Finn, I…" Kurt stopped when he saw David Karofsky sitting on the floor of Finn's room, a video game controller in one hand and his chest rising and falling rapidly like he was out of breath. What kind of athlete got winded from playing video games? But then he saw the ruddy blush across Finn's face and that guilty look and Kurt knew something was going on. "Seriously?" he asked, knowing he had no right to cry over this, but unable to keep it from happening. "God, Finn! I can't believe you!"

"No, wait, Kurt!" Finn called, following Kurt back into his room and closing the door behind them. "You broke up with me, remember? You can't dictate who I see anymore."

"I know!" Kurt cried, sitting down heavily on his bed. "I know that, Finn. I'm just surprised and upset about this," he shoved his cell phone in Finn's face to show him the picture of Blaine, "and now I come home to find you with Karofsky! It's … it's shocking, is what it is."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but it's all really new. I mean, Puck and I got him to go along with Santana's anti-bullying thing so we could get you back. We're keeping him in line, Kurt."

"We?" Kurt asked, and Finn got this surprised look on his face, like maybe he'd said too much. "Puck knows about Karofsky?"

"They've been on and off since, like, summer," Finn admitted.

"And right now they're off?" Kurt guessed, watching Finn's face and knowing that no, Puck and Karofsky were still together. "What's going on?"

"We're all sort of seeing each other," Finn admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. "Like, for sex and stuff. But it's more than that, it's … like this weird relationship thing. No one else knows."

"I see," Kurt nodded, wondering when Lima had gotten so gay. Well, he knew about Finn and Karofsky, he should have anticipated a relationship between them. He hadn't known Puck was anything other than a boy who had experimented with Finn when they were both young and decided he was all about chasing skirts. But then an image of the three of them flitted through his head and Kurt couldn't figure out whether he was angry, depressed, or more than a little turned on. "No, I get it. You're all in the closet together. How nice for you."

"Kurt-" Finn tried, frowning when Kurt pushed him gently toward the door. "Kurt, please don't be mad."

"Get out," Kurt sighed, pushing Finn until he was in the hallway. "I need time to process, Finn. You go back to making out or whatever with your non-boyfriend."

Kurt's mind began to change about Karofsky when he broke down crying after escorting Kurt to French class and apologized. Maybe it wasn't so weird that he and Finn actually felt something for each other. David was very conflicted, but inside he was a good guy. Kurt actually began to feel a little jealous.

But he was alone now and it was all his fault. He dumped Finn because he thought he'd have greener pastures with Blaine, only to find out Blaine wasn't exactly who he said he was. Kurt pulled himself together and went to the prom with Brittany anyway, as friends. He wore his fabulous kilt and blushed when Finn whispered in his ear how good he looked, just before the tall boy got kicked out for starting a fight with Jesse St. James.

Kurt won Prom Queen.

"Dude," Puck cried as he ran into the hallway after Kurt. "Hummel, stop!"

"What?" Kurt blubbered as he turned around, his face covered in tears. "What do you want from me, Puckerman? I thought things had changed, I thought nobody cared anymore, but they were just too ashamed to hate out loud anymore, so they did it by secret ballot. You're right to stay in the closet."

"You really believe that?" Puck asked, glaring at Kurt. "You? Dude, your closet was like made of glass or something. You couldn't hide no matter how much you tried and now you're out and that's great. But for me and for Dave and Finn? It's easy to stay closeted and at the same time, it's so, so difficult, you know? Finn hated not being there for you in public. I hate having to ignore Dave during school. I hate not being able to kiss Finn when he does something dorky. Believe me, you don't have it any easier."

Kurt pursed his lips and really looked at Puck for a few moments, trying to work out what the boy's angle might be. When he couldn't guess, Kurt asked, "Why are you out here, talking to me? What do you want me to do?"

"I don't fucking know," Puck sighed, rubbing his face with one hand. "All I know is that Finn loves you and Dave loves you and they're my boys. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't come out here and talk to you when they couldn't?"

"Mr. Puckerman?" Kurt asked with a watery smile, wiping away a few last tears. "Am I seeing a soft and gooey center inside your dangerous, but loveable miscreant façade?"

"No," Puck insisted with a little bit of a pout that made Kurt chuckle. If Puck could do the right thing and come after Kurt, be the kind of friend that cared about his teammates and the people his boyfriends cared about, Kurt could do the right thing, too.

A slow smile spreading across his face, Kurt decided, "I'm gonna go back in there and get coroneted. I'm going to show them that it doesn't matter if they're yelling at me or whispering behind my back. They can't touch me. They can't touch us."

"Alright, Kurt!" Puck grinned, chivalrously handing over his pocket square, probably because Kurt looked a wreck. "Way to be badass. Maybe you do this and I think about coming out as bi. Maybe."

Kurt took the offered cloth and chuckled, dabbing his eyes and wiping his nose before pocketing the square, sure Puck wouldn't want it back until after it'd been laundered. "Alright, here I go."

"Hey," Puck said softly, stopping Kurt with a hand on his arm, "think I could get a kiss from the Prom Queen? It'd make my night."

Kurt laughed again and nodded, letting Puck press a soft, but dry, kiss to his lips before he stepped back and took a deep breath. Sure now that he wasn't just doing this for himself, but that he was doing it for everyone at McKinley who had ever been bullied or made fun of, Kurt walked as gracefully as he could manage up to the dais.

Dave couldn't believe it when Kurt came back to prom. He was tougher than the entire football team combined. He just walked right up there and let Figgins put that crown on his head, saying something into the mic that Dave didn't understand, but made the crowd applaud. Fuck, that was hot.

Kurt was like, everything Dave wanted, and some stuff he wanted to be. He was awesome and when Figgins pushed the two of them toward the dance floor, Dave didn't care about everyone watching them. He didn't care about his reputation, or even what Finn and Puck would think when they found out. The music started and Dave pulled Kurt into a dance, swaying back and forth with him, holding him close.

"I didn't think you would dance with me," Kurt admitted once they'd settled on a rhythm. "I mean, you want everyone to think-"

"I don't care what they think," Dave insisted, catching Kurt's eye and holding it for a long moment. "Not after you come in here and take that crown like you deserve it. I don't want to disappoint you anymore."

"Well this is a good start," Kurt smiled, and Dave felt like he could get lost in that smile for hours, days even. "But you've got a lot more making up to do."

Dave thought he heard someone mutter a slur next to them, but he blocked it out, taking his hand from Kurt's and moving it to the boy's chin. "Can I…?" He asked, pulling Kurt's chin up an inch or so.

Kurt nodded in his grip and Dave took what he'd figured out months and months ago he really wanted. This wasn't a stolen make-out session with Finn. This wasn't a heated, desperate fuck with Noah. This was a kiss, pure and simple, done in public, where everyone could see. Prom-night magic.

As their kiss broke and Kurt met Dave's eyes again, the shorter boy asked, "What about Puck and Finn?"

"I was thinking," Dave admitted, pulling Kurt closer against him. How many nights had he sat up, thinking about this very situation, dreaming it would happen? "You and Finn would still be together if it wasn't for me, right?"

"Maybe," Kurt allowed with a nod.

"And you like Puck alright, don't you?" Dave asked, not really knowing which side of the Puck-line Kurt was really going to fall down upon.

Kurt nodded and mumbled, "He's growing on me."

Dave sighed in relief and whispered in Kurt's ear, "Maybe you and I could be the public face of the whole relationship. All of us, I mean. Together."

Kurt shrugged noncommittally, which Dave should have seen coming. Not many people could make this whole multiple-partner relationship thing work, especially not in high school, but Dave really didn't want to give up Puck, who tended to fall apart without Dave, despite his badass attitude, and he really didn't want to give up Finn, either, because he was almost sure he was a little bit in love with the big idiot. Dave couldn't choose.

"Give it a shot?" Dave suggested. "If you don't want to, that's cool. But, I mean, I was with them first."

Kurt nodded and as the dance stopped, he asked, "When?"

Dave spotted Puck across the crowd and took Kurt's hand, saying, "C'mon. I'll find out." When they got close enough, Dave dropped Kurt's hand and leaned in to ask in Puck's ear, "You get that room for tonight?"

"You know it!" Puck smirked, giving Dave a fist bump and eyeing Kurt with a knowing leer. "Lemme just get rid of the beard and go find Finn." He passed a keycard over to Dave and said in his ear, "Don't get started without us, alright? Finn'll get pissed."

"Sure," Dave nodded, reaching to take Kurt's hand again and squeezing it. This was shaping up to be the best prom ever.

Puck hated the new school year. Kurt and Karofsky were out and everyone knew they'd been dating since Prom. Nobody knew he'd been fucking Dave for over a year. Because Puck was such a pussy, no one was going to recognize or congratulate him on the longest relationship Puck had ever been in. Plus, since Finn was Kurt's step-brother, he could hang out with Kurt and Dave without it looking weird. Hell, he could hang out with just Dave and it didn't look weird, now that they were "friends".

Puck was stuck in the fucking shadows.

He wasn't Finn's best friend anymore, since that had become Karofsky, so he couldn't be best friends with Dave. Kurt's best friend was either Rachel or Mercedes, depending on the week, so there was no room there either. Finn still didn't want to come out, because of the questions it would raise at home, so Puck couldn't be Finn's boyfriend. Even if he could, everyone would say that Finn was too good for him. Finn had both parents now, everyone loved him, people in school stood up and took notice of him. Puck was from a broken home on the wrong side of Lima Heights Adjacent.

He was nothing.

Puck had brought all of them together, one by one, and he was fucking nothing to them, except in private. Even then, Puck felt like he was missing out on all the inside jokes, all the little badges of a relationship that he should have had but didn't. Sure he was getting laid, sure he'd admitted to Finn once or twice that okay, maybe he loved the big douche, and David too, and hell even Kurt, because that kid could scream, but that didn't mean they had to love him back.

Puck wished he hadn't been such a screw up in school. He wished he could have graduated early and hitched to New York to make it on his own, in a city that didn't care that he fell in love with guys just as easily as with girls. He wished he could sing about his crazy relationship and how being left out of it made him feel, but he rarely had the privacy for such an indulgence.

Maybe he didn't need to graduate. Maybe the glee club could win Nationals without him. Dave had joined because he got to spend more time with the three of them (or Kurt, if anyone asked), and he was just as good as Finn. Hell, he caught onto the dancing part quicker, so maybe he was better than Finn.

Puck was eighteen now. He could leave whenever he wanted, just walk away like none of it had ever happened. Finn and Kurt and Dave would all have each other. Nobody needed him.

"You guys?" Kurt asked one day when he, Dave and Finn were studying in the library. They'd invited Puck, but he'd said studying was for suckers.

"Yeah?" Finn asked, looking up from his history text book with that dopey expression on his face, like he needed to let everything, including his facial muscles, relax so that he could focus on sounding out the words. Kurt thought it was adorable.

Kurt waited until Dave was looking at him too, before leaning in and whispering, "Do you know what's going on with Noah? Is it just me, or has he been more sullen than usual lately?"

"Yeah," Finn sighed, starting a doodle in his notebook. "He shows up for our dates and stuff, but he hardly ever hangs out with us in school. Do you think he's starting to get ashamed of what we have?"

"Not ashamed," Dave chimed in, closing his Calc II book. "More, like, depressed or something. What's he got to be depressed about?"

"I told him he's going to get into one of the schools he's applying for," Kurt pointed out. "I mean, we all are. I don't care what it takes, we're moving to New York. All of us."

Finn shook his head and shrugged before saying, "I wonder if we should do something nice for him? You know, show him we love him and all that good stuff. It always worked when Rachel was being moody."

"That's not a bad idea," Kurt nodded, sharing a fond smile with Dave, who nodded in agreement. "Something nice… We could get a hotel Saturday night. I've got some money saved up, and I know about that stash in your sock drawer, Finn."

"Recreate prom night?" Finn asked, shivering in his chair.

"Even better," Kurt insisted. "Because now we know we all love each other. If this can't cheer him up, nothing will."

Finn shivered again and said, "Mom and Burt are going away this weekend, remember? We won't even have to go to a hotel."

"Perfect," Kurt sighed, grabbing Dave's hand and squeezing it, loving that look of anticipation in his eyes.

Puck was contemplating what to pack for his trip out of Lima when Finn showed up at his bedroom door.

"Hey, dude," Puck greeted him, not really feeling the kiss Finn dropped onto his lips.

"What are you up to?" Finn asked, trailing his fingers up and down Puck's arms like the bedroom door wasn't wide open.

Puck lied, "Nothing," and pulled away, flopping down onto his bed. "Why?"

"Why do you think?" Finn smirked, taking Puck's empty backpack and starting to fill it with clothes. What? Hudson wanted to help Puck along? Get him out of town even faster? "You're sleeping over this weekend. Burt and my Mom went to a wedding in Kansas City, so we've got the house to ourselves."

"And Dave's parents are just letting him sleep over with his boyfriend?" Puck asked, sure Finn was too stupid to think all this through.

"Dave told his dad he's staying here. He'll be here any minute."

Puck nodded. Okay, either Finn wasn't as dumb as he looked or he'd had help from Kurt planning this weekend.

"What if I had shit to do?" Puck asked, standing up and grabbing his bag out of the boy's hands. Seriously, who packed four pairs of boxers and no socks for a weekend?

Checking the doorway to make sure it was clear, Finn pulled Puck close and murmured in his ear, "Nothing's more important than this, Noah. Say you'll come be with us?"

Mouth going dry at the feel of Finn's breath against his ear, Puck sighed and nodded, turning away from Finn to repack his bag. He probably wouldn't need much in the way of clothing, but he at least had to convince his mom that he'd brought enough clean underwear and a sweater before she would let him leave the house. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea. One last, weekend-long hurrah before he left and had to find someone in New York to sex up.

Dave showed up when Puck was almost done packing, waving goodbye to his dad, who had apparently given him a ride over. With any luck, Mr. Karofsky wouldn't be back until Sunday afternoon.

When they got to Finn's house it was empty and dark, which was weird, since Carole always had this habit of leaving lights on all over the house. "Where's Kurt?" Puck asked as they invaded the living room, Puck and Dave dropping their bags.

"Getting supplies," Finn smiled, dropping down on the couch next to Puck and taking his hand, like they were boyfriends or something. "He should be back soon."

Dave sat on Puck's other side and suddenly he felt like he was in a jock sandwich, with both boys pressed close to him. Finn turned the TV to ESPN and squeezed Puck's hand, as if thanking him for being there. Well, that was a first.

Dave kicked off his shoes and threw an arm around Puck's shoulders. Damn, if this wasn't so nice, it'd feel claustrophobic. In any case, Puck was going to enjoy it while it lasted, because pretty soon they were going to forget about him again. Puck put his head on Dave's shoulder and watched the game.

Pretty soon Kurt came back with sandwiches and salads, as well as a mystery black bag that Puck was sure came from the porn shop on Main. Interesting. Puck would have paid to see Kurt browsing the shelves of a porn shop, his eyes probably bugging out at some of the crap in there. He supposed Kurt was the only one of them besides Puck that was eighteen and legally allowed in, though Puck had been using a fake ID to get in since he was fifteen and had started banging all those cougars.

Kurt sat on the floor at Puck's feet, which was weird enough because it was the floor but also because there was an empty recliner just a few feet away. Puck tickled Kurt's side with his still-socked big toe, laughing with the others when Kurt got milk up his nose. "Jerk!" Kurt cried with a smile, wiping off his face before turning back to the TV. When Kurt was finished eating, he took one of Puck's legs over his shoulder and got rid of Puck's sock. Puck was sure he was in for a little revenge, but Kurt just smiled shyly over his shoulder and started giving Puck a foot massage. Oh, yeah. He could get used to this.

Before too long, Dave pulled Puck into a kiss and then another, and then they were making out as Kurt switched to Puck's other foot and started giving it the same treatment as the first. Puck groaned into Dave's mouth. God, if this was going to be Puck's last weekend with his boys, it was off to a very good start.

Then a hand massaged Puck's crotch, and he was pretty sure Finn was getting in on the action now. But it was weird, since everyone was paying attention to him. Usually when they all got it on – anything other than making out without everyone there was considered against the rules, not that it made Puck feel any better – they'd split off into pairs for awhile and then switch it up. Three-on-one was almost unheard of.

Puck wasn't going to complain.

Dave broke away from the kiss and said, "C'mon. Let's go to bed."

Finn watched as Kurt and Dave each took one of Puck's hands, leading them up toward Finn's bedroom. He'd managed to convince his parents that since he was so tall, he needed a king-sized bed, and it really came in handy during times like this. Puck's queen was barely enough room for the four of them, Kurt's bed was a full and always covered with pillows, and Dave was still sleeping on the twin his dad had bought him in grade school. Getting together at Dave's house was always a challenge, even though his dad was gone more often than not.

Finn followed behind the three of them, watching eagerly as Kurt took charge – like always – and ordered Puck to lie out on the bed. Dave kissed Puck again while Kurt took the boy's shirt and Finn went straight for Puck's belt. Out of all his boyfriends, Finn liked seeing Puck naked the best. Dave was hot, of course, and Kurt was beautiful, but Puck always owned it, owned his appearance in a shameless way that Finn was still trying to emulate.

It probably didn't hurt that Puck was hung and damn well knew it.

When Puck broke away from Dave's kiss to find himself naked and everyone else clothed, he pushed Dave away and asked softly, "What is this? Some sort of going away present?"

"What?" Finn asked, moving forward to sit next to Puck's legs, putting one hand on Puck's thigh, like that was going to hold him there.

"Yeah, what are you talking about, Noah?" Dave added, putting on hand on the side of Puck's neck, below his ear. "Where are you going?"

Puck looked around at all three of them before shaking his head and looking up, like he was trying not to cry or something. Kurt made a soft noise of sympathy and flung his arms around Puck's chest. He spoke softly into Puck's shoulder, but loud enough that Finn could hear him. "Don't you even think about leaving us, Noah Puckerman. We love you. I love you. Surely you're smart enough to see that."

"It doesn't matter," Puck muttered, meeting Finn's eye for a moment before looking away. "I mean, yeah, you guys are all I want, but there's just…more out there. Isn't there?"

"No," Finn insisted, moving right behind Kurt and throwing his arms around both of them, sighing when Dave joined in. "Puck, you belong with us. You're coming to New York with us next year, too. I love you, dude, and if you leave, this whole thing falls apart."

"Yeah," Dave added, turning Puck's head so he could kiss him again. "Baby, we need you. We're going to show you how much."

Finn and Kurt both made sounds of agreement and Puck sighed, falling back onto the mattress, one hand covering his eyes. Kurt lay out next to him, kissing one of the tears that rolled down from Puck's eye.

Finn felt awful, this tight lump of guilt building in his chest and he wasn't quite sure how to make it better. Tentatively, he put his hand over Puck's heart, trying to make his oldest friend understand that this was real, as real as how Finn felt about Dave and definitely as real as how he felt about Kurt. Dave put his hand over Finn's, pressing down just enough to make his presence known, while Kurt kissed Puck's face and whispered in his ear.

Kurt had hoped he was wrong in thinking Puck felt unappreciated. He'd hoped he was wrong in thinking that Puck was close to pulling away for good. He hoped these tears were just temporary and that they could get back to being young and in love like they were during the summer.

"Noah," Kurt whispered in his boyfriend's ear, feeling Finn and then Dave move beside them. "You're not allowed to think you're unworthy. Understand? You're the biggest badass in school and hotter than the sun. You know most of the girls and some of the guys drool over you all the time."

Puck nodded, one of his tears falling onto Kurt's hand.

"It's not just because you're attractive," Kurt continued. "It's not just because of your attitude. It's because you're an amazing, talented person, Noah. When I realized you loved me, I cried, remember?" Puck nodded again. "And it wasn't because I was upset. I was bowled over by how much that meant to me. You don't love easily, sweetheart," Kurt sighed, kissing away another tear and smiling when Puck brushed the hair at the back of his head. "You don't trust easily. But here you are, loving all three of us. Trusting all three of us. Can you let us do the same for you?"

"Can," Puck croaked, clearing his throat before trying again. "Can things change? I mean, I'm ready to come out. I just don't know how. I don't know what good it's going to do."

"Yeah, baby," Kurt nodded, looking back to where both Dave and Finn were running their hands over Puck's sides, calming him as they leaned together, heads meeting in the middle. "Things can change. What do you think, Finn? Are you ready to be who Noah needs you to be?"

Finn looked dumbstruck and Kurt rolled his eyes, about to explain before Dave jumped in and did it for him. "Finn," Dave said, his voice serious as they turned to look at each other. "You have to come out, too. You have to tell everyone that you and Noah are together. Can you do that for us?"

Finn took half a second before nodding enthusiastically. "Noah?" he grinned, leaning forward and climbing onto Puck. "Will you be my out-to-the-world boyfriend?"

Puck looked at Kurt briefly, until he nodded, and then surged forward, pulling Finn into a hard kiss, his eyes pressed tightly together and leaking a few more tears. Hopefully they would be the last.

Dave laughed a little and caught Kurt's hand behind Puck's back. "I think that's a yes."

"Fuck, yes," Puck sighed as he and Finn parted, though he still held the tall boy close, like he never wanted to let go. "Dudes, I don't even…"

Finn smiled at Puck, running one hand over his short hair as he said, "You don't have to say anything, Noah. Just let us show you how much you mean to us." And then Finn rolled his hips, making Puck gasp and then groan with a wicked smile.

Finally, Kurt thought, loosening his tie. All was close to being right with the world.

"Dave," Kurt ordered as he undid the buttons on his shirt, "you should help Finn get undressed."

Nodding, Dave did as he was told, watching eagerly as Finn and Puck kissed and moved together. He had to get them to stop so he could pull Finn's shirt up over his head, but neither seemed to mind too much. On the other side of the pair, Kurt stripped himself down carefully, making sure his clothes landed somewhere clean. Dave always loved watching the ripple of Kurt's light ab muscles when he tilted his hips up to take off his pants. It was almost as hot as watching Finn and Puck trying to fuck each other through Finn's jeans.

Running his hands down Finn's chest, Dave managed to pop open Finn's fly and pull down the zipper before helping the guy up onto his feet so he could kick his pants and underwear away. Then, Dave let Kurt help get him undressed and finally they were all naked – or close to. Kurt liked wearing his boxer-briefs until the last possible moment. Dave had told him a hundred thousand times that he was beautiful and didn't need to cover up, but it was also one of those quirks he'd grown to love about the boy.

Kissing Dave quickly, Kurt got up from the bed and fetched that black bag he'd come home with, saying as he went, "Finn, on your back. Noah, on your knees, if you'd be so kind."

They weren't really paying attention, so Dave sort of manhandled them both until they were where Kurt wanted them. He'd seriously give Kurt, or any one of his boyfriends, anything they wanted – even if it was something impossible, like George Washington's armpit hair.

Dave didn't know what Kurt was planning, but he couldn't help but cut in on Finn, laying down beside him and pulling Puck over so he could get a taste of that magical tongue, too. While they were kissing, Puck jumped in surprise, making Dave ask, "What, baby?"

"Kurt," Puck laughed, looking over his shoulder. Dave looked back too and Kurt gave them an innocent smile as he poured more lube down Puck's crack. Puck let his head fall to the pillows between Dave and Finn, moaning loudly as Kurt worked his magic.

After a few moments, Kurt said roughly, "Dave? Could you give me a hand?" Finn and Puck had gone back to kissing lazily, so Dave ran a hand down Puck's back as he moved closer to Kurt.

"What do you need, babe?" Dave asked, nibbling Kurt's shoulder, since he always had the tastiest skin.

"You finish this," Kurt insisted, taking his fingers out of Puck and wiping his hands on a towel he must have put out. "I've got a few other things to take care of."

Kurt crumpled up and threw the empty bag off the bed as Dave took his place behind Puck's ass. Damn, it was a nice ass – the one that had been Dave's undoing. He took a little more of the lube Kurt had bought (vanilla flavored) and worked one of his fingers into that tight heat.

God, Dave hoped Kurt let him top Puck. He couldn't stand the guy not knowing how privileged Dave felt every time he got to do it, every time he got to make the sex-shark of McKinley feel that good.

Puck was starting to feel he'd been wrong. Maybe the guys did need him. Maybe they needed his awesome making-out skills and his sculpted ass and his giant cock. Maybe they needed his tongue and his fingers – Puck shivered when Kurt sucked one of them into his mouth, tonguing the rough pad and hollowing out his cheeks.

"Fuck," he groaned against Finn's mouth, relishing the feel of fingers in his ass and wet heat around his finger. "Kurt, baby, what are you doing?"

Kurt let go of Puck's finger with a pop and murmured, "Whatever you want." He moved in closer and pet Finn's head lovingly before whispering in Puck's ear, "What's it gonna be, Noah? Do we take turns showing you how much we love you, or do you want us all at once?"

"All at once?" Puck asked, very surprised. They'd only done that once, to Kurt, and it hadn't worked out very well, but while it had worked, Kurt had looked like he'd enjoyed it. "Fuck, yeah, all at once."

"Good choice," Kurt replied, biting Puck's ear softly before calling out, "Dave, switch to Finn, if that's agreeable?"

Finn nodded and Dave's hands left Puck, but it was alright, because Kurt pulled Puck to the side, on top of him, and kissed Puck hard and hungry. Puck didn't know how Kurt did it, but every time he kissed the guy it felt like Kurt was begging for it – begging to be fucked, begging to be touched, begging to be allowed in. Puck let his hands roam over Kurt's body, squeezing his hips, scratching dull nails over his nipples, grasping Kurt's shoulders to hold him close as their bodies rubbed together.

Breaking away to breathe for a moment, Kurt demanded, "Say you'll never think about leaving again. Say you could never give this up. Say you could never break our hearts, Puckerman."

"Never," Puck agreed, kissing Kurt one last time as Finn pulled him away, begging for some attention of his own.

"Please, Noah," Finn begged, pulling Puck close with one leg and tilting his hips upward. "Please, fuck me."

Puck thrust his hips, unable to deny Finn anything when he asked it in that low, pleading voice, and found Finn sopping wet and open. Needing a better angle, Puck sat back on his haunches and pulled Finn up to rest on his thighs, working his cock in as best he could. Dave's hands were on his back and Kurt's eyes were on the point where Puck was desperately trying to join with Finn and Puck decided, yeah, okay. He'd been wrong.

Finn almost cried when Puck finally got himself seated inside Finn's body, and it wasn't because it hurt. Finn bottomed often enough that almost nothing they did anymore hurt. No, he almost cried because of the guilt he felt flushing away as Puck looked at him like that, like they were really in love and always had been since that first time in his room when they were fourteen. Finn never meant for Puck to feel anything else, and he should have known. He should have seen Puck withdrawing before Kurt did, and before Dave either. Puck had been Finn's best friend since they were kids, and now they got to share this, too.

Finn almost felt like he didn't deserve it, especially not when Dave moved in behind Puck and started thrusting for the both of them. Finn never wanted it to end.

Kurt watched as Dave eased into Puck, kissing the back of Puck's neck and holding on tight with one arm around his chest. As soon as they were moving together fairly well with Finn, Kurt caught Puck's lips in a kiss to get his attention. When Puck opened his eyes to look at him, Kurt asked, "You ready, sweetheart?"

"Yeah," Puck panted, licking his lips. "Gimme what you got, baby."

Kurt stood up and balanced himself against the headboard, crouching down low enough that Puck could reach his dick without straining. "Please, Noah," he sighed, watching as Puck leaned forward as best he could with his lower body still rocking in time with Dave's thrusts. Mouth open and tongue out, Puck looked so fucking hot and so eager that Kurt couldn't stop himself from helping out and thrusting his hips forward.

After a second of surprised hesitation, Puck began licking and sucking, tearing a litany of moans from Kurt's throat. Below him, Finn cursed softly, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," and tugged on his own cock. Behind Puck, Dave looked up, meeting Kurt's eyes as he bit his bottom lip and wiped the sweat from his brow, never stopping the insistent thrust of his hips. The movement worked its way up into the rhythm of Puck's bobs up and down on Kurt's dick and Kurt knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

Finn apparently agreed.

"Shittttt!" he groaned, pressing his face against Kurt's leg as if that would help him get through it.

Puck had never been this over stimulated before, and he loved it. He loved how everyone was paying attention to him, depending on him to make them feel good, to make them come. When Finn's orgasm hit, Puck pressed into him deeply, helping him ride it out even as Dave continued fucking him from behind. Kurt came next, sighing and filling Puck's mouth. Kurt always tasted awesome and it made Puck groan as he swallowed, thrusting as best he could into Finn's tight ass until he came as well. Dave followed right after him, holding Puck so tightly he could hardly breathe and huffing loudly against Puck's shoulder.

As they all collapsed into a boneless heap of limbs and skin, Puck nestled his head against someone and sighed. "Thanks you guys," he whispered, tightening his hand when someone took it. "I love you."

A chorus of, "I love you too," followed and Puck decided if he could get his brain to stop being an insecure douche about all of this, he could probably be truly happy for the first time in his life.

The first step came on Sunday evening, when Finn invited him out to dinner with his parents, Kurt, and Dave, and introduced Puck as his boyfriend. Carole and Burt shared a look before shrugging at each other, Carole smiling and saying, "Whatever makes you happy, sweetheart."

Finn took Puck's hand in his and held onto it tightly, setting them both on top of the table for everyone to see. Under the table, Dave's hand found his, interlacing their fingers and from the foot of the table, Kurt winked quickly with a fond smile. Puck smiled back and wondered if he could get away with ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, or if fucking both their sons was more than he should reasonably expect from Mr. and Mrs. H.

He decided to go with a burger. You could never go wrong with a burger.

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