Title: Responsibility
Ptera Waters
Puck/Finn/Karofsky/Kurt – Fuckurtofsky!
drama, romance, smut, but mostly fluff
explicit slash, mpreg
All aired episodes (i.e. season 2)
Glee is not mine, at all
Puck thought it was pretty awesome, living in New York with his three boyfriends – right up until the day he found out he was pregnant and had no idea which of them was the father.


"Daddy Dave!" Ariel Penelope Rose Hudson cried as Dave came through the door of their apartment, launching herself into his arms. Dave caught his daughter with a laugh, pulling on one of her dark-blonde braids as he settled her in his arms.

"What's going on, pumpkin?" he asked, carrying the four-year-old into the kitchen where Noah and Kurt were working together to make dinner. Kurt's ass had a big flour handprint that made Dave give Noah a smirking look as he kissed both of them hello.

"Grandpa Burt and Grandma Carole are coming to visit! Isn't that awesome? I bet they bring me a bunch of presents. I'm their only grandkid, you know."

"I do know that," Dave smiled, taking a dollop of the sour cream Kurt was using and dropping it on her nose. "But not for long."

Noah shook his head as he passed, mumbling, "Can't believe I let you talk me into this again…" his belly leading the way as he went to go set the table in the dining room.

"Where's your Daddy Finn?" Dave asked his daughter, laughing as she went cross-eyed and tried to clean the sour cream off her nose with her tongue.

"Ahh worrhh," she mumbled around her tongue before giving up and using her fingers. "He's trying to be on the shitty council."

Biting back a laugh, Dave gave Noah a look and he shrugged, mouthing, "What?" like he was completely innocent. Yeah, right.

"Finn will be home soon," Kurt replied, "and I have to leave right after dinner. Rehearsal, you know. Baby?" he asked, stopping in front of Dave and meeting Ariel's eyes. "Are you going to come see my show when it opens?"

"I guess," she sighed, struggling until Dave put her down so she could run after Noah, chasing him around the table.

"We'll really need to grill her on the rules before your parents get here," Dave told Kurt, following him back into the kitchen. "I love the whole Daddy Dave, Daddy Kurt thing, but I think it's just going to confuse your parents."

"I know," Kurt sighed, smiling over his shoulder when Dave wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind. "But it's been awhile since we've seen them and if we want any help paying for the wedding…"

"You think they'll expect us to get our own place once we're married on paper?" Dave asked, burying his nose in Kurt's shoulder. "We can only claim to be poor college students for so long before its obvious we're not anymore."

"I don't care," Kurt sniffed. "We'll just tell them we like living with Finn and Noah and let them make of it what they will."

"And what if Ariel mentions how we normally all sleep in the big bed?" Finn asked as he came into the room, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and filling it with tap water, taking a long gulp before he continued. "It's kinda hard to explain that away and I don't like the idea of making our daughter a liar."

"Who's a liar?" Ariel asked as she slid into the kitchen on her socks. "Liars are bad, mean people, like Daddy Noah."

"Hey!" Noah cried from the other room. "What did I ever lie about?"

"Daddy!" Ariel shouted back, making Finn wince like he had a headache already. "You said that the Easter Bunny was married to the Tooth Fairy and that's just not true! Bobby Perkins told me so!"

"And you believe everything Bobby Perkins tells you?" Noah asked as he joined them in the kitchen, tugging on both of Ariel's braids. "I think someone has a crush."

"I'll crush you!" Ariel cried, roaring at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet until Noah feigned fear and ran away again.

"Should he really be roughhousing while he's seven months pregnant?" Dave asked the others before grabbing a carrot stick from the tray Kurt had set out.

Later that night, while he was taking his turn tucking Ariel in, she surprised Dave by saying, "No one else at preschool has four daddies. Leah has two mommies. How come I don't have any mommies?"

"Because, Baby," Dave explained, kissing her forehead and glad they'd decided to tell Ariel the truth when she started asking questions, "Daddy Noah is your mommy. He grew you in his tummy just like he's growing your little brother. He's a special sort of daddy called a carrier because he can carry you in his tummy."

"Oh," she nodded, thinking over that fact, her bright blue eyes shining in the dim lamp-light. At this point, with those eyes and cheekbones, they were all pretty sure that Kurt was her biological father, but sometimes she would put on a facial expression that just made you wonder. Like right now. When Ariel was thinking hard, she looked a lot like Finn. Eventually her expression softened and she got Noah's wicked grin. "Does that mean I can call Daddy Noah Mommy?"

"Sure," Dave laughed, squeezing her arm before he got up. "Go for it, kid."

"Thanks, Daddy Dave," she whispered as she turned onto her side to go to sleep. Dave watched her back for a moment from the doorway and shook his head at the thought that he'd almost walked away from this. That would have been the worst mistake of his life, almost as bad as threatening Kurt the way he had in high school. It was all good now, though. He and Kurt were getting married at Christmas, the baby was due in about six weeks, and Dave was pretty sure he was about to get a promotion at work. Life was better than he ever expected it to be.

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