Divide and Conquer

Disclaimer: I don't own "Dark Angel", sadly, but the guys are such a treat to play with…

A/N: My gratitude goes out to my awesome beta twinchaosblade who makes sense of my stuff, even if I don't.

A/N 2: Response to the March-April 2011 'Great Opening Lines' Challenge on Raising Hell
Setting some time between 1.12 'The Kidz are Aiight' and 1.18 'Hit a Sista Back'

Prompt: "Finally!"


"Finally!" Logan grabs the bottle of Chardonnay by the neck as if to strangle it for hiding. Another five minutes and Bling would probably have called Max in for help with an immediate search and rescue mission – and inadvertently spoilt his surprise.

He pictured the way one side of her mouth would just lift in the faintest of smiles when she would say something to the extend of 'Canada got too boring for your liking?'… and he himself would try his level best to not let that pang of jealousy sting too much at the look Zack would cast her.

The End