DISCLAIMER: Tenchi Universe and the characters protrayed in the TV
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a form of fan appreciation for the series and was made for the purposes
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I am not gaining any money from writing this story.
Author's Notes: I've been trying to write this series for some time now.
I have one other series that is doing very well, but this one has been
a problem. This is the third and final rewrite of it that I am doing
on this series. Its inspired by a dream I had after listened to the
English version of "New Dimension of Love" which is the song that plays
at the very end of "No Need For A Conclusion", Tenchi Universe ep 26. Most
of this story cames from that dream and the rest I made up as I went
along. Enjoy...



He was alone again, running through the night crying out their
names but nobody answered back. He ran up the stairs to their door
and knocked but there was no answer, he ran again to his home and
went to the kitchen but it empty. The broom closet under the stairs
was just that, a normal broom closet. He fell to his knees and cried
out for them, but nobody answered. Voices from the wall, walls that
held so many memories mocked him...

You should have stayed with her.
Why didn't you leave with her?
You should have told her now you feel.
They are gone, gone forever!
Its all your fault!
Your all alone forever!
Its all your fault!
Its all your fault!
Its all your fault!

Tenchi woke up with a start, it was still dark outside, and he
felt around on his bed franticly. His hand rested on a warm body that
rested beneath the covers next to him and he sighed with relief. The
body stired a little and a pair of golden eyes peered at him, illuminated
by the light of the full moon shining through his window.
"Did I wake you?" he asked.
"I don't mind. What's the matter?" Ryoko asked.
"I, I thought I was alone again." he said. Tenchi felt a hand
cover his and he didn't feel the same urge to want to pull away like
he used to. Ever since Ryoko came back to Earth a few days ago, Tenchi
began to noticed in himself a change in attitude towards the space
pirate. He could still remember her tear filled eyes looking at him
when he told her he was going after Aeka, how she was afraid he might
die if he left. It had effected him more than he realized, more than
he had wanted to realize, but now it was all clear as day to him.
"I'm not going anywhere, Tenchi." Ryoko told him softly as she
caressed his fingers litely. Tenchi took her hand in his and held
it like that, their fingers intertwined with one another, for almost
an eternity. He could see moisture forming in Ryoko's eyes as tears
began to well up. Seeing them reminded him of that day they parted
on Jurai.
Tenchi leaned over and pulled Ryoko into his arms and held her
close. She embraced him and squeezed him litely, but not too much
like she used to. Purely on impulse, perhaps it was because of the
mood of the moment or the conflict in his heart, Tenchi looked into
those beautiful golden eyes and he said three simple words. They were
only words, three simple ones, but they were words that were written
on his heart..."I love you."
Tears of joy streamed down Ryoko's face when Tenchi spoke the
words he had been so afraid so to say for so long. Tenchi tightened
his embrace and he kissed her deeply letting all of feelings go into
the touch. "I love you too." Ryoko said after their kissed ended in
what seemed like forever. They held each other the rest of the
night and fell asleep in each other's arms. When morning came
Noboyuki thought to check in on his son when he got up to make
breakfast, but he saw the two laying in bed together and decided that
they needed their privacy. He closed the door slowly as not to wake
them and went downstairs quietly.

Tenchi woke up and found his bed empty. He felt the place where
Ryoko had been laying and he could feel it was still warm. That meant
she didn't get up too long ago. He got up, dressed for his morning
chores, since Ryu-Ohki was going to need carrots again, and he walked
downstairs. He went into the bathroom which was still the same old
men's bath that it had been since he returned and filled the tub. He
stripped his clothes and eased himself into the steaming water and
layed his head back.
His theoughts went to the events of the past few days,
his confessiion of love to Ryoko, and their kiss. He remembered all
the things that took place over the past few months she lived in his
house. The incident where she tried to trick Aeka into thinking Ryu-
Ohki was her baby with him, the time she tied him up and too him to
the gremlin's cave where they discovered Washu, or the incident in
that alternate universe created by Washu's dimensional tuner where
he and Ryoko were gansters.
He smiled at the memories and felt like kicking himself for not
seeing it earlier how he felt about her. No, about them. Was that
right, he throught to himself, for in his heart he could still feel
a warm place in his heart for the others. He remember his walk though
the forest with Aeka on her first day on Earth, the touch of her
hands when she thought she burned herself on the sweet potatoes he
baked for her, and all the other times he was alone with her and how
she made him feel. But, I love Ryoko, how can I love Aeka too, or
any of the others. He pondered his question but the more he thought
on it the more he realized that he did love them all.
His thoughts continued to drift until he noticed a shadow was
blocking out the bathroom light. He opened his eyes and nearly jumped
out of his skin. Ryoko was hovering over him totally naked in all of
her gorgeous glory. She smiled down at him and slowly floated down into
the water. He could feel her body against his, the softness of her
breasts on his chest, and his heart started to beat rapidly. She kissed
him gently and her touch sent electricity through his body. However,
something at the back of his mind screamed for him to stop, although
in his heart he didn't want to stop. He pulled her arms away and a
small trickle of blood came from his nose. She looked at him with a
very hurt expression, but he touched her face gently and said, "I love
you, but I'm not ready for this yet. I'd be lying if I didn't say I
was really tempted, but I want our first time to be special."
Ryoko leaned forward and kissed his passionately, letting her body
touch his one more time. "I understand, my love." she whispered into
his ear before kissing him again and teleporting away. When he came out
of the bathroom fully dressed she was there waiting for him. A very
nice smell wafted in from the kitchen bring back memories of Sasami.
"I made you breakfast. With your dad's help though." she told
"Thanks. I am a bit hungry this morning." he said.
"Come on then." Ryoko said as she dragged him into the kitchen
and sat him down at the table.
"I picked something out of one of Sasami's old cook books. I
hope you like it." she said as she made a plate and set it down in
front of him. It was a Western style breakfast consisting of a large
ham and chese omlette, four strips of bacon, and two likes of toast
with butter and strawberry preserves on the side for spreading.
"Wow, this is good." Tenchi said after tasting his breakfat.
Ryoko blushed lightly and took a seat next to him. She smiled
at him, but her smile quickly turned to a small frown.
"What's the matter?" he asked her with concern in his voice.
"Tenchi, Aeka is going to be here soon. Remember I told you she
was coming." she said.
Tenchi sighed and looked down at his plate. "Your wonder what
it will mean for us?" he asked.
Ryoko nodded her head.
He reached out and touched her chin softly and looked into her
eyes. "It changes nothing." he told her. She looked at him and she
noticed a strange look in his eyes. She noticed it when she mentioned
Aeka's name. She knew her place in Tenchi's heart, but she had to
know if it was true what she was seeing. Tenchi realized he
reacted to the news that Aeka was coming back, and he hoped that Ryoko
did not notice it.
"Tenchi, I love you and I know you love me, but I want the
truth. I know you could never lie to me." she said. "Tenchi, please,
tell me....do you love Aeka?"
The question shocked Tenchi to his core and he realized that
Ryoko did noticed his reaction. He tried to come up with something he
could tell her, but he could not lie to her and he did not want to
hurt her either. He was trapped and his only recourse was to be honest
and hope that she understood. He turned to face her and took her
hands in his.
"I love you, and nothing will ever change that." he told her.
"But can't lie to you either. I hope you will forgive me because
I have to tell you my answer is yes."
She squeezed his hands litely and then smiled at him. "If I
didn't forgive you I wouldn't be in love with you." she said to him.
"But, if you love her too why did you leave Jurai?"
"Because you weren't there." he said finally admittig his real
reason for refusing Aeka's offer to stay. A single tear fell from
Ryoko's eyes and they kissed passionately for several minutes.
"I also have to tell you something else. I want to be totally honest
with you." he said, and he told her the truth about his feelings for the
rest of girls. For a moment Ryoko's face was a mask he could not read, but
a smile crept over her face slowly and a gleam appeared in her eyes. "Tenchi,
darling, you've been hanging around your father way too long." she said
with a laugh.
"Your not upset?" he asked in surprise.
"No, not really, a little surprised." she said. "I want you to
be happy, Tenchi. If having your love means having to share it then
I can't complain."
He embraced her again and held her close. "I was so afraid you'd
be upset, or angry, or..." he tried to say, but she put a finger to
his lips.
"Just promise me this, don't let her try to con us into going
back to Jurai with her." she said. They shared a laugh and held
each other again. When they parted Tenchi finished his breakfast,
kissed Ryoko goodbye and went out to the carrot field with Ryu-Ohki
on his shoulder.

Tenchi went out to the shed next to the carrot field and pulled
out a rake and hoe. He stopped and looked at the carrot patch and
sighed at the sight. It had overgrown with weeds during his absence
in space and during the time he was at home but Ryoko and Ryu-Ohki
were not with him. The Cabbit looked at the ground and sighed deeply.
"It'll take alot of work, but I think I can get her back in
order for you, Ryu-Ohki." Tenchi said as he scratched her head.
"Miya." meowed the Cabbit as she nuzzled him under the chin.
Quickly he started working the ground with the rack to get dead
leaves up, and then he boed the earth taking time to grab and threw
a week root or old rotten carrot to the side. He was into his work
for about an hour and was halfway through the patch when something
blotted out the sun. At first he thought it was a cloud giving him
some relief, but the low rumbling sound from above told him otherwise.
He looked up and found himself staring at the underside of a large
wooden starship. It slowly came down over the house and moved out over
the lake where it stopped and hovered there. A hatch in the side
opened up and two figures levitated to the ground on a beam of light.
One figure was taller than the other, and though they were too far for
him to see them clear he know exactly who they were.
"That would be Aeka and Sasami." he said to the Cabbit. At the
mention of the young princess' name Ryu-Ohki leaped off of Tenchi's
shoulder and bolted for the front of the house. Tenchi had to
laugh, and went back to work to finish what he started. He knew for a
fact that Ryoko would be there ot greet the princesses. He hoped that
Aeka was not in a fighting mood or she would be upset with Ryoko for being
here first.

Aeka and Sasami stood by the lake and saw nobody around. They
jus arrived on Earth and were hoping to see Tenchi about, but he was
nowhere to be seen. They walked up to the house and figured that
maybe he was in school, but then a small furry creature came running
down the path towards them.
"Miya, miya!!" the Cabbit meowed.
"Ryu-Ohki!" Sasami cried and she broke into a run and caught the
little creature in her arms.
"If she is here, then that must mean...AAAHHHH....that space
pirate got here to Tenchi before I did!" Aeka cried in horror.
As if on cue Ryoko materialized on the path and stood there with
a smirk on her face. Aeka turned furiously red when she faced her
rival and she stormed up to her.
"If you've laid a hand on Tenchi, I'll... I'll..." she shouted.
"Nice to see you too, Princess." Ryoko said sarcasticly. "Hey,
kiddo, how have you been doing?"
"Just great. When did you get here, Ryoko?" Sasami asked. Ryu-
Ohki was now in her customary position on the top of the little princess'
"A few days ago." replied Ryoko.
"Where is Tenchi, what have you done with him?" Aeka demanded
with her hands balled into fists.
"He's working on Ryu-Ohki's carrot patch." said Ryoko with a
widening grin on her face.
"What are you smiling about? What's happened here?" Aeka asked. a
sudden feeling of dread overcame her. No, no I will not believe that
Tenchi would fall for this most wanted criminal, she said to herself.
"Lets just say that I've been pretty happy since I came back
here." Ryoko said with a cheshire cat grin. She knew that Tenchi loved
the princess too, but she couldn't help resist making her skwirm a little.
"You and Tenchi." Aeka said in a meek voice suddeenly, but then
she scowled her face at the space pirate. "I don't believe it, I
won't believe it until I see Tenchi myself." With that the princess
hiked up the hem of her kimono and stomped towards the house.
"Aeka." Ryoko called to her. The princess turned around with
a wenomous look in her eyes and she saw a softness in Ryoko's face
that she'd never seen before. It took her completely by surprise and sbe
was not sure hosw to react to this sudden change in her rival.
"Something did happen between me and Tenchi, and he admited some-
thing to me." Ryoko told her.
"What!? You, you seduced him didn't you!?" Aeka accused. "You
slept with him didn't you?! Admit it!"
"No, we didn't make love." Ryoko said truthfully. For some reason
Aeka felt like Ryoko was telling the truth. She saw a strange look on
her face, she could not read it, but it wasn't her usually expression.
"What is going on, then?" the princess asked, a bit calmer.
"Its not for me to say, but for Tenchi to say, I'll take you to
him." she continued. Dumbfounded, the princess followed Ryoko towards
the house with Sasami following close behind scratching Ryu-Ohki between
the ears.

Tenchi finished the field since he double-timed his efforts and
put the tools back into the shed. He ran to the front of the house
in time to see Ryoko and the princesses walking up the path to the
house. His heart thudded in his chest when he saw her and she looked
up when she noticed someone in front of the house. She stopped and
looked at him, as if searching his face, and she could not speak or
even move. Ryoko walked up to Tenchi and whispered in his ear, "This is
your chance, you have to tell her like you told me."
"Are you absolutely sure your Ok with this?" he asked her.
"I want only what will makes you happy, my sweet Tenchi." she
replied with a soft peck to his cheek. The swift kiss she delivered
to Tenchi might as well have been a dagger straight to Aeka's heart,
but she decided to reserve judgement until she heard the words from Tenchi
himself. Still, he seemed to put up no defense to ward off her kiss,
and he actually looked like he enjoyed it.
He walked up and Sasami ran to him and he hugged her tightly
for several minutes. She was about to head to the house, but he took
her hand and asked her come along with him. He stopped in front of
the princess and they looked at each other for a few minutes.
"Would you both like to go on a walk with me?" he asked.
"I would like that, Tenchi." said Aeka as she accepted his arm
and he lead the two princesses down the path that lead to the shrine.
Ryoko sat hoving in mid air in a lotus position and smiled at them.
She was wondering what life was going to be like with Aeka around without
fighting over Tenchi all the time like old times. She was brought out of
her revere by the a strange sound from the house. She phased through
the wall and stopped in the living room and tried to identify where
it was coming from. It sounded familar, but she couldn't put her
finger on it. She then noticed flashes of light underneath the
door to the broom closet under the stairs.
Ryoko touched down on the floor and waited for the sound and
lights to stop, When it did the door burst open the diminutive red
headed genius popped out announcing, "I'm back." She looked around
seeing nobody around and then she spotted Ryoko.
"Ryoko, where is everybody?" she asked. "Don't tell me poor
Tenchi was here on Earth alone all this time."
"I got here a few days ago and Aeka and Sasami just arrived."
said Ryoko. "What brings you back here?"
Washu grimaced in embarasement and stepled her fingers in a
way that reminded Ryoko of Mihoshi. "Well you see, I got carried away
with an experiment at the Academy and I sort of accidently created a
new weapon." she said.
"You got exiled again." said Ryoko.
"Got dropped like and old hat." Washu said with a sigh.
"Cheer up, after he's done with Aeka and Sasami, Tenchi will
want to see you next." Ryoko told her. She went over to the cubbard
and pulled out a couple of sake bottles.
"Where is he anyway?" Washu asked. The scientist pondered on what
Ryoko just said, trying to find the meaning behind her words.
"He'll be back, lets just wait here." said Ryoko as she offered
Washu one of the sake bottles. Unable to determine what this was all
about the diminutive genius decided to wait until Tenchi returned to
find out.

Summer time at the Masaki Shrine was a beautiful time. The Cherry
Blossoms on the trees were in full bloom, and the forest looked like it
was blanketed in pinks and whites. The path to the shrine was carpeted
by layer of petal that made it look like you were walking on a road of
blossoms. It was beautiful otherworldly sight and it was just the
right atmosphere Tenchi was looking for. He stopped at a clearing on
the path and offered the two princesses to sit with him on a stone
bench. They sat there quietly for several minutes until neither Tenchi
or Aeka could stand the silence anymore. They tried to speak at once,
but Tenchi offered to let her go first.
"Tenchi, I tried to tell you something on Jurai, but I did not
have the courage to tell you..." she said but Tenchi cut her off.
"Aeka, do you love me?" he asked her.
Aeka looked at him and the softness of his eyes and the smile
on her face told him before she even spoke. "More than anything else
in this universe. Yes, I do love you." she said.
Tenchi drew Aeka into an embrace and he held her for a long time.
Tears fell down Aeka's face and when Tenchi spoke the world around
her seemed to fade away and it was just her and Tenchi. "Aeka, I love
you too." he said.
Their lips met in a kiss that lasted for several minutes but to
them both it seemed to go on forever. In their passion they both
forgot that Sasami was with them and when they parted they noticed
that the young princess had a face that was candy apple red.
"There is something else I have to do too." Tenchi sais as he
turned to Sasami and took her hands. The l;ittle Princess' eyes went
"Sasami, I suspected it for a while, but I want to know if you
love me too?" he asked her. Sasami blushed furiously and hid her
face in her hadns, but she finally got the courage to look Tenchi in
the eyes and nodded her head. Tenchi hugged her close and kiss her on
the forehead softly.
"Sasami, I love you too. Its taken me a while to realize that you
are all important to me. I love you, I love your sister, and I love
Ryoko." he said.
Aeka was in shock from Tenchi's words. He confessed his love for
her and for Sasami, but he also loved that infuriating Ryoko. She looked
at him trying to read his thoughts, but the love in his eyes was too
overwhelming. Tears streamed down her face and she put her hand on his
"What does this mean?" she asked with a meek voice.
"I want all of you to love me and be by my side forever." he told
her, and then he kissed her passionately again. She wrapped her arms
around him and held him tight. She was not hurt by the admission of
his love for Ryoko, mostly because his love was for her too. How could
he not love us both, we fought over him for so long that perhaps we won
him and did nto even realize it, she said to herself.
"I confessed my feelings to Ryoko last night." he told her.
"Does this mean that we are sort of like your girl friends now?"
Sasami asked, a little red in the face..
"If you two want to be. I'm not ready to marry yet, but that
could come in time." Tenchi told them.
"I guess I should have expected this to happen. Ryoko and I have
been fighting over you for so long we failed to realize that perhaps
we already won your heart." said Aeka, who finally came to a sudden
realization. "And, Ryoko is alright with all of this?"
Tenchi nodded and he kissed them both again, Aeka on the lips, and
Sasami on the cheek. Sasami giggled, "I never had a boy friend before,
and especially one older than me."
"Your about a century older than I am, remember." he told her.
"Oh, ya. Hehe. That's right." she gigled.
"Can we expect anyone else to be added to this harum your putting
together?" Aeka asked jokingly.
Tenchi sighed and she immediately regretted asking the question.
She saw the emotional pain in Tenchi's eyes and she hugged him close.
"I don't want to think of you all as a harum." he said.
"I thought I would be upset, but I am not." Aeka said. "I am
somehow pleased it ended up this way."
Tenchi was silent for a moment. "I want us to be together, but
could I marry all of you?" he asked.
"You know our father had two wifes, and my uncle who helped us at
the space port has three." Sasami explained.
"You see, Tenchi, I was raised to expect this to happen. And, I
cannot really blame you for falling in love with Ryoko. She is very
beautiful afterall." said Aeka.
"I love you all for more reasons than just physical attraction."
said Tenchi with a slight trickle of blood coming from his nose. "I
love you because you touched my heart and my life would be empty without
"I'm sorry if I made if sound like you were shallow. Your
are not like your father." Aeka said quickly and she hugged him tighter.
"You know me so little. Trying to stay calm in a house full of
beautiful woman was very difficult for me." Tenchi admitted.
"Oooo! Tenchi, you used to think naughty things about us?" asked
"Well, some of you. Uh, could we change the subject until
another time?" he asked suddenly turning red and squeezing his nose to
quence a spuirt of blood.
"We'd better stop teasing our dear Tenchi before he collapses
from blood loss." laughed Aeka.
"What have I done." Tenchi said with a sigh and the princesses
just giggled and hugged him tightly. This made him feel better and he
kissed them again before they headed back to the house.

Tenchi and the two princesses returned to the house. He had his
right arm around Aeka's waist and Sasami had her arms wrapped around
his left arm. Ryoko met them at the door with a wide grin, and Aeka
returned the smile. They parted when they got to the front porch and
Aeka walked up to her former rival.
"Ryoko, we may have had our differences in the past, but I think
its important for our beloved Tenchi that we put an end to our fighting."
the princess said.
"You'll get no argument from me on that one." said Ryoko.
Aeka put her hand out. "Then we have an agreement. No more
fighting." she said. Ryoko took her hand and shook it. "No more
fighting." she said. They stayed there for a moment, and then they hugged
each other.
When they parted Ryoko stepped back to the front door and turned
to face them. "I got a surprise for all of you." she said. She grabbed
the door knob and threw it open.
"Vala!!" she said standing in a pose like a game show hostess.
The others just blinked and Ryoko looked at the door. There was
nobody there and she face faultered. She growled for a second and phased
her head through the wall. They could hear her yelling something and
then she closed the door again. She reopened this time by kicking it
with her foot, her arms folded an angry look on her face.
"Hey, everybody!" cheered Washu as she stepped out.
"Washu!" cried Sasmai and she rushed forward and embraced the
short genius.
"Miss Washu, it is very good to see you again." Aeka said with
a genuine smile.
"I'm glad to see your back Washu." Tenchi said as she took her
hand in his.
Ryoko motioned for Aeka and Sasami to come into the house and
she closed the door behind them leaving Tenchi and Washu on the porch
alone. Washu looked at them in surprise and then looked back at Tenchi.
She noticed the look on his face and the gears in her head started to
turn rapidly.

Inside the house Sasami was taking stock of the kitchen and
was getting herself reaquainted with everything. Ryoko poured Aeka
a cup of freshly brewed tea that she made that morning and took a
plate of sweet rolls out of the refigerator. They sat down at
the kitchen table for a while and started talking about the future
and where this would all lead them. Suddenly, they heard a loud
scream from the front of the house.
"Oh Tenchi! I never knew you felt this way about me!" came
Washu's voice through the house.
The two women smiled and Sasmai giggled. Ryu-Ohkie was too busy
munching on a carrot to notice. Tenchi entered the house, several minutes
later, with Washu latched onto his arm and a look of pure joy on her
face. They sat down at the table and he gave her a sweet roll.
"So, I guess this changes things for all of us." Washu said
looking over at her fellow cohorts in love with Tenchi.
"You could say that." replied Ryoko.
"I do have one question, why aren't you two ripping each other apart
over this?" Washu asked.
"In the interest of our beloved Tenchi's happiness we decided to
call an indefinite truce." Aeka said.
They were all silent for a moment and then Tenchi spoke up.
"I didn't talk about it with Ryoko yet, but as I said to all of
you I am not ready for marriage yet, but maybe one day." he said.
"That isn't a problem. We waited this long just to get you to
tell us the truth of how you felt." said Ryoko with a sly smile.
"What do we do from here?" asked Sasami.
All three of the older women got a very hungry look in their eye
and each went "Hmmmm." at the same time. A trickle of blooed came down
Tenchi's nose.
"What's the matter Tenchi?" Sasami asked when she noticed he was
holding his nose again.
"Oh, nothing." he said as his face turned red.
"We get him to admit he loves us but the slightest though of
seeing us naked gets him all flustered." commented Washu. "Tenchi,
you really are hopeless, but we still love you anyway."
"This is new for all of us, we need to take things one day at a
time as they happen." said Aeka. Ryoko nobbed and handed Tenchi a
napkin for his nose.
"Thank you." he said.

Katsuhito, also known as Yosho, and Noboyuki had been in town
during most of the day. To say they were surprised to see a Juraian
starship hovering over the lake near their home was an understatement.
They entered the house and found Tencbi in the kitchen with Aeka,
Sasami, Washu, and Ryoko all talking together.
"Hey, your all back! This is great!" Noboyuki cheered.
"It is good to see you all again." said Katsuhito. "I must admit
it was lonely and quiet without you lovely ladies in the house."
"We're back to stay, and we're his girl friends now." Sasami said
giving Tenchi and tight hug around the neck.
Katsuhito did a "Spock Manouver" with his eye brow and said, "I
Noboyuki's reaction was typical. He was patting Tenchi on the
shoulder and proclaiming, "Tenchi my son you have made me proud! Your
mother would be so proud of you to have finally made up your mind about
these lovely ladies who are really hot for you!"
"Dad!" scolded Tenchi. a splash of red on his face.
"Say, where is Mihoshi and Kiyone?" Noboyuki asked.
"They got a promotion and were sent on a new assignment. Before
me and Aeka left Jurai I heard from them." asnwered Sasami.
"Tenchi, how are you going to handle being involved with three
young ladies and one young girl?" Katsuhito asked.
"One day at a time, grandpa." he said.
"The laws that allowing nobles of Jurai to marry multiple wives are
still valid." said Aeka with a smile.
"He can marry all of you?" asked Noboyuki in totally surprise.
"If he so chooses and it will be his right as a Prince of Jurai and
heir to the thrown." said Aeka.
"It all works out then." Katsuhito said. "I must say that I am
rather surprise that Tenchi has some resolve when it comes to the
opposite sex."
Tenchi blushed furiously and the girls all giggled.

Later that day Tenchi went into the kitchen to get a glass of
orange juice and he found Sasami in her usual place working on supper.
On impulse he walked up to her and put his hands over her eyes. She
stopped and smiled.
"Guess who?" he asked.
"Its you Tenchi!" she giggled.
She turned around and he leaned forward to let her hug him. She
kissed his cheek gently and he returned it.
"What are you making, it smell delicious?" he asked.
"Its a recipe from Jurai, I brought some cook books from home with
me." she said showing him the book. It was covered with ruinic letters
that resembled Japanese but were totally incomprehesible to him.
"That's great." he said with a smile.
Sasami frowned for a moment and turned around back go her stiring.
"What is it, Sasami?" asked Tenchi with concern in his voice.
"Tenchi, something has been bothering me." she said. "I'm still very
young, I can't love you like the others can, I don't even know how."
He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. He kneeled
down before her and hugged her tight. Tears streamed down her face and
he brushed them away.
"There will be a time for that someday, but right now I love you
the way you are and you show your love for me everyday." he told her.
"When you smile, when you giggle, when you make your masterpieces in the
kitchen, and when you give me those wonderful kisses on the cheek they
are all things that show me how much you love me."
"Your so sweet." she said kissing him on the cheek and hugging him
From the kitchen door Aeka and Washu watched in silence and they
smiled at each other. They had been concerned for the little princess too,
but now it appeared their concerns were unfounded. Aeka slowly closed the
door so they didn't disturb the two in the kitchen. "That man is the
best thing that ever happened to us." said Washu with a sigh.
"I wholeheartedly agree." replied Aeka.

Elsewhere in the galaxy the Galaxy Police ship Yagami was cruising
through space. Kiyone sat at the helm looking over the sensor readings
on her console while Mihoshi snoozed in her seat beside her. Kiyone look
at her blonde companion and wondered just how much sleep she really needs
in one day. Suddenly her console started beeping and a dozen blips
appeared on her screen.
For weeks they have been tracking a vicious band of space pirates
that have been raping and pilaging unarmed colonies all along the galactic
rim. Kiyone and Mihoshi were selected for the mission based on their
skills and the fact that they were considered galactic heros for helping
to remove a false ruler from the throne of Jurai. Kiyone accepted the
mission and they left soon after. Now, they finally caught up with
the pirates and the chase was on.
Kiyone pushed the throatle for the engines to full and shot the
Yagami into hyperspace after the pirates. They detected her immediately
and started to move into a defensive pattern.
"Mihoshi wake up, we found them!" Kiyone yelled at her partner.
"Huh? What is it Kiyone?" Mihoshi asked groggily as she stretched
out and yawn loudly.
"We found the pirates, get you console up and start hailing them
to surrender." Kiyone said angrily.
Mihoshi srambled for the communicator controls. "Attention, this is
the Galaxy Police, you are ordered to surrender your vessels and prepare to
be boarded." she said.
The ships ahead of them broke into two groups of six each. Those two
groups looped back around and started on an intercept course with the Yagami.
Kiyone banked hard right and dodge quickly out of way as a swam of missiles
shot passed where the GP ship had once been.
"They're shooting at us!" Mihoshi cried.
"I can see that, you idiot!" Kiyone shouted. "Start shooting back!"
Mihoshi grabbed the gun controls and started firing wildly with Yagami's
laser cannons. She missed most of the shots, but as it turned out some of the
ships collided with one another trying to avoid being hit. Four ships were
disabled due to collisions, and one exploded. Mihoshi managed to hit two
ships in just the right spot to destroy their engines. That left just five
other ships left to deal with. Kiyone dodged a another volley of missile fire
and she triggered the rear missile launcher from her console. Two plasma
missiles loosed from the rear of the Yagami and saught out the aspect of their
targets. Two more pirace ships went down in a blaze of glory.
"This is Detective First Class Kiyone, to the remaining pirate vessels, you
are under arrest and are ordered to surrender your ships NOW!" Kiyone shouted into
her com system. On her scope the three remaining pirate vessels began to slow to
a complete stop in space.
"Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?" Kiyone asked nobody in particular.
"They're surrendering, we did it, we did it!" Mihoshi cheered.
Suddenly, Kiyone scope lit up with a huge signature. She looked out of the
main viewport and watched as massive space vessel suddenly dropped out of hyper-
space. Multiple tractor beams shot out and latched onto the disabled pirate ships
and started pulling them in.
"Wow! I didn't know we had a ship that big in the GP." Mihoshi said in awe.
"It is impressive, but there is one tiny problem." Kiyone said.
"What is that, Kiyone?" the blonde policewman asked.\
She was seething at her partner and felt like pummeling her to death, but
she was brought out of her rage by a crackling on the com system.
"Galaxy Police vessel, this is the pirate command ship Devestator." came
a deep, raspy voice. "You dealt well with our smaller ships, but what do you
intend to do about us?"
"Uh, Kiyone." Mihoshi said, her voice quivering a little in fear.
Kiyone jerked the controls to the left and pushed the accelerator to full. "Hold
onto something Mihoshi!" she shouted.
The red GP ship dove away from the giant pirate ship and executed a barrol roll
to try and avoid being shot. The big ship opened up with massive laser cannons that
lanced out with white hot beams of plasma energy. Kiyone did her best to dodge the
shots, but she overcompensated on of her manouvers and Yagami was stuck by one of the
beams. The force of the blast tore open the hull of the ship and blasted it in
half. Kiyone and Mihoshi screamed as they were thrown from their seats and the bridge
started to fill with smoke from shorting out electronics and burning insulatioin.
Mihoshi climbed to her feet and tried to see through the smoke and the red
emergency lighting. She crawled on the floor until she found a warm body. She
felt and knew immediately it was Kiyone. A feeling of dread filled the blonde police-
woman when she looked at Kiyone's face. The teal haired GP officer's eyes were open
and a trickle of blood was coming from her mouth.
Kiyone looked up at her partner's agonized face and she tried to form a speak,
"I'm so sorry." With that said her head lulled to the side and she stopped moving.
"Kiyone." Mihoshi said in a feeble voice. "Kiyone!" She tried to shake Kiyone
but she did not stir or speak. Remembering her first-aid training Mihoshi felt for
a pulse on Kiyone's neck and found none. Tears fell from Mihoshi's eyes and she
started doing CPR.
In space the Devestator loomed large and impsoing over the wreckage of the Yagami
and trained its cannons for one final shot at what remained of the GP ship. Suddenly,
four powerful blast beams came out of nowhere and struck the great ship. This
drew its attention away from the Yagami, and three massive Juraian battlecruisers
dropped out of hyperspace. Obviously realizing they were out classed by the bigger
Juraian ships, the Devestator retreated and executed a jump. One of the Juraian ships
jumped into hyperspace in pursuit and the two remaining ships closed in on the Yagami.
"Galaxy Police cruiser Yagami, come in." said a voice over the comm. "This is
Jurain battlecruiser Starchaser, please respond."
Mihoshi was laying over Kiyone's body, her efforts to revive her partner had
failed and now she felt so alone. She sobbed for several minutes and then she
stood up. The emergency environment system in the bridge had already cleared out the
smoke, and the fire suppression system already put out the fire.
"Yagami, please respond, do you need assistance." the voice said again, more
urgent this time.
Mihoshi got to her seat and tapped the com controls. "This is Yagami, we are
severely damaged and need immediate assistance." she said.
"Yagami, do you have any wounded?" the voice on the other side asked.
Mihoshi looked over Kiyone prone body on the deck and whipped a tear from her
eye. She noticed now for the first time blood flowing down the side of her face
from a gash in her head. In fact she felt very different now then she ever did before.
Gone was the childish innocence, gone was the befuddlement that clouded her judgement
every waking day of her life. For the first time in many years Mihoshi was seeing the
world through new eyes.
"We have one casualty, and one wounded." she said.
"We are locking you in our tractor beam now, sickbay is prepared to receive your
wounded." the voice replied. Mihoshi could feel the ship starting to move slightly
as the Juraian battlecruiser pulled her in.

Several days passed at the Masaki home and everyone was very happy and excited
about their new way of life. Gone was the atmosphere of hostility that hung in the
air, because it was replaced by one of love and open emotions. Ryoko and Aeka met
Tenchi at the botton of the stairs as he came down for breakfast. They each gave him
a good morning kiss on the cheek and this made him blush a little. A wonderful smell
was wafting in from the kitchen and Sasami came wearing a pair of oven mits and carry-
ing a pot.
"Good morning Tenchi." she said, and he bent forward to kiss her on the cheek.
"Good morning Sasami, that sure smells great." he said.
"I made it especially for you." she said with a soft blush on her cheeks. "Can
you go tell Washu breakfast is ready?"
"Sure." he said. A few months ago he could have never believe that he would
actually voluntarily go into Washu's lab, but situations have changed.
He winked at the girls and went to Washu's door. It opened wide at his touch
since she installed a DNA detector on it that responded to his touch only. She did
something similar to the door to the onsen as well. Now he was the only male in the
house allowed into the women's bath. Being in there with all of them with their cloths
off was a new experience for him. They did not do anything inappropriate, but the
girls did take turns washing him. That had been one heck of an experience since Ryoko
seemed to be rather fascinated with his male anatomy, and Washu couldn;'t keep her
hands off his rear end.
Inside the lab he found the diminutive genius working on her holocomp, sitting on
her floating chair. She looked up knowing he was there, since she also programmed her
computer to inform her whenever Tenchi came to see her. She jumped down off her seat
and raced to him. She threw her arms around his neck and the kissed for a good five
"I love it when you come to see me in the lab, Tenchi." she said seductively.
"Sasami says breakfast is ready." he told her.
"Ok, I'll be there in a minute, I have to finished one last thing." she sais as
she mounted her floating seat again.
"Alright, but you know how upset she gets when we're late for breakfast." he
"I won't be." she told him.
Tenchi went back to the house, and as the door to the lab closed a beep came
from Washu's computer. She had programmed the subspace communicator to monitor for
transmissions requarding Kiyone and Mihsohi so they could keep tabs on their two
friends and someday get in touch with them again. She punched up the signal and found
it to be a priority one transmission sent to Galaxy Police HQ from a Juraian ship
designated the Starchaser. As she read the message Washu's eyes went wide and her
hands flew to her mouth. Tears streamed down her face and she leapped from her
seat and ran for the door and out into the house.
Everyone was preparing for breakfast, but they had been waiting for Washu to
join them. Katsuhito, aka Yosho, was preparing to perform the morning prayer over
their food. The door to Washu's lab burst open and everyone jumped at the sound.
The short genius ran up to them sobbing her eyes out. Tenchi climbed to his feet
quickly and ran to her as did everyone else.
"Oh, Tenchi!" she cried into Tenchi's chest.
"Washu, what happened?" he asked, suddenly very concerned over this suddden turn
of events.
"You didn't even get to tell her how you feel about her!" Washu sobbed.
"Who, Washu, didn't get to tell who?" he asked her, a knott of fear was beginning
to roll around in his stomach.
"I intercepted a transmission." she said, after composing herself. "It was
from a Juraian ship called the Starchaser and was beamed to Galaxy Police HQ."
"What did it say?" Aeka asked.
"Mihoshi and Kiyone were looking for pirates in the outer rim territories when
they were attacked. The Yagami was destroyed, Mihoshi is in the hospital for a
concussion and...and..." she tried to finish but she the tears wouldn't hear of it.
"Kiyone." Tenchi said as tears of his own started to fall down her face.
"It can't be, no, no it can't be!" Sasami cried with tears in her large pink
Tenchi pulled the little princess into his embrace and he held her and Washu.
Aeka and Ryoko held Tenchi and the tears fell unabated for several minutes. They
eventually made it back to the breakfast table. Katsuhito whiped a single tear from
his eys.
"Before we begin we should pray that Kiyone's spirit travels safely on her
journey to paradise where she will rest from her toils in this life foreever." he said.
Everyone nodded in agreement and they joined him in the prayer. When they
finished they eat, but only a little dispite the fact that they were hungry but none
of them were really in the mood for it at the moment. When they finished the girls
helped Sasami clear the table and clean the dishes. They came out of the kitchen and
found Tenchi standing in the living room.
"Lets go and see Mihoshi." he said. "She needs us now."
"I believe that is a good idea." Aeka said.
"Ya, lets go." Ryoko said.
"We can use the ship me and Aeka came here in." Sasami said.
"I can only imagine what is going through her mind right now." Washu said.
"Which is why I want to go to her, among other reasons." Tenchi told them,
and they knew what that other reason was. The girls nodded in agreement and Washu
made a mental note to herself to setup special locks on her door to tell the
difference between Mihoshi and Tenchi. Without a doubt she would be coming home
with them as on equal partner in their circle of love they established in the Masaki
"Another trip into space in only a few weeks." Noboyuki said with apprehension
in his voice.
"You and grandpa should say here, only myself and the girls will go." Tenchi said.
"Are you sure?" Katsuhito/Yosho asked.
"Yes, I'll be fine alone with the girls." he said.
Noboyuki grinned sheepishly. "I think you will indeed." he said.
"Dad!" Tenchi scolded and the girls blushed furiously at the innuendo.

Mihoshi sat on the edge of her hospital bed and just looked down at her hands.
She could not look up at the computer console she had beside her bed, she could not
work on the report she had to make, the report about her partner and frield who died.
Tears welled up in her eyes, she did not cry out in a loud wail like she used to, and
infact everything about her was changed. Worst of all, she had a vivid memory, as
vivid as the memory of seeing Kiyone dead ont he deck of the Yagami. She put her
face in her hands and cried. Her thoughts went to her friends, and she wished that
they could be here with her.
Mihoshi's uncle watched her through a vidscreen in the Doctor's office and he
"The trauma of her experience seems to reversed the side effects of her earlier
incident." the doctor told him.
"Does this mean that she remembers what happened to her?" the Marshall asked.
"Very likely, she is in a very fragile emotional state right now and anything
negative could send her back into her previous state of mind." the doctor said.
"The last thing I want is for my neice to become that ditz again for another
10 years." the Marshall commented. "What can I do?"
"As of right now, nothing. What she needs right now is the love of her family
and friends around her to encourage her. Contact with them will strengthen the
Mihoshi that has been dormant for 10 years and she will edge out the Mihsohi has been
in the driver's seat, so to speak."
"I'm the only family she has known since her parents passed away." the Marshall
"I seem to recall that Detective Mihoshi has some reather high profile friends
whom she was rather close with." the doctor said.
"Hmm. The last I heard of them they were still on Jurai." the Marshall replied.
"If they were as close to her as I think, then its likely they might be on
their way to see her as we speak." the doctor said.
"I hope so, maybe they can help her." the Marshall said. "God, I hope so for
my little sweeties sake."

Nagi stolled down the dingy streets of Taltos City with Ken-Ohki sitting on her
shoulder. Others on the street knew of her and her reputation and gave her a wide
birth as she walked past them. She came to a small building at the end of one street
and knocked on the plaine brown door three times. A small window on the dorr was
opened and someone peer out at her with nervous eyes.
"Your late." the person said with a gravelly voice.
"I got side tracked, open up." Nagi said in a monotone voice.
The man behind the door flipped a few locks and opened the door for her. She
stepped into a dark hallway and the door behind her closed with a loud click. She
made her way down the hall with the man behind her. Ken-Ohki looked behind him and
hissed at the man once and then turned back around. At the end the hall she walked
through a doorway and into a large room were several other people were sitting around
a conference table. A man at the far end of the table stood up as she entered.
"Good of you join us, Nagi." he said.
"Lets make this quick, Hotzel, I'm a very busy person." Nagi said as she took
a seat.
"Charming as ususal." the man said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He turned
his attention to a videoscreen on the wall behind him. He picked up on small control,
pressed a button, and an image appeared on the wall. Nagi looked at the image of the
person shown and she sat up quickly.
"You have all been asked here because you are the best in the galaxy at finding
and catching people." Hotzel said. "My employer is prepared to pay a rather large
sum for the capture of this person."
Nagi examined the face very carefully and suddenly she realized it was not the
person she thought it was. She had her white, spiked hair, her same yellow catlike
eyes, and she was just as stunningly beautiful but the person on the screen was not
"What is her name?" Nagi asked.
"Her name is Minagi." Hotzel said. "She literally appeared out of nowhere and
many mistook her for the infamous space pirate Ryoko."
"She does look alot like Ryoko, she could almost be her sister." one of the
other bounty hunters said.
"Little is known about her, which is why my employer wants her alive and
undamaged." Hotzel said. "She was last seen in the vicinity of Galaxy Police HQ
in the Talos sector."
"So, she's a Ryoko lookalike, so what." Nagi said.
"Watch this." Hotzel said and he pressed another button on his control. The
image of Minagi was replaced by a video sequence. The HUD of a video camera could be
seen displaying the time and date as the action unfolded. Minagi was on the screen
fighting two figures at once. She floated into the air just like Ryoko and summoned
an energy sword just like Ryoko, and she fired energy blasts just like Ryoko. Nagi
sat on the edge of her seat watching her every move.
"I thought that would get your attention." he said for Nagi's benefit.
"Wow! Another person with Ryoko's powers." another bounty hunter said.
"The Talos System, eh." Nagi said to herself out loud.
The screen went blank and Hotzel turned to the bounty hunters seated at the
"Payment in full will be given upon delivery of the subject, and only if she
is delivered alive." he said. "If she dies you forfeit payment."
"How much?" Nagi asked.
"Fifty million Jurai." Hotzel said.
The amount sent the others at the table into a frenzy of low murmurings. They
were eager to get on their way to find her. Nagi did not react, the amount was
similar to what Ryoko had been worth before she was pardoned by the court of Jurai
for helping Princess Aeka save the empire from a false ruler. Nagi did not remember
hearing anything about Ryoko having a sister, and she certainly did not know what
world she came form either. Infact, Nagi knew very little about Ryoko except her
fighting skills and her reputation as a Space Pirate.
"You can send these amateurs home, I will find this Minagi." Nagi said as she
stood up. The other bounty hunters knew Nagi's reputation and they looked on her
with a mixture of awe and fear.
"Call it fair competition, with more than one bounty hunter going after her
it will serve to keep you on your toes." Hotzel said.
Nagi withdrew her saber, powered it up, and with one swing cleaved the table
in half. "Just keep out of my way." she said calmly as she deposited the retracted
saber back into her cloak.
After the meeting was concluded Nagi was back on the streets. She stopped at
a tavern and ordered up a drink. Ken-Ohki sat on the bar next to her munching on
"What do you think, Ken Ohki?" she asked.
"Maaw, maaw." the Cabbit replied.
"I never knew Ryoko had a sister, and if she's not her sister then who is she?"
Nagi asked, and she downed the rest of her drink.
"Maaw, maaw, maaw!" Ken-Ohki meowed.
Nagi scratched his head lightly. "Les get going." she said. She dropped a few
coins on the bar and turned to leave, pausing long enough for Ken-Ohki to jump onto
her shoulder. Once outside the Cabbit leaped from his perch and flew into the air
transforming into his ship form with a loud cry. Ken-Ohki teleported Nagi aboard
and he streaked off into the sky.

The planet Saberoth in the Talon sector was one of the many planets that made
up the vast facilities of the Galaxy Police. The massive free-floating space station
that was the GP Headquarters was only a part of the total command structure of the
Galaxy Police. The political arm of the GP was housed on Saberoth as was the galactic
archives that contained the records of thousands of civilizations that were allied
with the GP. It the obvious place for Minagi to find the information she needed.
She learned from previous mistakes, especially when so many people mistook her
for Ryoko and either feared her or challenged her to a fight. Minagi was never
one to run away from a fight so she returned the challenge and won. She now hit her
appearance hunder a hood and tried her best to blend in with the crowd. That was not
too difficult since Saberoth was a melting pot of different races. The GP had offices
on the planet and many different races came to the planet. What she was looking for
was a public terminal to the GP Archives, they were in the Public Archive Building
in the midtown sector of Saberoth's capital city of Honako.
The domed building was designed for populous to come and access the vast archive of
knowledge gathered by the GP. Law enforcement was just one of the jobs of the GP, among
other things they also helped to preserve cultures, promoted education, and performed
humanitarian work on planets that were suffering. The archive building was not crowded
at midday, so Minagi found a public terminal that was free and in a secluded part of the
building. She sat down at the terminal and closed the privacy curtain around her. She
access the search engine and entered in "Ryoko" in the search field. A list of
information immediately appeared for her to review. There was a huge list of offenses
that Ryoko was wanted for, enough to guarantee her life in a Sub-Space prison, but
at the end Minagi was surprised to find that Ryoko was pardoned by the GP and all warrents
for her arrest were revoked. Minagi selected "Current Known Whereabouts" and a string of
red text appeared...she was missing and assumed dead after a battle in the orbit of
planet Jurai during a struggle to free the planet from a false ruler.
Minagi read the words in disbelief, and then typed in "Washu" in the search field. A
string of data appeared showing the crime that Washu was accused of, her admission back to
the Galactic Science Academy, and then here second exile which happened quite recently
according to the timestamp. Washu's last known whereabouts was the main office of the
Galactic Science Academy were she was informed she was being exiled again. An image of
Washu appeared on the screen and Minagi reached out and touched it. She punched up a
image of Ryoko and did the same. A single tear fell down her face.
"Mother, sister." she said, her voice was similar to Ryoko's but a bit softer.
Minagi was brought out of her revere by a flashing icon on the screen. It indicated
that a news flash ready for her to see. Out of curiosity she clicked on it and a window
popped up with streaming data. It was a news flash about an incident involving a Galaxy
Police ship called the Yagami. As she read on she read that a GP Officer Kiyone was
killed, and that her partner Mihoshi was in the hospital at Galaxy Police HQ. Minagi
blinked and went back to that part of the news flash. She read it corrently, it was
"Oh, don't tell me my only hope is Mihoshi?" she said to herself.
She called up directly to the Galaxy Police HQ Hospital and then looked at the
shuttle schedules to find out when the next flight to the Galaxy Police HQ was from
Saberoth. With that information, she logged off the console and left the archive center
for the spaceport.

Stay tuned for Episode 2: No Need for Something Special...

On route to the Galaxy Police Hospital to see Mihoshi, Tenchi decided to spend some time
with the women he loves. Romance is in the air!