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NOTES: My latest obsession right now is the series Oh My Goddess! It came from the same studio that gave us Tenchi Muyo, so using it as crossover material is pretty easy. Actually, the two series fit together surprising well. It works best with the Tenchi OAV characters rather than the Tenchi TV characters, but it still works. A full Tenchi OAV/OMG crossover is forthcoming but until then here is my first attempt.




Cherry blossoms were blooming covering the land in a beautiful blanket of radiant colors. The cool spring breeze wafted in sending a wind chime spinning and making the branches of the trees sway as if dancing to the unheard melody of the changing seasons. A sign hung from a door written in elegant Kanji saying, "Morrisato Mansion". A soft sound drifted in the wind from an open window, a voice singing softly. A voice seeming in tune with the chorus of the breeze and the symphony of the rustling leaves.

So sweet and kind are his words
When he is kind to me
So loving is his touch when
He is so near me
How I love him so and know
When he looks at me
With his soft eyes he will
Love me forever more.

The singer's voice was filled with a loveliness that was only rivaled by her own beautiful appearance. Her brown hair hung down the back of her blue dress and playfully swayed in the breeze that came in through the open window. In her soft, supple hands she held a bowl and a wire whisk. Singing oh so softly she mixed the ingredients she so lovingly mixed together until it became a creamy batter. Satisfied with her work the vision of beauty took the bowl to a muffin tray and put a spoonful of batter into each cup. Humming her tune now, the beautiful cook placed the baking tray into the oven with flawless grace.

My god she is so beautiful, Keiichi Morrisato thought to himself as he watched his girlfriend of four years from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Oh, Keiichi. Dinner will be ready at six o'clock, is that alright?" the beautiful cook asked him in a voice that was as soft as a summer's rain.

"That's just fine." He replied. Keiichi walked the rest of the way to her and wrapped his arms around her supple waist.

"I love you Belldandy, you're so beautiful, and every day your with me is better than the last." He told her.

Belldandy blushed furiously before kissing the love of her life with all the emotion in her heart. It has been a year since the incident with Celestine and the experience of what they went through together, and their passage through the Judgment Gate had a positive effect on their relationship. Over the past year they had become more intimate and loving. They took pleasure in being in each other's arms and the touch of each other's lips. Yes, since then things had certainly changed for the better.

"Give her some tongue, Keiichi."

The two lovers had been oblivious to everything around them while their lips touched, but that comment instantly snapped them back to reality. The voice was soft and sensual, but deeper than Belldandy's.

"Urd!" Belldandy scolded.

Urd stood in the doorway that connected the kitchen with the living room. She looked at the two of them with a crooked smile and the tight fitting jump suit she was wearing did little to hide her curvaceous figure.

"Just trying to spice things up for you two." Urd replied with a mirthful tone. As if she needed to do anything to improve things, Keiichi said to himself. She was well aware of the fact that they had their first time several months ago and almost every night since then. The joyful, radiant glow on Belldandy's face every morning was evidence enough.

"We are doing just fine thank you." Keiichi said respectfully and squeezed Belldandy's hand softly. She responded by caresses his fingers.

"Oh well, I guess I'll go see what mischief Skuld is up to." Urd said in parting before sauntering gracefully and just a little seductively down the hall.

Keiichi sighed. "She means well." Said Belldandy.

"Like we need help spicing things up, eh?" Keiichi said with a wink.

Belldandy blushed furiously in a way that Keiichi thought was so cute. He couldn't help himself, he reached his hand behind her head and drew her in for a soft kiss.

When they parted Belldandy laid her head on his shoulder. "You are so good to me, Keiichi."

"Because I love you so very much, Bell." He told her.

She sighed contentedly happy to be in the loving embrace of the man who meant more to her than anything in the entire universe.

Status displays started registering abnormal readings. In the past few months it had become a normal occurrence, but nonetheless it was a subject of great interest and concern for Peorth. The command center of Yggdrasil, the nerve center for the Ultimate Force System operated and protected by the gods and goddesses in heaven, was a bustle with activity as techs quickly worked their consoles.

"Peorth, it is as we feared. The four agents we sent, their, their, their network lines have been severed." Said one of the techs. She was a beautiful Class 2 goddess.

Peorth, herself a Class 1 goddesses with no restrictions, stood up from her command chair. This was grave news indeed. Whenever a goddesses network link was broken it meant one of two things. One, either the gods themselves severed the link, or they were dead. The first prospect was very unlikely, but the latter was just too awful to fathom.

"Run a level 2 diagnostic. I want to be certain before I take this to the high council." She ordered.

"Yes, ma'am."

Peorth sat back down at her seat and studied the main display. A few months back the anomalies started, small tears in space-time, but no real cause could be found. Recently it was discovered that a man was the cause of it all on Earth, and thus the four agents were sent to investigate. They were Class 1 goddesses and highly decorated in their service to Yggdrasil.

"Patch me through to Morrisato's place. Time to tell the others what's going on." Peorth ordered.

Urd rarely walked through the house. She was content with floating around, but this time she decided to do it the "mortal way". As she passed the small dinning room the hall phone rang.

"Morrisato residence." She said after picking up the receiver.

"Urd, its Peorth."

"Well, haven't heard from you in a while." Urd replied with laughter in her voice.

"I thought I'd let you know about something we've been monitoring up here in Yggdrasil for the past two months." Peorth told her.

"What's happening?" Urd asked, seriousness in her voice now.

"A man, we're not sure who, with great power is altering space- time on Earth. We sent four class 1 goddess with no restrictions to deal with the situation and we've lost all contact with them. Urd, their network links have been cut off. We can't locate them either." Peorth told her. Her voice deepened when she spoke of the four agents.

Despite her darkly tanned skin, Urd turned white suddenly. She understood the gravity of what that meant. "Is this man a god?" she asked.

"If he is he isn't anywhere in our database, and he certainly doesn't have network access. We have been unsuccessful in identifying him." Peorth told her.

"What is it you want me to do?" asks Urd.

"Nothing for now. If this man can take on four class 1 goddesses by himself you wouldn't stand much of a chance yourself. Just keep your eyes open and report anything out of the ordinary." Peorth replied.

"Will do. Seems like around this time last year we had a major crisis. Keiichi and Belldandy will be pleased." Urd said with some sarcasm in her voice.

"Tell them I'm sorry for spoiling their happiness with bad news. Hopefully we can get this cleared up without getting any of you involved this time." Peorth said.

"Thanks, I'll let them know. Bye." Urd replied before hanging up the phone.

"Who was that sis?" Belldandy asked from the kitchen.

Here we go again, Urd thought to herself as she walked back to the kitchen to tell them all the news from Yggdrasil.

"Peorth! I'm getting an anomalous reading exactly 15 miles due east of Belldandy's residence on Earth. It's a localized space-time disturbance!" a younger tech, a veteran of the struggle against Celestine's virus a year before.

"Is it him?" she asked.

"No, this one is forming by itself. Remote sensor data suggests that whatever is opening it is doing so from outside of this ethereal plain." The tech reported.

"Something is breaking through space-time from outside of this universe?" Peorth said in surprise. It was more of a statement rather than a question.

"Confirmed, something is definitely breaking through into this universe. Estimated time of penetration is sixty seconds." Another tech announced.

"Give me a visual!" Peorth ordered.

The main screen changed to a view of a grassy plain surrounded by trees nestled in the bustling college town of Nekomi. Suddenly a bright flash filled the screen and a swirling gateway to another universe appeared.

"Reading what appears to be six humanoid life forms coming through the rift. One registers as human but the others are unidentified species." A tech announced.

"Monitor them, I want to see why they are here." Peorth ordered.

Tenchi looked around, they had appeared in the middle of what looked like a large city park. From the signs written in Kanji he could tell they were still in Japan. He also hoped that nobody noticed their arrival. Washu already had her translucent computer out scanning the area.

"He's definitely here. I don't know what he's up to but local subspace is a mess." Washu told them.

"Well, lets go get the bastard." Ryoko said as she started to hover off the ground.

"This is strange. I can't get a fix on his exact location. There seems to be something interfering." Washu said.

"Is he deliberately doing this?" Aeka asked her looking at the display over Washu's should but not comprehending any of the information on the screen.

"There are three unidentified energy sources 15 miles due west of us. They are the source of the interference." Washu explained.

"Fifteen miles is a good distance to walk in a city." Said Tenchi.

"No problem. Ryo-Ohki!" Ryoko replied.

"NO!" Washu shouted.

Ryo-Ohki had already jumped off Sasami's head and was headed into the air. Washu's shout startled her and she fell from the sky into the young princess' outstretched arms.

"We don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves. That could give our presence away to him, if he doesn't already know we're here, but that's not likely." Washu said.

Ryoko put her hands on her hips and asked, "Ok little Miss Smarty Pants how do you suggest we get there then?" As if on queue a sound caught their attention. The gang turned to see a city transit bus rolling down a nearby street.

"That answers your question I hope?"

"So far they haven't shown any sign of being hostile." Peorth said to herself. One of the techs at the main console tapped quickly a sequence of commands. "Ma'am, if the visitors maintain their current traveling course they will be heading straight for Belldandy's place."

"Put it on the main screen." Peorth ordered.

A map of Nekomi appeared on the screen with Keiichi and Belldandy's house pin pointed by a circle, and the visitors represented with a red line. "They are heading for Belldandy's, but what's it all mean?" Peorth asked.

"What are your orders ma'am?" the tech asked.

"Get me the house. So far these people haven't proven they are dangerous but lets not take any chances." Peorth told her.

Skuld walked down the hallway at the house. The smell of her big sister's cooking filled the air with a delicious aroma. The phone rang just as she was passing it. Very rarely did she pick up the phone, mostly it was Urd or Belldandy that did that, but this time Skuld felt compelled to pick up it up.

"Hello?" she said.

"Skuld, is that you?" asked the person on the other end.

"Yes, but how did you know my name?" Skuld asked in surprise.

"Skuld, its Peorth is Urd or Belldandy in?" the caller asked.

"Urd went out but Belldandy is here. Hold on." Skuld said, laid down the phone and ran to the kitchen. A few minutes later Belldandy followed by Keiichi and Skuld came down the hall.

"Hello?" said Belldandy.

"Bell, its Peorth. Did Urd fill you in on what's been happening so far?" Peorth asked.

"Yes, but its very confusing." Belldandy replied.

"Tell me about it. Anyway, I have some information for you. We've been monitor a group of people who came through a dimensional rift about ten minutes ago." Peorth told her.

"Oh my." Belldandy replied.

"So far they haven't proven themselves hostile, but they appear to be heading in your direction." Peorth said.

"I see. What should I do?" Belldandy asked.

"Well, as I said they haven't shown signs they are hostile so use your own desecration but above all don't let your guard down either." Peorth told her.

"I will, thank you." Belldandy replied and hung up the phone.

"Bell, what's happening?" Keiichi asked.

"We're having company." Was all she's say as she turned towards the kitchen.

The gang got off the bus across from what looked like an old shrine building and house. The ancient house and shrine looked like they were centuries old yet had a fully restored look to them at the same time.

"This is really weird, one of the energy sources isn't here. It's far across town. The other two are still in the house." said Washu.

"Lets go." Said Ryoko as she rolled up her sleeves and was about to charge up her sword.

"Hold on! Don't go rushing in there. We don't know what the nature of this energy is. Lets take this one step at a time." Washu told her.

"She's right Ryoko." Said Tenchi.

"Alright." Ryoko sighed in defeat.

Slowly they approached the house walking up the cobblestone walk that lead to the front door. A sound to one side attracts where attention and they watched a strange robot raking up the cherry blossom pedals that fell in the yard. Washu looked at the mechanical man for a moment before calling up her translucent computer.

"That robot is primitive, but still beyond the technological capability of the humans on this planet." She announced.

"Who cares its just a dumb robot." Snorted Ryoko.

The sound of footsteps in front of them on the walkway startled them. A figure had opened the front door and was standing there as if waiting for them to come in.

"I was told that you were expected. Please come in." the figure said. It was a young man around Tenchi's age. The girls had to admit he was cute, but not as cute as their Tenchi though.

The young man led them into the house. Respectfully everyone removed their shoes before stepping into the home. "My name is Keiichi, and this is my house. Can I get you anything like some tea or anything?" he asked them.

"Tea would be pleasant." Aeka replied.

"It will only be a moment." Keiichi told them and left the room. He walked as fast as he could down the hallway towards the kitchen where Belldandy was arranging a tray with a teapot and some cookies for the visitors.

"They seem friendly enough, a little strange though, their hair is a weird color." Keiichi told her.

Belldandy finished her work and picked up the tray. "Lets go meet our guests, ok." Keiichi nodded with a smile. "Sure."

Tenchi wasn't sure what to make of the current situation. The young man Keiichi seemed friendly and had even offered them some tea. The house was modest at best, a typical Japanese home that was very different from the more Western design of his own home by the lake in Ohkayama. The door to the room slid open slowly and everyone looked up. They were all expecting Keiichi to return, and he did but who returned with him was what drew everyone's attention. The girls stifled a gasp when they looked upon the face of the woman who entered the room. Tenchi himself was stunned. Many of the girls with whom he was now married were the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his entire life. Ryoko and Aeka both could easily give the most beautiful super models in the world a run for their money. However, he was a little ashamed to admit that the lovely creature that just entered the room made them all pale in comparison, and she wasn't even Japanese either. Ryoko noticed the glazed-over look in Tenchi's eyes and pinched his arm.

"Ouch. What was that for?"

"For daydreaming."

"You don't honestly think that I'd-"

"No, never, but I'm just making sure."

The lovely creature smiled and spoke with a voice that was like the ring of clear crystal spoken in perfect Nihongo. "Hello, I'm Belldandy. Welcome to our home."

"Uh, hello." Everyone said at once, still stunned.

"I brought us some tea and a few snacks, if that's alright?" Belldandy asked. Sasami was shocked at the perfect flavor and texture of the cookies, they were better than hers. The tea was great too. The conversation started with some small talk and introductions. Tenchi introduced himself and all of the girls, he left out the fact that they were all his wives and that they were aliens. Washu was the one who brought up the question many of them wanted answered.

"How did you know we were coming?" asked Washu.

Belldandy was taken aback a bit, she wasn't sure how to explain that part. She did not want to reveal she was a Goddess to these people, at least not yet.

"Some friends of ours saw your arrival and told us you were headed this way." Bell answered. Washu scratched her chin, the girls seemed to be telling the truth, or was either a very good liar. So far she didn't do anything to make them thing otherwise, and her instruments didn't detect any foreign chemicals in the food or tea.

"We're here looking for someone." Said Ryoko.

"Oh, found someone I'd say." Bell smiled happily.

"No, this we're looking for a man." Ryoko continued.

"He's about six foot two, with green skin, pointed ears, and a really nasty disposition." Washu explained. "Have you seen anyone like that?"

Could that be the man Peorth warned us about?, Belldandy thought. Green skin would certainly stand out in a city this size. These people are from another world, perhaps he's an escape criminal perhaps or a rogue scientist. Belldandy decided to go out on a limb, it would probably reveal what she was but these people didn't seem to be a danger, and didn't seem to be in league with the man causing trouble on Earth.

"I haven't seen a man like that, but to tell the truth there is a man causing trouble here." Bell told her. Washu's eyebrow did a Spock Maneuver.

"He has been altering the fabric of space and time here." Belldandy continued. "We don't know what he wants here, or why he is doing what he is doing."

"His name is Gannondorf and he is nobody to mess with." Tenchi spoke up. "He nearly killed us the first time we ran into him." Belldandy gasped, that clinched it, they aren't in league with him.

"What does he want?" Keiichi asked.

"He's messing with the Megaverse." Said Washu.

Belldandy gasped very loudly this time and jumped up to her feet. She knew exactly what that was and it did not bode well at all. In fact, it was extremely bad. "The Megaverse, but to what end?" she asked.

"To take it over." Washu explained.

"That can't be done!" shouted a voice from the hall, the voice of a girl perhaps around Sasami's age. A very pretty little girl with dark hair came into the room and kneeled down next to her sister. Belldandy had recovered from the initial shock of what Washu had said and sat down next to her little sister. Like Belldandy this little girl had the same strange blue markings on her face.

"No mortal can take over the Megaverse." The girl added.

"Who said this guy was a mortal." Washu retorted.

"Well, he can't be a God, so what is he?" the girl asked her angrily.

"We don't know." Tenchi answered, hoping to defuse the situation.

"What we do know is that he has a powerful magical artifact that he's using to alter space-time." Said Washu.

"An artifact?" Keiichi asked.

"An artifact, when speaking of items with magical properties, is the most powerful in existence." Washu explained. "The one he is using is called the Triforce."

Belldandy and the little girl both covered their mouths with their hands as they stifled terrified gasps. Washu did another Spock Maneuver. These people know quite a bit, or understand quite a bit more than they should., she thought.

"Ok, what we say seems to buzz your tower pretty badly." Washu said. "Who are you people, really?" Ryoko asked, cutting Washu off. The pink haired scientist shot her a withering glance.

"This is my little sister Skuld, my sister Urd is out right out on an errand." Belldandy replied. "We are, how can I explain this, we are Goddesses."

Everyone's eyes went as wide as sauce pans at that. Everyone except Keiichi who sat quietly sipping his tea. "Goddesses, really?" Sasami asked, excitement in her young eyes. Belldandy nodded with a smile.

"No wonder you're so pretty." Sasami giggled. Belldandy giggled a bit and blushed.

"Hmmm, then that would explain the weird energy readings I'm getting from you and your sister, and I assume the other source is Urd." Washu said. She called up her translucent computer, surprising their three hosts, and called up a display of the frequencies.

"We came here because the energy coming from the three of you is jamming my instruments preventing me from locating Gannon's exactly location." Washu went on.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry." Belldandy apologized.

Skuld reached over and tried to touch the computer but her hand passed right through it. "How are you doing that?" she asked. Washu smiled, "You might not understand it." Skuld put her hands on her hips. "Did you see that robot outside when you came up to the house?" she asked. Washu nodded. "I made that." Skuld told her.

Washu frowned, "It's pretty primitive."

"PRIMITIVE!" Skuld yelled.

"Skuld, setting down, these people are our guests." Belldandy scolded her.

"She called my robot primitive, no science on Earth could make a robot like him, none!" Skuld exclaimed.

"Ok, try to understand this then, my computer is slightly out of phase with local space-time but vibrates in sync with my molecular wave patterns." Washu told her. Skuld smiled with a wide grin. "Thus you can interface with it but anything else will pass right through it as if it wasn't there." She said and Washu nodded.

"You harnessed one of the fundamentals laws of Quantum Physics." Skuld went on. Skuld began giving a lecture on how it was done, even going so far as to pull out a small slate board and writing out many of the mathematical computations. Nobody else in the room except for Washu could understand what she was saying. Ryoko very quickly fell asleep where she was sitting, nobody seemed to notice.

"I'm impressed, you know your stuff." Washu smiled, at last somebody who understood her. Skuld was feeling the same way.

Aeka had sat quietly, content to let Washu and Tenchi explain things, but now that they were revealing secrets to one another she decided to speak up.

"Maybe we can help each other with this crisis." She suggested.

"That would be a very bad idea, we already sent four class one Goddesses with no restrictions to confront this Gannon and we've lost all contact with them." Belldandy explained.

"You don't think that they are-" Aeka gasped.

"I hope not." Belldandy told her.

"But we can't let him get away with what he's doing either." said Mihoshi. "As a Galaxy Police Officer its my duty to deal with him."

"This isn't your average criminal." Washu warned her. "Remember the last time we came toe to toe with him, he blasted Tenchi off into another universe."

"Well, you could call that both a bad and good thing, look what happened after we found him." Ryoko said, after waking up. The girls all smiled wistfully and looked over at Tenchi with sparkles in their eyes. Belldandy noticed immediately, in fact she 'felt' something special about these people the moment she met them. It all seemed to revolve around the young man.

"This might be a little hard to explain, but we are 'all' married to Tenchi." Washu told their hosts.

Keiichi choked and spat out his tea. "What!?" he exclaimed. He looked over at Tenchi. "You're married to 'all' of them?" he asked in shock.

Tenchi didn't sigh, he just smiled happily and replied, "It's complicated."

"No duh!" Keiichi shot back.

"I sensed something special about all of you when you came here." Belldandy said happily. "There was the sweet feeling of love between all of you, but I didn't understand why until now."

Many miles away Gannondorf stood in the center of a run down warehouse. He held out his hand, opening his palm. The three pieces of the Triforce floated into the air and began to rotate in a circular pattern. The three triangular amulets began glowing brightly.

"All goes well here, I had a slight interruption recently, but everything is now on schedule." He said.

"You have done well, Gannondorf." A voice said from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. "I misjudged you."

"Any further contact with the boy and his harem?" the voice asked.

"None at this time, but one of them possesses a strong grasp of advanced knowledge." Gannon replied. "It is only a matter of time before I see them again."

"Remember the deal, do not kill the boy." The voice said.

"I remember, I could have killed him before, but I just threw him into another world." Gannon laughed.

"See that you do, the boy is mine." The voice warned.

"What of the divinities protecting this dimension?" Gannon asked. "The distraction I spoke of was four of them trying to stop me, they were quite beautiful really, it was a shame I had to turn them into stone." He looked over to his right at a collection of four beautiful stone statues. They were all women and quite striking to look at.

"They may be a problem, I will deal with them." The voice replied.

"I have one last thing to do and then I will be finished here." Gannon said. "I will then move on to the next world and start again there."

"Excellent, you will hear from me again when you have finished here." The voice said, then the Triforce stopped moving and fell back into Gannon's hand.

The girls who managed through the entire Celestine Virus crisis now sat at the consoles of the Ultimate Force System. Peorth was happy to have them back, they were veterans at dealing with serious problems like this. She watched for any further activity from the mysterious man and any sign of the missing Goddesses. One of the girls spoke up.

"Peorth, we're getting a call from the Morrisato Residence." She said.

"Huh?" Peorth said in surprise. We usually call them.

"Patching it through." The goddess replied.

"Peorth, we met those people and boy do we have some info for you." Urd said on the other end of the link.

"Who are they?" Peorth asked.

"They're trying to catch that man, and his name is Gannondorf." Urd said.

"Why is he doing this?" Peorth asked.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, then Urd replied, "He's trying to take over the Megaverse, Peorth he has the Triforce of Power." Goddess First Class Peorth nearly fell out of her chair, the girls at the Yggdrasil command consoles looked up at her in surprise.

"Oh no, how did he get his hands on that, it was being safeguarded by one of our best in another universe." Peorth breathed.

"I don't know all the details about that, and our guests know little about its origins." Urd told her.

"Urd, that artifact holds the keys to space and time, its very dangerous." Peorth warned.

"I'm aware of that." Urd replied.

"Who exactly are these people and how did they all get mixed into this?" Peorth asked. People who can travel from one universe to another on their own were not a usual occurrence; unless...

"This one Belldandy told me because I wasn't here when they arrived." Urd said. "They are one man, five girls, and one creature that looks like a half-cat half-rabbit. It's cute though. The man is Tenchi Masaki, a resident of Earth in his universe but he is related to the royal family of an alien empire called Jurai. The rest are Princess Aeka, her little sister Princess Sasami, some kind of alien cop named Mihoshi, a former space pirate named Ryoko, and an alien scientist named Washu. The cat creature is Ryo-Ohki."

"Sounds like a rather motley crew." Peorth smirked. A Prince, two Princesses, a space cop, a former space criminal, and a scientist. Geeze, what a combination. "And get this, they are all married to Tenchi Masaki." Urd added.

"Huh?" Peorth and the Yggdrasil girls all said at once. "But, how did they all get mixed up with this guy?" Peorth asked.

"Apparently it all started in their home universe." Urd told her. She explained the story of Minagi and the initial confrontation with Gannondorf on the resort planet.

"So, they've taken it upon themselves to stop him." Said Peorth scratching her chin.

"Looks like it." Urd replied.

"If he has the Triforce it explains how he may have taken out four class one Goddesses by himself." Peorth said with a twinge of anger in her voice. "I will need to inform the council about this."

"When Bell told me that's what he had, I immediately assumed it was because of that." Urd reasoned.

Peorth sat back and sighed. Last time this year they had the problem with Celestine, and now a mad man was running around with an amulet that gave him the power of ten Gods. "What do your friends there intend to do?" she asked.

"Our Goddesses powers apparently jam their ability to locate him, so Washu is working on a filtering program to get around it so we can find out where he is." Urd explained. "After that, I don't know, these people seemed determined to take him on."

"Whatever the case, we can't let this man continue what he is doing." Peorth said. "Our preliminary reports coming from the system suggest that a total dimensional breakdown could occur at any moment. We have emergency time-space restructuring protocols in place, but they aren't enough. Our last resort may be a full reformat."

Urd gasped, "My God, Peorth do you know what that could means!?"

"I'm well aware of the risk, a reformat could radically effect the Earth, even move it back into space-time." Peorth replied. "Perhaps revert civilization back to a primitive form."

"Primitive form!" Urd exclaimed. "It could blow them back into the Stone Ages, literally!"

"If we don't this world could merge with another, Yggdrasil isn't designed for that, the system could crash, perhaps for good!" Peorth shot back.

Urd sighed and replied in a softer tone, "I know."

"I have to go to the council with all of this, I'll let you know what they decide later." Peorth told her softly.

"Alright, we'll be here." Urd replied. "Bye." She hung up the phone and walked back into the living room where Belldandy and Skuld were sitting with the girls. Keiichi and Tenchi were outside on the back porch talking.

"How did Peorth take it?" Belldandy asked Urd.

Urd laughed, "Not too well I'm afraid, and the situation is getting worse."

"What do you mean?" Skuld asked.

"Peorth is suggesting using a reformat to restore the time-space balance to the universe." Urd explained. Belldandy and Skuld both gasped in shock, their hands flew up to their mouths.

"What does that mean?" Washu asked.

Urd turned and looked at the pink haired genius. Skuld told her that this one was very knowledgeable, perhaps even more knowledgeable than she was. "A reformat is a high-level restructuring of the space-time fabric of the universe on the quantum level." Urd explained. "Or at least that's how it was once explained to me."

Washu immediately had out her computer and started typing furiously. She looked at the screen and gasped in shock. "They can't do that!" she exclaimed. "The space-time flux created would knock this world back in time thousands of years!"

"We may have little choice." Urd told her calmly.

"So they'd be knocked back in time, so what." Said Ryoko as she sipped a cup of sake.

Washu turned and shouted at her, "You don't understand, the humans of this world would revert back to cave men and women!"

"Oh my!" Mihoshi gasped.

"You mean this 'reformat' would rewrite history." Said Aeka.

Urd nodded. "A reformat was never ever used, it existed just in case it was ever needed." Belldandy explained.

"I can restore the damage done a lot better than that, but we need to find and take Gannondorf out first." Said Washu.

The Goddesses looked at her in surprise. "You can." Skuld said with some skepticism. Washu smiled at her like a Cheshire cat. "Did we tell you, I'm the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe." She said. With that A and B popped up and began cheering...

"Washu, Washu, Washu!" "She's our gal!" "If she can't do it!" "Nobody else ever will!"

Ryoko looked over at the Goddesses who all had startled looks on their faces. "Uh, you get used to her after a while." She said.

"We've got an intruder!" one of the girls at the Yggdrasil command console announced.

"Where?" Peorth asked quickly, she got up from her command chair and ran down to the girl's workstation.

"They came in through remote satellite 14a using an old outdated level one access code." The girl said.

"Satellite 14a, that hasn't been used in millions of years." Says Peorth. She looks at the display that now showed the access code. "What is the intruder doing?" she asked.

"The command entry security log system has been disabled, we can't tell what's been done!" one of the other girls shouted. "Reading critical failures in sections four through nine!"

"Trace that connection!" Peorth ordered.

The girls worked their workstations franticly. "Tracing, five percent, ten, fifteen percent, twenty." The girl in front of Peorth announced.

"Virus body detected near main system core!" one of the others warned. "It's taking out our network connections, we'll loose contact with the Earth if we don't stop it!"

"Surround the virus with a firewall and begin eradication." Peorth ordered. "Got it, virus is moving into section Y, initializing firewall!" the girl shouted gleefully. "Good work girls." Peorth smiled. "How is the trace?"

"Sixty five percent, seventy...oh drat, we just lost connection, whoever they were just disconnected." The girl tech said sadly.

"Trace indicates the connection came from outside of our universe, the access code is still in the system but who it belongs to has been erased from the database." Another girls reported. "Maybe by the intruder him or herself."

"Yggdrasil is functioning at a thirty seven percent loss, at this rate we can't do a reformat or much of anything else." Another reported.

"Virus eradicated!" yet another of the girls shouted triumphantly.

"Good work!" Peorth said encouragingly, but she was afraid at the same time. The timing of all this was just too good. Whoever this Gannondorf was he had help from the outside, with Yggdrasil in this state they can't do anything to stop him. "I'm going to the high council, try to reestablish a connection to the Morrisato residence before I get back." Peorth ordered. "Belldandy, Urd, Skuld, and these stranger are our only hope now."

Keiichi thought his life had been exciting with Belldandy's sudden appearance, the problems with the Ultimate Force System that almost tore them apart from one another, and then Celestine. After listening to Tenchi's misadventures with the girls on Earth, Washu's Dimensional Tuner, and then the journey to Jurai to clear their names and face Kagato mad his past troubles seem puny by comparison. No matter what he and Bell faced they had never been in any real mortal danger, but Tenchi could have easily lost his life several times. Now they were yet another quest that could ultimately spell doom for them all if they don't succeed.

Tenchi began to relate the story of how he and girls got engaged and married in the first place. He explained about the death of Kiyone and how it tore them all apart. He even sent into detail about his trip to the universe were the girls were boys.

"That must have been weird." Said Keiichi.

"Ryoko made a good looking guy I have to admit." Tenchi laughed and scratched the back of his head. "But it was that experience that really clinched it all, you know."

"Yeah, I've thought about proposing to Belldandy." Keiichi said. "I love her very much, I want to spend the rest of my life with her."

"She is very sweet, you're lucky to have a girl like her." Tenchi told him. "She reminds me a little of Sasami."

"She's the little girl, right?" Keiichi asked.

Tenchi nodded, "I know she's a little young to marry and all, but we know our limits for now, and our relationship is a special one."

"I love her just as strongly as the rest of them." Tenchi went on.
"They all really love you, I can tell." Keiichi smiled looking back towards the open door to the living room.

"They'd all do anything for me." Tenchi sighed. "Ryoko is the worst, I'm afraid she'd actually die for me if she saw no other way out of a situation."

"Bell is pretty devoted to me too." Keiichi replied.

The sound of beeping drew Tenchi's attention and he was a little robot walk by with a yard rake. The little robot moved over to a pile of leaves and began to rake them towards a compost bin. "Skuld made that a long time ago, she's really good with electronics and stuff." Said Keiichi.

Tenchi laughed, "Just like Washu, but I bet Skuld doesn't have an ego the size of Mt. Everest." Keiichi chuckled a bit, he gathered that from the exchange between the two geniuses earlier. "She isn't crazy, I've known her long enough to know that, and she is just eccentric." Tenchi went on. "You would be too if you were as old as she is."

"How old is she?" Keiichi asked while doing a Spock Maneuver.

"Twenty thousand years." Tenchi replied slowly.

Keiichi sat back and said, "Whoa."

"I once resisted all the attention I got from the girls, I'd pry Ryoko off of me when she glomped me, I tried to avoid Aeka's subtle hints, Washu scared the hell of me for a long time, but the only one I wasn't nervous around was Sasami." Tenchi told him. "Then, there was also Kiyone. I felt comfortable around her, I could talk to her and she'd listen to me without fawning all over me like the others. I really miss her."

"What happened to her?" Keiichi asked, he was almost afraid to ask from the tone of Tenchi's voice.

"After we cleared our names on planet Jurai and restored the proper government there I went back to Earth, alone." Tenchi explained. "The others scattered across the galaxy. Mihoshi and Kiyone were back on patrol in space, they ran into some space pirates who out gunned them."

Keiichi put two and two together from that statement. He put his hand on Tenchi's shoulder and said, "I'm sorry I dredged that up."

Tenchi took a deep breath forcing himself not to cry. "I have to be able to talk about it, if I don't it will eat me up inside." He said.

"When I was back on Earth I thought I would be happy, no more chaos, no more yelling, screaming lovesick girls making my life miserable." Tenchi added. "But, as the days passed I started missing all the attention they gave me, I even wandered over to Kiyone and Mihoshi's old apartment once, and the cave where we accidentally freed Washu from her prison capsule."

Keiichi blinked, "Prison capsule?"

"Long story." Tenchi replied with a smile.

A peel of thunder overhead interrupted the two. Tenchi and Keiichi looked up into the sky and saw a huge formation of dark clouds in the distance. "That's funny, the weatherman didn't say we'd have rain today." Keiichi said.

Belldandy was impressed by Sasami's prowess in the kitchen. Dinner was still in the oven baking, but the little girl wanted to add her own special touch to the meal with one of her own dishes. The girls ignored the sound of rolling thunder outside. Urd and Ryoko went on a tour of the house, it was a flat, smaller than Tenchi's place back in Ohkayama. They headed for the front door to go visit the shrine outside when the phone rang.

"I wonder who that is?" Urd said.

Ryoko hovered up behind her when Urd picked it up. Ryoko's keen hearing picked up the sound of loud static. Urd could hear someone on the other end, she made out her name, the voice sounded familiar. The line improved just a little when Urd heard the voice say "increase transmission output".

"Peorth?" Urd asked in surprise.

"Urd, can you hear me?" Peorth asked.

"Barely, what's going on?" Urd asked her with concern in her voice.

Peorth paused on that for a moment and said, "I'm afraid you're on your own for a while." Urd started to ask what was happening but Peorth cut her off.

"Yggdrasil has been hacked, by somebody outside of this world." Peorth explained. "They disable many of our high level functions, and even tried to use a virus on us. The access code used to infiltrate the system is an old one, and the user file for that code was erased by the intruder. We managed to restore a partial name from that file, somebody named 'Toki', but that is all we know so far. Yggdrasil is operating at a thirty-seven percent loss."

"I doubt the timing of this is just a coincidence." Urd replied.

"With Yggdrasil in this state we can't do anything, we can't even open a gate to Earth." Peorth continued. "We're detecting something happening on Earth, a localized disturbance, and you and those new friends of yours are our only hope now."

"A disturbance?" Urd asked. The sound of thunder shook the house again.

"We're not supposed to be getting rain today." Urd said.

Skuld ran out of the living room and came up to Urd and Ryoko. "Urd, Washu's says she's detecting a massive space-time disturbance out in the city." She told her.

"Never mind, Peorth." Urd said into the phone. "Our friends already detected it, we'll check it out and get back to you."

"Be careful, please, that man defeated four class one Goddesses on his own." Peorth warned. "I don't want us to loose you or your sisters."

"Don't worry, I think our new friends here will give us an advantage." Urd said reassuringly while flashing a smile at Ryoko.

In his secret hiding place far across town Gannondorf concentrated on the power of the Triforce. The golden amulet hung in mid air between his outstretched hands and emitted a soft golden glow. Slowly he could feel the fabric of reality of this universe merging with another, soon the process would be complete and he could move on to the next world. His concentration was so intense on his task that he did not sense the arrival of several people outside the abandoned warehouse. Morrisato Keiichi stopped his BMW motorcycle, Belldandy looked around at the place from the sidecar with some apprehension. Somewhere in that building was a mortal being capable of defeating First Class goddesses. Skuld arrived a moment later on Skuld's own unique motorized creation. Ryoko, carrying Tenchi, arrived a few seconds later. Far overhead the shape of Ryu-Ohki could be seen, on the bridge Sasami, Aeka, Mihoshi, and Washu watched their family and friends on the ground as they approached the warehouse.

"We should be down there." said Mihoshi.

"We'd only get in the way." Washu replied. "Besides if this guy can take out goddesses on his own imagine what he'd do to you, or Aeka."

"I agree with Mihoshi, I want to be by Tenchi's side for this." Aeka nodded towards the GP officer.

"Sis, don't worry, Tenchi and Ryoko can handle this." Sasami reassured her.

Aeka sighed, "I hope so Sasami, I hope so."

Keiichi wasn't sure why he was there, he had no powers or special skills except how to make things with his hands. He'd always been very good to taking apart motors and putting them back to together, or building new ones from scratch. He dabbled a little in the martial arts when he was younger. Belldandy just wanted to make certain he was safe, that was probably the reason why he was here. She asked him to stay with his bike with the rest went into the warehouse. He watched as Tenchi withdrew the sword that bears his name and slip in through an unlocked door. Ryoko phased through the wall with little effort, the love of his life Belldandy did the same and Urd used the door Tenchi just opened. Keiichi sighed, "Be careful."

Ryoko looked around at the interior of the warehouse in disgust. The place was a wreck, light from outside streamed through gaping holes in the ceiling, and thick dust covered everything. She and the rest of the ground came around a collection of large wooden crates, and there in the middle of the decaying structure was the man they'd been looking for. Belldandy stifled a gasp of shock when she saw the four statues off to the side. She suddenly realized that it was true, this Gannon could easily defeat first class goddesses. Last year she thought the challenge against Celestine was the greatest danger she had ever faced, but this was a million times more dangerous than that had ever been. Celestine would have never really hurt her, but this Gannon had no such qualms. Skuld squeezed her hand reassuringly. Urd clenched her fists suppressing the urge to run in and clobber the man straight away, but she had to show restraint for this was no ordinary foe.

"Very soon, my work with be done here." they heard him say.

"I think not." Tenchi said as he stepped out into the open and ignited the sword Tenchi.

Gannondorf stared at him with surprise then laughed, "What are you boy, a cockroach? No matter how hard I stomp on you somehow you keep coming back."

"You're gonna pay for what you did to my Tenchi." Ryoko growled as she floated up beside Tenchi.

"I have no time for this." Gannondorf said then waved in their direction. A wave of energy shot forth towards them. Ryoko grabbed Tenchi and launched towards the ceiling while generating her shield. The attack clipped the bottom of Ryoko's shield and it nearly took everything she had to keep it from collapsing.

"Ugh! He's-very-strong." she gasped from the effort of keeping the shield up.

"Gannondorf, I am Belldandy, Goddess First Class, and I have come to stop you." the beautiful goddess announced as she emerged from the shadows. She reached up to her ear and removed one of her ear rings. The jewelry in her hand formed into a long polearm with an ornate tip that resembled the ear ring, her clothing flared with a bright light and transformed into a kind of cross between a dress and ornate armor. It had been the same outfit she had worn when confronting Celestine a year before.

"Fascinating." the evil Gannon sneered and gestured towards the petrified goddesses next to him. "Have to come to join my collection, pretty one?"

"You wish!" Urd shouted as she revealed herself. White mists swirled around her body as she transformed into her battle armor and her angel appeared behind her.

"So boy, you've found some allies I see." said Gannon. He took a defensive fighting stance and drew his sword. "Since I am almost finished with my work here I'll have some fun before I leave."

Ryoko dropped Tenchi to the floor below and he rushed Gannon head on, the sword Tenchi and Gannon's blade met with a loud clash. They two exchanged a series of vicious sword blows, neither side giving up any ground. Tenchi concentrated on the training he received from his grandfather, this was unlike the battle with Kagato, this foe was far more dangerous than Kagato ever was. Ryoko was stunned with the display of speed and strength Tenchi was demonstrating, it made her heart leap, but she was afraid for him at the same time.

Tenchi deflected a series of quick thrusts aimed at taking off his head, but left his lower body open. Gannon delivered a kick to his midsection and sent Tenchi flying into a file of decaying old cardboard boxes. Belldandy took this was her cue to move, she leapt into the fray lashing out with the polearm. Gannon easily defected the blows but was surprise that the goddess had a fair amount of skill in fighting. With his free hand Gannon prepared the spell he used to turn the other goddesses to stone and launched it. Belldandy sensed the spell and dodged out of the way. She leveled her polearm at Gannon and let loose with her power. A blast of energy struck the man in the chest propelling her across the warehouse floor. As he recovered and leapt to his feet he was face to face with one of the boy's women. She came in snarling like a demon and swung at him with her energy sword. Gannon deflected the first few attacks easily, they were basic sword fighting moves that he had mastered long ago. When it became apparent to Ryoko that she couldn't beat him in a sword fight she flew into the air and unleashed a blast of energy at her hated target. Gannon leapt to the side avoid the first volley and launched his own. Ryoko teleported out of the way. Outside, Keiichi gasped as the roof to the place suddenly exploded.

"I'm impressed!" Gannondorf shouted. "Finally you are all giving me a real challenge, unlike before."

"Shut up and fight asshole!" Ryoko spat and launched more attacks. Gannon raised his hand and formed a magical barrier to defect the attacks. Suddenly he saw movement at the corner of his eye and turned just in time to see Urd moving towards him at blinding speed. She unleashed a blast of lighting at him and Gannon was barely able to move out of the way. Something struck him from behind and exploded sending him flying over the heads of Ryoko and Urd. Skuld smiled happily and pulled out another one of her special grenades. She and the rest of them were suddenly surprised to see the man get up as if he wasn't even hurt.

"Kkkkkkiiiiyyyaaaaa!!!" Tenchi cried as he came flying over a large wooden crate and made a swing at Gannon's torso. The glowing blade of the sword came close, and cut a slice through Gannondorf's leather tunic.

"For that, you die!" Gannon hissed and threw himself at Tenchi. The two renewed their sword battle. It became clear to Belldandy that fighting this man head on was not the answer, the Triforce was making him too strong, there had to be another way. Then inspiration struck her.

"Urd, Skuld, come with me!" she shouted at her sisters and flew towards the opening in the roof.

"What's up sis?" Urd asked her when they met up with her high in the air.

"We must lend Tenchi our strength, our power or this fight will end with us in defeat." she said.

"That Gannon is really tough." said Skuld.

"I'm game if it will help." Urd nodded.

Belldandy clasped her hands together and her clothing transformed again, this time into her beautiful flowing robes. The same robes she wore when she first appeared to Keiichi years ago. Her angel emerged from behind her, then Skuld did the same. The three goddesses lift their voices in a song, it was a beautiful and haunting melody spoken in a tongue unknown to all but the Kami of Heaven. Ryoko heard the song and a feeling of peace and serenity suddenly came over her. The rage and hatred that blinded her and effected her ability to fight were suddenly gone. The same thing was happening to Tenchi, he suddenly found it easy to focus on deflecting Gannon's attacks, but there was more to this feeling because he was feeling stronger also. Gannon gasped as he saw Tenchi's body begin to glow.

"What is this?" he gasped in surprise.

Tenchi was suddenly moving at an inhuman speed, Gannon could not keep up with attacks and had to retreat from his attacker. His ears registered the song and he guessed the goddesses had something to do with the boy's sudden rush of power. He prepared to launch a spell that would stop them when Ryoko suddenly appeared in front of him.

"No you don't." she said and hit him with a blast of energy at point blank range. The impact sent him flying back towards Tenchi. Gannondorf knew enough to shift his weight in midair and hit the ground on his feet. He was only inches away from the Triforce of Power. Tenchi came in with sword technique that were so fast Gannon's eyes could not follow them. He felt a stinging pain as Tenchi slashed his body with dozens of strikes in just a few seconds. Mortally wounded, the vicious Gannondorf stumbled towards the Triforce and reached out towards them. They still hung in the air where he left them when the fight began.

"Fools-I-still-win." he gasped, his voice came out as a rattle from his throat. His vision was blurring, as his hand touched the amulet he used the last of his will to send it a command. With his last breath Gannondorf fell to the warehouse floor and said, "It-is-done." Tenchi took a ready stance, but Gannon did not move. He walked up to the green skinned man and prodded him with his foot. Slowly he kneeled down and checked for a pulse on the man's throat. Tenchi nearly jumped out of his skin when the man's eyes shot open and he reached out for Tenchi's throat. Gannon's hands didn't close around Tenchi's neck as his eyes suddenly glazed over and blood tricked out of his mouth. With a final sighing breath Gannondorf died and his arms feel limply to the floor.

"TENCHI!" Tenchi braced himself as best he could as Ryoko tackled him to the ground started covering his face with kisses.

On the Ryu-Ohki Washu monitored the battle below from her computer while everyone else watched on one of the monitors. Aeka, Sasami, and Mihoshi winced and cried out when Tenchi was flung across the warehouse floor, cheer when Ryoko attacked Gannon, and cried out with joy as Tenchi joined the fight again. They gasped with surprise as Tenchi attacked Gannon with superhuman speed and strength, then cried out as they was Tenchi's sword slice into his target a dozen times or so. Gannon was finally dead, but as Washu looked at the data on her screen she knew events were only just beginning.

"Oh my god." she hissed as the first streams of data came to her.\

"Ryu-Ohki, take us down there!" she shouted. "We have to get them out of there now!"

"What's wrong Miss Washu,. Tenchi won." Aeka looked at her.

"I'm reading a massive power surge from the Triforce, I do not know what is going to happen but I know we don't want to be anywhere near it when it does!" Washu explained as she ran over to the spherical flight controls and guided the Cabbit spaceship towards the ground.

"Oh my!" Mihoshi gasped in fright.

Far below Tenchi and Ryoko became aware of a bright glow from the floating amulet. The three pieces of the Triforce began to rotate around each other fast and faster. Tenchi went to grab them but an invisible force pushed him back and Ryoko caught him.

"What's going on?" he shouted. As if in answer a swirling portal suddenly formed around the twirling amulet. It brought back memories to Tenchi of when he was sucked to another universe the first time by Gannon. Ryoko remembered too, grabbed Tenchi, and flew like a shot out the gaping hole in the roof. Belldandy, Urd and Skuld joined them.

"Oh man, this is not good, there's a massive space time distortion field growing down there." Skuld said as she checked a small pocket sized computer.

"Gannon did something with the Triforce before he died." Tenchi explained.

Belldandy gasped and clasped her hands to her mouth. "Oh no, he's completed the spell to merge this universe to another!"

"We'd have no choice but to reformat now!" Skuld cried in dismay.

"There's gotta be another way to stop this." said Urd. Above them they heard a loud cry like the sound of a cat's meow. They looked up and saw the spaceship that had been Sasami's little furry pet. The three goddesses and Keiichi had been surprised when they saw the little creature transform, but after everything they've all seen since coming to Earth and moving in with Keiichi they took it in stride. Nothing much could shock Keiichi anymore with Belldandy and her sisters around.

Washu looked at the data streaming by on her computer, the gears in her head started turning. There was no problem she could not figure out, no scientific puzzle she could not solve. Her hands flew over the translucent keyboard, an idea forming in her head. In the Heavens the Yggdrasil system was slowly recovering. Partial access with the Earth plane was achieved and data started streaming in like a flood.

"Oh no, Peorth, our universe and another are starting to merge together!" one the technician cried.

"What about Belldandy and the others?" she asked.

The tech checked her console then replied, "They seem alright, so do their new companions."

"The ethereal barriers between dimensions is breaking down, if we don't do something now it will be too late." another tech announced.

Peorth let out a sad sigh, a tear fell from her eye. She stood up and walked to the edge of her platform. Raising a hand she called forth a translucent console.

"Yggdrasil, access utility program omega, authorization Peorth." she said.

The computer's voice replied as the console materialized. "Confirmed, Peorth access authorized, system utilities operational."

The techs below looked up at her with worried expressions. They knew what was coming, and what it would mean for the Earth. "Initialize reformat sequence, stage one." commanded Peorth.

"Reformat sequence stage one initializing, please stand by." said the celestial computer.

"She really going to do it." said one of the techs to the others.

"We-We really don't have much choice." another said sadly.

Back on Earth everyone was back on the ground and standing next to Keiichi and his BMW cycle. Washu sat on the ground in lotus position as he hands flew over her keyboard at high speed. Tenchi sat next to her looking at the screen despite the fact that he didn't know what the hell any of the symbols and mathematical computations flying across the screen meant. Sasami stood with Skuld while the young goddess held Ryu-Ohki in her hands scratching her behind the ears. Suddenly, the sky lit up with bright beams of light that formed a complex pattern that stretched as far as the eye could see.

"W-W-W-What is that?" Sasami asked.

Skuld looked up at the sky sadly and said, "Its the reformat program, Peorth must be initializing it."

"But, that would have a huge effect on the Earth, right?" Ryoko asked looking at Belldandy who just nodded sadly.

"There is little we can do now but ride it out and hope for the best." said Urd.

"Don't count me out just yet!" Washu shouted as she continued to work.

"Can you do anything, Washu?" Tenchi asked.

She took a few seconds to shoot him a reassuring smile and said, "They don't call me the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe for nothing!"

"Hurray for Washu!" cried A.

"You go girl!" cried B.

"Oh brother." sighed Ryoko.

Aeka sat down next to Tenchi and held his arm. He looked at her with his best smile, she sighed and leaned her head on his shoulder. It was at that moment the ground began to shake, and the walls of the warehouse started to collapse as the swirling spacial phenomenon grew in size.

"Shouldn't we like move back or something?" Tenchi asked Washu.

She didn't look up from her computer when she replied, "Tenchi, if this doesn't work it won't matter where we are."

"Reformat stage one initialization complete." announced the celestial computer.

Peorth wiped away the tears in her eyes. Reformatting meant that the Earth could be thrown back in time, developmental wise. The goddesses and gods in Heaven would have start all over again. History would be rewritten. But that was far better than the alternative.

"Yggdrasil, begin reformat sequence stage two." she ordered.

"Starting stage two reformat sequence." the computer replied.

From below one of the techs shouted, "Peorth, I'm getting a strange reading from Earth, I'm trying to isolate it."

"Focusing sensors, whatever it is its very close to the anomaly." said another tech.

"Is it Belldandy?" Peorth asked.

"I can't tell, the anomaly is messing with the sensor readings, I can't tell." the first tech told her.

Fierce winds were being kicked up and lightning was striking all around everyone who watched the fabric of their universe become unraveled merged with another reality. Washu completed her program and hit the execute button. A translucent bubble appeared around the anomaly and began to constrict it. For a moment it looked like Washu's program was doing the job, but the Triforce at the enter of the anomaly flared and the swirling mass began to grow again.

"Damn, without access to my lab I don't have the power to overwhelm that anomaly." Washu hissed.

"We can help." Belldandy said stepping forward.

"We could channel the energy of the reformat program into Washu's program, that should give it all the power it needs." Skuld said with renewed enthusiasm.

"Well, what are we waiting for!" Urd leapt into the air quickly and was soon followed by her two sisters. The three goddesses formed a ring above Washu and the others and began to sing. This was a new tune, it was uplifting and filled the hearts of those who heard it with joy and renewed hope. Keiichi recognized it was the song Belldandy and her sisters sang to restore the Earth to normal after the incident with Celestine.

In Heaven the first Yggdrasil tech gasped in surprise. "Peorth, the energy of the reformat is being redirected!"

"There's another program running in the system." another tech said and on the vast holographic display a apparition of joy, faith, and hope with angel's wings appeared. Peorth recognized it immediately, she bowed her head in prayer, her angel emerged behind her, and began to sing. On the Earth plane the blue lattice work pattern of the reformat program was drawn towards the three goddesses, it streamed down between them and flowed towards the ground converging on Washu's translucent computer. The diminutive genius just sat and watched in fascination as the power levels of her program shot up nearly a million times normal levels and then finally reached such heights that even her instruments could not register it. The sphere around the anomaly started to shrink again, and again the Triforce flared, but it did not stop the collapse of the anomaly this time. The winds, the lightning, and the quakes began to settle down as the anomaly became even smaller. Suddenly the Triforce flared one last time and each piece of the amulet burst from the sphere. Tenchi ran towards the ruins of the warehouse to catch the pieces but to his sudden shock the three pieces formed small anomalies and vanished from sight. The main anomaly was finally closed, and the sphere shrank further until it was finally gone.

"This is not good." he said.

The three goddesses drifted down to Earth. Belldandy staggered a little and Keiichi was at her side to catch her. "Its over." she said weakly and smiled at him.

"We won?" Mihoshi asked.

"I think so." Aeka replied.

Urd flashed the princess and the GP office a "V" sighed and smiled. Ryoko had moved towards her when it looked like the platinum haired goddesses was going to fall over. "Yes, we won, we won't have to use the reformat." she told them.

"But we lost the Triforce." Tench said sadly.

Washu walked up to him, grew to full adult hight, and kissed him passionately. "Don't worry, Gannon's gone so we can take our time finding them again." she said when they separated.

"I don't know, it seemed too easy." he said. "I can't help but feel something nagging me at the back of mind saying this isn't quite over."

"Whatever it is Lord Tenchi, we can deal with it." Aeka said as she took his arm. "Today proves that."

Tenchi awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the air, and the smell of bacon and eggs assaulted his nostrils. Feeling an emptiness in his stomach he climbed out of his futon. He heard Mihoshi's faint snoring on the other side of the guest bedroom. Since he was now technically married to all of the girls they all opted to share the same room with him. Thankfully their new friends had a large enough room for all of them and enough soft futon mats for them to sleep on. The smell of food woke up the beautiful GP officer and with a yawn she sat up.

"Good morning." Tenchi smiled.

"Oh, good morning Tenchi." Mihoshi blushed.

Tenchi looked around at the other empty futon mats. "Looks like everybody else is up." he said. He figured they let him sleep in because of the battle the other day. When they all returned to the house Keiichi and Belldandy shared he had been one of the first to collapse. Before sleep took him he heard Urd say something about him being overwhelmed by the power they gave him to fight Gannon. It was true, he felt like he hadn't slept in days, and it took all of his will to stay awake long enough for Aeka and Ryoko to guide him to his futon.

"Morning Tenchi darling." Ryoko cheered as she phased through the wall and glomped her husband. In response he gave her a short passionately kiss.

"Belldandy and Sasami almost have breakfast ready." she told him when they separated.

"Great, I'm starved." he said joyfully.

"They said you'd be really hungry this morning, something about your body needing to replenish energy or something like that." Ryoko shrugged. She knew very little about science, after the incident with the Dimensional Tuner she decided to leave that stuff up to Washu to deal with.

Everyone looked up as Tenchi, Mihoshi and Ryoko walked in arm in arm. Aeka and Washu smiled at them as they took a sat at the table. Keiichi sat with his text books splayed out around him. Tenchi looked at one of them, it was a book on mechanical engineering, some of the mathematical calculations on the page Keiichi was studying were almost as incomprehensible as some of Washu's data. Skuld sat with Washu looking over recorded data from the night before while Aeka sat with needle and thread and looked like she was trying to sew up a few holes in the shirt Tenchi had worn during the battle with Gannondorf. After the fight was over it had a few nasty holes in it.

"Ouch! Mother made this look so easy." she said before sucking on her pricked finger.

"You don't have to do that Aeka, I have other shirts." Tenchi told her.

Aeka just looked up and smiled, "Oh but I enjoy doing things for you Lord Tenchi."

"Ok." he handed her the thimble that sat on the table in front of her. "But you might want to put this on your finger so you don't get pricked again."

She took it and turned it over in her hand. "So that is what this little thing is for."

"Washu, any idea on where the Triforce pieces went?" Tenchi asked his diminutive genius wife.

"Not yet, I'm working on making a detector that should allow us to track down the pieces." she replied.

"Where are we going next?" Mihoshi asked Tenchi.

He thought a moment and said, "I think we should go back home and tell Minagi the good news that Gannondorf is dead."

"That sounds like an excellent idea." Aeka smiled as she continued her work.

Washu looked up from her computer, Skuld continued to study the streaming data with intense interest. "Yes, we can get back to my lab so I can build the detector." she said.

"So you're all leaving today?" Keiichi asked them.

"No sense in us sticking around, besides we gotta find the pieces to that magical amulet thing." Ryoko told him.

"I could help you build that detector." Skuld said cheerfully to Washu. She leaped up and ran into her room returning with a box of exotic electrical components.

"These are old parts from Earth radios and toasters." said Washu.

"Reconfigured with a few protocols from Yggdrasil they'll make a detector just as good as the one you could make." Skuld told her.

Washu looked at her skeptically at first, but she remembered seeing some of the girl's other innovations. Skuld was a kindred spirit, and a goddess to boot. Washu nodded and said, "Ok, lets get started."

"That program Washu created was pretty good." Urd said. "Peorth said they can't find any trace of where the anomaly had been. Space time in and around Earth is still a mess but she says that should correct itself in time."

"Gannon is gone, this whole mess is finally over." Ryoko replied with a sigh of relief.

"Not quite, there is still the matter of someone from the outside hacking into Yggdrasil and almost taking the system off-line." Urd pointed out. "Whoever was responsible had access to our access codes, older codes, but they still worked. This Gannondorf might not have been working alone."

Tenchi sighed. "That's what I was afraid of."

"I suspected the same thing, it was a pretty interest that your Yggdrasil system was taken down just before Gannon started merging the two universes together." Washu added.

"A conspiracy, a conspiracy to conquer the Megaverse." said Mihoshi. "Maybe there's a bigger picture here than we're willing to accept. I mean it seems pretty far fetched that only one person could take over all realities on his own yet be beaten by us so easily."

Washu looked at her and shook her head. "Whatever has happened to that girl's head I wish I happened a long time ago, and without the added consequences."

"I really don't like where this is going." Tenchi sighed.

"All major conspiracies have someone at their center controlling things, question is, was Gannon the man in charge, or was he one of the flunkies." Urd said questioningly.

"This is bad isn't it?" Aeka asked her.

Urd nodded and it was accented by Washu's nod. "I'm afraid Mihoshi and Urd may be right, I think this is just the beginning." Washu told her.

"Life just can't be simple anymore." Tenchi let out an exasperated sigh at the roller coaster ride his life as turned into.

"I know the feeling." Keiichi said with sympathetically.

A few hours later Belldandy, Keiichi, Urd, and Skuld stood outside the "Morrisato Mansion" with their new found friends. Washu held the "Triforce Detector" she and Skuld made in one hand, and summoned her translucent computer with the other. The two groups bid farewell to one another with hugs. Belldandy gave Sasami and Tenchi both light pecks on the cheek. Urd, however, grabbed Tenchi, leaned him over, and gave him a full force kiss with tongue included. The girls suppressed a sudden wave of rage and jealousy as Tenchi came back up for air with a stunned expression.

"You got a really cute guy here girls, keep your eyes on him or somebody might decide to kidnap him." Urd said playfully and winked at the young Prince of Jurai.

Aeka was at Tenchi side in an instant and grabbed his arm. "Ah, we'll remember that, thank you Miss Urd." she said hastily.

"It was go good having you all here, and thank you for all that you've done." said Belldandy.

"Eh, it weren't nothing." Ryoko waved at her.

"I loved cooking with you, and thanks for the recipes." said Sasami.

"Good luck you guys." Keiichi waved.

"Washu, remember you can email us using that public access port to Yggdrasil, ok." Skuld reminded her.

"I'll remember." the diminutive genius smiled.

"Well, its time we went home, Minagi is probably worried about us." said Tenchi. With that Washu activated her dimensional portal device and a swirling spacial portal opened near them. Waving goodbye to their new friends Tenchi and the girls jumped into the portal one at a time. Mihoshi was the last one through, she caught a little bag with rice cakes tossed to her by Belldandy and then disappeared. When the portal closed Urd and Skuld sighed and returned to the house. Belldandy and Keiichi stood where they were for a moment looking in the direction their friends had gone.

"Bell." he turned to look at her.

"Yes, Keiichi." she looked at him.

"I was really afraid that-that I'd loose you yesterday." he admitted.

The lovely goddess smiled, "So was I."

"I love you and I don't ever want to come that close to losing you again." he told her. She watched as he reached into his pocket and withdrew something. She stifled a gasp as he dropped down to one knee and held up a black velvet ring case. He opened it displaying the beautiful ring within, what she did not know was that he had saved for nearly a year to get it for her.

"Belldandy, will you marry me?"

Urd and Skuld both leapt to the ceiling when they heard a loud cry from outside that shook the house. "YESS!!!!!"



Stay Tune for Episode 7: No Need for Lost Loves

The Gang with the help of Keiichi, Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld finally confront and defeat Gannondorf, but in the process the pieces of the Triforce of Power get scattered across the Megaverse. When the gang tries to return home they go off course a bit and end up in another alternate reality very similar to their own. Who they find there will change the lives of Tenchi and the girls forever.