Estonia picked up his pace as they neared the Fair. He could hear people and was excited to know that he would no longer be alone with Russia. He couldn't handle the emotions that were overwhelming him. The thought that he would be surrounded by people and distractions was extremely relieving.

Russia matched Estonia's pace. He had been walking slowly to allow Estonia's shorter legs to walk without tiring themselves out. The entire walk he had been extremely careful not to walk too quickly so that Estonia would be comfortable. Now he walked at a steady pace beside the quick younger man.

The sounds of the Fair reached two pairs of eager ears. The fences surrounding the place were now visible and crowds of people were contained within, enjoying themselves and the attractions. Sealand's shrill voice rose above the din as he protested the disinterest in micronations.

"Oh," Russia smiled with an evil glisten in his eyes, "let's go talk to Sealand."

"Uhh…" Estonia writhed with discomfort, knowing that the older man was eager to show his cruelty.

Russia picked up on this and remembered France's words.

"Always be aware of what your beloved wants."

Russia turned to Estonia and looked him full in the eye.

"What do you want to do?" He asked as softly as he could muster, catching Estonia off guard.

Estonia looked Russia in the eye for a moment and, seeing sincerity written there, took a quick glance around.

"Let's go look at the booths." He offered, pushing his glasses further up his nose to distract himself from Russia's unexpected kindness. "I heard France is hosting a movie."

Russia's face darkened. He had spoken to France earlier that day. Wouldn't it be suspicious if France saw him with Estonia? He didn't particularly care, but France had a very loose tongue. He would ruin the whole thing for sure!

"Uhh…Russia?" Estonia squeaked. The aura radiating from Russia was frightening to say the least.

Russia blinked and grinned. "I'm not in the mood for a movie." His words sounded like the grinding of teeth as gears turned in his mind. "Is there anything else you'd rather do?"

"Hmm." Estonia looked around again, surveying the Fair this time for a long time before responding, "How about we go get something to eat?"

"Yes!" Russia's face lightened tremendously, "Yes, I'm famished!"

Russia continued forth with no real destination, in the opposite direction of France's theater. Estonia followed with caution. He watched Russia's every move, and wondered to himself why his heart pounded so hard when the older man watched him. He had reckoned long ago that it was fear that kept him feeling so, but he had felt fear since, and this was most definitely not fear that kept his heart skipping beats whenever Russia's eyes fell on his.

Russia's voice interrupted Estonia's deep thoughts. "Germany's got a wurst booth."

"T-that sounds fine, then," Estonia ripped his mind away from thoughts of Russia and focused on the thought of food. His stomach growled in agreement.

"Wilkommen, wilkommen! Haben Sie ein wurst!" Germany called from his booth.

The booth itself smelled of cured meats and beer, but was spotless. Germany, though he had a pair of tongs covered in sauce in one hand and a glass half full of beer in the other, wore spotless garments. His eyebrows furrowed as he yelled at passersby to sample his wurst.

"Da!" Russia raised one hand as he called to Germany, "We'll have two."

Germany nodded and hastily prepared two plates, each with a wurst and a side of crushed potatoes. Russia paid and Estonia looked on with a far-off gaze. His thoughts had returned to the perpetual blush on his own face. The younger man was so engrossed in his thoughts that he nearly dropped the plate that Russia handed him. He caught it and, realizing that both Russia and Germany were watching him, blushed and apologized fiercely.

Russia thanked Germany and guided Estonia to a picnic table nearby. The two sat and quietly ate. By the time Estonia had finished his meal, he realized that Russia was merely playing with his. The older man had eaten hardly anything, but rather sat and played with his food, watching Estonia. The younger man's face turned three shades deeper.

"What is it, Russia?" He asked somewhat gruffly.

Russia used another of France's lines. "I just can't take my eyes off of your…"

"Russia, please!" Estonia interrupted him before he could improvise another horrific sentence. "What's with all of this? Why did you take me here? And why do you keep saying things like that?"

Estonia was shocked when the words erupted from his mouth. Apologies mixed together and flew from his lips, but Russia was silent. Estonia continued until the aura about them became awkward. When he was finished, Russia spoke.

"Because I want you to like me." He shrugged.

"Like you?" Estonia sighed. "Russia, I…"

He stopped himself. His heart skipped a beat.

"I already like you." He wanted to say, but his heart pounded against the back of his throat and his tongue felt as though it had dried itself out and no word escaped his mouth.

"I like you, Estonia." Russia smiled childishly, blushing slightly at his own words. "I want you to like me, too."

Unable to speak, Estonia leaned forward. His heart pounded ferociously in his chest and his body ached and his head screamed at him not to do so, but he leaned forward and pursed his lips, eyes closed, hoping that he would meet his mark and not embarrass himself any further.

Before he realized what Estonia was doing, Russia followed suit and caught Estonia's lips with his own. The two pairs of lips shaped together and the two men half-stood, hearts sharing a single beat.

When the kiss broke and the two men returned to their seats, Estonia spoke.

Timidly, but with a sheltered confidence, he whispered,

"I like you, too, Russia."

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