Roy opened his eyes sleepily. He was glad it was Saturday. He looked over at his blonde lover and blinked in surprise. Havoc lay groggily beside him but was cuddling with Roy's shirt. Havoc gave it a long sniff and gave a contented sigh.

"…Jean?" Roy enquired humorously.

The blonde just smiled sleepily,

"Smells so good…"

Roy's eyes widened. This was new behavior for Jean. He'd never been sentimental, even after sex. So this…was odd.

He kissed his dozing lover gently.

"Wake up…" He murmured quietly.

Jean's eyes opened and focused,

"Morning…" He said slowly waking up. He looked down at the shirt he clutched in surprise, "Huh?"

Roy put on his customary smirk. This would be fun…considering he thought he might have found Jean's secret kink…now all that was left was gauging his reaction and seeing if his assumptions were correct.

"You said I smell good." He whispered in a seductive tone.

Jean's face had the tiniest hint of a flush,

"I would never say that…even in my sleep."


"Really?" Roy asked, leaning in closer, "You don't like the way I smell?"

Jean swallowed, now it was all he could think of.


"That's not an answer…" Roy continued, knowing the tides had tipped in his favor.

"I…I never said…"Jean was having a hard time focusing,

Roy grinned in triumph,

"Describe it to me…" He whispered leaning in even closer, now seeing there was a game to this. A game he loved to play.

"I…don't know where to start…" Havoc protested, a last ditch effort.

"My hair…" Roy murmured in his ear. "That's simple enough, isn't it?" He asked, his breath teasing Jean's earlobes.

The blonde sniffed his lover's hair without hesitation, pulling the raven-haired man's head within his reach. The tip of his nose sifting through the black hairs of Roy's head, his lips grazing his forehead; making Roy shiver.

"…So good… Your shampoo plus the scent of your skin…"

Roy felt a heat pool in his groin, that had been a pretty sexy definition.

"My neck…" He commanded gently.

Jean smelled Roy there too.

"So sexy…the musk of your sweat and the smell of whiskey…"

Mhmm…."Roy groaned, feeling Jeaned lips ghosting over the sensitive skin of his neck.

Jean leaned over him,

"Guess I'm not the only one hot and bothered…"

Roy grinned before kissing him,

"I thought you sniffed me last night but I brushed it off…"

Jeans eyes rolled back in ecstasy at the memory,

"It was amazing, right at the lower back…oh god…"

Roy blinked,


Jean smiled sheepishly,

"…Its like a drug…"

"Well its turning me on, watching you take your drug…" Roy commented.

"Good." Jean said grinning before leaning in to kiss his lover.

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