The World of an Amazon

Summary: Batman deals with mortality issues while Wonder Woman's Gods gather to decide if he truly deserves her love or not. AU BBWW.

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"Feels like three bruised ribs on the left side, possible hairline fracture somewhere on the tibia, and a slight concussion from the blow to the head… pathetic…" Batman thought to himself as he was driving the batmobile back to the cave with robin sitting unscratched from the battle that just occurred a few moments ago.

"There were twenty of them, I had ten, Robin had ten. It was a normal drug busting routine that I do in my sleep. Throw three bat-a-rangs to knock out the three gunners, jump the one with the 2x4 in the middle, batclaw the three by the table in the far end, jump over the first to charge at me and kick the second in the face…. Break his nose… avoid the last guy's attempt to hit me with the 2x4 and take him out while finally interrogating the last one I jumped over… so simple… but how… HOW… did I allow that punk to hit me in the back of the head with the 2x4? Then have the other immediately take a swing at my ribs to stun me long enough to give his partner enough time for a second hit on the leg with the 2x4?"

"I knew the shot to the ribs was coming… why couldn't…DIDN'T I react quick enough? Getting sloppy… I must train harder… unacceptable."

As the batmobile pulled into the batcave, Bruce saw Alfred, in his medical apron ready to tend to his master's injuries, and her… floating two inches off the floor with her arms crossed over her chest wearing a thick cotton sweater, sweat pants, and flats. Beautiful… just beautiful, no matter what she wears or how she wears it, she still is a sight to behold. But tonight, her face was red with anger with a glare that would rival his… not that she could ever match his, but the fact that she had the power to break anyone she wanted to in half made her glare that much closer.

As the car stopped, Bruce slowly got out and walked toward the computer knowing he was going the get an earful from the beautiful Amazon. "You stupid, hard-headed, stubborn, idiotic man! How dare you go out in your condition! You are supposed to be recovering! Damn it Bruce!"

Bruce was still recovering from two broken ribs, a shrapnel wound that went through his right shoulder, and a very deep slash on his left thigh. All of which came from the battle with Ra's and his men just three days ago. Then there were the injuries that he had consistently acquired over the past four months that have yet to fully heal as well. But since there were so many, his body just looked like one giant bruise with deep gashes sprinkled all over.

"I'm fine" Bruce muttered as he flipped off his cowl and walked past her to sit down and analyze recent criminal activities throughout Gotham.

Diana furiously turned to Tim with a disgusted look on her face. "How could you let him go on patrol in his condition? Why didn't you stop him? You know he needs to rest! What were you thinking?"

Tim shrugged his shoulders and headed towards the stairs back up to the mansion. "I don't cross the boss." Diana continued to glare at him until he left the cave before turning her attention to the man in the chair.

Diana grabbed Bruce by the collar, pulled him up off his chair until he was a few inches off the floor. "Prove it!" Bruce thought about it, but the fatigue from battle combined with the pain throughout his body made any fight with her a pointless and losing one. Still holding him by the collar, Diana floated towards the medical table. Finally breaking from the intense glaring contest between the two, she slammed him on the table, a little harder than she meant to, but she felt he deserved it none the less.

Bruce grunted at the impact while Alfred began working on his injuries. After the last bandage was placed on him, Bruce excused Alfred from the cave as lifted himself off the table. He began walking to the computer when Diana placed her hand firmly on his chest. "You're going to bed Bruce."

"I need to work Princess…" Bruce said in a low flat tone. She glared at him as he walked gingerly to his chair and sat down facing the screen with the intent of not letting him get away with this that easily.

Knowing the negotiations had begun, Bruce calculated that he only had enough energy to stay conscious – or stay awake for that matter – for roughly one hour due to the combination of the pain killers and severe fatigue that were circulating throughout his body. Not wanting to waste any more energy on something other than his work while sensing that Diana was starting to lose her patience, Bruce broke the silence. "Two hours"

This was a perfect opportunity to corner him into getting what she wanted. Diana always seemed to capitalize on her opportunities with him as she firmly stated "NOW or have me go on patrol with you when I LET you go back on patrol in two weeks."

"Damn… wasn't expecting that…I need to be careful before she starts trying to manipulating me…" Bruce thought to himself, Diana had been on his case about patrolling with him for the longest time. "One hour and I'll let you patrol with Tim and Barbra tomorrow while I stay and continue my work."

Diana smirked. "Deal, but you are still not leaving the house for two weeks." Bruce glared at her for a second and went back to work. "One hour Bruce, that's all you get or I'll knock you out myself." Bruce smirked to himself and grunted softly indicating he agreed with Diana's ultimatum. She slowly flew up towards the mansion smiling as she let him work while getting what she wanted – to fight alongside Batman in his city… their city… Gotham.