GunnerPow7: Hey Guys, This is my first OC Story so please go easy on me... Without further ado, here's the rules.


1. There will be 20 OC's (including mine) in my story so I'll only accept 18 OC's

- 12 will be Campers while 6 will be the Counselors.

- 2 of the counselors will be teaching for the trainers, 2 for Coordinators, and 2 for both.

2. I'll update at least a week or more so don't fuss me with "When's the next update" or "Hurry up!" or the like.

3. For those who are the counselors, These people are the only ones WITHOUT a LOVE INTEREST. For the campers, though, they should have a love interest.

4. These are the list of cabins I'll be listing. Unfortunately, You can't choose your cabin as I'll pick because there will be only 2 each cabin except one. Also, I'll put each pairing in one cabin and DEFINABLY THERE ISN'T ANYTHING GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE IT'S ONLY K+, OK?

Arceus Cabin - For Counselors only

Pikachu Cabin

Bellossom Cabin

Luvdisc Cabin

Blaziken Cabin

Croagunk Cabin

Tranquill Cabin

Vileplume Cabin

5. Everybody should submit their OC in the reviews.

Ok. Now that's covered, Here's the OC Form.

Name: (Obviously... If you have a nickname, Also write it here.)

Age (14-18):

Camper or Counselor?:

Appearance: (A Picture would be nice but description is ok.)




Family: (Though not important, they'll show in the story in the beginning and end.)

Friends: (Main Characters are accepted but tell me the other OC's who want to be your friend)

Occupation: (Trainer, Coordinator, Both)

Crush: (Counselors, NO LOVE INTEREST, Also, unless you say, "You Choose" I'll not choose the OC.)

Pokemon (up to 6, You can have more to rotate your team, Only 4 moves)

Partner: (You're Pokemon Partner... duh..)

Normal Clothes:*

Winter Clothes:*

Swim Wear:*

Sleep Wear:*

*A pic will do but description is good

Now that's all! See you all in Camp Pokemon!