GunnerPow7: Okay, this chapter will be a lot more different than the other chapters because this is a FILLER Chapter. The timeline in this chapter is a year after Camp Pokemon. Since this chapter is a Valentines Day Special, all campers are already together and we'll see how they celebrate Valentines Day! Possible spoilers may occur...

This is a filler chapter because I want a Valentines Day Special, and I'm still waiting for the camper's form of their cabin...

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Floaroma Town, Sinnoh, February 14, 2012, 10:00 AM

In the lush, verdant parks of Floaroma Town, we have Chris Leaf and Shay Rivers walking along the park, conversing and reminiscing all the things that has happened to this day.

"And remember the time when you were battling Cassie and Rain, you were nearly turned into a pulp?" Shay said while laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember." Chris, clearly looking annoyed but still laughed.

Chris and Shay both sat down on a nearby bench and relaxed.

"Ah... It's nearly been a year, isn't it?" Shay questioned Chris.

"Yeah, we both confessed our love at camp. Now, look at us, we're a couple now..." Chris was amazed on how long their relationship lasted.

There was a short period of silence until both Chris and Shay broke the silence.

"I love you Shay!" Chris said.

"I love you too, Chris!" Shay replied as they slowly leaned forward and connected their lips with a kiss.

After a few seconds, they parted for air.

"Happy Valentines, Chris!" Shay said.

"Happy Valentines Day to you too, Shay!"Chris said once more until they kissed again.

Lilycove City, Hoenn, February 14, 2012, 12:00 AM

In the bustling shopping capital of Hoenn, we find Adam and Sammy in a cafe just talking to each other.

"It has been 10 months since we got together." Adam said.

"Yeah, Adam. It makes me wonder why I loved you up till now..." Sammy chuckled.

"Hey, look who it is! It's Nikki and Mark!" Adam said while waving a the two.

"Hey guys!" Mark and Nikki said while waving at the couple.

"Don't mind us, we're just talking." Sammy said.

"Ah, maybe later, we could have a battle? I'm itching for a battle." Mark said while determined.

"Yeah, we will just get some decafs and we will meet you later?" Nikki asked.

"Sure! Sounds great." Sammy said.

After a while, Mark and Nikki split with Adam and Sammy and went to the cashier.

"Hey, Mark, do you think they noticed?" Nikki asked Mark.

"Hmm? No." Mark said while holding Nikki's hand while ordering for their decafs.

Striaton City, Unova, February 14, 2012, 7:00 PM

In the beautiful city of Striaton, 8 friends are going inside in the Striaton Gym, not for battling, but having dinner.

"So guys, how are you?" Iris asked.

"We're fine!" Rin said.

"Also us!" Kaisei and Mel said in unison, which made them blush.

"I guess everyone is fine!" Isabella said.

After that, their food was served and they ate.

"You know, summer is nearing? How about going back to Camp?" Daniel suggested.

"You know Daniel, that is a good idea! How about you guys?" Katsuya asked the girls.

"Sure!" Iris said.

"Yeah, I'm in!" Mel said.

"Of course Katsuya!" Rin said.

"Count me and Raven here in!" Isabella said.

"Yeah! Sounds good!" Kaisei said.

"Okay! Let's eat!" Katsuya said while putting some of his food inside his mouth.

While everyone was eating, Raven, again, managed to say one thing.

"Not again!"

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