A/N: So this is a Jogan (Julian/Logan) story based off Dalton by the wonderful CP Coulter (Yep... another one). It takes place after the events of the Valentine Day's Fair but deviates from the story line of Dalton in what actually happens after the fair. Needless to say, if you have not read this far into Dalton yet and/or do not wish to know what happens, DO NOT READ THIS. While my version deviates quite a bit, it does reference stuff that happened in canon... You have been warned.

Also, this is my first attempt at writing a fanfic (or anything creative in probably 4 years really) and has only been proof-read by me. I apologize in advance for any of the characters being OOC (because I know they are and it makes me sad)... so any comments/criticisms are greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: The characters of Julian, Logan, Derek, and Joshua and related ideas belong to CP. Kurt, Blaine (who are mentioned during this story) and Glee belong to their designated copyright owners.

Chapter 1

It had been 1 week since Julian had disappeared into his room... and never come back out.

At first, Logan thought nothing of it. Supposedly, Julian was "sick." But he never got sick so Logan didn't believe that for a second. His friend was a diva after all. He'd probably just gotten rejected by some famous director or turned down by a hot girl. You know, something that didn't really matter. Julian was just making a mountain out of a mole hill, as usual.

When Julian didn't come out of his room for a week, Logan needed to know what was going on.

Logan knocked at the actor's door. "Julian. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Go away Logan." The voice that came through the door was assertive, but quiet.

"Open up you prick. Whatever happened couldn't have been that bad!"

"Go. Away!"

"Why the hell is Derek allowed to know but I'm not?" Their conversation was becoming more screaming match than actual communicating. "Larson, you are letting me in or I'm going to break down this freakin' door! You will tell me what's going on!"

"GO AWAY WRIGHT!" The end of the sentence cracked, almost as if Julian was… crying?

"You're crying now? You are such a diva Jules. LET. ME. IN!" Logan accented his demand by slamming his shoulder hard against the locked door.

"Leave him alone Lo." Derek appeared behind Logan, having heard the confrontation. Everyone in Stuart could hear it. He grabbed Logan's upper arms from behind, pulling him forcefully away from the door. "He obviously doesn't want you going in there so just leave him alone. When he's ready he'll talk to you."

"No! Julian is going to talk to me NOW! Why are you the only one that gets to know what's going on? If anything I should know. I'm the goddam Prefect!" Logan's anger was escalating now. His green eyes were starting to glint with rage. Logan tried to break free of Derek's hold but the athlete was too strong.

"I don't know why he won't tell you. I've been trying to convince him too, but he won't… so just leave him alone for now, ok? Go back to your room or something, Lo… and take your pills!"

"You are not telling me what to do! I will not leave Julian alone until that prick tells me what's going on!" Logan fought against Derek's grasp again. He yelled in the direction of Julian's door, "You are not sick Larson! You will tell me what's going on! Stop being such a drama queen! Let. ME. IN!"

The only answer he got was something heavy hitting the back of the door, probably aimed at Logan, and a barely audible sob. Logan broke away from Derek's grasp. He was filled with rage… and there was no turning back now. If he couldn't take out his anger on the brunet actor, then inanimate objects would have to do.

Logan tore his way through the house, knocking over any lamps or side tables in the hallway that he deemed in his way, which were most of them.

The Common Room doors flung open. Heads lifted from textbooks and notes at the sound. When the students met the eyes of their Prefect, they knew the further away they were from him, the better. They quickly gathered their belongings and scurried out of the room.

As the last student escaped from the Common Room, Logan continued his whirlwind of destruction. Nothing was spared his wrath. Shredded books, broken mirrors, crumpled paintings, and ripped pillows began to litter the floor. Everything was out of place and damaged in some way. Even the grand chandelier was hanging slightly askew.

After an hour of pure rage, Logan was exhausted. These tirades took a lot out of him. He sat in the middle of the Common Room surveying the damage. Curling up on the floor, Logan fell asleep, tears welling in his eyes, surrounded by his own destruction.