I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT I only play with the characters. I do own all the movies out! This is my very first story I am writing so please let me know what you think. I am editing this story now, it was pointed out that I had many mistakes do to not proof reading and they were correct, so now I will be fixing them.

CHAPTER 1 "The beginning"

"Come on we have to go, it's opening night!" Gabe told me. There is a new club opening tonight called Sensations.

"Ok! Ok! Jeez, I said I would go, now leave me alone so that I can get ready!" Great now the task of finding something to wear that Gabe considers "club worthy", I decided to wear my sapphire blue v-neck with black skinny jeans and my trusty chucks.

"I love that color blue on you, I approve, now lets go the rest of the gang is waiting on your slow ass."

We decided to take a cab home incase we had a little to much to drink and didn't have to worry about leaving our cars there. When we pulled up to the front of the club I noticed there was a long line of people waiting outside to get in. Gabe being the "man" that he is got in threw the VIP entrance, sometimes being a food critic has its perks. The outside of the club looked like a typical brick building, but the inside was WOW. The main level had a bar along the whole back wall, there were booths and tables along the sides of the dance floor, at the entrance they had a coat check as well. The second floor was for the VIP's and was roped off with 2 bodyguards at the end of the stairs so no one who was not on the list could go. The second floor had a balcony overlooking the dance floor below, there was also a bar along the back wall, and the booths looked to have a privacy wall around them and tables by the balcony. The walls were a deep burgundy color with silver designs going threw it. As Gabe and I neared where our friends were sitting a waitress comes up to us to takes our drink order, I order a cranberry vodka and Gabe goes for his signature screaming orgasm.

"Hey bitch's! Look who finally decided she would grace us with her presents."

"It's about time I have been waiting for you two bitches to get her for-ev-er" Tyler said as we took a seat at the booth.

"Shut-up Ty, or I will tell your boy-toy here not to give you any!" as I stick my tongue out at him.

"So are we going to do the usual and order a bunch of stuff to eat or just sit here and look pretty." some days I wonder why I even put up with these people. When the waitress comes back with our dinks we place our order and catch up on what is going on in very ones lives.

"So depending on how late it gets after we eat I think we should head down to the dance floor, is everyone in?" Gabe asked.

"Not me I have to be up early to start at the new job, I have to be in at 9am, the boss will be there and I have yet to meet him."

"Wait he wasn't there when you got hired in? I thought they were the ones who do the hiring and firing?" Lauren asked.

"Not always in the food industry, the executive chef is the one who usually does, because I will be working under him."

"I guess that makes since, sorry but I don't even know how to boil water, let alone anything in the industry." Jess commented.

"So you didn't even meet the guy? That sucks, do you know what his name is at least? Anything at all?" Tyler asked.

"No nothing except his name is Edward."

After we finished eating, I decided to go with them for a few minutes to the dance floor, I can't dance at all, but I thought what the hell, I don't know anyone else here. As Gabe and Tyler were dancing with me, it felt like someone was watching me. I tried to look around but didn't see anyone directly looking at me so I figured it was my mind going crazy on me, maybe I had more to drink then I thought I did. I told the gang that I was going to call it a night and headed for the door, on my way there I ran into the someone, just as I was about to fall strong arms wrapped around my waist, I felt this tingly feeling all the way to my toes.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching were I was going"

"That's ok, glad I was able to catch you before you fell, that would have been a nasty fall" the velvety voice said, when I looked up to meet the man in the eye's I thought I would pass out, this man was a god. Strong chiseled jaw line, full lips, straight nose, and the most intense green eyes I have ever seen, and a smirk to die for.

"My name is Edward, are you having a good time tonight?"

"Yes I did. I was just on my way out, sorry again to have bumped into you, good night." I said as I turned and left.