I looked at the other women in here with me and bit down on my fist so that I wouldn't scream out in pain. I was now sitting in a puddle of water, just great. I did not want to have my child in here. The silence was starting to worry me because I didn't know if anyone was still in the house or if it was a trick so that we would come out of hiding. As another contraction came on I bit onto my fist again and looked at my watch they were regular now so I knew that I was in labor. They were coming about every 7 minutes so far. We sat in silence waiting to hear anything that would let us know that the intruders had left but still nothing. All of a sudden the door opened letting the light in, we were far enough away from the door that they wouldn't see us right away, whoever had the flashlight flicked it off quickly so that they wouldn't see us if they looked in.

"Bella are you guys down here?" Edward asked. I let out a cry of relief knowing that he was here. Just then another contraction hit and I screamed out. "What happened?" He asked panicked

"My water just broke, my contractions are now at 5 minutes apart, and we need to get to the hospital now!" I rushed out. Everyone started to move closer to the door now knowing that we were safe, I was the last one to get out because every time I would try to move it would hurt and I didn't want to go anywhere. Edward came down to help me and Emmett was waiting at the top to carry me out to the car. When I was finally out I saw the damage that was done to the room but I didn't want to stop and look around right now I just wanted to get to the hospital so that Ness could be born.





6 hours later Renesemee Carlie Cullen was born into the world weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long, she has brown hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen on a baby, they said that most babies are born with blue and then change as they get older but she had green ones already. I was happy to see that she had her daddy's eyes, Edward was happy that she had my hair. When everything was ready and we were settled into the new room the family started to come in.

"Oh look at her; she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!" Esme gushed. Carlisle nodded his head in agreement.

"She is a beauty," he said

"Ok mom you have had your turn now it's mine. Hand over my niece and nobody get's hurt" Alice said with a serious voice. Esme handed over Ness to her reluctantly.

"Look at you precious one, you sure do know how to make an entrance don't you? Just like your daddy. Mommy doesn't like attention on her, but I know you will. I am going to create a whole new line of clothing and you are going to be my helper I'm going to call it "Ness's Line" by A. Cullen, how does that sound?"

"Yeah ok now it's my turn pixie hand her over or your car won't start!" Rose said. She took Ness from Alice and started cooing over her also.

"You little one are going to know all about car's so that some man doesn't try to hassle you and sell you something that you don't really need or want. I will be the one to teach you everything you know, because let's face it, daddy or mommy don't know cars like aunty Rose does." I just stuck my tongue out at her but she was right I didn't know anything about cars.

"Whatever babe, she is going to due her own thing and come to Uncle Emmett when things go wrong right princess." He said as he took her from Rose, she just looked at him like he had lost his damn mind but handed her over anyway. It was a funny sight to see this huge guy holding this tiny little person, she almost fit in one hand she was so small compared to him. Emmett held her for a few minutes and then passed her off to Jasper to hold, he eagerly scooped her up you could tell that he was just waiting for his chance to hold her but didn't want to fight over her like the others did. I was starting to get tired quickly so everyone decided that they would leave for the night and come back tomorrow so they could spend more time with us. When they left I looked at Edward and sighed I was so happy that he got there when he did and that he was here to be apart of his child's birth.

"I'm glad that you got here in time, I was so afraid that you wouldn't be here and you would miss this." I replied sleepily, he just smiled at me and kissed me goodnight.

"I almost thought I would too, I love you baby get some rest you've had a hard day." With that I closed my eyes and went to sleep.




I woke to the soft cooing of Ness, she was hungry and needed a diaper change, I went to get up but Edward beat me to it saying that he would get her while I got situated to feed her. When I was ready he handed her to me so she could eat, she latched on right away so I knew that she was hungry.

"I love watching you feed her, you are so natural at this." He said while he watched us in awe.

"It's her, she just latched right on, and they say that some have a difficult time but she seems to know exactly what to do." I was so happy that she was healthy and seemed to be happy so far, when she was done I placed her on my shoulder to burp her and she gave this tiny little grunt letting me know that she was done. I went to set her down on the bed but Edward was right there ready to change her for me. I can't believe how lucky I am that he is willing to change her. When she was changed he cradled her in his arms and rocked her slowly back and fourth until she was fast asleep again, he placed her in the bed the hospital had for her. I soon fell asleep again shortly after.

When I woke again Esme and Carlisle were here holding Ness. She was just starting to fuss again meaning that she was getting hungry. I could feel my breasts getting full so I knew she was close. Edward handed her over to me so that I could feed her, Carlisle was going to step out of the room to give me privacy but I told him that he could stay, it didn't bother me to have him in the room it's not like he could see much, even if he did it's not like he hasn't seen it done before. I knew that Esme had breastfeed her children and that Carlisle would watch in awe of it, like father like son. I was getting ready to switch sides when Jasper and Alice came in, when Jasper seen me feeding Ness he walked right back out apologizing for not knocking, I called him back into the room and told him that he was fine, I didn't care if he stayed in the room, I was covered up with a blanket so he wouldn't see anything. A while later Emmett and Rose showed up followed by the other families. Everyone said how beautiful she looked and that I was looking well also. I didn't feel all that well because I had yet to brush my hair I knew it was sticking up all over the place but I just didn't care at the moment. Vicki asked how the birth was and I told her the truth, I wasn't going to lie and say it was all sunshine and roses because it was anything but. I didn't have an epidural but I did have drugs to help ease the pain of most of it. I told her that the pain was worth it though because I truly felt that it was, Sasha and Corin both agreed with me that it was. I wanted to ask what had happened with Black but I knew that it would have to wait a couple of days until we got home.



A few days later we were finally home and getting settled in, Edward was wonderful to me and Ness, when she would wake at night for a feeding he would get her for me and then when she was done he would change her and rock her back to sleep often times I would hear him hum to her as he rocked her. Esme stayed with us for the first night that we came home incase we needed her for anything, being a mom she knew that I would have questions and wanted to be here for us incase we needed her.



We had been home about a week now and Edward still hadn't said anything about what had happened with Black so I decided that I would bring it up tonight, the other families were going to come over now that we were home and had a routine going. Irena had made all of us dinner tonight and we were sitting around the table when I said something.

"So is anyone going to tell me about what happened and how Black was able to get into the house?" I was still irritated that he was able to get in and wanted to know why and how. They all looked at each other trying to figure out who was going to be the one to tell me what had happened.

"Um, well to start we found out where he had been hiding, believe it or not he was right under our nose the whole time, he was staying in Cullen hotel under a different name, the people who work there didn't know who he was so they had no idea that he was a danger to us. I didn't fire them; it wasn't there fault in any way. When I found out what room he was in he had already left and was by the casino, apparently he had more people on his side then we thought, we lost 5 of our men but he lost all of his but 2. He had 10 people with him at the casino, Officer Stefan was one of the people on his side along with Detective Newton, I don't know if you remember him or not." He looked at me and I nodded my head yeah he was kind of hard to forget about, I had thought that he was fishy but didn't think about him working for black. "They were the first 2 that we took out, that started the whole thing. Black was able to get away while the shoot out was still going on, I had a tail on him but somehow he was able to loose them. When he got here he cut the power to the security system thinking that he would be good but when there is any problems or the power goes off it will alert me on my cell so that I can check things out, that's how we knew where he was. We got here as fast as we could; unfortunately it looked like we didn't get here fast enough. I'm not sure how he was able to get threw the guards unfortunately."

"What was he looking for then? When they were in the house they went threw every room looking for something, I could hear them opening the drawers in the desk."

"He was looking to see if he could find out how I knew where he was at and if there was anything that he would be able to use against me or the other families if he were to get caught by the cops now that his two friends were dead."

"Ok what else happened? When were in hiding I could hear noises and what sounded like bones breaking. I take it he is no longer alive to worry about right?"

"No he is gone, sitting at the bottom of the ocean right now with a pair of cement boots on. We did fight and the breaking you heard was his nose and his jaw, I stabbed him in the gut so when he dropped down I knew we didn't have long to get him out of the house so that I could get to you. I had some of the other guards that were with us take him to the one of his warehouses and to wait for me to get there but because you were in labor I didn't want to deal with it so they did. His warehouse went up in flames and it looked like he was left inside, I know that they will try and do some type of DNA testing if they can but the body that was used I don't think they will be able to get anything. The body was burned before the fire had started so we tried to cover our tracks but it's hard to say what will happen. When they got Black out of the house I headed right for the hiding spot that I knew you all would be in." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him so that he could kiss my temple.

"I'm glad that he is gone and that we won't have to deal with him any longer. I'm ready for some drama free time now!" I said laughing.

"That makes two of us baby, I just want to watch this little one here grow up into the princess that I know she will be." He said looking at Ness with so much love in his eyes.

"I second that, we have had enough drama for a few months, granted drama is the life of the mafia but it's nice when things are quiet for awhile. I'm looking forward to opening up more businesses and now that Black is gone I don't have to worry so much about him destroying them." James said.

"I can finally finish the casino and re-open it. I also won't have to worry about him trying to sell his shit drugs in my area anymore." Vladimir said.

"I won't have to worry about that little shit trying to steal my shipments or breaking in to my clubs," Afton told us, he was really happy now.

"My cars won't go missing again!" said Santiago.

"I won't have to worry about my child's safety," Senna said with a smile on her face. It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about because they didn't have any kids, when the lights finally went off I just looked at her and she smiled widely.

"You mean? Are you really! How! What!" I think it was safe to say that Santiago was speechless. We all just started laughing at him.

"Congratulations guys!" We all said to them.

"I just found out before we came here today, I was at the doctors to have it confirmed, they said I'm about 8 weeks right now." Senna was glowing like most new mothers do, I was happy for her I knew that they wanted to have a child but she was told that it would be almost impossible for her so they never really tried or anything. Santiago leaned over his wife and kissed her passionately. Everyone was happy that this part of our lives was over, now we would just have to see what the future holds. We continued to talk well into the night. The following morning after a wonderful breakfast everyone said that they were going to be leaving later in the day. I was sad to see them all go but I knew that they would be back in a month as planned so that we could all get together and catch up.

After everyone had left I turned to Edward and held him close to me, I was so grateful that he didn't get hurt while fighting with Black and that he was able to be here for Ness's birth.

"I love you so much Edward, I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you. I'm also grateful that this whole mess with Black is over and we can move on and watch our little girl grow up."

"Me to love, me too."



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