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Saix, Zexion: Me

Grimmjow: i-heart-ice-cream

A low huff passed Saix's lips, he sighed and closed his eyes, "How sad… I get so lonely when I am locked up. You have been the first person I have really talked to in days…"

"That's a real problem for you 'cause I'm outta here."

"Hn. I thought as much…" He softened his voice and got quieter, "You have no emotions, do you?"

"Hell no I don't. I don't need them."

"You do not want your emotions..?" He sat up, opening his eyes so he could look at the other blunette.

"No, I don't."

The older man sighed, "Oh? Why not..? Do you not miss what it is like to feel?"


"I never knew to start with." The younger of the two shrugged, "I'm a hollow. I never was able to feel to begin with."

The older blunette folded his ears back much like a dog would, "How… How sad… I would do anything to get my heart back… I want to be able to feel again…"

"Well I don't need it. Emotions are a waste of my time. Why would I want something so stupid?"

"Stupid…? Why would you say such a thing? I want to be able to love… to be happy. I miss it… and you do not?"

"There must be something wrong with you… Emotions are pointless."

"How exactly are emotions pointless?" Saix asked, tilting his head slightly to the side, "Do you not want to be able to feel happiness? Love? What about being able to actually feel anger? I know you cannot feel it right now. You are merely pretending…"

"I don't need to feel. I don't have emotions for a reason. They just get in the way."

Saix sighed, "Hmn… Suit yourself, Grimmjow…. But I still don't quite understand why you do not want them. I am sure you would like to feel anger though instead of just faking it." He hummed softly, "But I do understand where you are coming from. Emotions are a great burden to bear."

"You're a freak. I don't understand you."

"Hmn… Perhaps you should use your brain then… If you have one, I mean. I do hope that Zexion brings my lunch soon… He could at least supply a conversation."

As if on cue, a knock sounded against the door, a quiet voice following it, "Number VII, are you awake?"

Saix smiled softly and turned his head to look at the door, "Indeed I am, Zexion. You may come in."

The door opened and a short by with slate colored hair walked in holding a tray of food. His cold, emotionless blue eyes landed on Grimmjow, "So, VII, you found yourself a new chew toy?"

"I am NOT a chew toy!" He snapped out, baring his teeth for a moment before looking at the door and running for it, hoping for an escape.

Zexion narrowed his eyes and used his foot to close the door, smirking as Grimmjow couldn't stop in time and ran into it. The young man crossed the room and placed the tray of food on the bedside table, "No leaving."

"No!" He slumped next to the door, "Fuck you, asshole!"

"Such a friendly toy, VII." The young man said, his back turned to the younger blunette.

"… Let me out of here!"

"NO." Zexion sighed, "You are not allowed out of this room."

"What can't I leave?"

"… Because I said so…"

"Asshole! That's not fair!"

"I never did claim that I was fair."

"You are such an ass, Zexion." Saix said, munching on a piece of toast.


"Anyway," The younger man mumbled, "I suppose I'll be off. Unless you need anything. Either of you?"

"Yeah, you can get me the hell out of here!"

"Out of the question." Zexion gave a small smirk.

Saix just rolled his eyes, focusing on his toast.

"Let me leave." Grimmjow now stood in front of the short man, resisting the urge to punch him.

"No." Zexion waved his hand in front of the taller man, creating an illusion of chains around him, holding him tightly. He smirked when it rendered Grimmjow motionless. "You stay here. I will not be responsible for any trouble you cause. You're number VII's responsibility."

"Damnit! Let me go!"

"I don't think so." Zexion muttered, making the chains get tighter around the blunette's torso. "You should learn to be polite and grateful. Maybe then I will let you go."

Saix's ears twitched and he looked up from his orange juice, "Can he get his own room if he is to stay here?"

"No," The small man replied, "You need to watch over him. I feel that he needs to be watched over. I don't trust him."

"Damnit!" Grimmjow continued to struggle against the chains, unhappy that he was being treated as property instead of a person.

Saix sighed and waved a dismissive hand, muttering quietly, "Just let him go, Zexion."

The small man frowned and waved his hand, causing the chains to vanish into dust, freeing the blunette. "Fine."

As soon as he was freed, he snarled and kicked the shorter man though a wall with no effort whatsoever.

Zexion picked himself up off the ground and vanished in a dark portal, willing his powers over illusions to take care of the broken wall. He exited the darkness behind Grimmjow and created several clones of himself, all speaking at the same time, "Do not mess with us."

Saix sighed and stood up from his spot on the bed. He waved his hand at the Zexions , shooing them from the area, watching as the clones vanished and the original vanished in darkness. Saix narrowed his golden eyes at the taller blunette, "Great. Now I have no chance of saving your life."

"Why the hell would I need you to save me?"

"Can you take out 12 people with powers like Zexion's?

"… Maybe."

"Well, you sure are full of yourself, are you not?"

"A little… and you're an asshole."

Saix rolled his eyes "What is with you and the foul language?"

"It's in my nature to act like this."

"Pfft. Your nature? Your nature is to act like an idiot?"

"Bite me!" He shot back, not starting to reach his limit with the other man.

"Hmn… I did that earlier and it just made you more upset, little one." A deep chuckle escaped his lips and he walked over to his desk, sitting down and picking up a pen.

Grimmjow's eyes narrowed dangerously as he got ready to attack the older man.

Saix shrugged, "You offered it to me. Be 'happy' that I am not taking you up on your offer."

"Creep…" He growled, stomping over to the desk and kicking Saix hard, causing him to fly into the wall and leave a large crater.

The Berserker snarled, "Fuck you…" He got up, bringing a hand to his head to try and ease the pain. He looked at the other man, baring his teeth. His golden eyes glowed with a twinkle of bright yellow, his fangs grew longer and sharper, and the 'X' scar spread, making it seem like a large gash on his face.

"…Uh…" His cat-like curiosity took over as he walked closer to investigate what was happening to the other man.

The Diviner growled deeply, shaking his head to ward off the feeling of bloodlust and rage. He had always been compared to a dog; but he felt more like a caged animal, and a caged animal could only take so much prodding and taunting before it snapped. His eyes narrowed further, glowing brighter as the light from the heart-shaped moon shone down into the room.

Grimmjow walked closer to the other, his head tilting.

The Berserker snarled, showing his fangs, "Get away from me!" He swiped out with his now claw-like nails, growling deeply in his chest, "Get away!"

He took a step back at the sight of the other before continuing to get closer, wanting to get a better look.

Moving quickly, Saix pounced, knocking the other man to the ground, pinning him there. "I said get away!" Deadly sharp claws dug into the younger man's shoulders, fangs bared more, and the golden eyes were wild and bright. His breathing started to speed up, one hand moving to turn the younger man's head to the side, claws digging into his cheek. He settled himself over Grimmjow, his legs on either side of the younger's waist, claws digging into tan flesh.

Grimmjow lifted his leg quickly, kneeing Saix in the crotch before scrambling away from the other man.

A shrill yelp left the Diviner's lips before rage filled him again. He moved and swiped his claws forward, drawing five deep gashes on Grimmjow's chest.

The other grabbed his torso as he dodged shots from the other before pulling out Panthera and hitting the other, "What the hell is wrong with you!" He yelled, each word harsher than the last.

Saix let out a yelp, looking up and snarling at the other man. He out stretched his hand, summoning his own weapon, a large Claymore called Lunatic. "You! You are my problem, damnit!"

"Go to hell!" He didn't like the idea of being a 'problem'. As the other drew his weapon, he thought that this was going to be a very interesting fight.

A low growl let loose in the Diviner's throat, his eyes shining even brighter for a quick moment in unison with the sudden flashing light of the heart-shaped moon outside. He swung his weapon forward and caught the other blunette's side with his weapon, relishing in the hiss that he let out.

Grimmjow countered the other's attack, not worrying about the blood he was losing.

Saix growled, "You will die from blood loss if you do not give up." His ears twitched ever so slightly as he heard the other man's labored breathing.

"And back down from a fight…? NEVER!"