It was now or never for Jeanne and her team.

Blaze had been effectively taken care of; Bartholomeo and BĂ©atrix had not been close enough to do effective damage, but were able to successfully resort to ice magic which had damaged the Beastman enough so that Gilles could finish him off with Lightning Beast.

It was then Jeanne, Gilles and La Hire, the only ones out of the group to have made it that far, to turn their attention to Mawra, the felidae woman who glared at them with hatred for taking down her ally.

We have to hurry, Jeanne thought as she met Mawra's fiery gaze. All we need is for Mawra to be removed before we can save Liane!

Liane, her best friend from Domremy whom Jeanne could always trust, was now held prisoner in Rouen as a ransom, the Burgundians believing her to be the true Jeanne. It was Jeanne's fault she was in this situation.

If I was only more careful in Chalons, she thought, gritting her the holy warrior couldn't stop Liane's execution now, she would never forgive herself.

La Hira growled, flexing his muscles in preparation for Mawra's attacked. Jeanne and Gilles also steeled themselves.

Mawra hissed as she speedily curved around Jeanne, about to attack from her side when suddenly, she froze in place.

In fact, everyone was frozen in place.

"No no no!" I hissed through my teeth, shaking my PSP. The scene remained frozen.

And I was so close to winning! I was on the last turn! My thoughts wailed as I stared at my game. I pressed my ear to the machine; usually, if the game freezes, it's only for 3 seconds as the UMD whirrs and gets it going again.

The UMD wasn't making a sound.

I thought about tapping the back, then hesitated, not wanting it to permanently freeze. I wondered if I could just leave it in my room and come back later for it to see if it's fixed itself by then.

However, before I really knew what I was doing, I tapped the back of the PSP, over the UMD port.

The screen went black.

A look of horror probably spreading over my face, I noticed that the PSP itself had turned off. I turned it back on, hoping it would go back to whatever was happening in the game like it normally did.

I let out a death wail when I saw the PSP logo.

Based on true events that happened today. I tried my best to make it longer, and ended up with this, so I apologize for it being so short.