Hi, I hopefully will stick to this story (stupid ADHD) Disclaimer: I NO OWN INVADER ZIM YOU CANT SUE Orginal Character P.O.V. I am Luna, one of the two girls in the irken race. Its just me and Tak thats all. I was raised by the tallest who by the way I hate. That is why I am running away. Oh and before I forget to tell you what i look like. I have icily blue eyes. My attenas are longer than most irkens. I am the only one that has hair. Its black and goes to my waist. I wear invader clothes except they are red and black. My skin is lighter than the other irkens its a pale yellow instead of the normal pale green. My space ship crashed into "EARTH" (or at least thats what the moniter said) ten minutes after i set off. I gathered my stuff and Fir (my sir unit i named her that because it stood for Female Information Robot she is what i would be if i was a robot) so we could set up a base when i saw another irken."Zim." I hissed angrily through clenched teeth. How was chapter 1? Do you like my character? Why do you think she hates the tallest and zim? Do you think i could be a writer when i grow up? Why am i asking you these questions? heh i am weirdo, do you agree?