Title: The Boy and The Red Balloon
Author: Evil Beware We Have Waffles
Pairing: Klaine (Kurt/Blaine)
Rating: M
Authors Note: I'm so sorry for the long delay again; but t's finally summer time for me though. Only one thing of bad news – my computer's backlight is broken. I'm using my computer monitor right now, and I'm still able to access everything. But we have to take my computer to the shop to get fixed. I don't know how long that will be, but updates could still be a little spread out, not being able to have my own computer to write them on. I may just write it all in a notebook, and then once I have my computer back, type it all up. I'm so sorry.

It is rated M for a reason.

The next few days were busy as Kurt was helping Blaine pack up all his belongings. Blaine didn't own that much, but he did happen to have a lot of t-shirts, and it took a lot of arguing to convince him that he didn't need twenty-plus t-shirts in his wardrobe. But after three long days of packing up all of Blaine's clothes, books and everything else that Blaine deemed important to bring along, they were ready. All of the stuff was in the back of Kurt's car, and they were now standing in the middle of Wes and David's kitchen ready for their goodbyes.

The three friends stand awkwardly in the middle of the kitchen, as Kurt stands over at the door waiting. Blaine walks forward and envelopes both of them in a large hug, and they do the same, and suddenly it's just a huge childhood group hug.

"Thank you for at least trying," Blaine whispers, "And I'm sorry for being such a douche," the three of them laugh a little at that, but then they break away, and Blaine turns to Wes. "Wes, I'm sorry for having sex in your bed those few times as well."

"You what?" Wes shrieks, and then Blaine can only squeeze his shoulder and laugh, walking over to Kurt and entwining their fingers.

"Once we're settled in you definitely have to come over for dinner," Kurt says quietly, reaching out to shake both of their hands, "It's been nice meeting you."

Then they take the drive back to Kurt's apartment, and Blaine's heart is beating the whole way there. He's honestly a little scared; the last time he was there he had taken Kurt's virginity, and ran out the door. This time he won't, he knows he won't, but he's still afraid of going back in that house. Going back in there means facing a fear, and facing fears was something that Blaine was never really good at.

But Kurt takes Blaine's hand and brings him into the house, and lets Blaine be as shaky and scared as he needs to be, but squeezes his hand comfortingly, letting Blaine know that he's here, and he'll always be here to hold his hand.

Blaine doesn't exactly remember how Kurt pulled him into his room, and when they had started kissing, or for how long they had been doing it. But he remembered to let himself indulge in Kurt's scent, and breathe him in, because this was the man he was in love with. They were kissing slowly, letting the feeling linger on each other's skin, and when they toppled down on each other on Kurt's bed, they continued to kiss with all the passion that they could give in their bodies at that moment.

And when they were naked and Kurt was pressing down on him, slicking up his fingers and working Blaine open as slow as he could go, Blaine couldn't help but know that this was right, what they were doing, how they were doing this. And he wanted to cry, he wanted to bring Kurt down for another kiss, but he knew now wasn't exactly the time.

So when Kurt was pressing slowly into him, and Blaine's back was arching up at the intrusion, crying out and wrapping his legs around Kurt's waist, trying to pull him deeper.

"Kiss me," Blaine begged, and Kurt was only happy to oblige.

Then Kurt made love to him slowly, and it was a whole new feeling to Blaine, having only been fucked for the majority of his life. It felt like home, having Kurt deep inside him, moving in and out slowly, whispering "I love you's" into Blaine's ear, and petting his fingers over his hips. So when they came over the edge together, and Blaine shouted out Kurt's name again, he knew it was right, he knew it was perfect, lying here in the bed with Kurt, and saying that he loved him over and over again into his ear now.

Blaine had decided he wanted to write a book about a little boy and a red balloon, and one day, when that little boy was foolish and let go of the string, he would take a rocket ship up, and try desperately to grab that red balloon out of the air once again, and when he would… well, everything would be perfect to this lovely ending, now, wouldn't it?

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