Roy sighed. The paperwork was ridiculous. And Riza was unsympathetic and demanded it was finished at the end of the day. He didn't want to be here…He wanted out… He glanced out the window and saw one of his subordinates outsides sitting against a familiar tree, sulking. Roy shrugged and took an opportunity to relieve himself of his boredom and went outside. He approached the blonde and sat beside him,

"You alright Havoc?"

Havoc just laughed and puffed on his cigarette.


Mustang cocked an eyebrow,

"Really?" He said in his usual sarcastic and skeptical tone.

Jean just sighed, obviously trying to control his irritation toward Roy.

"You wouldn't understand…"

Roy hated that phrase,

"Try me. Lady problems?"

"Sure, you could say that." Havoc answered cryptically.

"Ok…" Roy prodded.

Jean began to get frustrated,

"It's not just lady problems!" He paused, "I-I'm lonely…"


"-And all you do is cock-block me because you have to have every girl, just to maintain your stupid reputation!" Jean shouted, obviously carrying pent-up frustration about it,

Roy felt himself bristle. He was right. He always sabotaged Havoc. Without a doubt. Everytime. But Jean was stupid, because he clearly didn't understand the situation at all. And it didn't seem like a good time to explain it to him,

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry?" Jean asked, returning the skepticism.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you," Roy said coming to stand.

He knew that Jean wouldn't buy it. He'd see through the guise, but he couldn't tell him.

"That's a load of shit, Colonel. Why not just be honest, instead of giving me half-assed apologies?"

Roy grimaced. This wasn't going well.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

He took steps back toward the base but felt Havoc's hand on his shoulder to deter him.

"Just tell me why." Jean said, "Tell me why you can never let me be happy and meet someone. You always manipulate each situation and I want to know why."

Roy sighed and tried to compose himself before saying softly,

"…because I'm lonely too."

Roy could picture the surprise on his face and before he could react Roy pulled out of the blonde's grip and went back into the base. For once excited to fill out paperwork. He got back inside and tried to ignore Riza's questioning glance,

"Everything alright, sir?" She asked before shutting the door to his office.

"Don't ask." Roy groaned.

"Too late." She said standing in front of his desk, "I saw you two fighting out there…"

She always had a way of getting the truth out of him. Maybe because she was his best friend, and of his biggest supporters of his secret homosexuality, he supposed it was mostly because females seemed to fawn over gay men, Riza being no exception.

"Ugh…" Roy sighed, "It went horribly."


"He's pissed because I keep 'cock-block'ing him." Roy answered resting his head in his hands.

"But you are." Riza put in simply, "You didn't feel the need to enlighten him as to why?"

"That's the worse part…" Roy sighed, "I basically did…"


"It was as classy as Edward Elric…" Roy moaned.

"Good God." Riza grimaced, "So I can assume he doesn't know?"

"I don't know…"

Riza sighed,

"Good luck, sir."

As she left, Roy stared at the papers on his desk, not sure which fate was worse, Havoc or papers. He sighed. How was he supposed to tell him the truth? He was right, he needed that reputation, otherwise everyone would catch on to the truth.

But of course that wasn't the only reason…

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