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Why not see what the Colonel had to offer?

Jean sighed as he entered the base. He flashed his ID at the door distractedly. Was he really going to go through with this? He waved at another Lieutenant greeting him, but he didn't actually look at him. His heart was pounding rapidly. He really was going to go through with this… He entered the office and immediately sat down at his desk.

"Morning Star-shine." Breda teased, "What's up with you?"

"Nothing…" Jean said simply.

"Uh huh, sure…" Breda rolled his eyes.

Falman gave Breda a questioning look who just shrugged. Fuery cast a look to Hawkeye who shook her head. It was no one else's business. So, as Hawkeye silently instructed, they left him alone.

Jean tried to work, he really did, but he couldn't concentrate.

Could he really do this? Fuck the Colonel? Date the Colonel? He ran it through his head again. Trying to picture them together. How it would affect them at work. There were so many factors to consider…his thoughts were a chaotic jumble.

No! He told himself, I thought about all of this last night! I said I would give it a try! But it was hard not chicken out... It's Colonel Mustang for christ-sake! But he's your friend! He argued in this thoughts. Besides, you just complained that you were lonely..here's a perfect oppurtunity from Central's very own playboy! Oh god...he's going to have so much experience over me... Although, he didn't make me feel weird about it yesterday...but then again, he did just hold my hand... That's what I don't get! Why would he want me? This whole thing has me so confu-!

"Lieutenant Havoc," Riza's voice cut off his musings, "The Colonel would like to speak to you."

He nodded and went to his office, shutting the door behind him.

Roy watched the blonde enter his office nervously. He wanted to sigh, this didn't look good. But he tried to greet him professionally,

"Morning, Havoc. Have a seat."

He did so, sitting on the loveseat. Roy moved to join him,

"Hawkeye says you've been distracted."

"Yes sir…" Havoc mumbled,

Roy gave him an inquisitive glance,

"Everything ok?"

Jean looked up then. Not angry, but clearly torn.

"I-I've just been thinking about…about what you said…"

Roy nodded gently,

"I'm glad…any conclusions?"

Jean looked away. His face flushed. He looked unsure. Nervous. Understandably so, Roy concluded. God he loved how looked in that uniform and how embarrassed he looked. He wished the Lieutenant wouldn't be so shy around him...

"I…" He paused, growing frustrated with his embarrassment, "Can I smoke in here?"

Roy nodded, allowing an exception,

"Jean." He spoke gently, watching the blonde light the cigarette, "You don't have to be nervous around me. I'm not going to treat you any different if you say no."

Jean looked at him curiously as he took a drag,

"Oh ya?"

"Ya." Roy nodded once more.

Jean looked down, his elbows resting on his thighs.

"I don't know, boss…" He took another drag, "I've never done anything like this with a guy before…much less my superior officer."

Roy smiled gently. That was a serious understatement... He placed a hand on Jean's. The blonde looking up at him inquisitively,

"Again. You don't have to, but I think it's worth a shot…"

Jean looked away then. Clearly afraid to say what he was thinking.

"So what then…just sex…?"

Roy laughed, it was gentle. Amused at the blonde's question.

"No, that wasn't my intent…"

"So…dating then…?" Jean asked, relying less on his cigarette.

Roy gripped the hand then, his thumb stroking his knuckles,

"If you'd be willing to try…"

Jean clearly tried not to enjoy the contact. His fingers trembled, before he slowly gripped the hand in return. Roy smiled. Jean looked up at him,

"I don't know how I am supposed to do all…this." He motioned at them both.

Roy's grin grew, and for once, it wasn't usual smirk. He was beaming. He was entirely pleased. Jean didn't say no...he'd thought...no it didnt matter what he'd thought Jean was going to say! Jean had essentially said yes!

"Me either, but we'll figure it out together…"

Jean nodded and let Roy kiss his cheek. Roy the hand one final squeeze before saying quietly,

"Is there anything else bothering you?"

Havoc shook his head no. Now that he'd settled this…obviously much of his stress was gone. Roy nodded and went back behind his desk, letting go of Jean's hand. Roy missed the contact, and it looked like Jean did too. Havoc put out his cigarette and stood at Attention. Roy had to admit that he loved how sexy Jean looked at Attention for him. Mustang uttered with a wink,


Jean came out of the office and the others looked immediately relieved. So apparently, he looked a lot better. He was finally able to concentrate now that he wasn't so distraught. Obviously he was a little distracted, but he did feel better. Albeit, very confused...

I just accepted. Holy shit...he thought to himself. It's alright...just give it a chance... But I've ever thought of a guy that way before! But you just let him hold you hand and kiss your cheek! Didn't it feel exactly the same as when a girl does it? I dont know!

He shook his head and went to work, trying not to think of the implications of his feelings. He filled out his share of the DA forms, occasionally fouling up due to cluttered thoughts, but still, at least he could work now.

As the others began to trickle out, heading home, he found himself staying behind.

"Hey, Havoc. You wanna grab a brew with us?"

"Nah I can't." Jean said easily, "A little behind…"

Breda nodded; the others seemed to buy the excuse as well,

"Well, see you tomorrow!" Fuery said cheerfully.

"Have a good night." Riza said.

"You too." Jean replied easily.

He watched the door close and glanced at Roy's office. His door was shut as well. But the light was still on… He continued his paperwork, or at least pretending to. He would not go in that office. He wouldn't. He found himself staring at the wooden door. Should I go in? He thought. Was Roy waiting for him? Was he busy? He groaned and kept working. Not that he was really that behind…

No! He would not go in! He would not go-


Jean glanced up when the door opened. Roy leaned against the frame, casually looking in.

"You're still here?" Roy asked.

"Ya…got a little behind…" Jean answered nervously. Should I have left with everyone else?

Roy smiled,

"Well I'm glad; I wanted to talk to you anyway."

Jean looked up then.


Roy plopped down on the chair beside him. Not too close thankfully… Jean put the work away and turned to face Roy. He realized now that he'd taken off his uniform coat. Normally this wouldn't have bothered Jean…but now…

"Ya, you know, now that we have some time to ourselves."

Jean nodded warily, and found himself asking before he thought better of it,

"You said you wanted to be with me…but not for how long…"

Roy pursed his lips in thought before saying slowly,

"About 2 years now."

Havoc's eyes widened. He hadn't known that. All this time…he'd thought that he was just his friend and occasionally an asshole, but he'd secretly been looking at him in a way he never would have guessed.

"That's a long time, boss."

Roy nodded wearily. He put his hand over Jean's once more,

"I'm glad though…it gave me time to really get to know you though and to be your friend."

Jean smiled,

"Ya. I guess that's true…"

The thumb stroked his knuckles again and Jean blushed as his stomach flip-flopped. Granted, it wasn't his first rodeo in this area, but goddamit Roy was his boss and friend! It'd been a long time since someone had held his hand...it felt nice...He swallowed nervously, not sure how to react.

"Should I stop?" Roy whispered; his voice low.

"N-no…it's fine." Havoc said softly. Why did he say that?! Tell him to stop!

But he didn't...They'd grown closer; Jean realized suddenly when their knees touched. How that had happened, he no clue…but now they were leaned in close, as if they were sharing a deep secret. Roy looked happy. Happier than he'd seen him in a long time.

"So, why did you cock-block me, rather than just say how you felt?" Jean spoke softly, their faces close.

"I didn't know how you'd react. But when you talked about your dates…I'd get so jealous…"

Jean smiled; somewhat happy he'd been able to make the great Roy Mustang jealous.

"So were you really dating a bunch of women all this time?" He questioned.

"No." Mustang replied, his voice equally as soft, "I have to put up a façade, otherwise people begin to wonder about me…mainly Hawkeye helps me in the rumor regard…"

"Oh really?"

"Yea…" He chuckled, "She tells Sheska outrageous stories and then the rumors fly…"

Jean shook his head in good-humor.

"I've never had anyone, care enough about me to go through all that trouble before."

Roy's eyes softened at that. He leaned forward, and slowly, carefully, captured Jean's lips. The blonde's eyes widened, but he didn't move. He let the sensations wash over him. Trying to decipher how he felt. It wasn't bad…but very confusing. The soft skin caressing his own, the breath tickling his face, the hands cradling his own...Don't respond! Don't like it! He begged himself. But he couldn't hide the truth...

He did like it.

Roy pulled away, although just far enough for their foreheads to touch,

"You are very precious to me, Jean…"

Jean felt his heart turn over. Colonel Roy Mustang, wanted him. Cared about him. In a way no one else had. The fact that he was a man, that he was his friend, that he was his boss…all seemed trivial. He closed his eyes, taking the plunge.

And kissed him back…

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