By Stormytitan

Chapter one: "Transformed"

Logos and Ormi ran to catch up with their boss, Leblanc, as she swiftly made her way up to Mushroom Rock Road. Noojie-woojie had called for her help and she'd be absolutely damned if she was going to miss it! She made no delay in heading out, and hardly slowed her pace in journeying there. She was absolutely thrilled, as she always was, that the Meyvn needed her assistance. Now whatever that entailed hardly mattered so long as he, in fact, called for her help instead of anyone else's.

However, when the three person party arrived just in sight of the Youth League Headquarters…

"Huh!" Leblanc stopped abruptly, her fan brushing past her hip as she brought it into an accusing and pointing position, and she nearly shouted just as her two loyal goons stopped a little short of behind her, "What are you Gullwings doing here?"

"We're here to help Nooj." Yuna stated sweetly and folded her arms behind her. Her head tilted to the side innocently, seemingly not picking up on the slight irritated emotion from the Syndicate leader, or calmly taking it, and the Former High Summoner swayed lightly in her earlier pose and asked the blonde, "Are you here to help too?"

"Yes!" Leblanc huffed her answer, indeed angry that Nooj would even think she, Leblanc, would need help with whatever he had planned. And from the GULLWINGS of all people!

"Boss," Logos leaned in and whispered beside her ear, his thin gloved hand coming up beside to mask his words, when the Gullwings turned to finish the walk up to the elevator that would lead to the Headquarters.

"Hmm?" Leblanc answered, her tone still low from repressing, as best as the leader could, her aggravation from the fact that the three rather annoying teenagers.

"Don't be angry."

"I'm not!" She jutted out her bottom lip subtly, just showing the gunner who always watched her so closely, that really she, of course. Her shoulders were defensive before she pushed off roughly towards the elevator with a sharp, "Now quit wasting time and move it!" to her 'boys'.

The gunner and warrior side glanced each other after a quick peek at their 'dear leader' before shrugging and faithfully following their leader up onto the elevator that was just clicking back into place.

"Thank you for coming," Nooj dipped his head, talking to both the Gullwings and Leblanc now that she walked in.

"Anything for you, Noojie-Woojie," Leblanc sighed into her palm, earlier frustration completely fading away into black as she took in the face of the one she loved. She happily ignored the Al Bhed Gullwing sticking her finger in her mouth and pretending to throw up since it didn't matter. Not as long as the Meyvn looked at her.

Nooj leaned heavily into his cane and sighed too, shaking his head, and getting straight to business with the two groups, "We have a problem that we, regrettably, can't handle on our own."

"And what would that problem be?" Paine asked, her low but still feminine voice not at annoyed, as was the usual response for the sword bearing girl when asked a favor that didn't have something to do with sphere hunting. Instead, it was a bit concerned, but familiar and comfortable with her old friend, Nooj.

Paine took a half step closer and met his gaze, which with a smile he locked with her's, lightening the gravity of his 'problem' and calmed the small bit that it may have bothered in the otherwise cool teenager.

Leblanc's chest sank and she felt incredibly lonely in that instant. She wasn't so stupid as to not notice the way he looked at the goth. And to acknowledge it was not only depressing but almost like she was accepting it, which she'd never do voluntarily, and making it more real.

Her brows furrowed a little as she saw the tiny and very discreet exchange of familiarity that only good friends who knew each other well could pull off, and no obvious care to who saw, like every time they had a 'moment'. As if he hadn't already gone missing without worrying about her feelings! Now, he looked at that Gullwing without so much as taking in her thoughts about it. Wasn't it so plain to see how she felt about him? He could at least answer her since it was so noticeable, though she dreaded the answer she was sure it was at this point.

Someone touched her hand secretly, but without turning she couldn't tell which of her friends had done it. It could be either of the goons, since she didn't bother to see where they were when they walked in, being to distracted with Nooj, and they both probably would sense a sudden drop in her mood as soon if not close to when it did.

She brushed her hand back and felt Ormi's calloused fingers. The big guy always seemed to worry the most out of the two.

Logos worried a lot as well but not so much as Ormi did. The heavy weight warrior could only do small things to make up for his bumbling and general lack of understanding in some situations, and never could put enough words to show how sorry he felt at times and for comfort as well. Of course, that seemed to be the complete opposite of how Logos operated, who could only express himself in words and was at a lost if he had to do it any other way.

She smiled and brought her hand, slowly as to not get anyone's attention, back to her side. Nooj was still talking, now getting to the point of what his problem was.

"It's a new fiend, I think, or something very close to it. It's nothing we've ever had to deal with before, but the real danger is when it touches you," Nooj stopped, "You all wouldn't believe me, but you mustn't let the thing touch you."

"Where did it come from?" Yuna, surely fearing another Spira-splitting incident, asked worriedly.

"I'm not sure," Nooj shook his head again, "All I know is the thing is down in the ravine and comes up every so often to simply attack whatever it can find. Be that man, beast, or fiend. This creature doesn't seem to care." He looked down at said again, letting it sink into everyone's minds, "You mustn't let this fiend touch you."

Rikku waved her small hands in front of her, jumping in small hops from one foot to the other as she shook her rear anxiously and asked in a high pitched voice as her curiosity hit its peak about the new fiend, "W-what happens when it touches you?"

"I can't say…It's hard to explain, but-" Nooj started but was cut off by Leblanc's fan whipping across the air.

"We'll take care of it, Love!"

Her face beamed excitement. A new kind of fiend? Hardly a problem! The little Dullwings look slightly worried but she, the great Leblanc, wasn't scared of any new fiend. Nothing could possibly stand in her way, and her boys were always experts at dispatching fiends. Nooj said it was in the ravine and she wouldn't waste anymore time in taking care of it for him.

"But the fiend is-" He started again, sounding almost as if he was frustrated that Leblanc wasn't quite grasping the situation as it was.

"We won't let it touch us, Noojie-woojie. Don't you worry!" She quickly assured and turned, her short bob flipping in the process, "Let's go, boys!"

"Right boss," They replied and turned also, waiting for her to walk in between them so she would lead once more.

"Leblanc, wait-!" Nooj raised his hand in the air, but was too late to stop the now more determined Syndicate leader as she and her two lackeys hurried away towards the Road again.

She stomped on the ground, throwing up dust as she went, and huffed as she grated, "We'll see who's better, them or us! Go calling the Former High Summoner and her goth around every time you need help, pah! We can take care of any fiend, no matter how tough! We helped with Vegnagun didn't we, boys?"

Instead of a response, Leblanc received rough puff of air and a -"Boss, we's are having trouble keeping up!" from Ormi, three paces behind her. Only then did she realize that she had increased her pace to a near run. Even in heels, and maybe it was because she was accustomed to always be in front, long legs and former solider training or no, she could always keep ahead of the boys without making them slow down for her. And that was pretty easy task to be done.

She skidded to a stop and they reached her in a matter of blinks.

"Boss, you never ran like that before, is something troubling you?" Logos, a little bit of sweat dripping from underneath his helmet, looked at her strangely, "Even with the Meyvn's erm,…'encouragement' you're awfully in a hurry for this mere fiend."

"Well," Leblanc, whose anger fueled her stamina, restlessly bounced from one foot to the other, "The sooner we take care of it, the sooner we'll see Noojie-Woojie's impressed face!"

Logos heaved a sigh and smiled a bit, "Oh, I thought it was something else troubling you."

"I'll try not to run," Leblanc said quickly before she turned and briskly walked off, her boys never failing in keeping up with her again.

When they found the fiend, thumping its way up out of the ravine, it truly was the strangest thing they ever saw. Its long tentacles looked like an Ochu's but each ended in a light pink colored, for lack of a better word, poof. In each poof however were finger sized flimsy looking barbs which Leblanc supposed could do some damage, but hardly enough for Nooj to have trouble with. In all honesty, it looked ridiculous and a joke of the word 'danger',and hardly the word 'problem' could be referred to this monster.

Its basic shape was soft looking, many armed, and a sphere shape. It had one large eye in the middle of its head and a large mouth that stretched across its face. Generally, it looked like a pink soft version of a fly eye and an Ochu mixed in a cotton candy machine, as it had wisps of pink 'poof' all around its body as well. Its feet were squashed oval shapes and they too, were soft and covered in puffs of friendly looking pink cotton. It was freakish, with dripping mouth and yellowy and red eye, but a 'problem' for a group of seasoned warriors such as the Youth League?

Then again, Nooj had said something about them touching…

"Boss look out!" Ormi pushed her out of the way of a swinging 'poof', the monster noticing them at last, and jumped away as the arm nearly clipped him, but missed by a hair's breath. The fiend slobbered, showing its toothless gums, and leaped into the air wailing in wrath-like distress.

Blasts echoed as the gunner ran beside it, thin arms maneuvering around as the monster tried to jump from he aim, before it retreated down into the ravine again to escape. The gunner slid down the cliff's dirt wall in quick pursuit and fired more from the twin revolvers with rapid pulls of the triggers.

Leblanc and Ormi wasted no time and hopping down one rocky ledge and tall round rocks to the next to assist in finishing this fiend off. The fiend attempted to whip into the gunners side while the latter evaded it with a duck beneath it and more bullets as a response.

What was it that Nooj had trouble with? Leblanc took in the sight of that silly beast again when she touched bottom to the ravine and the warrior ran past, shield chucked into a spinning mass of metal towards the back of the monster. It was great Nooj called her for to take care of it, for they could dispose of it and be done with in no time at all, but why call for help in the first place? And the Gullwings, especially that black clad girl, along with it! Leblanc frowned, Oh, Nooj...

"Boss!" Logos shook her shoulders, revolvers cupped in his hands, "What's the matter?"

"Oh," She blinked, surprised that she, of all things, spaced out in a middle of a fight. And a fight for Nooj no less!

"Logos!" Ormi shouted to the gunner's back and jumped in front of them both as another swing came their way. Instinctively, Logos bent his tall frame over her's and made a 'cage' around her body with his arms. Ormi's shield caught the attack and the tentacles shrunk back, hurt.

"Thanks," Leblanc smiled quickly at the both of them as she pulled out her fan and flicked it fully open. No reason to hold back on this thing just because it looked stupid. Drawing back with all her might, the two men gladly stepping aside because they knew what was to happen, before she smirked and kicked forward, bringing the fan into the air as hard as she could. A white slash of wind flew forth, the smell of magic and dust sharp in the air, and the blades hurtled toward the fiend to strike it dead on.

It fell back and drooled more in anger. With new found hate, it narrowed its one eye and wailed into the air before letting loose with all its arms, too many to count, towards the trio that had hurt it so much.

"LEBLANC!" Yuna urgently screamed over the cliff, hurrying along the edge to find a quick way down, "DON'T LET IT TOUCH YOU!"

Lebalnc took a large leap back, dodging the arms as it wrapped around where her form used to be. Logos and Ormi hopped out of reach to the sides.

It cried out again in a horrible shriek before reaching out for her again, she slid her heel behind her, ready to spring out of the way at the right moment, when her leg jolted, her heel suddenly stuck against rock with all her motion still going, and she fell backwards. At that second, she didn't feel this thing as harmless as she thought it was. It's arms stretched, too close to get away, and its large mouth was open and coated in saliva.


She screwed her eyes shut as the distance between the arms and her narrowed.

A sound of moving skin rubbing on cloth forced eyes open. She looked up, gasping, at seeing not herself in the arms, but the two goons who had apparently threw themselves in front of her, now having their breath constricted by the fiend's boa-like arms.

Logos gagged as it violently brought them forward, and his neck jerked forward as it snapped its swift moving arm to a halt right in front of its huge eye to stare at them. Ormi whimpered as it brutally stabbed into the gunner's arm with a barb from the end of its poof ball and hurled him to the side carelessly. His thin frame crashed into the mushroom shaped rocks and he hit the ground with a loud thud and and his body still.

It lifted the warrior, with some strain it seemed, and gave him the same treatment. Throwing him with enough force to rattle the rocks on the cliff and land beside Logos with a sickening smash into the earth.

"Boys!" Leblanc stood up and waited for an answer but none came as they laid still in the settling dust.

"Leblanc look out!" A deep voice, who she knew to be Nooj's, warned her of another arm thrashing towards her. She jumped and, her face suddenly hurting, lifted her fan above her head muttering under her breath incantations for her specialty spell.

Had this stupid looking unintelligent thing really brought the end to her two loyal followers, then it was going to feel that pain a thousand fold.

It stared at her, confused of the pink-purple sparkles that started to collect around her head, and growled low in its round body. She smirked, her face feeling damp, and threw her weight forward.

Bright yellow-white crashed into the center as sparks flew from its mouth. It howled as the Thundaga struck it mercilessly and it cowered away from the woman who was winding up for another one. Squealing like a pig it ran away, fast for its size and faster than it had retreated before, deeper into the dark ravine where she could no longer see it as the sun was hidden by clouds.

"Damn you-!" She hissed and began to chase it before skidding to a stop and changed her attention to the blue and purple clothes that laid on the ground. They lacked the forms in them that she was worried about and she ran to inspect them, wiping at her eyes as she did so.

"Boys? Where did you go?" Leblanc searched them with her eyes before falling down on her knees. She looked around them, confused, and fingered the Heart that was once on her loyal gunner's shoulder. "What the Hell did it just do to you?"

Was it possible for a fiend to make someone just vanish? Forever? Her throat tightened as she gulped in the thought.

"Leblanc!" Yuna breathlessly slid down the cliff, throwing caution away as she desperately tried to get to her side. The girl gulped a quick breath of air before bending down, breathless still, "You have to look!"

"Huh?" Leblanc stared wide-eyed as the Gullwing yanked away the blue coat and then gently pulled back the tight blue white-marked undershirt, unveiling a squinty gently sleeping baby.

"Logos!" Leblanc cried in surprise, her eyes wide as they could be.

Rikku, who nearly tumbled down the cliff right behind her cousin, did the same for the mass of purple clothes revealing a soft chubby baby as well.


"Leblanc," Nooj finally reached them, Paine joining in the surprise a few steps behind. The Meyvn straightened his posture and held his hand out to the two babes on the ground, "That is what I was trying to warn you about, Leblanc! This fiend strangely transforms its victims into infants!"


Not really into these, but had to make this after a conversation with my dear sister about the babalities on Mortal Kombat, which somehow lead to if other games were set up like Mortal Kombat, who would we play with. Well, I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy X-2 and I was honest when she asked and said that the whole Leblanc Syndicate wouldn't of appealed to me at first. I usually pick innocent looking char. with kick ass weapons, like Rikku, or a dude char (this is usually what happens more times than not (in which case, based on appearances alone, I'd of picked Auron (if he would be included) or Gippal or something like that) I mean, I LOVE the Syndicate but on appearances they look funny and Leblanc is well...not my type of know, mainly just sex appeal.

Ironic, since I'd do anything to fight with them now! I thought you might of got to fight with them during the whole breaking into Bevelle thing but they just psych'd me out and ran away! Yeesh! Tell me I'm not the only one that was sorely disappointed that I couldn't play them! And I want to see them in different dresspheres but that's not happening (not even in that other game, damnit!)

Well, enough ranting, be free to tell me what you think? I don't know what the crap I'm doing when writing this since I don't really read these kinds of fics!