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Chapter 3: "First Lessons"


The baby form of Logos squalled near to the top of his lungs, his tiny voice breaking, as he continued scream his distress into the air with pinched eyelids. Ormi, laying beside, was sadly in a similar state. Both their faces were a bright red comparable to the hue of a ripe tomato, and neither seemed to take anytime between ragged cries to take in the proper breath or help their condition. Leblanc hurried as fast as she could, but that didn't calm them anymore.

All at four o' clock in the morning.

Of course, Leblanc could only blame herself and she acknowledged her mistake. As the 'convenient' little book stated, some children will want to feed every 2-3 hours, some 3-4, and though she knew that the adult forms could eat three meals a day and be satisfied, she should've figured it would be vastly different for the little menaces that they transformed into. She hadn't fed them the night before because they acted tired, and frankly, she was tired from the journey herself, so she let them sleep; Her mistake she was paying for dearly.

But now, so early in the morning, they were demanding for their needs to be met.

"I'm getting it!" Leblanc snapped, one hand keeping the book pushed open and pressed between her pinky and index fingers, while the other juggled and switched two bottles around in her adjoined bathroom.

Earlier, when she had tried to leave to go down to the kitchen, both cried as if she was murdering them. And, it just so happened as well, that Leblanc looked down at the open book that she hadn't put down since they first started their fit and skimmed the part about babies being left unattended and suffocating on loose materials such as blankets and silly curtains just like her room contained.

She was stuck for the moment, before stomping her way back to her bedroom and turning the book to the right pages about feeding. Which is how she came to where she was now, attempting to get the stupid bottles to reach the right temperature by keeping the hot water running in her bathroom sink.

How much was too hot? Too cold? Did it really even matter so long as the babies ate it? Leblanc was reading as fast as she could, but the bawling in her ear drums proved it to be rather difficult to ask those questions in her head, much less find the answers to them in tiny text.

Sighing, she set the book aside, useless at this point, and picked up the first bottle. This was something she could do, having seen it in so many spheres and dramas about parenting. Leblanc pulled back the hem of her sleeve and let the bottle dribble the first milky white drops onto her wrist-

Scalding it rather well.

"Ahhh!" Leblanc immediately brought her hand away from underneath the ill applied nipple that was still dripping all over her bathroom floor. After the initial stinging subsided, she righted the bottle and glared at it hard. Clearly, it was too hot, though how mothers could possibly know before burning their wrist was beyond her.

The two continued to wail.

"Will you two just be patient?" Leblanc emptied the sink and refilled it with cold water, as cold as she could get it, to hopefully cool the near boiling bottles faster to feed the whiny babes. She dunked the bottle beneath before it was even really full, held it there, then took it out and for testing again.

An extremely awkward really-warm-but-not-too-hot-or-cold temperature, described so nicely as 'lukewarm' in the book, dripped it's sticky way right onto her wrist. Resisting the urge to wipe it away immediately, Leblanc instead went to finally serve the boys their breakfast.

"Eat." Leblanc nearly shoved it into their faces and they gladly latched to the nipples, whether it was roughly shoved to them or not. The irritatingly loud noise ceased, almost like magic, to be replaced with the sounds of the boys eating. Leblanc's deep sigh of relief filled the empty space that was created from finally serving them.

"Well, happy now?" Leblanc put her hands on her hips as she stared down the boys now sucking away on the bottles she had painstakingly, quite literally to her wrists, prepared for them. Logos's eyes were focused on the very end of his nose it seemed while Ormi just happily ate away, oblivious to anything or anyone around.

Rubbing her eyes, Leblanc plopped heavily back in her bed and jostled the little ones by mistake. Ormi's bottle slipped from his mouth and almost instantly his face scrunched up and his lungs sucked in breath for him to whine- "Nnnnnnnhhhh."

"Oh, wait a second," Leblanc swooped it up from the covers, gave it back to him, and the annoying noise instantly stopped with that single move. She checked that both the boys had the bottle secured in their mouths before daring to let her head flop back with a great moan from her lips.

Four in the morning. The last time she woke up that early was too far back for her to remember. As the leader of the Leblanc Syndicate, she chose when to get up with no one to tell her otherwise. And who in their right minds would want to wake up at four in the morning? So, she slept until she was well rested and then awoke to the day. Not even including the nice naps she took after getting massages. No, the earliest she ever scheduled to rise, and the usual for the chateau, was three hours away from now. But, despite that little fact, here she was.


"Oh, Lady's Luck," Leblanc's eyes shot open from their wearily closed positions, and glared, "Could you please just keep it in your mouth?"

Leblanc replaced the bottle in front of Ormi's mouth with a push of her hand before reattempting to close her eyes. Perhaps they'd eat, sleep some more, and she could sleep too.

Her eyelids fluttered closed, and just before that shady blanket of sleep engulfed her brain, she felt a quick whack to her head. It wasn't so painful as it was sudden and instantly annoying, but the shock of it did manage to trick more pain into it then there was.

Leblanc held her head and looked up to see Logos laying just as he was earlier on the bed, with one major difference. His attentions were no longer on the end of his oh-so-interesting nose, but now on his foot clutched tightly in his hand. He pulled with his fingers and soon his foot launched against the strain and smacked back down into the blankets.

He raised his foot again, slowly, and repeated. Leblanc's head out of the way for the landing now she scooted down from him.

Sighing, Leblanc reached up and took the bottle that was just hanging limp from the side of his mouth as he played with his appendages instead of eating.

As soon as the nipple left his mouth, his little brows furrowed and he let out a long irritated, "Gaahhhhh." As if demanding (him actually demanding something from her!) why she dared to take it away from him when he wasn't done with it.

Leblanc met the challenging eyes and put on a scolding type voice, "Then stop playing."

His little chin sunk a bit towards his chest and his eyes locked with her's, "Gah."

Under the stare, which didn't waver and the watery eyes didn't blink even as she kept the gaze for some time, Leblanc finally caved in and gave it back to him. He took it into his mouth, sucked dutifully on it for about three go's, before his foot was interesting again.

"Ugh," Leblanc rolled her eyes and massaged her temples as she turned onto her back on the bed. "Fine," She splayed her fingers and flicked her wrists with a forward motion, her eyes closed, "Fine Logos, just play. What do I care if you eat?"

He looked toward her voice, stared for an almost uncomfortable amount of time (which Leblanc once again wondered about how much their minds still contained of their former grown selves), before he played with his feet again.

Leblanc slowly laid down sideways on her bed, facing the boys as she watched them. At this point, no matter how early it was or how tired she was because of it, she was waking up anyways. So, she watched the level of Ormi's bottle go down at a surprising rate while Logos got constantly distracted by his body parts and played, only once in a while filling his stomach with warm milk.

They still were as cute as the night before but Leblanc dreaded having them stay this way forever. Or, even worse yet, she having to actually raise them to adult sizes again. She couldn't be able to stand that.

That would be at least a good twenty and some-odd years before they'd be their original states again, but she'd be that many years older and they'd be different. Hopefully, Nooj and those Dullwings would find the cure, and fast.

Logos spat his bottle out before flailing his arms. Not so much as being upset as he just was exerting energy. After a couple more flaps of his arms beside his head, he rolled onto his stomach with some difficulty. Ormi finally was distracted for a moment by the movement before devouring the rest of his breakfast.

Logos made another sound, small, before kicking his legs.

Leblanc found enough time to smile to that at least. She reached out and petted his downy black hair, "You're cute enough to take care of for a couple of weeks, but then you're going right back to normal, you got it?"

He burbled before kicking again, hardly paying any attention to her.

It took longer than she thought, but it was inevitable. The moment had come, and it was time.

The rotten smell in the air should have been enough proof for that.

Leblanc paced the room, her subordinates looking at her with large puzzled eyes as they were increasingly growing more uncomfortable with their states. They squirmed on their backs before finally Logos started the first high notes that would lead to tears and full-out cries.

"Oh, shush," Leblanc's voice had the effect to distract him from his discomfort, but it wouldn't last for long. And Leblanc knew it. She stopped in front of them and jutted out her hip to the side. "Just…let me work up the courage, alright?"

They seemed to consider her words (or at least her tone) before quieting down and once again staring at her hopefully and wide eyed, but silent nonetheless.

That stupid book was very informative about how to prevent diaper rashes and making sure to clean thoroughly. But it failed to really emphasize how incredibly disgusting the task was and how to make it more pleasant.

And that's because, Leblanc thought bitterly, there is no way to make it pleasant. I'll just have to suck it up. Still…it's a unattractive job no matter how it could be done.

Deciding she had stared at them long enough, she rolled back her sleeves with a twisted face. Which one first? To choose that is like to choose which knife she wanted stabbed in her gut. But, still, one must be chosen for her to begin.

Ormi turning into the most squirmiest, she grabbed his sides and stilled him before fetching the necessary items for this horrid job. Laying them neatly beside him on the bed, she shed off her gloves and sighed heavily, staring at the patiently waiting items that only needed her to begin.

"Okay, okay-" Leblanc inwardly gagged already at the very idea of what was in store, before gulping it down and reaching out, "I can do- ugh!"

A pure revolted cry tore from her lips as she reeled back with arms in front of her face, shielding them. With hesitation, she finally lowered her arms and reached out for a baby wipe.

"Children. Why would anyone think they need these things?" Leblanc clearly remembered as soon as she said it that, as a girl, she looked forward to having a family of her own. Of course, then, she thought babies came the same way as dolls, so the question of how much she knew in the matter was answered already. Now, she'd gladly put it off for as long as she could.

This right now, and the waking up early in the morning to their demands, was something that couldn't be avoided. And in the future it may be something she would just accept as the price for a child of her own, but now it didn't really add up and make the matter appealing.

She ended up using more than was necessary, blaming the fact that she did NOT want anything 'unnecessary' touching anything but the wipe, but in any case that step was soon finished.

Fully happy with the results, though her mind still died a little with the knowledge that it was her former henchman who she just 'cleaned' up, she reached for a fresh diaper after a quick shake of her head.

She unfolded hit and flattened it out with her hands before a wiggle and a call from Logos distracted her from her lap momentarily.

"What do you want?" Leblanc narrowed eyes, still displeased having to put up with this situation, and most of all the nasty jobs that came with it. Logos kicked his legs impatiently and gave an irritated short cry again. Leblanc pinched her lips together, "I'll get to you. Can't you see I'm busy?"

She looked back at her hands and froze. Her brows lifted, slowly, before lowering down into her eyes as she lifted the diaper and turned it this way and that. She set it back down on the bed spread and snatched up the book, quickly thumbing through the text but unfortunately not finding the information she needed in the time she wanted.

Leblanc picked the diaper up again and glanced at Ormi, then back at the soft thing in her hands.

Which way was it supposed to go?

She cursed herself for not getting the ones with pictures on the backs or fronts specifically, settling for the plain to spare her two employees any additional embarrassment from this. But, it would make this moment a lot more smoother if she had.

"I think-" Leblanc spoke to herself out loud, finding herself doing that increasingly as no one spoke back. "I think it goes this way."

Leblanc prayed for the best and hoped that she'd do it right. After all, it needed to be 'there' or else cleaning up would be all that more terrible.

Leblanc lowered the diaper down before her squeal filled the room. The sound only signaling her learning in yet another valuable lesson.

Don't take too much time in putting the diaper back on, love. It really needs to be 'there.'

Logos looked disinterestedly up at Leblanc attempting to catch the nasty stream with the useless white thing in her hands before whining about his turn.

It didn't take Leblanc much longer after that fiasco to learn the third lesson. After cleaning Ormi's new mess and repeating almost the same process with baby Logos, she finally had them fresh and sanitary again.

Taking a few moments to breathe and calm down, Leblanc grew an almost foolish excitement again when she realized that now would be a good time to put them in baby clothes. After all, it wouldn't due to have them only in diapers for too long. And, truthfully, dressing up babies in cute outfits was something that she always wanted to do and looked forward to her when her chance of parenthood came.

So, with that, she took one of the boxes from the front room and plopped it on the floor at the foot of her bed. Putting a thoughtful hand to her mouth, she wiggled her nose at the open mouth of the box and peered at the first outfits, excitement running through her.

This was the moment she'd look forward to for sure with her own children. Dressing them up in cute outfits wasn't a terrible nasty thing at all. So, hope that this wouldn't be all bad replenished, Leblanc nabbed the first things she wanted to try and closed in on the boys who were wriggling uncomfortably once more.

Had she even had the inkling of a thought that it was going to be easy, she learned how dead wrong she was-

"Oh, Stop moving!" Leblanc snapped, earning a burbling giggle for Logos who was much like a worm than a recently-turned infant in Leblanc's opinion. She could barely keep a hold of him, and it was growing more apparent that he enjoyed being as nude as he possibly could be.

Ormi sucked on the hem of the shirt she had put on him earlier. He wasn't near as fussy as Logos and held relatively still. Logos on the other hand-

"Ah!" Leblanc reached out and her hand closed around his arm before he rolled off the bed. He let out a displeased cry from the rough jolt before trying to wriggle his way out of her grasp.

"Stop moving," Leblanc repeated before pulling him back into her lap. Practically pinning him down with her crossed legs, she managed to pull a sky-blue shirt over his head and fought with his skinny arms out the right holes.

"There," Leblanc righted him again in her lap, since he was still intent on rolling away from her though he couldn't really do so fast yet, and reached for the next article of clothing.

"Aaah!" Logos flipped off her lap before squirming to get away.

"Hold- there!" Leblanc grabbed his foot and held it tightly to put a sock on it.

All the while, Ormi blinked and watched them before laughing at it with dense eyes. Leblanc shot up a glare before continuing to battle Logos who was hard to keep still long enough to get the job done.

When it was finally complete, Leblanc slapped her thighs and nearly shouted, "See? What is so bad about that?"

Logos frowned much like his former self and was strangely quiet, simple emotion behind his shrunken face. Ormi gurgled and wiggled down into the comfy blankets more, happy that he was fed and wearing something that felt funny on his skin.

Logos's half closed eyes didn't curiously search the room or follow Leblanc around as he pouted, and he held, for once, really still.

Leblanc let a curl of her lip slip through. One child certainly wasn't like another.

And as the day progressed, there were only more examples to prove that point.

"Gahm," Logos stuck another toy in his mouth and thoroughly gummed it before putting it down and made whiny sounds for Leblanc to hand him another. Which she did just to see if he'd give it the same treatment. Of course, Logos never was one to disappoint and soon complained that he was bored and needed something else.

Across from him on the baby blanket that Leblanc laid out was Ormi. And in comparison, he was thoroughly amazed with a plastic ring and had been for the last half hour. He continued to teethe on it and seemingly wouldn't be done with it anytime soon. Leblanc watched little Ormi do the same thing for about three minutes before Logos threw with all his small might the colorful and large block and begged for something else.

Leblanc looked at Logos and frowned lightly as she handed him a stuffed cat to gnaw on, "You're going to be my biggest pain in the neck, aren't you?"

Logos put the ear between his drooly lips and rolled onto his side towards it. Had it been a real cat, he would've choked the life from it as his small hands gripped around it's neck until all the stuffing was either in the large striped head or the body. But, miraculously, this seemed to be the toy that satisfied him the longest.

Two hours of playtime later, Ormi started to squirm and started to work himself up for a fit as he showed Leblanc how upset he was. Leblanc swooped him up, spared a glance at Logos who was trying to pull the cat's tail off with uncontrolled fingers, and rocked Ormi in her arms to try and calm him.

"What's the matter?" Leblanc bounced him but he was still whiny. Leblanc drew her face closer to him, with dread, sniffed the air around him before raising herself up and lifted a brow.

"Well, it's not that." Leblanc looked at his face, before almost instinctively rubbing the side of his head with her fingers, "Hey, what's wrong with you?"

Leblanc had already read enough of the things that could go wrong with an infant. But to go wrong so soon seemed rather extreme. Leblanc was about to reach for that baby book again when Ormi started to suck on her fingers that was near his face. Leblanc sighed, disgusted that the slimy spit was coating her fingers as she pulled it out of his mouth, and spoke quietly to the already whining Ormi, "Hungry?"

She took them both up, much to Logos's annoyance that play time was interrupted, and marched straight up to her bedroom again to set them back on her bed before going to the bottle stuff that she left in her sink. Leblanc started to prepare the bottle, with less slip-ups this time around, before she heard Ormi start to wail. She picked up her pace, not at all wanting to repeat the same thing from the morning before, and then snapped the top on the bottle even as she walked to bring it to him.

"HUH-guh-" He hiccuped with a huge dip of air in his chest, before winding up for another drawn out cry- "Wa-!"

"Here you go," Leblanc gave it to him and glanced over at Logos, playing with his skinny fingers now his toy wasn't there to interest him. She placed the second bottle near his mouth but he moved his head, pushing the bottle away with his small uncoordinated hands, and tried to play with his fingers again, undisturbed.

She lifted it up before shaking it a little in his line of vision, "Are you hungry, Logos?"

He looked up to her voice before continuing on with his silent play. Leblanc sighed, "Alright. Guess not."

Ormi devoured his second breakfast, before actually making signs of wanting more. Leblanc looked at the bottle she made for Logos then, at the boy who it was made for, who made no motion as to wanting to claim it, and she picked it up to give it to Ormi. Who gladly began to feast on that too.

Half way through, he decided he was content and attempted to roll on his stomach as Logos had done earlier, but failed. A few more attempts, and he started to gurgle unhappily.

Leblanc looked up from the book she had began to read again, realizing he was done, and picked him up to 'burp' him as the book described. With the directions fresh in her mind, having just read it for the first time, she patted Ormi's small back.

He made a few more gurbling sounds before Leblanc learned yet another beginning lesson. 'Spit-rags' are essential. Unless of course you don't mind milky liquid pouring down the back of your dress from an upset and overfull stomach.

"Ormi, that's- that's- ugh!"

Logos looked up in part interest, before clapping his slightly bent hands together.