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Chapter 1

"Hey, have you heard about this? This girl killed 350,000 people in only ten hours." A random stranger asked another "If you want to see her in action, just go where ever her name is listed in the rankings."

"What's the girl's name?" the stranger's acquaintance asked

In a game center in Tokyo, a group surrounded a beautiful girl with long bronze hair who was currently wearing goggles and holding a video game gun. "Queen. It's Queen."

The girl's friend was losing his patience "Hey! We'll both get in trouble if we don't head back, like, right now!" he yelled while looking at his watch "Haruki is scary when he gets mad! If I don't bring you back, it'll be my fault that…"

"Quiet Yuki." She interrupted "Wait till I kill a hundred more people"

"Oh good grief. Cut it out already, Kazuki!" Yuki screamed

Back at Seitoukou Academy, "School President Koutake. We've received word that Kazuki Naruse, along with Yuki Shirakawa, is at the game center in front of the train station." A student reported

"They haven't come back yet?" His superior asked


"That's a problem. The basketball club has a scrimmage match with Saitoh High School today."

"I've sent a few men to bring her back, just in case." He student assured

"I see. I can only hope that's all it will take for her to return here obediently." He speculated

Back at the game center, loud steps could be heard. Yuki looked to see the students sent to get Kazuki. 'The Pick-up-Kazuki Squad is here…'

Three large men, towering over Kazuki asked "Are you Freshmen Kazuki Naruse?"

'It's the karate club this time…' Yuki analyzed

"What do you want?" Kazuki bluntly asked

"We've been ordered to bring you back. Stop playing your game at once." They ordered

"No thanks." She replied

"Listen to what we say!" they yelled while grabbing her 'gun' arm

Kazuki glared at the man and threw him off her "Hey sempai… Do you really think you can win against me?" she asked with a smirk, her bright hazel eyes gleaming with playfulness

"The Queen isn't just powerful in games" the stranger explained "Even in real life, she's strong…" Kazuki punched, kicked, and threw all three of them out of the way while continuing her game "And unrivaled…"

"Hmph. How boring.

"Kazuki… Are you in a bad mood today?" Yuki asked 'You're harsher to them than usual…'

"IT'S BAD. IT'S THE WORST I'VE EVER FELT!" she yelled back, furious


"Look at the rankings! Someone's beaten my record!"

"Record? For which game?" Yuki asked, looking at the hundreds of games Kazuki played

"ALL OF THEM! Just look at all the games with my name on them! All of them, have courteously… Been beaten by some guy with purposeful intent!"

"Don't tell me…" Yuki was starting to get it "All of them say Sion."


"Kazuki." A neutral voice said. Kazuki flinched at the all too familiar voice and slowly turned to the owner

"It's the last boss!" Yuki cried

"However, there's one person that even Queen cannot win against." The stranger stated "She shares the same face as… the King!" Before them was a handsome boy with tan blond hair and captivating blue eyes.

"H-Haruki…" Kazuki stuttered, knowing full well that he's the only person she can't win against

"You promised to be back at the school by now." He stated while walking over to Kazuki

"But!" she started

"Never mind, I'll hear what you have to say later." He stopped walking "Let's go. The game will be starting soon." He said while picking her up bridal style

"Mou…" she pouted but went along with it

Once they got to the school, the game started. Kazuki had the ball in her hand and avoided the boys easily. "Go Kazuki!" Yuki yelled while holding a sign that read 'Go! Go! Seitohkoh!' When two boys tried to block her path, she smirked and jumped right over them all and slam dunked the ball.

"Seitohkoh Academy Wins!" the announcer yelled

While the other boys congratulated Kazuki on her amazing dunk, she noticed Haruki on the stands and gave him her special smile. Granted only to him, Haruki couldn't help but give her his special smile back.

The two were now in the student council room and Kazuki was explaining why she didn't keep her promise. "So… I went back there after my long break, and I found that all of my records were beaten by this new player named 'Sion'"

"Hm…" Haruki replied, implying he was still listening while doing his work

"Don't you agree that this is a smudge on my good name as the Queen?"

"Even so, I'm not impressed that you chose to slip out of school on the day of an important match just to loaf around the game center." Haruki lectured, as he was the only one she would actually listen to besides her grandmother

"But…" 'Feeling like I'm being chased makes my skin crawl…' she thought

Haruki hesitated in his work "I guess it's my fault."

"Huh?" Kazuki asked, confused

"I've been taking advantage of the fact we're childhood friends by asking for your help in various club activities and that took away the time you could have used for yourself."

"Nah. I don't mind that." Kazuki waved off Haruki's worry "P.E. stuff is the only thing I'm good at in school, anyway." Then she looked outside the window "There's nothing exciting here, either… So it gets pretty boring." She looked at Haruki with a mischievous look in her eyes "I'd say you've got greater troubles than I do since you're both a freshmen and the school president. I'm glad there's something I can help you with. Besides, I get a good excuse to visit because of those favors." She smiled her special smile again while taking off his glasses before walking over to the sleeping Yuki. "Yuki… Yuki…"

"Hm?" Yuki asked, still a little sleepy

"You miserable little wretch. I told you multiple times to bring Kazuki back and yet I still had to step in to finish the job." Kazuki, wearing Haruki's glasses, glared

"I'm sorry!" Yuki cried "Ah!" Yuki screamed, realizing the truth "Kazuki, you jerk!"

Kazuki giggled "It's your fault for getting fooled!" she teased while sticking out her tongue.

"I can't help it! You two look like twins!"

Kazuki and Haruki thought back when they first met.

"My, you two look so alike." A lady they were near stated while the two were standing next to each other

"I keep repeating it to everyone, but we're not related in anyway what so ever. Besides you've known us since elementary school, and Kazuki grew out her hair from back then. How can you still be making that mistake now?"

"Our last names and personalities are different too." Kazuki agreed

"But it's weird!" Yuki cried

"No it's not." They replied

"Fine. Tell me what day tomorrow is!" Yuki yelled

"November 11th" Kazuki replied while looking at the calendar "Ah! Happy Birthday to you." She said while bowing to Haruki

"Happy Birthday to you, too." Haruki replied, bowing back to her

"There see! You even have the same birthday! Being unrelated despite all of that makes your situation even weirder!" Yuki yelled

The two ignored him. "What kind of present do you want?" Haruki asked

"A new game. How about you?"

"I don't need anything , so you can just help me out again."

"In honor of my 16th Birthday, can I play hooky and go to the game center?" Kazuki asked in a sweet voice

"No." Haruki bluntly replied

After being ignored for so long, Yuki had faced the wall in shame. "Yuki~. Alright, we're sorry for ignoring you. Please stop being sad." She even did her puppy face to Yuki

The next day, at the academy an announcement was made "This snow that has been falling since early morning today is said to be the greatest amount of snowfall ever recorded for the month of November. Also, due to the severe weather conditions, affected transportation facilities including the Yamanote Line, Chuuou Line, Soubul Line…"

"I wonder what's up with the weather…" Kazuki stated

"We're still in Tokyo right?" Yuki asked

"Do you think God is giving me and Haruki some excessive service because it's our birthday?" Kazuki asked

"Er, no… But in any case, don't you think it's a little hot in here?" Yuki asked

"Eh?" Kazuki asked, looking back at him before crashing into someone. "Ow!" But before Kazuki fell to the ground the stranger had grabbed her arm"

"Are you alight?" the stranger with long silver hair and mysterious purple eyes asked, honestly worried for her

"Ah, no. Thanks…" Kazuki replied, still a bit shocked 'His uniform is a different color… It he an upper classmen?' she wondered

"Ah." The stranger said when he noticed Kazuki's fallen drink, he searched for his pocket "My apolo-"

"Sion!" his friend yelled

'Sion? Where have I heard that name?' Kazuki wondered as the stranger walked away. Then she remembered the game center score board. "Wait!"

"Kazuki!" Yuki yelled to warn her, but she just stepped on her drink. Kazuki ignored her ruined socks and shoes in favor of searching for Sion, who had somehow disappeared.

With Haruki, he was trying to change the upsetting temperature that was at a whopping 105.8 degrees F. "What's going on here?" He wondered

Back with Yuki and Kazuki, Yuki looked sadly outside the window "I heard the air-condition is broken. But they didn't have to boost the heat this high just because of the heavy snow." Kazuki suddenly stood from where she was resting. "Kazuki?" She started to run out of the classroom "Where are you going? Afternoon class is going to start soon!"

"Emergency Evacuation! I really hate the heat!" Kazuki yelled back

Sion was nonchalantly looking at his pocket watch when his friend asked him "Don't you feel hot?"

"It is hot." Was his reply, he didn't take his eyes off the watch

"You don't look it though." At that moment, Sion's watch read 1:00 and suddenly the bell chimed louder than ever "What's up with the creepy bell chime?"

Sion closed his watch knowing that 'It has begun…'

Kazuki was going up a set of stairs "What's with that sound? Is the bell broken or something?" Yuki wondered

Kazuki didn't reply, 'I've got a bad feeling about this…'

"Ah! Hey, wait for me!" Yuki cried behind her; Kazuki opened the door to an unknown room "What is this place?"

"A store house loft that's hardly ever used. It's usually cold here since it has no heating, but it's just right for us now don't you thing?" Kazuki explained

"Huh.." Yuki replied, someone behind him started to close the door "Eh?" the door slammed shut at that moment, the stranger even locked it

Kazuki immediately ran to the door and tried to open it, when she couldn't she started to bang on it and yelled "Who is this? Open this door!"

"Kazuki?" Yuki asked, wondering what was going on

"Someone locked us in from the outside." At that moment, the announcement chime went off

Attention all faculty and students of this school. Please exit the school building immediately. I repeat. All faculty and students of this school, please exit this school building immediately. You have… three hours and counting."

Haruki, Kazuki and Yuki wondered 'What?' Sion moved his hair out of the way knowingly. Everything was going to change.