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Chapter 5

"You have one hour and counting." The intercom announced, uncaring of the sudden rift between Haruki and Kazuki. Kazuki continued to stare at Haruki in hopes that he would look at her again, but Haruki was still unwilling.

"Um… er…" Yuki honestly didn't know what to do. Kazuki and Haruki never acted like this before

Sion chose not to care, "Let's go." He ordered as he took hold of Kazuki's arm and tried to lead her away

Kazuki didn't react well to his intervention, "Get your hands off me! This isn't the time for-"

"I cannot allow you to die here." Sion interrupted her as he squeezed her wrist even tighter, "We don't have the luxury of wasting time on petty fights." This time, he was aiming his comment at Haruki, who was staring right back at him.

"What gives you the right to call it a petty-" Kazuki began to yell, but Sion continued to try to pull her away, "Let go!"

Suddenly, the sound of a phone ring tone interrupted their argument, "S-sorry, it's the ringtone for my text messages! It's the theme song to 'Masked Ride' doesn't it sound coo?" Yuki apologized with a laugh. But the rest of the group simply stared coldly at him, 'What a stifling atmosphere…' Yuki cried internally, "Huh?" he realized, 'I thought we weren't able to get any reception in here!' When Yuki took a good look at the message, the subject read: 'To Haruki'. "Eh?" he gasped

"Yuki?" Kazuki called, slightly worried

"It says…" Yuki started, "To give my phone to Haruki." He declared

"Eh?" Haruki gasped in shock

"Huh? What's that mean?" Kazuki exclaimed

"For me?" Haruki was just as confused as the rest of them. But when the phone touched his hand, it immediately began to ring. The phone stated that the call was from a private number, Haruki finally raised it to his hear and answered, "Hello?"

"Haruki." A mysterious voice called

"Who is this?" Haruki demanded

"I missed you…" the voice ignored his question

Haruki was now very confused, "What are you talking abou-"

But the voice interrupted him, "I want you… to fight properly…" it demanded

Haruki suddenly remembered the girl and her words in the science lab, "You must fight."

'Why does everyone want me to…' Haruki thought as he clenched his fist, "Don't play around with me…" he whispered

Sion was paying extreme attention to the one-sided conversation, "Whether you like it or not, you are…" the voice declared

"Haruki?" Yuki called, now very worried. Haruki's face had become deathly pale after his conversation with the mysterious person.

"Haruki?" Kazuki called as well, even approaching the boy. "What's wrong? Who called?" she asked as she raised her hand to reach to Haruki's face. But Haruki flinched away from Kazuki and even slapped away her hand.

"Ah…" both friends gasped

"Th…" Kazuki couldn't even say a coherent word. Her expression showed just how hurt she was at Haruki's action

"…I'm sorry." Haruki began, "I… I can't go with you."

"Eh?" Kazuki hoped to God she heard wrong

Haruki reached inside his coat and offered a cross-shaped key, "Here's a key I found in the broadcasting room before we met up. I don't know what the key is for… but if there's a meaning for everything that's been happening here, then it might be useful for something."

"Haruki?" Kazuki still called as she took the key from Haruki, still refusing to believe what she heard

"Go on ahead." Haruki asked, "I have something now that I need to check on first…" he ended with a smile that he never once showed Kazuki.

Kazuki broke down at the sight of the smile, "No!" she screamed while grabbing Haruki's arms desperately, "Why?! It's my fault right? I'll fix everything that's wrong with me! I'm sorry! Please… don't leave me!" she begged, tears beginning to form in her eyes

"Kazuki…" Haruki just as desperately wanted to be with her, but Sion had other ideas. He quickly grabbed Kazuki and wrenched her away from Haruki. Haruki understood the action and quietly began to walk away from the two.

"Haruki!" Kazuki screamed, "Let go me, you idiot! Haruki's leaving!" she yelled at Sion in anger

Sion refused to listen to her, "Saiguuji-san." Haruki called to Sion, "I leave Kazuki in your care." He said with a completely apathetic glance to Sion

Sion was just as surprised as Kazuki, "HARUKI!" she wouldn't stop trying to get him to stay

"Kazuki," Haruki called to soothe the girl, "I'll catch up with you soon."

"Haruki!" Kazuki continued to try to break from Sion's iron grip, "Let go of me! Haruki is… No!" Kazuki couldn't stop staring at Haruki's back, praying he would turn around, 'no. No. No! NO!' In Kazuki's mind, an image of her younger self, completely alone, came to her. "…no…" she barely whispered, beginning to tremble in fear

Sion couldn't believe his eyes at what was happening to Kazuki. "Kazuki?" Yuki called, Kazuki wasn't normally like this.

"What do I…do…?" Kazuki cried, "Haruki…left me!" the image was becoming clearer and clearer in her mind, "It's… my fault…" Kazuki outright collapsed in response to Haruki abandoning her.

Haruki was walking through the hall that was still filled with fallen students. He couldn't get the mysterious people's voices out of his head, "I want you to fight…" 'Stop it…' Haruki growled in his mind, 'I… I could never…' But behind him, a student suddenly approached with a chair ready to kill him with. Haruki had no time to defend himself. But he didn't need to. A person's hand went right through the student's chest, his blood splattering on Haruki's face.

The person loomed before Haruki and reached out his bloody hand, "Haruki." He called, "I've missed you…"

Kazuki was finally up and walking again, but she was completely listless. Sion had to do all the fighting on his own. When he looked at his watch, he glanced back at Kazuki before he stomped up to her and literally picked her up over his shoulder. "What are you doing?!" Kazuki yelled, "Put me down! It's your fault! That's why Haruki…!"

"You have forty minutes and counting." The intercom announced

"…You will die if you stay at this place." Sion bluntly stated, "Though it is my duty, I am rather fed up with having to protect an unreasonable and selfish person like yourself." He admitted

That hit a nerve for Kazuki. She quickly pushed Sion away from her and slammed the metal bat to the ground, "Shut up! It's not as if I asked you to protect me, anyway! So what if we've got forty minutes left?" Kazuki then raised her bat to Sion's face, "I can get out of here easily without your help!" As the insane students began to charge at them Kazuki ordered Sion, "Don't touch me again. I might end up killing you along with these other losers!"

Sion hmphed, "We shall see." He sighed

Yuki could hardly bring himself to watch as Kazuki relentlessly beat at the other students and even cringed at the sight of some of the actions she did to defeat them.

'Keep going forward…' Kazuki reminded herself, 'Keep going forward… and keep killing.' Haruki's back was still clear in her mind, 'I'll put an end to everything.'

Kazuki and Sion finally defeated all the students, but Kazuki was panting heavily as a result and was basically leaning on her bat for support. At the sight, Sion began to remove his glove and tried to touch her, but she quickly slapped his hand away, "I told you… not to… touch me…" she hissed, or tried to. In the end she merely fell unconscious in Sion's arms anyway.

"…I can't obey that order." He replied gently as he began to lower Kazuki's temperature

"You have twenty minutes and counting." The intercom announced. They finally arrived to the worship room.

Sion reached into his pocket and handed Yuki the key, "Here's the key to the worship room in front of us."

"Eh?" Yuki exclaimed, "Y-you want me to go? I'm really clumsy, you know? I probably won't even be able to open the door the right way…" Sion just stared at Yuki, "…fine." Yuki sighed. Yuki took in a deep breath as he put the key in, 'I hope this won't be a repeat of what we saw in the music room…' he prayed

As Yuki was opening the room, Kazuki's eyes began to open. And the first thing she saw was, "Haruki…" Sion quickly moved his sight onto what she declared in complete shock

"Didn't I tell you… that I'd catch up with you soon?" Haruki inquired with a gentle smile to Kazuki, but his gaze to Sion was completely dark.

Sion pulled Kazuki closer him on instinct at the mere sight of Haruki. "Haruki…" But Kazuki reached out to him. And them ran right into his arms, "Haruki!" she exclaimed happily, finally feeling at peace

"Sempai." Haruki called, "Thanks for your efforts." Haruki looked at Sion knowingly, his expression practically saying, 'She's mine…' Sion could only stare in horror

"Haruki!" Yuki exclaimed as he, too, ran over to Haruki, "Thank goodness you're all right!"

"Yeah." Haruki agreed, "I'm sorry for worrying you."

"Haruki." Kazuki began, "I…I'm sorry. Don't leave me again…" she begged, her expression showing just how desperate she was to keep him near her

"Of course not." Haruki agreed easily. Sion grimaced as he continued to watch the two conversed in knowledge. Haruki gave Sion an uncaring glare, he knew too. "Now, let's go inside." He suggested, "Our situation will be pretty desperate if we can't find the exit in there."

The worship room opening gave off an ominous fog. The young students' problems weren't over just quite yet.