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Based on the song by Christina Stürmer.

Pairings: zohar/guy

Rated :T

Disclamer: as you see, i'm not the owner of the serie SPLIT.


I love you, i admire you, i will give my life for you if i had the chance. But lately i don't know you. You're obsessed with being a loyal vampire, and you spend too much time with Carmel and Murray. I'd given you everything from my body and my heart. I hope you're still in love with me Guy.

Guy POV:

Oh Zohar, you are the most beautiful creature in the entire world. For you, i'll search the most bright star on the sky, and bring it to earth. But the problem is that i'm a vampire, and i could harm you without intention, and you're my weakness too. Without you, there's no interest for me to live in this world. So i have to push you away to protect my hearth, and be a douche.

Oh fuck my hearth, fuck with the fact that i am a vampire, fuck with everything. I love you, and i can't be without you.

Normal pov:

Zohar was walking throgh Grin High, worried about her relationship with Guy. The same happened with him, until the two of them bump into each other.

Z: sorry, i didn't see you,

G: it's okay, it wont happen again. I promise.

Z: actually Guy, i have to talk to you. Can we talk somewhere more private? There's an empty classroom near.

G: ok, but be quick.

When the two of them were inside the empty classroom. Zohar a little bit unconfortable, began to talk:

Z: you've been avoiding me for days, at first i've accepted it, because of the fact that you are a vampire now and you're confused, but it doesn't mean that i can stand it. Tell me the real reason why you are giving me a silent treatment, avoiding me and hanging out too many times with Carmel for my taste.

G: ( bit angry) do you really want to know the real reason of the avoidance, the silent treatment, and everything? I LOVE YOU ZOHAR GRIN! And i can't lose you. I'm putting you in danger. But you make it really difficult to protect you from myself.

Saying this, Guy went to Zohar and grabing her, he kissed her passionately. She responds it back. After a few minutes, Zohar says: remember that angels doesn't have to fly alone. My beautiful vampire angel

i'm sorry. my english may not be good. it's the first story that i wrote in English