Draco scowled down at the basket he was pushing down the hall. It was a simple black pram with silver accents. Though he had no problem with the cart its self it was the contents of said cart that thoroughly agitated him.

He had been punished for PDA [public displays of affection] and his punishment was for him to take a new class called Life Responsibilities. It was only the second month of the class and they had already gone through anatomy and pregnancy. Life Responsibilities was small enough to have all four houses in one class. Though when the class first started he didn't mind it because it was only once a week for two hours. But then he found out what he had to do for this class.

These thoughts brought him back to the sleeping baby swaddled into a green blanket. The entire class was to raise a baby, well not a real child of course but with magic it was basically alive. If Draco hadn't known it was for a class he would only assume it was an actual infant. The class got to choose to do this 'assignment' alone or with a partner and most chose a partner thinking it would be easier.

Draco chuckled at the thought of having to work with someone easier then going it alone. He had obviously chosen to be a 'single parent' for this course. He was heading outside to get some fresh air and read all of the info on his new project, they were given the rest of the day off to get acquainted with the assignment.

Draco pushed his pram under the shady branches of an oak tree and sat next to it. He carefully read through the rules and problems, what was to be expected and how points were earned. Draco hmm'd quietly has he read through the 'stages' of the project. He would have to deal with an infant for one month that then aged into a toddler for three months that would change into a child for another three months all the way up until mid-May. He was expected to teach the 'child' small and large motor skills, education and things of this nature.

He couldn't help but peer into the basket watching the pale white baby sleep, it had a tuft of white blonde hair a top it's head and he had seen its eyes earlier and they were icy gray just like his own. He smirked as he remembered Granger and Weasel choosing to work together and got a chunky baby with frizzy red hair.

Continuing to read he found out that his 'baby' was female, this irritated him as all first born Malfoy's were male. He also had to come up with a name for the thing and fill out a 'birth certificate' along with a journal to record his progress and the journal would automatically update with height, weight and the like as the project 'grew up.'

As he mulled over a name it started to cry, he carefully made a bottle like he was shown in class and pulled it out of the pram and fed it...her, carefully. He watched as her eyes showed emotions he never saw in his family, mostly happiness and curiosity. He burped it...her, carefully and then placed a pacifier in her mouth as she passed out again.

"Does she have a name yet?" Draco heard a lofty voice ask. He looked up to a see a blonde girl smiling lightly.

"Uhm...I was thinking Lucina, Luci for short?" He said while looking at the baby that he knew was fake. He figured it would work, Luci May Malfoy.

"It's actually the cutest one I've seen yet, good genetics Draco Malfoy," she said as if he was her best friend. The girl swayed back and fourth and then stretched to reach a blossom from the tree. After getting the blossom she placed it in her hair and danced away.

Draco shook his head and continued to read and fill out paper work. He finished everything after two hours just in time to feed Lucina again. He fed her quietly and then realized in horror that he would need to change her diaper. He frowned in disgust, this is were he wished he had gotten a partner.

Carefully Draco pulled the changing pad out from under the pram and got a diaper and wipes ready. He pulled the blanket off of her and took note her white shirt and diaper. Draco would need to get nicer things for this baby, it was a pseudo-Malfoy after all. Changing her wasn't as hard as he had imagined it would be and he felt oddly proud of the fact that he changed it himself.

Lucina had already fallen back asleep when he was trying to figure out the whole swaddling thing, it took five minutes to realize there were instructions in his baby book. Draco had to re-due the blanket three times before it actually stayed on her. He got up with the baby in his arms and carefully placed her back in her stroller.

He let out a sigh of frustration as he looked at the sleeping bundle. "This is going to be rough" he said under his breath as he started pushing the cart back to his dorms.

When Draco got to his dorm he found that he got his own room on the bottom floor it wasn't huge but it had his bed, a crib, his dresser and a baby dresser with a changing table on top. He found some basic clothes for Lucina and a full stock of formula and diapers. Along with a small bathroom attached that had a door he assumed to another room.

As Luci slept in her crib Draco sent an owl to Diagon Ally ordering baby clothes up to par for a Malfoy. He sat down and was planning things out before he had to go to dinner. Draco pulled out the brown journal to jot down his thoughts on the project.

October 16

So far so good, though I was apprehensive about the diaper changes but I seem to have gotten a hang of it quickly. The baby sleeps a lot though, I'm sure it wont sleep when I am actually ready for bed but I can handle it, I hope.

Oh yeah, I named the 'baby' Lucina May Malfoy, I think it fits the baby. It will be interesting to have the experience of a daughter as Malfoy's only have sons.

Draco L. Malfoy

He closed the journal and went over to feed Luci again, all this thing did was eat and poop.