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Chapter 1

Yellow's Disguise


'Im ready for this, YES! Im ready ! No! I think Im not ready ! Ugh ! This is crazy ! How I should go to my new school in disguise as BOY? This is nuts!' I thought. Yes, My name is Yellow, Im the blonde girl with ponytail who always use a stray hat, I was in order to do this crazy stuff from my boss.

'Call me crazy but I have to, this is a mission AFTER ALL… Fuh...' I thought again and sighed.

I never wanted to do this if it is not because they will hunt me if Im not work on it. Well, time to school and use my wig, a blonde wig which fit my hair. When I looked at the mirror I was positive they will not find me as a girl but Im not sure about my face and my act… Im not good acting as a boy after all, its about a month ago when Im in my base.

FLASH BACK A week ago

"Knock knock, Excuse me, its Yellow . " I said knocking the door of my boss room.

"Come in Yellow, I have a good mission for you, and Im positive you are the one who can do it." Said my boss with happy tone yet still sadist for me.

I gulped ,'Oh-ho.. This is BAAADDDD one I have a not-good-feeling here.' Im nervous and don't know what to say and I SWEAR ! My sweat flowing like a crazy nuts !'

"W- what's the mission, Sir?" I said with my nervous tone.

"Your mission is to attend a school and disguise as a boy, I want you to find the target from this insane murderer, but I haven't figure out the characteristics of our target. I want you to find it by yourself first and investigate any suspicious student. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir"


I sighed, 'well, at least I got the payment.' I enter the school and found out that the school was bigger than she expected. 'Wow, this school is big and whats more, bigger school more students. Well, Im going to enter a Junior class because my age is still 14." I sighed again and looked the paper that written Junior class for age 12-14.

I was walking in peace and I don't want to hear any gossips or whatever the students talking about, who cares ? I was in mission and I don't want to find any troubles in my new year of school.

"Hello there ! Are you the new student ?" asked a girl yes a girl Im positive that voice is a girl and a bit girly, I turned and faced her, she had a brown hair with a blue eyes, she wear the girl uniform. Girl's uniform are same with the boy's the different is they used shirts and the color of the skirt is red and had a red ribbon in front the collar and their shirts are plain white , while boys' are blue, plain white shirt and blue long trouser with no ribbons of course !

"Y—Yes I am. I am new here."

"Nice to meet ya'. My name is blue !" she smiled to me.

"M—My name is Yellow. Nice to meet you too." I reply with a still nervous tone, its not like I hate socialize but I kinda nervous with strange people.

"Hm… Yellow the freshman, well, have you known your class? I can help you then ! " she clapped her hands.

"U—Umm… Well-"

"Wait ! Don't forget we must got to Gym first ! The principal will announce something and sucks ! I hate to hear he talk ! Bo-ring ~~! Well, see you again Yellow !" she ran towards the Gym, and left me alone.

I nodded and sighed. 'This is tough one. Maybe I should follow her.'

I run following where she ran just now, and headed to the gym, 'wow ! this gym is big ! Im better get moving.'

I walked in and sat where an empty chair, and I saw this 2 people at my right, yes, a boy and a girl. The boy had a black hair with golden bright eyes and google head? Well, I saw he took a long stick and the girl had dark blue hair with bright blue eyes, she has pigtails too. I heard they talking.

"Hey ! Super serious-gal ! What took this stupid announcing so long?" asked the impatient boy just next to me.

"Calm down Gold ! This even haven't started yet !" she hissed with angry tone, I guess she was pissed with this gold guy. She sat just next to the golden bright eyes.

"Whatever ! ! " he reply with 100% impatient.

"Hey ! Are you freshman ?" asked the girl to me.

I gulped. Oh-ho… I was asked ! "Y—yes, I am."

"Freshman huh nerv-guy ?" asked the boy teasingly.

"Yes, this year Im a freshman."

"Wow ! New friend ! Well, my name is Crystal ! You can call me Crys !" The girl smiled to me with a happy-go-luck voice.

"And me, is Gold !" pointed the boy himself with huge grin.

"We—well, my name is Yellow, nice to meet you."

"Yellow huh? That's a nice name." reply Gold and smirked to me.

"Hey, Yellow ! Can I see your schedule paper?" asked Crys to me, I handed my paper to her.

"Wow! You got some classes with me ! Lets see, We have same English class, Physics, Math, PE, French class and Lunch break in whole week ! Wow ! This amazing !" said Crys with a real happy voice and I glad that, at least I got friend to ask.

"Let me see." Crys handed to Gold, "Oh yeah ! we have same Geography class, history, and biology, oh well we don't have lunch break together." He shrugged and handed the paper to me.

"Its nice to have same classes with you two." I smiled widely to them. At least I got friends.

"Yup. Hey Gold ! Will Red and others have the same classes with us?" asked Crystal to Gold frowned.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask them?" Gold shrugged.

"Well, it will be nice if Yellow knows Red and the others, we will make a huge gang together !"

I blinked 'What ? Oh well, this will enlighten my mission, the more the merrier and I can investigate them secretly.'

"Whose Red?" I asked.

"Oh you don't know?"


"I guess you better meet the person personally." Crystal smile to me.

Gold grin to me, "He is not a bad guy, so don't worry."


"For me a guy, you look pretty you know, are you a pretty boy?" Gold asked me and smirked.

I froze ! Yeah I froze ! I don't know what to say ! Oh God! What should I say ?

"Eh? What are you talking about?" I frowned.

"Gold ! its impolite !" Crys shouted and make an agry face to Gold.

"Hold it Super serious Gal ! I just asking ! What the hell are you angry at?" Gold hissed.

"Hahaha, its okay its okay.." I reply them with nervous laugh and tone. 'This better be quick !'

Well, the principal start talking now, I guess I have to look at him and not sleep, I hope my habit of sleeping is not coming now, I am a heavy sleeper after all.

"So ! You all must follow the rules ! No eating at class, no smoking, no fight, no sleep while classes start and most important is no disguising !" said the principal seriously.

I froze again after I heard no disguise no, I pale ! 'BAADDDD !'

"That's so stupid ! Who would ever anyone want to disguise? The person must stupid." Gold chuckled.

"Gold ! your mock is not funny ! Right Yellow? "

I just silent, Im still in my world when Gold said that sentences. 'What should I do ? If… If the found I am a girl I will be DOOMED ! Oh MAAI GOD ! This is too bad ! Baaddd baaaddd !'

"Um… Yellow? Are you alright? You look pale." Asked Crystal shake my body gently.

I come back to reality, "Um… Im alright I just thinking." I put a fake smile.

"You look really pale nerv-guy, are you in disguise?" Gold asked me teasingly.

I jumped, "E—EPP! What are you T—talking about ?" I said with unbelievable voice and hide my nervous,pale and froze.

"Gold ! Its nonsense he in disguise !"

"Well, I just asking Super serious gal ! I was just asking !"

I sighed. 'This is bad'

"Anyway, lets go to classes, the principal have stopped his borrringg speech !Bleh ! I got a biology class today, how about you two?" Gold asked me and Crystal.

I looked at my paper and unbelievable feeling I got, "I got Biology class too."

"oh ! And I got cooking class, well, we aren't gonna same class today Yellow." Crys sadly face make me sad too, wait ! Im a boy now !

"Oh, that's bad Crys, I hope we have same class next day." I smile try to encourage her.

"Yeah ! Well, I gotta go ! see you guys !" she run to her class.

"Well, its only you and me nerv-guy." Gold grin.

I gulped, "Y—yeah."

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