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Chapter 15

Visitors and Red's Secret

"Ow Ow Ow!" Yellow winced when Miki rolled a bandage around her injured right arm. The raven haired girl ignored her winces and proceeded to her left leg, it wasn't badly injured so Miki washed it over. Once again, she heard her wincing. She wrapped another bandage, receiving Yellow's soft moan.

"Can you stop your whining and think about how we hide this?!" Yellow quieted down when she heard Miki's pissed face. Apparently, Dia had called them that the gang would visit Yellow. Dia said that Yellow was falling down from the stairs and it did embarrass the female blond.

"I suggest you wear your usual outfit with trousers, don't forget a jacket too." The fellow pro said after bandaging Yellow's waist. Her firm dark brown eyes signaling Yellow to obey her words as Yellow nodded weakly. The girl put a plaster to cover Yellow's scratched cheek.

"This is a bad timing…" Yellow muttered.

"Hmph. Just do some lies and pretend." Miki said dryly, sitting herself at the nearest chair in Yellow's room. Her room had been decorated to look a normal boy's room. She had rid off the girl's stuff except her girl's outfit at her closet.

"Ugh… You just don't know how awkward it will be if they come and see my wrecked body."

"That's why I told you to put a jacket and long pant, God.." Miki exasperatedly said.

"Er… thanks?"

"By the way, how's your investigation on the targeted boy?"

"Boss has sent his identity to me and Dia and what surprised us, he is part of me and Dia's gang."

Miki scoffed, "Devil's luck." She sarcastically said. Yellow heard the sarcasm in her voice, she made a pout face."

"Not to mention he is a rich kid. I will say he and Platina tie."

The raven haired girl snickered and nodded. "Sure, whatever you say."

As soon as the day began to reach sun set, Yellow's bell was ringing through the house. The new member was playing with her weapons, stood up with a frown. She knew who it was, yet she just didn't want to greet them. Reluctantly she opened the door, revealing the familiar faces.

"Ah, good afternoon, Miki." Dia greeted the raven girl as she smirked. She let the confused group in.

"Who are you?" Blue asked her.

Miki did not answer as she went to the kitchen to grab drinks for them. "She is Yellow's friend. She just came today…" Dia said nervously, sweat-dropping at the group's curious faces.

"Hee? His friend huh? She looks pretty scary…" Gold said, adding a shiver which earned a small smack from Crystal telling him to be polite.

The group sat down on the couches when Miki brought glasses of juices to them. Dia was the first who asked her how Yellow's condition.

"He's fine. Give the boy some rest and he will ready to school in two days." The group looked at the girl as if she was saying the world would soon be dominated by Giovanni, Red was shocked to the fact that he couldn't see the blonde boy. He was wondering why since their first met but he still couldn't get the thing.

Why was he protective over him?

Why was he looked so surprise because Yellow won't attend the school tomorrow.

Why was he being an idiot attracted over a fragile blonde boy?

Dia glanced at the quiet raven hair with Misty on his arm, cuddling him. Dia felt sorry to Red, it's not his decision to date Misty in the first place…

"By the way, what's your name, girl?" Pearl asked.

Miki glared at the short blonde boy as Pearl squeaked, Dia was surprised by her menacing glare. He quickly took the act to introduce her.

"Err.. Pearl, and everyone, her name is Miki and she is going to live with Yellow for awhile."

After Dia introduced the ignorance girl, the living room was in a dead silence until Blue shrieked 'eh' and followed by the others. Dia flinched at their sudden outburst, he laughed nervously and looked for help at the raven hair female.

Miki was sighing in defeat.

Blue looked at Miki curiously, "Are you seriously staying here? With a boy?!"

Well, Yellow is not a boy. Why should I care? Miki stared at Blue before nodding her head.

Err… Yellow is not a boy, so it's convenient enough… Though, I will never tell them the truth if I still want to live. Dia shook his head weakly, thinking of the consequences he would through if he told them.

Sapphire put her chin in manner pose, much to Ruby's surprise since the wild girl never use her brain well. This ticked him as he teased her unusual manner, Sapphire glared him, "Shut up you, Sissy! Is it wrong for me to think?!"

"Well, that's just rare…"


"Alright, alright, stop the fight already. We are here to visit Yellow not to hear you two flirting." Gold grinned playfully at them, receiving another smack from Crystal.

"Ow! What's that for!"

"Stop being so rude. This is Yellow's house."


"Idiot.." Silver muttered.

"What was that!"

"Guys…" Platina glared at the Gold and Silver to shut them.

Dia and Miki shared a glance, "I hope Yellow is okay…" Dia whispered to her.

"She is fine, so don't worry. I have made all her injuries hidden." Miki proudly whispered.

Dia couldn't help but smile at Miki's taking care, "Thanks, Miki. I don't know what will happen if you don't come out." It made the raven haired girl smirked cockily.

"Glad I can be your help." She said sarcastically hissing at him while folding her arms. Miki stood up and led the gang to Yellow's room. She gave them a quick death glare of you-are-so-doom-if-you-hurt-him as they swallowed nervously.

"Guests for you, clumsy boy."

Yellow sighed, "Sorry for being clumsy." She grumbled.

"Hi Yellow! How are you?" Blue chirped happily.

"How are ya', nerv guy? I see you fall pretty bad." Gold commented, flashing him his white teeth as the gang entered Yellow's room. The blonde female in disguised sat up and gave them her small smile. Miki leaned against the door, not planning to disturb their friendly chit-chat while observing the guys. When she was 10, she was taught by her trainer to observe people's behavior and movement, look closely at them and find their traits.

Azure a.k.a Miki was 2 years older than Yellow and has been friend with Yellow since she was 9 and Yellow was 7 at that time.

Red watched the blonde girl who covered herself in her gray jacket and his legs were covered in trousers. He wondered why he did not want to show his injuries but brushed it off.

Maybe he loves that way. Oh how wrong you were...

"So, I heard from Dia, that girl.." Crystal pointed to Miki,"is going to live with you?" frowned.

Yellow nodded without hesitation, "Yes. She comes here for vacation."

Blue looked at him skeptically, "You do know that a girl and a boy can't live together with such young age, don't you?" this made Yellow swallowed lightly. How would she reply her? Something like, 'Oh, don't worry, I'm a girl.'

Gahh! There is no way I'm going to blurt out our secrets! Think Yellow. Think!

Miki rolled her eyes mockingly but did not make any comment although Pearl, Gold and Emerald were watching at her. She gave them a slight glare which made them flinched. Feeling satisfied, Miki smirked.

"Urh.. well, she is my childhood friend and she's like my sister." Yellow replied awkwardly.

"Re—ally?" Blue squinted her eyes.

"Yes." Yellow pretended a firm tone, "Come on Blue.. Nothing's going to happen with us. She is just my friend, besides, she can kill me anytime if I have done anything." Though, as a girl, I won't do anything except I'm being a lesbi and Miki will definitely kill me for not being straight.

"Kill you?" Red widened his eyes.

Green amused, "So let me guess, those weapons are hers?" Green was reffering to the weapons on the living room.

"Ping Pong. One hundred for you." Yellow smiled as the gang's eyes now were looking at Miki. Miki was folding her arms coolly while flashing them a slight death glare before looking away.

"She is definitely the scariest girl ever." Ruby shivered.

Sapphire rolled her eyes, "She's not that bad... I can sense her."

"What are you? A psychic?" Ruby taunted.


Silver closed his ears while grumbling, "Make them stop."

"Give it up already, guys.." Emerald sighed. Here comes another round of bickering between Ruby and Sapphire.

Dia and Pearl made some jokes to Yellow for her to have a little refreshment after her accident. The jokes were quite funny as Yellow laughed all the way while crying.

"I see you two have improved your jokes." Platina flashed them an encouraging smile.

"Of course, missy! For Yellow to recover faster, we will make our best jokes ever!" Pearl pumped his fists to the air as Dia clapped at him.

Yellow couldn't be more happy to see her friends visiting her. Yes, she was happy but sad at the same time. After the mission finished, she would go back to her Uncle's home and started another new mission. She would miss being a normal school girl/boy and having a lots of friends like them. She let out an audible sigh before flashing a small weak smile.

Red was wondering why he was smiling a sad smile, he wanted to ask Yellow but Misty suddenly butted in.

"Hey hey! Did you hear the gun shots when you were fell down?"

Yellow and Dia froze. Oh crap...

The blonde pretended a frown, "No. Was there any commotion when Dia and I went away?"

"Oh yes! You see—" and the gang told the story they saw on the rooftop.

"And that mysterious girl and boys are out of nowhere." Platina finished.

"I see... Do you, perhaps, learn something from them?" Yellow awkwardly asked.

Red put his finger on his chin, "The blonde guy with yellow mask was quite light... I mean, for a guy, he is not heavier as Gold or Silver." He said which earned a 'hey' from Gold and a slight glare from Silver.

Yellow almost choking her throat. She silently prayed that Red would never lift her body if only got suspected.

An hour later, the gang bid her good-bye and Miki sent them out, telling them that they did not have to worry about her and Yellow. They did not make any comment but nodded knowing that she could protect herself. Moreover, Yellow would never do such kind.

After Red walked Misty home with Dia, Dia asked Red about his relationship with Misty.

"So, how can you be with Misty, Red?"

"Eh? Wh-what do you mean by that?" Red was stuttered and as one of the Pros, Dia knew that he was hiding something.

"I mean, why are you having a relationship with her while obviously you don't want?"

Red stopped his walk, bowing his head to watch the road. The sunset was about to end when Red looked up. He sighed, amused by Dia's observation. Those words came from the person he less expected.

Not Blue.

Not Gold.

Not Crystal.

Not even Green.

Red just realized that Dia was being honest while his other friends were too afraid to ask him. Green once asked him but unintentional and he never asked him again.

"Good observation, Diamond.." Red complimented.

Dia scartched his head nervously, "Actually, it was too obvious. The gang could see it as well but maybe they are too afraid to ask you."

"So why don't you?"

Dia smiled at him, "Because I'm curious. And when I'm curious, I can't help it." Again, Red amused at his junior. Dia, who always never seemed serious could ask him this question.

Red gave up. Really, gave up.

"It's a secret between me and you, okay?" Dia nodded solemnly.

"Actually, Misty forced me to."

Dia's eyes widened. What? Forced? How could she?

"She told me that her ex-boyfriend humiliate her for being unattractive so she asked me to be her boyfriend for awhile. At first, we were only pretending to be lover and her ex never humiliate her anymore. Like, he has given up after seeing me. But Misty said she didn't want to break up with me. She has fallen in love with me and.. actually.. this is so frustrating..."

Dia could only nod at Red's confession, he could imagine Misty being forceful with the kind hearted Red. She knew Red wouldn't refuse her.

"Does Green and Blue know?" Red shook his head.

"Misty told me to keep it a secret. But then again, I can't help to tell someone this matter. And now, I have told you the truth, Dia." Red forced a smile.

Dia felt guilty for forcing him to tell the truth, "I'm sorry, Red. I shouldn't have asked you.. I mean, this is out of curiosity and curiosity is killing me."

"Don't be, Dia... I wanted to tell Green and Blue but those two—those two will react oppositely from you especially Blue. She will definitely make the plans to make me break her, that's why Misty told me to keep it a secret. While Green, of course he will ignore it but unintentionally brushed her off."

Poor you, Red.

"You are the right choice, Dia since she doesn't know you much." Red added.

Diamond trailed off. He flashed him a small gentle smile, "Thank you for telling me, Red. I'm sure you will have the way out of this complicated matter."

Red laughed, "Thanks, Dia...Anyway, I have a weird feeling lately, do you know why? I have these strange feelings when I'm with Yellow. I know he is a boy and lately, my heart beats faster when I saw his smile. When I heard he was falling, my heart clenched and the air suffocated me as if I want to protect next time. And when I saw him today, he looked fragile though he was pretending to be strong... Am I turning into a gay?" Red confessed, looking confused at the same time.

Oh Red... How wrong you are. And guess what? You have crush on her! Well, good thing is, she is a girl but there is no way I'm going to tell you the truth because I don't want to feel Miki's wrath. Of course I won't tell Yellow that Red has a crush on her, let her revealed it by herself. Oh, maybe I could lend a little help...

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