For those who have not entered the weird world of Forever Knight's Lurkers Rastro and Maddog, may they forever make fun of whatever they're watching, dragon(mom) once upon a time begged for admittance to their hallowed halls of insanity, wrote a foolish lurk and was awarded her very own tesserect which is something like having a TARDIS you can't get into and much like the beloved Doctor's, tends to be less than brilliant about landing the lurking companions of dragon where they're intending to go. It also only lands you in fandom venues, the real world is not on any of its coordinate values.

This said, in an errant moment after National Treasure, dragon and the Evil Sib Consortium decided to deliver a present to Ian Howe while he languished in Club Fed. As with most draconic plans, this went somewhat awry … Ian Howe, Anhksunamun, Meela, Ardeth Bey and the SeaQuest crew (and Captain Jack Sparrow) all belong to someone else … lots of someone elses. Revsam, Rini, Grace and whatever other sibs volunteered to be involved in this unfinished business …

Trials and Tribulations of a lurker's victim

There was an odd muffled noise behind the rotund dragon who was practicing her very best innocent look. Rini and Grace, knowing dragon quite well, ignored the look and peered around dragon into the room behind her. Both got rather odd looks on their faces, somewhat as though they were trying to figure out whether to laugh or worry.

"Uhm ... mom ..." Rini started.

"Uh ... dragon, darling, who is that?" Grace managed to articulate the question before Rini did.

dragon looked around as though surprised to find a body wound in yards and yards of black silk cord lying on the Persian rug on the floor behind her. "Oh, that .. Uhm, well ... i was sort of randomly wandering .."

A double snerk met that comment. dragon glared at them. Somehow they seemed as impervious to her glare as a number of characters she'd been reading about lately. She shrugged her shoulders. "Well, she was just kinda lying about waiting for another story to happen and i had all this black silk cord lying there and ... well, i was thinking she might be the perfect gift for Mr. Howe ... maybe."

The really well bound figure made an indeterminate noise. The elongated dark eyes shot daggers at all and sundry. Luckily, they were glare daggers and not real daggers.

"Mom. Who?"

"Oh .. uhm, well, i'm not sure. I think it's Meela ... but it might not be."

Jaws dropped. Grace recovered first. "Dragon!" she expostulated.

There was that innocent look again. "You don't think she'd make a nice decoration for his cell?"




to be continued ... if Ms. Nais does not unentangle herself and obliterate a certain rotund dragon, of course g *snicker*