A Knight With Two Souls

omnious: Hi all FF makers and readers. I'm here trying to satisfy my own curiosity about can I make some good FF like all the seniors? Okay, this is like nothing if u compare with yours. But I really want to unleash my imagination that trapped in my head.

Disclaimer: I only own my idea and my own OC, everything other than that, I'll try to fix every mistakes of the original story.

OC : What the hell is this! Not knowing where I from or what should I say who I am!

omnious: Heh… why just not call yourself a "Hero" of something?

OC: Hero? What kind? With this kind of situation how can u say I'm a Hero!

omnious: Oh, come on…. I still don't know what should I do with your name…

OC: What the hell with you! Creating me out of your ego? Then not giving me proper name!

omnious: Ah, just shadup! This is my first time to do something whit the likes of you!

OC: Okay… I'll see what u will do to me and this chapter.

omnious: That's more like it. So let's try to connect this "guy" to the GC story.


This chapter started on near wall of Serdin. There a lot of monster attacking Serdin, but often suppressed by Grand Chase Knights. There is someone(my OC, I'll call him the guy) like to wander on the wall. Unfortunately that time, some goblins go near the wall and start the attack on Grand Chase Knights that patrol near them.

"Why those little goblins not wary to attack us?" Sieghart said while slashing the goblins.

"Oh great. What a bad timing to be here." the guy said while going back to the gate and prepared to go home.

But, while the guy walking near the wall, one of the goblin ready its weapon to attack him. Suddenly, the red haired Knight appeared and do a Mega Slash do knock back the goblin. The slash nearly got that guy by hair thin on the forehead.

"C'mon let's press them and kick their boss' but!" Elesis shout to her companion.

"Hey, wait! Don't go for yourself!" Lire, the elf archer shout back.

"Just follow her, she don't know how to hold herself." Arme, the magician said while pat Lire's shoulder.

So, Elesis, Lire, and Arme go to suppress the goblins and defeat the boss without realizing there is a guy nearly killed(be it by the goblin or by the Mega Slash, lol).

"Oh, damn. An another great day to start." the guy stand after shocked by the Mega Slash.

"But… I think they can accept me. With my own self that unaccepted by my own" think the guy.

After that accident, in that guy's house. Like every day, that house has only 1 person. Only that guy life in that house. With some of wrecked sound of the roof, followed with sticky smelled pot, and also a sword seated in its holder placed on the wall, positioned to be looked while waking up. That guy thinking and thinking and finally go grab the sword.

"Knight eh… May be I can become one. Or not? whatever, I'll try till I drop myself." the guy said with low voice, almost unheard by himself.

While unseating the sword, the guy whose hair like a red hedgehog with deep expressionless black eyes, looking at that weird sword. Sword that looks like made from unrefined bones that styled to form a sword, maybe u can't really say it is a sword or at least good looking one.

"This sword… Father said that this sword made from some bones of monsters. There also said the monster is inside of me. And when I come near it, I got some blank on my head….. Hey, it doesn't feel like before. My head is not in blank state. I can think clearly."

"Don't bother using the sword. Just let me out and rampage!" someone said inside the guy mind.

"Whose voice is this? I think… it's familiar to me." said the guy.

"Didn't your father tells u that I am You? The one originally have this body, and sealed while u come into me." that voice become more clear and clear. It sounds like a beast voice, an enchained beast.

"What the hell are u talking? The original? If so, who I am?" said the guy.

"You are a mere lowly soul that planted in me. To control and suppress my beastly instict. Normally, when I wake, u sleep. But something bother the circle. I bet u want to have some power!"

"Yeah! I want power, but, don't ever think I'll let u roam free! I'll try to get my own power with my own will."

"Huh! Okay, it's up to you that u won't let me out. But remember this: your body also mine, if u ever foolishly harm this body, at that time I'll go out on my own will."

"So that's settled, I'll train myself so that I have the power to be a knight and also to suppress u when u'r going to unleash your beastly instict!"

"So full of yourself human! So be it, I'll watch over u deep inside darkness in your heart"

And so, that guy go to Serdin Castle to see if he has the qualification to become one of the Grand Chase Knight. But, sadly for him. He failed at the very first test. Hope not just hope for him, and he go near the wall once again, not to strolling like before, but to train to get the qualification

A little spoiler here:

This guy doesn't have a job to begin with, he is just a normal people(not to mention monster inside him). Also, when in his daily life, the human ones have stronger control over the body, so the beast can't do anything(if I say so….) harm to the surrounding. There is a time when the beast go out and make sure some peoples run away.

I want to give this guy something that GC never have, Job 0: Beast Insider

A little explanation about this pre-job(Job 0), the beast insider is someone with a powerful monster inside of him. Usually, they can "chat" with their "another"-self and create some enormous powerful combos and maybe can be said to rival the Paradom's power. The monster/beast itself usually a weak monster that contracted/forced to be inside of the human. But the guy got something different from the usual. The next chapter will tell u all about this.

Even tough the beast said it is the original, the reality is, the beast got weakened and implanted to the human body(maybe it thinks the body originally its body cause it stronger). When this guy got a job, he'll have a primary also secondary job(the beast's job). There is also an unknown power sleep deep inside the human guy that unconsciously help him to suppress the beast. So…. I tough he'll have halfway job change, such as job 1.5 or something like that.

OC: Okay, why must I fail the very first exam!

omnious: If not, you would not train and just got the beast out to cover it, right?

OC: Hmmm…

omniousL Okay, this is just a warm up, only a pre-chapter. The next one will be also a pre-chapter so that I can give this guy a name and give further explanation of this guy.

OC(Beast): Also explanation about me, right? *Ready to bite, ready the sharp tooth on the head*

omnious: Oh, no! Not the beast one near me please! *Run away*

OC(Beast): LOL! Be sure to wait and read the next pre-chapter! Or I'll make u my late night snack! *grind*