"Earth to Darren!" Gavner clapped his hands in front of my face, snapping me back to reality. I looked at him with my mouth still slightly agape upon the terrifying thought. I've never been the one to have such odd imagination... Hence I couldn't help but being worried.

"E-eh…" I stuttered. "I'm fine. I just remembered that I have homework to do."

"Are you sure?" He raised one of his eyebrows, looking at me sceptically. "You seem far from fine. You're so pale."

Kurda was just sitting there, and I caught his eye. "Darren… do you know what happened to Steve?"

Of all the names to mention, he just had to mention that one. "He's got food poisoning right?" I re-confirmed nervously, hoping that Kurda would laugh it off and told me how silly I looked, and that Steve is all good. But of course, his stern expression remains on his face as he nodded slightly upon hearing my question. "D-do you know who did it to him?"

He eyed me suspiciously. "How did you know that someone did it to him, not a mere allergic response?"

A trickle of sweat fell from my forehead, and I felt as if he was cornering me, silently blaming me for what has happened. "I-I don't…"

A few seconds later, his frown disappeared, replaced by a smile. "I'm not blaming you, Darren. Although you are not in a good term with him, I'm sure you wouldn't do such spiteful action."

Gavner looked at both of us with questioning look on his face, but decided not to pry any further. I was silently thankful for that. In this moment, I don't need anyone to make me regurgitate this traumatic event.

I turned my back and announced apprehensively, "I'm going to my room to do my homework."

Both of them threw me a smile and continued chatting.

I walked up the stairs quietly and slowly, as if sneaking into someone else's house to steal their belongings. I kept my head down the entire time with my hand placed lightly on the stairs handle.

As soon as I opened my room, I flicked the light switch on, and the night suddenly felt much colder than it actually is. Staggering, I fell onto the bed, exhaling loudly. My mind was in disarray. Sleeping proved to be impossible.

It was a long… long night. And it's not going to be any easier from here on.

"I'm going…" I said weakly.

"Have fun at school!" Gavner exclaimed from the living room, newspapers on his hands.

Hell yeah I would. I thought. What I didn't notice was the soft and concerned gaze he placed on my back. He curled his lips in anxiety.

"Darren," he called gently, which took my attention. I stopped. "I'll be here whenever you want to talk to me, alright?"

I turned my head and smiled a fake smile. "Thanks." The word seemed to echo in the silent hallway. And it suddenly struck me that although my uncle is a big oaf, he is still responsible for me, and he truly cared for me. Maybe I should stop keeping secrets from him and start to… trust him a little bit more.

With such positive thought, I closed the door and walked towards the school with more courage than I had before.

"Darren?" Someone called me.

"M-Mr Crepsley!" I beamed upon the surprising sight. Then, my eyes were set on the female next to him. "And…"

"Arra Sails." He smiled. "My… ex-wife."

"Nice to meet you." I bowed down slightly, but she didn't even smile. She kept staring down at me, and that alone made me extremely uncomfortable, and very annoyed. However, I decided not to let it conquer and cloud my thought. "Um…" I scratched my head.

"You are going to be late for school." He said after he looked at his watch.

"Damn! I didn't know I left home that late! Catch you later!" I scampered.

I tried my best to catch my breath when I arrived in the classroom. I put both of my hands on my knees and panted loudly, since I ran as quickly as possible to avoid punishment from being late. When I regained my composure, the bell rang, and I sighed in relief. Close call.

The door to the classroom was swung open to reveal a surprised pair of eyes. I tensed as soon as I saw whose eyes they belong to. Unconsciously, I moved back a step with a hand afloat a few centimetres away from my chest in defensive posture. What the hell, Darren! You're just showing him what a scaredy cat you are! And this isn't good… I think I just confirmed his suspicion that I poisoned him.

"Look who's here." He smirked. "Darren Shan."

"Steve..." I mumbled, standing up straight as if challenging him to a death match.

He walked around me slowly, scanning me from the head to the toes. I tried not to give him much response but an equally slow motion of turning my head, following his every move. I'm not scared of you.

The silver-haired male whistled in a teasing tone. "You don't seem too guilty."

"Neither do you."

"Why should I feel guilty?" He asked cockily, raising one of his eyebrows. "I did nothing wrong." He tugged the corner of his lips in an eerie manner. So he didn't feel bad for what he's done to me. Then, I've got no reason to be apologetic. An eye for an eye, so to say.

"Sit down, both of you." Our roll teacher, Gannen, commanded.

Steve snickered.

I exhaled loudly, to express my displeasure.

Nevertheless, both of us obeyed Gannen's order and sat on our seats.

The first few minutes were spent to take the roll, and we have the next few minutes for quiet reading or homework. The only thing I could feel was a pair of cold eyes on me. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't. I need to confront him and settle this feud once and for all, as impossible as it may be. I had no intention on spending the rest of the year sitting in the corner, cowering in fear and insecurities. Especially not because of the darned Steve. I'm going to prove him that I am not intimidated.

I don't care if we never be friends. I don't care if we never talk. All I want was a moment of peace to enjoy high school. At this rate, it would be suitable to say that hell awaits.

A crumpled piece of paper landed on my desk. Weighing the possibilities of it being a death threat, I eventually decided to open it.

"It's on."

That's all that was written on it. It appeared that Steve had no intention to reconcilliate and let me off to live my own life. This only means one thing: I shouldn't really offer a peace treaty. He wouldn't accept it. All of the other options seemed to dissipate into the thin air, leaving me with only one:


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