Okay, won't lie this will be your last chance to turn back, this will be a Katara/Aang/Toph story, this is will be my first time making such a heavy drama type story because Aang loves Katara AND Toph, so how wouldn't there be drama lol. It's a story be me and it's rated M...so there will be adult content and lemons. *Cue Applause*. I'm not really expecting my usual fans to like this, since i usually stick to Kataang, but i hope people will at least like it. I'm sorry if anything sounds like I'm taking things from other stories, i've recieved messages from people saying i've copied other people even though i havn't. So i hope you like it, please feel free to tell me what you think. See you all at the bottom :D

He woke up in the comfortable bed. It defiantly was a change from when they were on the run. Aang stretched and yawned, trying to go back to sleep. A knock on the door stopped him from going back to his peaceful sleep. He groaned in response, hoping whoever it was would go away. Another knock, but louder, was rapped on his door again. "Come in," Aang groaned in the pillow. He heard the steps of his visitor come closer to him.

"Come on Aang, we have to go, all sorts of meetings to attend to," Zuko informed him. Aang was happy it was just Zuko and not Toph who usually woke him up by smashing him, his bed, or totally destroying his room.

Aang got out of his bed and scratched his bald head, "Do we have to? I mean, we just saved the world like 2 weeks ago? Don't we get some kind of hero vacation?"

Zuko chuckled, "Yeah Aang…we get hero vacation…after we settle some stuff."

He put on his air bending robe and grabbed his staff, "What are we dealing with today Fire Lord Zuko?"

"Well," he began, "We are going to plan out the debate of what we are going to do for the Fire Nation today." This was something Aang was hoping they would put off. When this meeting was first mentioned, it was said that the debate would at least 1 year, maybe more. That would mean less time with Katara or seeing any of their old war friends. Momo crawled up his robes and popped his head out of the top, making both the boys laugh. They started walking down the hall as Aang let out a loud yawn.

"So, is there any good news?" Aang asked, as they turned a corner.

Zuko nodded, "Of course, don't I always?" Aang chuckled. "I was able to talk to the leaders of Southern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom leaders who were suppose to come here for the debate."

"Yeeeaaaaaah?" Aang questioned, wondering where Zuko was getting at.

"Since your girlfriend happens to be the daughter of the chief, she is technically a princess. Also do you remember what happened to Kuei right?" Zuko asked him again.

He nodded, "Of course, he made his way to the Serpent's Pass and was eaten and all they could find was Bosco and Kuei's hands and paws. Why do you bring this up Zuko?"

"Because Lao Bei Fong just bought his way to the top, The Bei Fong's are royalty Aang." The Fire Lord exclaimed.

Aang was still lost, "Okay, it's great to know our friends are the luckiest kids in the nations, but what does this have to do with our debate today."

Zuko smiled, "Well what you don't know Aang, is that the royalty from all the nations…come to the debate or even one person from the nation comes. I, represent the Fire Nation. You, The Avatar and Air Nation representative. Chief Arnook, represents the Northern Water Tribe. Now Aang, give me two royal members from the Southern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom."

"Katara and Toph!" He exclaimed. His joyous feelings shot through the roof. Aang thought that he would have to wait for a year until he saw his friends. "Thank you Zuko, this is the best news I have heard all week!"

He laughed, "No problem man, you save the world, I can pull a couple strings for you. Lao and Hakoda were going to be at the debate until I made the suggestion that maybe Katara and Toph should take their places since they saw the war first hand around the world and they would have an easier time debating on what places have the worst damage."

"Thank the Spirits, it will be great to be around our friends instead up stuck up adults," Aang joked. The Fire Lord patted him on the back.

"Don't be too happy about not seeing them Aang, with the war being over, the coronation of Katara and Toph's families are going to be soon." Zuko informed him.

Aang looked at him funny, "What do you mean Zuko? Isn't Katara's family technically coroneted since Hakoda is the chief?"

"Nope, because after uh…after the siege against the Northern Water Tribe, some of the water benders made the trip down to their sister tribe and helped rebuild the city. From what I have heard, it's almost twice as big as the North Tribe. The new city has been named after Katara; I found it pretty fitting too." Zuko told him.

He grinned wide, "I can't wait to see Katara…or Princess Katara, when do we set off to see them coroneted?"

Zuko paused for a second as they made their way down the stairs, "As soon as we get done with planning the debate out today, we will make our way to The Southern Water Tribe, then make our way to Ba Sing Se…it should be easier without me trying to capture you or trying to hide out." They both laughed.

"Well let's get this done, I can't wait to see Katara."

Toph paced back and forth in the frozen palace room. Even though she couldn't see through her boots, she still walked blindly around. She was visiting the new Southern Water Tribe to 'see' Katara's coronation. Katara sat brushing her hair, getting ready for bed. Toph needed to tell Katara her feelings about a certain bald headed boy. She couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep and couldn't breathe without thinking of Aang. Her love for him started ever since he became the first person to beat her. The first person to ever be tougher than her and be scared of her at the same time. Teaching him earth bending didn't help either, with the alone time with him, her feelings grew and grew. She knew of her love after he had come back from his visit with Roku and held her hand. At that moment, Toph Bei Fong, the world's first metal bender and surrendered to her feelings of love for The Avatar. But now he was with Katara and she had no chance with him. Toph's heart was split in two and the empty feeling grew each time she heard Katara talk about how she missed him. She decided that she had to finally reveal her feelings to Katara, maybe it would help the ache, she had nothing to lose.

"Okay," Toph stopped pacing, Katara set her brush down. "I'm ready to talk."

Katara smiled, "Good, it has only been, I don't know, two hours."

Toph fake laughed, "Anyways, I…um, kind of like this…well this boy."

"Really Toph? Maybe we could double date!" The water bender squealed with joy.

The blind girl winced at the thought, "Well that would be kind of hard for us to do…"

"Why's that Toph?" She picked up her brush and started again.

'Now or never Toph' she told herself. Toph took a deep breath, "Its Aang…I love him…"

She laughed, "That's classic Toph, but really, who do you like?"

Toph clenched her fists, "No…Katara…I love Aang." The use of her real name stopped Katara. She dropped her brush as she sat there in shock. Katara turned back around in her seat and looked at Toph. The earth princess stood there shaking, trying to keep her stance. "Please don't be mad Katara…I…I can't help my feelings."

It was now Katara's turn to take a deep breath, "Toph…I uh really don't know what to say. We are officially becoming princesses soon, we are rebuilding our nations and countless meetings are lined up for us to attend to…I can't really wrap my mind around this right now."

"I have been in love with him for months now Katara…I can't simply ignore my feelings…" Toph told her. Katara stood up and looked Toph in her sightless eyes.

"Why didn't you say something before Toph? You had time to tell Aang your feelings, now he is with me…it's not like we can share him or something," Katara explained.

A light flickered on in Toph's head, "Wait…what if we did?"

The water bender laughed now, "Okay Toph, I think you are seriously going insane, I can get some medical specialists in here…"

Toph stopped her, "Think about it Katara. The Air Nomads are totally wiped out, you don't want him using your vagina as a clown car do you?"

Katara gasped, "Toph!"

"It was a joke…but seriously it's obvious you two will marry and have children…but what if I become his second wife also?" Toph asked, Katara was about say something, but she put a hand up, "Just at least give me a chance to explain my whole plan. With us being married, we become queens, ruling our land Katara, our WHOLE land! Aang won't be able to rule over since he is The Avatar, we watches over everything so we can be the first queen leaders. Our little children will be air benders and will rule for us when we get old enough to pass it on. We both love Aang and would do anything for him, right?" Katara nodded, "Please tell me you didn't nod at a blind person."

"Yes Toph, I would do anything for Aang," Katara vocalized her answer.

Toph continued, "It is totally legal for Aang to take on two wives, so it isn't illegal. We will share him, I won't try to steal him and vice versa. Please Katara, all I'm asking is for a mutual agreement…where we share your boyfriend."

"No way Toph, there is no way this will happen," Katara finalized her decision. Toph stumbled over, trying to find Katara and grabbed onto her arm.

"What if I give you the first month with him without me, as my personal friend and princess, I will let you have a romantic spot in the upper district of Ba Sing Se, no distractions, no having to worry about me," Toph offered.

Katara shook her head again, "No Toph, there is no way." The soft crying of the blind girl caught her attention, Toph was on her knees before Katara as she held onto her. Never had she seen Toph in such a vulnerable position, she wasn't one to cry in front of others.

Toph sniffled, "Please Katara…all I've wanted for the past months is to have little Twinkle Toes and to feel the love I feel for him to be returned…just at least think this through Katara…it would solve the nomad population a lot faster, I swear I won't get in the way between you two, I don't even need to be called his wife, you can have him call me the mistress…all I want is what you have Katara…"

She couldn't stand to see her best friend on her knees crying in front of her begging for this ridiculous request. Katara knew that she and Aang would go the distance, she knew that she wanted to grow old with him, but could she possibly give up some of that life to her best friend who was also in love with him? It would help please Aang, he would be able to repopulate his people. Toph would be happy, getting to be with the one she loved also. But she also thought about herself, would this make her happy? Katara knew that if she had to choose anyone to be in this situation with, it would be Toph. Katara finally sighed, "Toph, if you talk to Aang about this and he agrees…Spirits, I can't believe I'm saying this, you can…also marry Aang."

Toph jumped up with glee, "Thank you so much Katara, you made me the happiest girl in the world."

"But Toph," Katara stopped her; "There will be rules to this. I know Aang will be happy to repopulate the Air Nomads…but again, it's up to him. We don't even know if he has feelings for you…I still don't think I'm okay with this…"

The blind girl still had a smile on her face, "You are the best Katara, I know most women would kill me if I even suggested sharing a man, but…seriously Katara…thank you, I'll even name one of the kids after you."

She winced a little bit, "You know…I'm not sure about this Toph. The more I hear it out loud, the more it seems strange. I'm sharing Aang…with you, the girl that I had massive fights with during our adventures…" It was Katara's turn to pace around her room. "Don't get me wrong Toph, I want you to be happy and I want Aang to be happy, but I haven't even had alone time with Aang since the war ended. It might ruin my relationship with him…I got an idea, be right back." She left the room for a second and came back with a groggy Sokka.

He rubbed his eyes, "What Katara? I was having the greatest dream."

"I need you to help us with a decision," Katara explained. Sokka opened his eyes more, seeing Toph sitting on Katara's bed still in her snow suit and Katara in a night gown.

"Um okay? What's going on?"

Katara paused for a little bit, "Toph…is in love with Aang and she wants to make me a deal where we both share Aang. On the pro side, we would be helping Aang repopulate his people, we both get to be with the one we love and become higher royalty, but on the con side, I might lose my relationship with Aang and I feel like that if this ended bad…it would ruin our friendships."

Sokka nodded and yawned really loud, "Well I think it's up to you Katara. Can you trust Toph enough that you can both love the same guy? Also…do you even know if Aang shares the same feelings for Toph?"


"Then I would ask him before I would be making life changing decisions like this. Anyways…I'm going back to bed, Miss I have city named after me." He left the room, leaving the girls to think over his words.

Toph stood up, "You know, never mind, let's just forget this happened, I don't want to ruin your relationship with Aang."

"But Toph-"

She shook her head, stopping Katara, "Seriously, it's okay…I'll just go to my room." Toph blindly made her way out of the room, using her mitten covered hand to guide herself on the walls. Once she made it to her room, she burst out in tears.

Aang smiled and breathed in the cold air. It had been half a week since the meeting and he was happy he had finally made it down to the Southern Water Tribe. He could see 'Katara City' from the distance they were still at. It was beautiful, as if a chunk of Ba Sing Se and the Northern Water Tribe had an ice baby, it would be this city. 'Katara City' was built in the form as its sister tribe; it was built on levels and had little rivers running through each level. The palace was on the top and had a giant sculpture of Katara's mother stood proudly over-looking the city named after her daughter. Zuko's boat got closer to the giant harbor and Aang could barely stand to wait, he wanted to see Katara so bad.

"Man, it is going to be extremely awkward to be here after what happened," Zuko joked, bring Aang out of his thoughts.

Aang patted him on the shoulder, "As long as you don't demand that you must have the Avatar and threaten to kill people, I think you're good Zuko." He started getting really excited when he saw the welcoming party at the docks. "Are you sure Appa will be okay at the palace Zuko? I feel really weird not traveling with him."

"He'll be fine Aang," The Fire Lord assured him, "Mai is watching over everything for me right now, she knows Appa means the world to you, he is probably having the time of his life right now." Aang smiled. They finally docked and Aang nearly jumped off the boat and run to the palace, but Zuko kept him in place. The crew members set down a miniature set of stairs for the two to walk down. The Fire Lord led the way as they both went down and waved at the all the people who had gathered to welcome them.

Hakoda was in the front of the group, dressed in his royal clothes, "Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, it is great to see you, how was the trip here?"

"It was wonderful uh…what should we call you? Water Lord?" Aang asked, trying to be sensitive to the new royal.

He laughed, "If you play your cards right Avatar, you can be calling me dad. But for now, just call me Chief Hakoda; our people have gone by that for years, no sense in changing it now. Now if you don't mind, why don't we go to the palace, Katara has been waiting for you both."

Aang smiled as they made their way through 'Katara City'. The people looked happy and peace had finally reached the new city. More water benders were around, so that meant more schools for the little kids. "Wow, I can't believe they renamed your tribe after Katara."

Hakoda smiled proudly, "I was very honored that the new council did that. They said it was because she was a war hero you stood up for the tribe, but I'm so happy that my own daughter would be honored and they put a sculpture of Kya up in front of the palace…it's truly great to be out of this war."

"Hopefully in the debate coming up, we can increase peace throughout the nations that my people have caused," Zuko said, "Also, I'm sorry for the pain and hardship my father and I may have caused your people Chief Hakoda, hopefully time will heal the wounds we have created."

He stopped and turned to the Fire Lord, "Past is past Fire Lord, I don't hold anything against you, you were doing what you were told, nobody was too hurt from your attack and you changed your ways and helped end the war. But let's just forget our past actions and enjoy this joyous time." Zuko nodded and they continued walking. They finally made it to the top of the palace; Chief Hakoda smiled at the giant version of his late wife as they walked past it. In the Courtyard, Katara, Sokka, Suki and Toph were waiting for them. Aang ran over to his girlfriend and spun her around in a hug.

"I missed you so much Katara, so much has happened in the little time we have been apart," Aang kissed her and held her close. "I can't believe you and Toph are going to be royalty!"

She smiled, "I know! After tomorrow's ceremony, we head off to Ba Sing Se, then get to help out the world. I would have never thought so much could happen in under a year."

Sokka came over and hugged the two boys, "Come on you two, let's get you two to your rooms, then we can have the banquet!"

"He's been excited to have a royal banquet since he heard you two were coming," Suki joked, everyone laughed at the water prince's expense. A couple servants came out and took the bags of the Fire Lord and Avatar and led them to their rooms. Both of the rooms were exactly the same, pelts all over the room, comfortable beds that were all blue and a view over the city. Aang smiled as he looked out over the city, it was great to see how much the world could flourish in times of peace. Katara had come up behind him and rested her head on his shoulder and looked outside with him.

"The city is beautiful, just like the girl it was named after," He told her.

Katara kissed him on the cheek, "I missed you so much Aang, I hadn't been away from you since we found you in that iceberg."

"I missed you too Katara, but now we get to spend the whole year together with this debate, even if it's business," Aang smiled happily, a year with Katara was a dream come true to him. He turned to her and kissed her on the lips. Aang was still a tiny bit shorter than Katara, so he had to get on his toes to be at her height.

A knock at the door broke their kiss, they both turned towards the door to see Toph standing there. "Are you two in here?"

"Yeah Toph," Aang went over and picked her up in a hug, "I missed you too Toph, it hasn't been the same." She nearly melted in his arms, feeling his warmth almost made her not want to let go of him. Katara watched as her boyfriend hugged her best friend who was in love with him. The water princess walked out of the room and left the two alone. "Whoa, where did Katara go?" Aang asked as he broke the hug. Toph understood the cue and she blindly found the bed and sat down.

She cleared her throat, "Hey Twinkles, I need to talk to you."

Aang sat down by her, "Okay, what is it Toph?"

"I uh, need something to get off my chest…something big," Toph started. "I like someone…but they're with someone…"

He nodded, "Ooooh, I know who you are talking about."

Toph's sightless eyes went wide, "Y-you do?"

"Yeah, Sokka, I knew you liked him, ever since you kissed Suki when you thought it was him who saved you," Aang said. She smacked him on the shoulder.

"No Twinkle Toes, I don't like Sokka…I-uh, I love you…" She finally let out. Toph could feel him stiffen on the bed. There was awkward silence as he processed what she had said.

Aang blinked a couple times, his brain seemed to skip a couple times, trying to find the words to say to her. Something he didn't expect to feel or go through his mind was excitement. He was with Katara, his love for her was endless. A fire burned for her in his heart that could never be extinguished. But all of a sudden a new fire had started, one that burned next to one for Katara, he loved Toph, but never seemed to know. Aang couldn't simply tell her that he didn't feel that way about her, it would break her heart, but he couldn't say he felt the same way and be with her, because then it would break Katara's heart. If fighting Ozai seemed hard before, he would gladly fight him 20 more times than deal with choosing between the two girls he loved. He shook out of his thoughts by Toph, it was as if everyone liked to do that today.

"Are you still there Twinkles? I can't feel that much through all these clothes."

He was still looking for what to say, "I really…don't know…what to say Toph, I mean…I feel the same…but Katara…"

She smiled, "You really do love me too Aang?"

"Yeah Toph…I guess I never really knew it, I knew that I cared a lot about you, but I thought it was in a friend type way…but I guess not," Aang felt a little ashamed of himself, loving two girls at the same time. "But I love Katara too Toph…"

"Well that's where I got you covered Aang," She informed him.

He looked at the blind girl, "What do you mean Toph?"

"I told Katara my feelings and kind of made a deal with her, Katara and I going to kind of…share you," she explained.

His eyebrows furrowed, "Share me? I don't know about this Toph…is Katara truly okay with this?"

"Yes," Katara said, both of them turned towards the door where she was standing, watching the two.

Aang stood up, "Katara, I'm sorry…I just…have feelings for Toph also."

She walked over and kissed him softly, "It's okay Aang…I wasn't expecting this to happen…but I love you and I want you to be happy."

"But Katara," Aang sat back down on his bed, "I am The Avatar, I love you and I just found out my feelings for Toph are a lot stronger than I thought they were. How is that suppose to go over in the world? Everyone will think I'm one of those drama plays they have on Ember Island."

"We don't have to tell anyone," Toph offered, "You and Katara will be the official couple and we would be the secretive one."

Aang sighed, "No Toph, there will be no secret relationships. I wouldn't do that to Katara and I wouldn't do that to you. What if people found out? It would make you look like the other woman."

"What if we told the world that it's because we are repopulating the Air Nomads? That's one of the reasons I made the deal with Katara," Toph suggested. "I know I would like to have your kids one day Aang."

Katara nodded, "And so would I."

He thought about it for a second, "That would be a good idea, but we shouldn't announce anything until after both of the ceremonies."

"Well then deal is on!" Toph cheered.

"Not uh Toph," Katara stopped her, "You and I are going to have to work out some rules, making sure that none of us pass any boundaries."

Toph got up, "Whatever you say Sugar Queen, Twinkle Toes, be a dear and carry me to the banquet, I still cannot seem to see through icy floors." She smiled as Aang picked her up bridal style. Katara huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"It's okay Katara," Aang told her, he gave her a kiss, "She can't see, we should at least make it easier on her."

"Whoa," Toph interrupted, "Don't I get a kiss too? What about this whole sharing thing?"

Katara chuckled, "Not until we settle the rules Toph, then you kiss Aang on your time."

Toph puffed out her bottom lip, "Please Katara, you've got to kiss him a lot, just one kiss."

She sighed, "Fine, kiss her Aang." Aang leaned down and kissed the blind bender. She felt her toes curl as she received her first kiss from Aang and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He broke it and she sighed happily in his arms.

"That was worth the wait," Toph grinned.

Katara laughed and looked at Aang, "Yeah, I felt the same way the first time he kissed me too."

I hope you all liked it, I don't know how well it is in my opinion because i usually don't like my work. Toph is WAY AU even though it's right after the War and it's suppose to be in the same sort of world. Anyways, Review and tell me what you think, this is kind of a experiment type of story, if people like it, i will continue, if they don't then i'll just scrap the story.