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Sokka exited the room, putting his sword over his shoulder and was welcomed by the angry face of his sister, "Sokka…what in the Spirits were you thinking?! Sleeping with Zuko's sister? The girl who tried to kill Aang?!"

"Why did you come to find me Katara?" Sokka asked.

"I made a mistake Sokka, I shouldn't have suggested that you kill Azula, we came here to make sure that you didn't kill her," Aang told her.

"Well aren't you glad I didn't then?" Sokka tried to calm his sister but her face was still stuck in its furious state, "I guess not…"

"How did you even go from trying to kill someone to having sex with them…and was she good?" Toph questioned, Katara gave her a shove, "What? Tell me you don't want to know if the prissy Fire Princess just lies there or not."

Sokka rubbed the back of his neck, "Well…it started like this…"

He stood outside the door and listened to the conversation inside, "I hope to see you tomorrow Azula." Sokka opened the door, hiding behind it as Ty Lee left. Poking his head around the door, he quickly slipped into the room and shut the door behind him.

"Whoever you are, just go away, I don't feel like talking anymore." Azula stated.

Sokka pulled the sword out of the sheath, "It will only take a second."

He approached her bed, readying his sword to drive it through her chest. Sokka reminded himself of all the pain in the world because of the Fire Nation and was about to stab her when she turned to him, their eyes meeting. "Are you here to kill me Water Tribe boy?" He stopped, wondering if she was going to even try to stop him, but she remained eye contact with him. Sokka gave her a nod. "I've had a lot of people try to kill me…but none of them were able to catch me in a weakened state, so I guess the Spirits are in favor of you tonight." Azula turned her head away from him, sighing, "Go ahead and get it over with…"

Sokka shook off the conversation and raised his sword up again, "This is for my sister…for Aang…and for Suki…"

Before he could stab her, "Suki? That girl that you were blubbering about during the Invasion?"

He stopped again, sighing in anger, "Yes, Suki, the girl you tortured. My fiancé." Her laugh confused him, making him slightly lower the weapon.

"You really believe that I tortured her?" She chuckled. Azula looked back to him, "I guess since I have nothing left to live for, I can tell you. Like you had said before, I was just baiting you away from my Father. I interrogated her for an hour, asking why she had your bison and about the whereabouts of the Avatar, but I didn't torture her. She was of no use to me so I threw her in the Boiling Rock. That was about the time I started to notice Ty Lee drifting away from me. She was too enthused about being one of those 'Kyoshi Warriors'. But I don't torture people…it gets my hands too dirty."

"It doesn't change what you did to Aang," Sokka told her.

"Can you really blame me?" She asked, "If you were born in the Fire Nation, under your Father's rule and all you could do to get his attention was make yourself a emotionless Fire Bending machine and he told you to kill the Avatar, you're telling me that you wouldn't do it?" Sokka didn't answer her as she turned away from him, "That's what I thought. Just end me already, I have nothing else in this world to care about…"

His brow furrowed, he would have thought that Azula would have put up more of a fight than this. This didn't seem like what the girl who chased him and his friends around the world would sound like. This wasn't Warrior kill…this was an assisted suicide. "How can you just give up? Even when you had no bending, you were still a dangerous threat…but now you're nothing."

"Oh, I'm so hurt," Azula sarcastically said, "You have no idea what it's like to be me…I worked so hard to be my Father's favorite child and yet I couldn't even live a normal life. The only love I could find, I pushed away…"

Sokka sat down on the chair, "If you opened yourself up more, you would receive love…your brother chased us around the world, kidnapping my sister and Aang and even trying to kill us, but we eventually forgave him…it might take a while with you, but you could get along with us."

She snickered softly, "You just came in here to kill me, but now you're saying we can all be friends? You are the worst assassin since my brother hired that man to kill the Avatar, at least he died trying to kill his target."

"Hey, I was able to stop him from killing Aang. Because of my boomerang, he basically killed himself," Sokka nearly bragged.

Azula cocked an eyebrow, "You defeated the assassin?" Sokka nodded. "Huh, I guess you had to be good for something."

His brow furrowed, "Hey! I'm good for a lot of things! I'm the plan guy! I gave Combustion Man a name!"

"Well actually his name is-"

"And I and two teenage girls took out a fleet of Fire Nation Airships and helped the Avatar to defeat your Father. Now I'm the Prince of the Southern Water Tribe, I'm going to marry the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe and I have an apparently pure sexual relationship with the Princess of the Earth Kingdom," Sokka continued. "So I'm pretty sure I'm pretty good for a lot of things."

(Toph: Way to tell her Meathead…

Katara: Shut it Toph.)

She gave him an amused look, "Oh if only it didn't hurt to clap my hands, I would give you a round of applause. While I may be slightly impressed by the first parts, I hardly believe you could even pleasure a girl, let alone pleasure three."

Katara held up a hand, "Oh Spirits, just stop. I can paint the rest of the picture in my mind, just don't say it." She pinched the bridge of her nose with her left hand as her elbow rested on her right arm that was resting across her stomach. "I'm glad she's okay, but you're going to have to be the one that tells Yue, Suki and Zuko about you sleeping with Azula. I want nothing to do with it."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Sokka brushed her off. Katara shook her head at her brother as she turned around and left, Aang following behind her.

Toph blew the bangs out of her eyes, "So…what happened next?"

"Oh really?" He challenged, "I'll show you I can pleasure a woman." Sokka pulled off his sheath and his shirt, noticing Azula's eyes over his build. He pulled off the blanket from her body, revealing her pale form, the hair on her mound was trimmed into the Fire Nation insignia and her supple breasts almost hypnotized him. Before she could yell at him, his lips smashed against hers. He climbed onto the bed and got between her legs, she fought against his kiss before his touch went down her side. She melted against him, Sokka realized his action and ran his hand up and down her side again. Against her body's wishes, Azula widened her legs and put her arms around him, her right hand diving into his dark hair. Sokka smiled against her lips and pressed his forming bulge against her mound. Her hot breath escaped her mouth and she deepened their kiss. Ecstasy flowed through her body as he continued to move himself against her, the ache in her body began to become secondary, all her body wanted was him inside of her. He ended the kiss and opened his eyes to see her half lidded eyes as she panted, this was a completely different side of Azula, she looked almost…normal.

"What?" Her angry tone brought him back to Earth.

"Sorry…it's just that you don't look as threatening as you usually do, you look, beautiful" Sokka told her, he was expecting a sarcastic or an angry response, but all she did was look away from him, a blush across her face. He attached his mouth to her neck as he kicked off his pants and boots. She mewled in pleasure, wondering how this boy could be turning her on this much. Finally getting free from his clothes, his length rested on the top of her slit, she looked down between them. Truthfully, Azula had never seen a man this way. She and Ty Lee had used toys to simulate a phallus, but never had she seen one…and never one so big. Sokka ran his tip along her slit, her bottom lip became trapped between her perfect teeth, her entrance became slick with her own excitement. Pressing himself into her, Azula tensed up as the intruder slowly slid inside of her. The foreign feeling was painful at first, but it soon faded once he was fully immersed inside of her. "Jeez, you are ridiculously tight, is this your first time?"

Azula still refused to look at him, "With a man…" Sokka couldn't say he was surprised, he had heard that she, Ty Lee and Mai had had a thing but he didn't think that she hadn't at least been with at least one guy. Sokka slowly pulled out, her sleeve tried to pull him back in and accepted him when he slid back in. Her eyes closed and she sighed in pleasure as she became accustomed to the man inside of her. His pace continued as she looked between them, watching his length disappear into her heat. Azula gasped again when he pressed further inside of her. "Harder," Sokka nearly had to strain his ears to hear her. Planting his right hand on the bed beside her hip and grabbing the end of the bed with his left, Sokka slammed his hips into hers, the loud audible sound of their skin echoed along with a groan of approval. To his surprise, she pulled his neck down and kissed him deeply, her tongue deeply roamed in his mouth the more pleasure she felt when he entered her again. Her lips stopped moving and they looked into each other's eyes as he continued his steady pace. "Bite me," She whispered.

"What?" Sokka stopped.

She turned her head to the side, exposing her neck to him, "Bite me…please." Sokka complied and softly bite into at first, before biting down harder on her neck. He felt her squeeze around him as she gasped. Sokka really wasn't surprised that she was turned on by pain, though the part about her liking it done to her was more surprising. With his teeth biting down into her porcelain skin and went into a quick and hard pace, his hips slamming into her. As the bed creaked along with them, Azula couldn't help but be lost in the pleasure, she moaned out in pleasure and her eyes began to roll to the back of her head. Azula hated to admit it, but he was doing a very good job at pleasuring her, then that's when she felt it begin. She tried not to make it too obvious, but he was going to know and she wanted to hold it back, but it was too late. Azula moaned and she squeezed around him, going rigid against him as she experienced her first orgasm with a man. Sokka turned them over, she rested against his chest as he slowly moved her hips. Along with her weak muscles, Azula's orgasm had temporarily made her body limp, though it didn't stop Sokka from continuing. He planted his feet on the bed and thrusted up into her, his orgasm on the horizon.

"Oh Spirits," He moaned as he pushed himself in one last time and let his seed douse her inferno-like core. Sokka sighed in relief as his body relaxed, Azula's hot and sweaty body keeping him warm, but he brought the blanket over her body to cover her decency. "I told you I could please a girl."

"Don't rub it in," She hissed.

Sokka smiled as he looked at her tired face, he tucked a stray hair back into place, "You know, you should relax more, you look actually look human."

"Shut up," Azula yawned before laying her head on his chest and fell asleep shortly after.

"Wow Snoozles, you really gave it to the Princess," Toph applauded. "You must be so proud of yourself."

A smile came across Sokka's face and he shrugged, "What can I say? I know what the ladies want."

"Speaking of that," Toph smiled, "I'm going to go get it on with my fiancé, see ya later Snoozles, thanks for the story by the way, it really got me in the mood." His face dropped as she left.

"Glad I could help…" He mumbled as he walked to his room.

I'm not going to lie, I'm happy that I've decided to turn away from this type of writing, but I hope you've enjoyed the last ever chapter of Sharing is Caring