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Disclaimer: I almost forgot about this one. I don't own Hey Arnold or fictional jungle of San Lorenzo, for that matter.

I've never hated anyone.

I believe that things happen for a reason. That people aren't really mean; they're mostly just mistaken. Or desperate.

I believe on looking on the bright side. I know that there's always a solution. And if not, then there's always tomorrow. There's always hope.

Still, I couldn't help the way I was feeling… All this rage. All this anger. It was draining my energy and, as I escaped the security guards, I kept feeling like I couldn't run anymore.

It wasn't just that my house was going to be torn down. After all, my home was not the building, but the people who lived in it and I knew that no matter where we lived, my grandparents and I would still love each other the same way.

It wasn't just the fact that I'd have to move away from my friends and the places and people I've known my entire life.

What really bothered me—what really angered me was having to give up hope. Because, if they ever came back… if they ever managed to come back some day, somehow, they would find nothing.

See, I always figured that if one day my parents got out of San Lorenzo, they'd come looking for the boarding house. They'd think my grandparents would be there. That I would be there. But if they tore down the neighborhood, then what?

If I had to move out, they'd never find me.

I just have to keep waiting for them. I just need to keep hoping.

I've never hated anyone, but as the ashes fell to the floor, I hated him as much as a person can hate another person.

OK, I keep telling myself that I won't write a HUGE author's note, but it's getting really hard to avoid... Ah, where to begin? First, like I said, I am NOT dead, people. In fact, I'm very much alive, which is why I haven't really stopped by this website that I love so much.

You know the drill: school, work, a life... Yeah, unbelievably enoguh, I got one. A life, that is.

Anyway. I know some of you people probably hate me for making you wait YEARS for the next chapter of "An Arnold's Thing To Do". For those of you who have read it: I truly am sorry for this, but don't worry, I promise you that I will finish it. For those who haven't read it... well, you lucky ducks, you haven't had to wait, but when I do finish it, you better go read it ;)

Finally, this ficlet... well, it came to me as I was watching THE MOVIE and well, I just figured the real reason why Arnold would be trying so hard to save the neighborhood would be his parents and the hope that they'd one day come looking for him. Just in case it wasn't pretty obvious, this is (supposedly) what goes through Arnold's mind while he escapes the guards at FTi, right before Deep Voice calls him and all that =)

Mis lectores, los he extrañado... digan que ustedes también, por favor! (That's spanish for: My readers, I've missed you. Please say you've missed me, too!)