This is mostly an Amuto story it has no charas.

I do not own shugo chara.

Ever since Amu was little she has wanted to be a dance and sing. When she was a kid she met Ikuto and later she found out that Ikuto was her older brother's best friend. they kept their feelings a secret because they thought it was a bad idea to go ahead an tell her brother that they are in love. the day when they admit their feelings together was on Amu's big perfomance were she was the lead. she loved the idea of being able to dance and to know for sure that he will be there.

Amu starts to have some problems not just small ones but a huge one that Amu has to try and hide. They find out later that Amu is being stalked and that they are threatening to tell on many things. What is Amu hiding? Why is Ikuto trying so hard to keep her safe?

Sorry i suck at summaries